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Care With Which, ThOy Are Treated
by Amatcurs and Collctors.
I low enteful collectors and amniateurs
1f fine engravings ar-e of their trehs
v:-es is ilustrated by a written agre
meat that a local firm of dealers.in
-U(h thling s had to sig1 recently when
h ey wanted to borrow xeveral partel-ic
larly rare eng'aving for inl exhibition
they we:- ' I::'ve la their galleries.
Thie own,-r ot 'E :1I luIn"'S lasi'st<';d tht
frnm the ti.ne the hex 11 whllch tIh.%
prinits were' e::t to tlo dealers was
4open1ed la tl ! iop no int1s11 . int thbre
-of the j-uuior. pa:'tuer o' the firma were
1) touch them. 'lihe owner stipulated
expressly tOat the m1emnber of the firiu
wasio tal:. tiem ont of the box. frame
them ljin3:el f. ha n them on th., walls
aind -lwhen the thow was over follow
the p erint:: he!% t::'g3 teivae. various
rtages until a po:'ter was ready to
rerew the cover of the. pileting box on
;;a*ai. The li:luts were so rare and
fine that tl.. Junlor partner cheerfully
agi'eed to nil of these conditions for
lie sake of showing the engravings.
That the prints were extremely rare
ay be apprehiltedl from the fact that
before two of then In partleular came
luto the private collector's possession
ie imade I special journey to Stuttgart.
Germany. to see them. ind when tie
looked at them he left an open order to
a dealer in that city to buy them, no
matter what they cost. He got them.
but he paid the blithest price ever
known for such engravings to bring.
New York Phess.
Moods and Mystery That Are Em
bodied in a Piece of Steel.
A cutlery company will inmake a hun
dred razors from the same pliece of
steel by the same process, and part of
the razors will be gooid and part of
them had. It may be fifty of one kind
or seventy-five or twenty-five-nobody
knows. The maker doesn't know; the
buyer doesn't know. iarbers say thamt
even the price doesn't seem to wale
imnch difference. You may get a good
razor for a quarter or a had one for $5.
And the same razor will get a contrary
edge today. so that you eau hardly
shave with it, and tomorrow. without
additional sharpening, it will work lik
a charm.
One tap will go on a bolt easily ant
stay there. Another tap will hardly gi
on at all. A third may be screwed oi
tight and snug and yet keep comin
off in spite of ill that can be done.
Sometimes men that work with mii
chines have a premonition of coiuln
disaster, as do the men that sail onl th<
seas or thread the winlding paths o
the big woods. Nature is well a
pieces of mechanism seems able to com
municate to man why they are in i
calamitous and threatening mood. -
.Chicago Tribune..
Madrid and its Climate.
Along the M1editerranean shore Spai1
presents a narrow ribbft~ee,
delightfu g74;-. .Thr'region is ofteil
.caig" -e grden of Spain."
itsl a great contrast to pass frorm
these tr-opicnl shores to the wind swepi
plains of interior Spain. The leve:
country inclosed by the Giuadarraml
and the Cantabrian mounans formI
in the wvest an extensive wheat grow
lug region. Toward the east as the
rainfallI decreaises t'astura ' eneroahem
The' Modesty of Women
Naturally makes them shrink from the
indelicate questions, tho obnoxious ex
aminations, and unpleasant local treat
mnents, which some physicians consider
(esential in the treatment of disoases of
women. Yet, if help can be had, it ia
bettor to submit to this ordeal than lot
the disease grow and spread. The trouble
is that so often the woman undergoes all
the annoyance and shame for nothing,
'T'housands of women who have bees
cured by Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescriy
tion, write in appreciation of the cure
which dispenses with the examinationi
and local treatments. There is no othem
-medicine so sure and safe for delicate
women as "Favorite Prescription." 11
- cures debilitating drains, irregularity and
femarb wveakness. It 'always helps. 11
aslmost always cures. Al stridtly non
.alcoholie, non -secret, aell'ts -1ngredients
being printed on Its bottle-wrapper; con
tains no deleterious or habit-forming
drugs, and every native nmedieinal reel
entering into its composition has the full
endorsement'of those moat eminent in the~
several schools of medical practice. Some
of these numerous and sti'ongest of pro.
fosuionat endorsements of its ingredients,
will be found in a pamphlet wrapped
around the bottle, also in a booklet mailed
free -on request, by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of
3luffalo, N. Y. These professional en*
dorsementsushould have far mhoro weight
than any amount of the ordinary lay, os
non-professional testimonials.
