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1U :l:e of bicgole royairs,
enjlAa .spokes, rims, -Wes, ce
Soet, etc., and "6larine" for
polshing aU metals.
H. A. Excuuy.
Hon. J. 10. Boggs spent Sun
day in Liberty.
Vascoe' Loehr, of Walhalla,
spent Sunday in town.
Several new faces appear in
the candidate column i his week.
W. A.. Gresham, of Atlanta,
was in town a few days'this
A. M. Morris and family spent
Sunday at the country home of
Avery Looper.
Miss Hutchins, of Liberty,
was the charming guest of Miss
Grace Prince last week.
Ask Capt. Taylor, of the*Pick
ens railroad, if he can throw a
rock without hitting his chip.
Misses Marie H. Michel and
Lula 8. O'Connor, from Charles
ton, are visiting Mrs. E. A. Gil
reath. .
Mrs. Henry Bivens and two
children of Waxhaw, N. C.,
are on avisit to Mr. and Mrs.
T. L. Bivens.
Mrs. J. W. Cochran, of Cal
houn, is visiting her brother,
I Td sister, Mrs. J.
3 Pickens.
Ashmore is on a
Luui ufL th ,-est. She will visit
California, the National Park
and other places of interest.
Miss Grace Gibson,. a very
charming young lady of Colum
bia, is spending awhile with her
friend, Mrs. J. T. Richey, In
John F. Rice, of Anderson, is
in Pickens for a week or ten
days. He says that Pickens
being 500 feet higher, is much
cooler than Anderson.
The cotton-weigher's election
comes off Aug. 15th. See an
nouncement of candidates for.
this job. Be sure andsee R. R.
Roark and get your registration
certificate, otherwise you caniot
There will be a picnic at Hun
nicutt's bridge, Tuesday, Aug.
4th. There will be candidat
speaking, and also dancing for
the young folks. Everybody
invited to Mttend, with well
filled baskets.
D~r. E. B. Webb has returned
from a visit to Xtlanta, 'where
he had a most enjoyable time.
He was accompanied home by
Mrs. Webb. who had been spend
ing some time with her parents
McD. Weams, of Dayton, Va.,
will begin a normal school of
music at Liberty, Aug. 10, and
continue for a term of twelve
days. All interested in the
study of music are requested to
be present at the opening.
Sam Weiner, the ey e-special
1st, is still in Pickens and can be
found - at Bolt & Co.'s drug
store. tf you need glasses, or
your eyes are affected in any
way, see him and he can give
you refief. Do this now, as he
- nay not be here many days.
T1. 0. Alhood h,2 b- *ehr*tted
ouIt-1id' o naumger of I he~ IAkens
IIhe buyin and se'llin.g. Jos.
Johnson, of Easley1 is machinist
and inside manager. The di
rectors hope to have a-successful
khange. G. A. EtS R.
D. No. 2.
s Julia Griffin is the gest
-of her sister,' Mrs. H. M. Hester.
-Miss Lila Harris, of Green
ville, is on a visit to relatives in
the city.
Up to today there have been
2425 registration certificates is
sued in this county.
Mrs. J. B. R. 'reeman Is
spending a montli at Lake Tox
away and other resorts in North
Carolina. el
Jas. NicCord died in Liberty
on .the 23d inst. The funeral
services were conducted at the
r allence of his father, A. F.!
McCord, by his pastor, Rev.'
Crawford. The remains were
laid to rest at Eanon cemetery'
on the 24th.
J. E. Boggs and Wyatt Aiken
are both as, iring for congress.
They are both good men, and
each, in his way, have a record
to-be proud of, and, in the elec
tion of either, the district will
have a representative of which
they will be proud.
The Pickens Baptists were
represented at the assembly in
Greenville last week by Misses
na Boggs Norma Griffin, Mes
dames J. M. Childress, Henry
Prince, Dick Jennings, C. E.
Robinson, and Dr. W. J. Bolt
and Charlie Robinson, Jr.
The announcement of Hon.
Wyatt Aiken reached- us last
week too late to mention it. He
is in the race to win; has made!
a faithful official, and is offer
ing for re-election on his merits.
The pe'ople have tried him and
know how he has served them.
We sincerely thank our many
friends for the kindness shown
us during the sickness and death
,of our dear baby. May God be-1
[stow His richest Ilbessinks .p n
them. AJsg.. to Dr. Wpodruff, j
who done,ill in his power to
restore her to health.
The town of Pickens will have
a first-class hardware store pret
ty noon. Mr. J. A. Peak, of
Macon, Ga., has rented the va
cant rioom in the Masonic build
ing and will open up as soon as.
his goodd arrive. This is some
thing that has been very much
needed here for 'a long time, and
is something that the upper sec
tion of the dounty will greatly
A party of Nickens folks, con
sisting of Capt. J. T. Taylor,
Rev. N. G. Ballenger, Mayor B.
