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The folOWIng clever and
able article on the subjectdlp
permost In every newspapet
man's mind, "advertising,".
by Victor Smith, the 6Qm the
Tip of the Tongue" man of the
New York Press:
Dear Tip-What 13 the short
cut to publicity? I have been
striving in vain to get into the
newspapers these seven years.
What can I do? PUBLICITY.
Strive your hardest NOT to
get in. Steal a million. Rob
another fellow of his wife.
Spring a sensational divorce.
Beat the bank at Monte Carlo.
But the best plan of all is to ad
vertise. I am in favor of the
pay - as - you - enter proposition.
Commercial houses, thoatres,
,ircuses, etc., pay their way;
why should not society and the
professions do likewise? The
general press is under no obliga
tion to you. Address the busi
ness office at so much a line,
and you can obtain all the pub
licity you require. Some news
papers are not profitable because
they GIVE AWAY vast quan
tities of space in free advertis
ing, or puffs, to the undeserving.
The time is close at ihand when
everybody and every institution
will have to "pony up.,"
Every commercial business
exacts the eternal eqjuivalent in
the granting of favors. Of nc
)ther institution in the world is
'o much exacted free as of the
1ewspaper. It. is a kind word
here, a 1kind w-ord yonder, a pulff
here and a puff there. For the
price of ONE cent a man ezpect&,
tye, even demands, space Worth
mndreds of dollars. But where
s our quid, pro quo? The circu.
ation is not increased. We are
Ziving sonething for nothing
)nce in a while Tip's columi
aas a paragraph about an inter
isting man. It is good reading
'or all who take the Press; and
he interesting man, being deep
y interested, buys 100 or 50(
opies and scatters them broad.
:ast to interested people. Whai
loes It amount to? Five hun
Ired copies cost $5 at retail; s<
here is an outlay of $5 for $504
wvorth of advertising. Shucks
l'he business is too one-sided
[t Isn't fair.
Those not i the newspape
business imaghie that the editoi
manager, all the subs and ever;
~eporter and office boy, the coni
ioetors and even the scru
women go about loaded wit]
ia1lroad passes, theatre ticketE
boxes at the circus, r:olice cards
steamboat complimentaries- tel
egraph and telephone frahkE
free use of the mails, race traci
badges; etc., and their friend
on the outside are even Insiaten
~io.obtaining these privileges
ksa mnattei' of fact, there ar
but few complimentaries of thi
* bharacter flying about, and a'
oe paid for by the eternal equh
alent, the small matter of advei
tising, A press man, for hi
stance, eent to Ohicago, ma
* ride on apass, but thatpssha
been paid for in advertising
Before the anti-pass law wa
anforced my life was saddeIne4
by rmy Inability to meet thze de
4as~d of friends for free trada
rtton. Some had -no' I
i yabout asking for jas
Pancisco. Now It is eas
$~~: You know the laW
oefree passes."
As IT 18 DONE.
Q etleman of the staff h
StaDlhin company, fro ni
submarine, airship or- autom tc
bile company. on his owurecog- ei
nizement. If he wants to go t, w
Carlsbad, or the heart of Africa, o
to the North Pole or to the an- "I
til odes, to Mars or to the bowels to
of the earth, he Is supposed to qi
mention it to the business man- a
ager, who, if he chooses, refers a
it to the highest authority. Of Ii
course there are department ti
hoads who control certain and R
sundry privileges of the pass .
evil, such as the drama editor, .w
the music editor, the sporting' .
editor, etc. If I want a free pass
for a theatre I may ask the
drama editor, and he may (if he
feels in the vein) send me a
"pasteboard," but it is a quid ce
pro quo. If I want o go to the "a
circus I must ask the circus edi-' lo
tor. Do I want to go to the race
track? The sporting editor is in
the man to snuggle up to. Etc. ot
The newspaper gives as a rule .
about twenty to one as Its1 a
"equivalent.' No other insti
toution on earth could afford to
do this and live. The newspaper m
is the maker of all men and all '
corporations, the supporter of s
all, the adviser of all. Mind j i
you, I do not say CREATOR.