The most intelligent women now-a-days
inuist on knowing what they take as mod
Scine Instead of opening their months like
a lot of young birds and, gulpin i doirn
erwatever is offered them. "Favor te Pre
scrlpion" is of KNowN COMPosKTlON. 1I
- me sweak women strong and stek
1wom n well.
2 Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser is senltfi
o n receipt of sta topa et n ,oi
mIring onti. totDr.R.
T uffalo,N; Y. ne-cent stain o e
'per-.covered, of atrofor cdoihbd
upon -arable eulture, ni New
on the south-of the Quadarran itd
about the center of.Spain, the poltlel
capital has beeu placed. The levercoun.
try in which .it has tieeu droppedI, a
if by accideUt. is for the most part A
waterless plain, swept in winter by th6
piercing -vinds from the nakqd mouil
-tains of .the north, sweltering in et
muer under the effect of the sun's ,rays
on bare rock and soil.
The climate of Madrid has bee
tersely described by Its lnhabitonts :a
"three months of winter and 'unii of
Honey Ants.
Certain N1exican lants are selected. by
their kiulred as storehouses of honey
They are fed with honey until the ab
domen speedily becomes smooth and
round and so filled with homt'y. that
the skin is transparent. These ants are
doomed to pass the remainder of-tjeir
lives as mere honey cells, from which
their kindred extract the honey when
it is required. There are several speel
eneus of these ants In the British tuu
seum with the honey still withIn their
transparent bodies. The Mexicans rald
the nests of these ants for the sake of
the honey that their bodies contain.
and the ants are eaten raw as sweet
The-Full Particulars.
The other day a lady who lives in
our town entered a grocery store and
aaked to be shown a good kird of
breakfast cereal.
The clerk took down a package and
"Madam, this is a predigested food."
"Oh, is that so?" she returned. *And
by -whom?"--Woian's Home Compan
Good For an Appetite.
"You must have a good appetite." re
marked the thin man envIously
"What do you take (or it?"
"In all my experience." rep!led the
plump one, "I have found nothing more
suitable tllhn food." - Philadelphia
Easily Settled.
Nurse-Doctor, a sponge is -missing.
Possibly you sewed it up inside the
patient. Eminent Surgeon-Thank you.
Remind me to add $10 to the bill for
Talk is cheap, but silence costs you
a great deal less.--St. Louis Globe
Horses and Music.
Regimental horses have been the
subjects of musical tests. and nearly
all enjoyed the experience, only a very
- small percentage of the animals re
maining indifferept to sweet harmo
nies, while equaly few showed active
dislike. The great majority wer*
soothed, inspirited or excited by-AisIc.
Most of the horses, like the ivar char
gers one may suppose them to be, en
joyed the bugle tibove any other instru
maent and neighed gallantly when it was
sounded. but thoroughbreds and colts
(generally were found to prefer the
shr-ili treble,of the Ofe, which roused
them to great and sometimes unman
ageable enthusiasm. TrhLs was the
more slgnilecant because the life was
an unfamIliar instrument to them, not
being generally used, as Is the bugle kL
the French army.-I'arls Cor. Londor.
Model of Economy.
A ceortain fairmecr who lives out ini
the (couinty and who Ia noted for his
closeness in money matters has a
twelv-e-year-old son, who is as induis,
trious as hIs father Is pequlrious.
Itecently the father and .son made o
compaczut whereby the hatter would re
eelv-e 10 cents for every cordi of wood
he sawed and piled in the wood shed.
immediately the boy became very
busy at the wood ple, and hIs earnings
have been piling up at a rapid rate.
his mother keeping her son's hard
earned sav-ings for him..
"What are you going to do with all
your money ?" the thrifty youth was
recently asked.
"Goin' to buy a new saw with it,"
was the reply.-St. Louis Globe-Demo
Benjamin Constant.
Benjamin Constant, having sided
with Napoleon during the hundred!
days, felt the need of justIfying him
self when Louis XVIII. returned to
power. He wrote the ' king a - letter
with that end In view and called upon
Mme. Rtecamier, to discuss' the subject.