B. LaBoon, R. R. Roark, 3. N.
Hallum, Bruce Boggs, J. R.
Ashmome, Claude Hester, Larry
Thornley and Bailey Robinson
and the colored cook, went on a
trip up in the mountains several
days ago and had a delightful
time. The first four returned
in a-day or two, but the balance
went on into North Carolinag
making -a ten dqys trip of it.
All of them came back well
pleased with their jaunt.
Pickene beat Brushy Creek1
here, yesterday 'in a one-sided
game of baseball, 22 to 2. The1
features of the game were the
pitching of McFall and the hit.
ting of the Pickens team. Pick
ens also defeated the C. M. A.
team from the Praters section
here last Thursday by a score of
16 to 1. In their last two games
Pickens has piled up a total of
88 runs, while their opponents
have amassed a grand total of
three runs. Any teain wishing
a game with Pickens can com
municate with Leroy B. Prandy,
manager, or Johnny Carey, cap
.W. tbe Pen
bot Ure. J.
4 otdathoun, and
Hr. Crawford, -f Clemson
Dollexe. Mr. Crawford is a
younig merchant there and owns
a business at Lake 'Toxaway,
At whicfpoint he and his charm
Ing bride 'will spend the sum
tier. Congratulations are in
)rder and are being tendered.
The picnic at BirclC ' Ford, on
the Keowee, last Sat...lay, was
a most enjoyable occasion. Capt.
R. E. Stole was master of cere
monies. The crowd was as
iembled together and prayer
was offered by Rev. W. G.
Nfauldin, after which court ste
aographer. M. C. L61g, candi
late for Solicitbr, made a very
[ice talk on education which
was well received; he was fol
lowed by J. J. McSwain, also a
mandidate for Solicitor, who
spun out a pretty good talk.
rhe rain stopped him, and as
soon as the shower was over,
Capt. Steele called for the bas
kets to be brought forward, un
covered and spread out, and all
asked to partake. The rations
were good and bountiful. Music
was furnished on .the violin by
Bluford Alexander,accompanied
on the autoharp ly Miss Emma
Bowen.. The picnic was an en
joyable one, the place an ideal
one and the people had a good
Moving Day.
There are several changes tak
ing place in the town of Pickens
this week in the buginess part.
Lou!s Copel has rented the old
Hollingsworth store room and
has done considerable work to
the interior and moved In. He
has opened up a nice line of
clothing, shoes, trunks, valises,
6tW., and expects to dQ..a bigger
tFade thin ever. "e
'T. J. Mauldin has moyed his
law office to the new Masonic
building, where he has fitted up
a suit of nice offices.
The Pickens Drug Co. have
just moved into their new quar
ters in the Masonic building and
will improve and enlarge their
stock. They will add a fine line
of stationery and novels and
periodicals of all kinds; post
cards, especially local views, Is
another feature that they wvill
add and push, as also the whole
sale department, jobbing a groat
many things to the courntry,
sub~h as the various extracts and
sundries. The tobacco trade
will also come in for enlarge
ment, a fine cigar caee being
put in a prominent place in the
store and it well filled with a
choice lot of cigars, while their
line of chewing and smoking
tobacco is well selected and large.
I notice in your paper a card
from C. L. Cureton, stating that
if he is elected Sheriff he will do
away wvith all constables and
attend to the duties of .Sheriff's
office and the liquor traffic with
outthe help of deputies.
If I am not mistaken, when
Charlie was chief constable, he
carried a force almost sufficient
to quiet the uprising in some,
parts of Russia, not to mention
a civilized country.
So if Charlie could do as he
said it would be Quite an i
provemient in expenses. But ad
old saying is to judge the future
by the past. Probably Charlie
sees the expenses were too great'
in the past and wants the
Sheriff's office so he may recup
erate. So if Charlie is elected
we wish him God speed in all
expenses he can save the cound
ty. VnOT.
A raeeting of h coM!
rnittee was held at coprt
house on the 25th inst. The
purpose of the wneetnJo as to .
irrange a programnie for the
nxhibition of live stock at the
:ounty fair, Sept. 15-16-17.
The committee in charge of
he work are doing their utmoet,
q, arrange a programme that
vill meet with the approval of
;hose desirous of competing for
;he premiums which will be
twarded. It is hoped that the
farmers throughout the county
vill give this notice due consid
)ration, and offer such stock for
)xhibition as contained in the
A premium will be awarded
)n the following:
For best stallion; best jack;
)est family horse or mare; best
saddle horse or mare; best. driv
ng horse or mare; best drafr,
iorse or mare; best pair mules;
3est single mule.