Without its free publicity most
of the men in political and com
mercial life to-day would be in
their graves. We are really too
generous. The chief trouble Is
we do not draw tight enough n
the little line between news and a
notoriety. The theatres get an a
awful'lot of free advertising be
cause a vast majority of the
people patronize the draina and
demand good report of it. So of 2
the opera. So of horse racing. a
The man who has a can 6f
lard to sell falls to undeistand
why he does not get a column c
or two a day of beautiful de- la
scription for his ten-line agate t
ad, when a racing association,
with the same size ad, com
mands so great an amount of.,
space. He 6verlooks the fact i
that only a few persons may be
Interested In a can of lard, while '
Stens .of- thousands are deeply
ccnicerned In r'acing. The the
atrical equivyalent can not she
estimated. A hundred thous
and 'people, 500,000, 1,000,000,i
may be anxiotasly waiting Tues-'
r day morning for a critique on
Marx Lankershine's new play
i of "The Tschuern o' di Stearx-'
- wier." The advertisement of
a the drama may amount to $20,
' but- that cuts no Ice with the
newspauer. It does Its duty by
allotting as much space to the
-performance as the critic thinks
the play is entitled to.
t Baseball gets 1000 times its
."eqivalent." .Why? Because
e it -is san amnusement for vast
a multitudes of readers. The ad
I vertising of the game amounts
- practically to nothing, that is,
-from a business office view. "No
- money in It." But no paper
~r could afford to cut out its base
B ball reports. The Press baseball
.articles are the best and they
a cost us a great deal of money.
Wall street receives an over
abundance of valuable space,
o u may say. The stockeiex
e1aiige forbids advertteing.
More's the pity. In a little bile,
'hdwevter, all this will be chargo
through the publicity no~bl~
thrustdupon: it. Thirty~a
ago a physlefan who aderI
was frowned upon as a
'ink. d ed%ge flrm
ill have to advertlseer go ox1
bushies. he da orge
igh-horqe Is past. Texp ei
aee the- me when all pric(
iotatlors dhall be paid for,:ane
big rates. - Henry Clesmad(
great - fortune in the street
e is a firm bel'ever in adver
sing, and his card has been it
Le-papers for rnany years. H(
the best known brokor inth<
Executor's Salg.
State of South Carolina,
-Packens county. -
By virtue -of the authority vested it
3 by the last will of M. D. Keitb, de
ased, I will set to ihe highest bidder
Pickens, S. C., on salesday in Angust
ring the legal hours c f sale, the fo!
4 ing real rst ate:
First: A one-tdrd undI* ided interes
all that piece, parc. I or tract of lamn
said County an i State. adjoininj
ads of M. Hetidricks. A. K. E -ens ant
heis and containing sixty-five (6
D more or les
8 cond: All that piece, parcel or trac
~ land in the said t ounty and State
j.ining landa of hM. HendrickP, A. K
ler a and others.and containing fivi
acres more or Iese! All bottoms.
Tern.s: One fourth cash on day o
le and the balahce on a credit till thi
,it day of Jei.wary..1909, secured by a
nrtgage of the .ptem4es, without inter
, when possessior. w 11 be given. Pur
uBer may p iy al cash and take pos
3ionl at once. 'T66e cropI now on the
ad will be reserv< d.
I xecutor.
The next president of th<
nited States will be of th<
Logressive school. It is up t<
Le people to see to it that he I
At handicapped by a reaction
ry congress.
Here is Relief for Women.
It' ' oil have p-ins in the back, Urim
,, Bladder or Kidney tiouble, and war
certain, pleasant herb' ure for won
.'s ills. try Mother Gray's AUsRAL.I
EAF. it to a safa and never-failin
.gulator. At Druiggists or by Inail''0<
0n1ple package FREE. Addres, Th
[other Gray it. o LeRoy,N. Y. f201
"What is- Atlanta?" asks a:
astern -iewspaper. -Why, Al
mta is the place that hell chiefi
reaks loose bi,. irreveiently r(
lixste Columlbia State.
*Gi4G-N WINTECD;+--16 :0 cray
*rstaIts 40 cents, fraineis 10 cents ac
I, sheet pictnres one cent; each. Yc
an make 400 per c-ent.profit or W8.4
er week. Catalogue andSamnples fre
kddres. Frank W. Williams Co., 124
V. Taylor at., chicag~o, Il . apr9w
FOn S3ALm-17 acres, turiglinal forei
. miles north of Pickens, 880 an aor
acres west of Woodall Mountain,.l
ores branch bottom, balanee in tifilbe:
irice 810 aero, eah deal. E. F. Krrm
L. F. D., No. 4, Picken.., S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
-as a mighty nice line of good~
or your inspection. The-qua
ty and prices xof the goods ar
~uch as to -move them whe
>ur customers -see them.