She asked him quietly:
"Have you finished your letter?"
"Are you Satisfied with it?"
"Entirely satisfied. I hava Almost
persuaded myself."
Everybody is expected to marry
once, and there is not much talk when
you marry the first time, but people
look wise when you maffy .the sec
ond tjmne and' roar when, you marry
the third time.--Atceidie Glob.
* Very iMate 1
A1That do you iR~se itpwet
11%..-liput soet th ordi
And You W
By.clling on us before bu
lisk Flour (and another shi
Tobacco, Molasses, etc.
Bring us your Corn, Peas
you the very top of the mar
If you haven't tried our E
Healing Powder, and Heave
11 size packages from the 2
Our personal guarantee g
We also wait to sell you
Perfect" Fence. Prices fron
Our motto is Honest Wei)
spend you ge
anl invest mei
::-:: TW
Beginning Friday
If rlxtra.lPnts at TAenty
" tor CASH ONLY and
f and when we offer the
$io.OO Suits now
12.50 " -"
- 15.00 " "
/ 20.00 " "
- 25.00 "
/ 30.0() " "
/Manhattan a
$.All Panama
* Al
Corner Main and Vi
To Break In NIew Shoes Aiway Use
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It p
events Tight n.s anid .. Blistermng, -ou
swolle.n, iiweatinig feef. -At all Dii
gies R nd shoe stor, Soc. 8anpe mi
ed FREE. Addrehh,- A. S. Olmeted.
Troy, N.Y. feb20wd
Winthrop College
00Ih0Itrii80d htrgoa Utmiliti
The ea--4in~asion for1 the award of.
cant RohQistibips in Winthrop Coll'
and for : thi gdmission of new stude
will be held at. the county court hol
on Friday, jg g 8, at 9 a. m. A pplica
must I.e n. esthart 15 years ofI a
When schoiish~p r va'ant after Ji
8, the will he~aied to those maki
theat'this aminato
e& o'dItions e
ort:pn cant. for soll
Prices are rg
Weights are
Treatment isi
ill Do RIGHT
ying your spring supplies. We ha
pment that will be here in a few da
, Beans and in fact any kind of sa
cet fo' everything.
r. Hess Stock and Poultrv Food, I
Powder, you should do so at once.
5c. box to the i oo pound sacks.
Des with every package.
four wire fencing. We are agents
4oc. per rod up. Any height and
hts and Good Goods." Come in
y Seventy-Five Ce
,t a Dollars worth ot
it thait fields immer
morning July 3rd, we offer all' Mer
- Five Per cent. Discount, Or 1-4 0
no Alterations Our goods are n
n at a discount you know just what
- - $ 7-5() $3.0o Pants
- - - - 9.38 3 50 "
-- - 11.25 4.00
- -13.50 5.00
- - 1 5.00 6.oo " -
- - - I .57.00
- - 22.50 7.50 "
,nd Earle & Wilson
Hats at Half Price.
1 other Straw Hats (
mth & Brist
ashington Streets.
SAb outT That New X
You want the best wagon y
Le you pay; in other words, yo
-worth. You get it here.
you about it. We sell the'
mn. And About Th
We sell the Woodruff Hay
(; ooD hay press, we will take
some of the good, points ab<
*We sell the Monitor (*asolii
nMakes ironing eas3f. You
And we aspi 0yr~ ng else
te a nice lot of Ballard's Obe
ys), Sugar. Coffee, Lard, Salt,
leable produc:... We- will give
-ouse Killer, Worm Powder,
The Stock Foo- comes in
for the celebrated "Pittsburgh
l weight you want.
uid see us.
X "WN' .X'N
ntq you now
vse return of
ENT ::::
s and Boys Suits and
f regular marked Prices 2
karked in plain figures
you are getting.
iow - - $2.25
" - - 2.65
" - - . . 3.00 $1
- -. . - - 3.75
" - - 5-25
"1 - - - . 5.68
Shirts atgreat ~
Vagon You Want
ou can get for the money
LI want your full money's
We would like to talk to
['hornhill wagon.
at Hay Press
Press, and if you need a
:pleasure in showing you
ut the Woodruff.
ie Self-heating Fliat Iron
should call and see it.
kept in a first-class hard~
le priceate.4... y.

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