Special Committee-John B.
Robinson, G. H. Hendricks, W.
r. Bates, W. B. Allgood.
Best colt not over 2 years old,
horse or mare); best colt not
>ver 1 year old, (horse or mare);
best brood mare with colt by
side; best mule colt not over 2
years old, (horse or mare); best
rnule colt not over 1 year old,
(horse or mare).
Special Committee - J. D.
Holder, B. F. Freeman, J. E.
Parsons, G. A. Ellis.
Best pair oxen; best single ox;
best milch cow; best bull calf
under 2 years; best bull calf,
any age; best heifer calf under
2 years.
Si esial Committee - R. L.
Hames. B. T. McDaniel, J. T.
Taylor, A. J. Boggs.
For best brood sow; for best
brood sow and pigs; for best pig,
six months or under. either sex;
for best pig from sevdn to twelve
months old,-either sex; for best
boar, any age; for besit rain, any
age; for best ewe, 'any age; for
best goat, any age.
Special committee: B. A. All
good, C. L. Cureton, W. E.
Hendricks, J. B. Craig, W. L.
Mr. W. L. Jenkins, Chair
man of the Stock Commnittee
states that it will be necessai<
for the bompetitors to observe
the following rule:
All persons desirous of exhib
iting their stock at the Fair to
be held on the dates above mien
tioned, will kindly notify the
specialcommittee having charge
of same. It is hoped that the
competitors will advise the spec
ial committee at an early date,
so that they may be able to
arange a list of premiums.
One county Iri Missouri ex
ported over 2,000,000 corncob
pipes last year.
Notice of Cotton Nfegh's Eleetlo.,
Plekens Vourt Mouse, 8. U,
Notice is hereby given that an ele.
tion will be held at Pickens court house,
8. 0., on Saturday, August 15, 1903, the
same being the third Saturday in Au
gust, 1908, for the pur of choosing a
cotton weigher for I'said town of
Pickens, to serve for the ensuing year.
Poll. will be open at 10 o'clock a. mn.
and close at IS o'clock p. mm. on said day.
In order to vote in this election all
male, patrons of the.Pickens cotton mar
ket who will procure from Rt. Rt. Roark.
Clerk of the Town Council of the Town
of Piokens, a certificate that he is a
patron of the Pickens cotton market,
and is entitied to vote in general elec
tions in Pickens county, may vote.
It will not be necessary that the per
son offering to vote shall reside in Pick
ens township; but if he resides in Pickens
county, and is a patron of the Plckens
naarket, and procures the proper certifi
cate from the Clerk aforesai,! he shall
be entitled to vote.
These certifloates may be obtained by
applying to R. Rt. Roark at any time be
tween 4ugust 4, 1908, and August 14,
The following are appointed managers
of the said election: J. E. Cox, D. B.
F'inney, Claude Hester.
R. Rt. ROAnK,
Olerk Town Council Pickens, S. C.
DO you pin your bit4
4wn hair? Ca't t
M.vent't enough hairP
be you do not kno* -A"
Hair Vigor I Here's a id
'duction I Mpy the toqutId
ance result in a heavy- gr#t
of rich, thick, gloss 1ai
Use this splendid hjarlt
st6b your falling hA1r, aid
rid of your dandruff.
It is said that a woman in the
Sfiddle West dropped 14,000 feet
tn a parachute the other day and
banded uninjured.
Physician and Surgeon.
ice Hours 10 to 12-2 to 4
Greenville, S. C.
Over Postoice, Anderson, S. C.
Pratice In all Conrts In Sonatb Carolina
Pickens, S. C.
Practice in all Courts.
New Table Rock Hotel
On Table Rock,
South Carolina's own mountain.
Beautiful Scenery.
Fishing and Hunting.
New Hotel. New Furniture.
Table Up-to-date.
Termis': One Dollar a Day;
Six Dollars a Week;
Special Arrangements
by the month and for
Hacks from Pickens (railroad)
Mondays, Wednesdays and
E. F. KEITH, Proprietor,
Pickens, S. C., R. F. D. No. 4.
Small Farm for Sale
130 you Need Such a
I sold .the other one, but here
is a better one:
58 acres, 3 miles from Liberty, -
4* miles from Pickens; 85 acres
in high state of cultivation, bal
ance in heavy oak timber; two
small houses, necessary out~
buildings; on rural route and
has fine water and good pasture.
Am offered $2,200 for this,
but must have $2,500. I refused
$225 standiing rent for the place
this year, preferring part of the
crop. Are you goisg to let the
other fellow get ahead of you
on this?
H. M. HawTrun 1nam 8. n0.

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