Just to see whether you wi
)u or not, we make a -fe'
fters khat-are inducements.
4250i'ade Men's 'Fine Pant
or $S.00-a pair. - -
*1;60.grade Men's Fine, Vant
or $i,$5 apgir.
Men's Hats at Cost.
ell you a good $2 hat for4$15(
25 per cent. off on $hoes.
1 U'tion Made over-alls for 90
~our trade is appfeclated
Capl W. o
Parmers B'ank of
Has every facility 6f handlin
solicits the accounts of Fal
Manufacturers, in fact, the bi
Savings Dei
Call now and let's tnake n
if you have an idle dollar,
have you entrust it to our ca
Interest paid on time depo
$1,00 starts an account.
If at any time you bhculd f
an accomodation of u?, your
Has on hand several cars of Hulls
Cotton Seed Meal $r.5o per sac
Cotton Seed Hulls @ Soc. per la
Seventy-five barrels of GOOD I
Every sack guaranteed.
J. T. GA
- .I ho
To cure diseases without medicine. thE
If you-somplain ti any way, be
see or write me today at Brevard, I
N. C., and secure a life's time me
treatment., which cost you $4, wa
and the filling cost $2 or -2.50, 1
total $6 or $6.50 and I will send. an
it to you prepaid with full in
structions and everything re
u quired.'
0 Mhy home or head office is al
a ways open and orders are filled
promptly. Notice this ad -and
a you will always know my wvhere
t, abouts. If you wish to try my
;treatment while in Easley, S. C.,
,see me or Mr. J. L. Thomas, W
-. D. S. Holder, Dovy [Hinkle or are
George Haygood, or in Liberty, Sal
8. C., see me or Mrs. T. J Boggs mc
who will ho glad to wait on you. 1'
If you buy this treatment and tra
find it to be a kind of trickery, fro
root, rubbing, electric or faith Ca
cure, I will refund your money tux
at once. It is simiply an intelli- dat
gent common sense treatment, *2
recognized by all bntelligent pea- sloi
ple when they understand it. gui
No well read doctor will speak tol
s against it because they cannot .
- get along very well without it in to I
e many cases. So why not buy .J
n the book or pamphlet and have Ian
a knowledge .of your own. It Oh
II is worth a doctor's knowing and
v it is worth your knowing to -
teach to your children, that they
may be tenefited after you have
crossedithe river. ,That $4 will
do themjust as.nmuch good as'
It did you. before you crossed.
Inquire, after its merits among
your reliable friends and lieigh-' 1 a
-hors. If it is doiga them Roodtw
it will do you good, whethery6 j
buy it from a white agekit; ini
dian, dog or negro. -Knowledge tWe
Is what you need, andl the y{{ 1r
can get from the pamiphint'~
supplement, or my~niif
Pen't forget that
WenkeI~y with one
y'dut busintess and i
rmers,. lMetchants and
tsinies~s..of ALL THE
ew- acquaintances, and
we shall .'bple ased to
re. Five per' cen t.
ind it necessary to ask
needs vill receive our
and Cotton Seed Meal.
itndred pounds.
F'LOUR at $4.90p
Come at once.
SSAWAY. President.
ryour railroad fare back
no, it I fail to benefit you;
gn and there, so come; and
ne all who are afflicted and
healed or get more money.
ntelligent ladies and gentle
n with recommendations
nted as agents at a price.
Vrite today for particulars
B reIa N C.
Luxreel pow rundtr.
Com-En atcsonT ket
uryilrond fre bunack
rnng trIaisly to eft yo;
n?, allbwho arflsotodand t
ctieontladinesornd gente
n prithpa reomenations ot
roedna. agcets ato to prie
nVt utolTday followtcung
LIo pcirua uda xcr
[sle ofZ Palea I bee.P
Bo alresar, et. app.
Vi outhern Railway.to
noweson sal fo l.tan
rig trisonl, Isle of
ctie nafinReor Pinto,
inpriial statios ibaSutrs
Alna, aickets. god alo such
nti e esday fowingme
.of slae. - mi
caro pecil Sunda Exmpur
uttadntemeite tin
so thrnah waanso

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