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Pickens Coiy Union Column
J. T. 15000S. RiV. W. C. SEABORN and
JOEL MILLER. Committee in Charge.
Demonstration Werk a Grand Success
Last October the United States
I epartiieit of Agriculture in
igurated the ftarners' co-oper
alive ettoi demonstr-ation work
iii a nimber of cointies in Geor
gia 'Thei work la(d been carried
on in Texas aid other Southern
States under the direction of Dr.
S. A. Knapp, of Lake Charles,
La. The entrance of the boll
weevil into Texas was the direct
cause of the department taking
Ip the work. Later the nation
a I board of education took note
4of the work and made a consid
erable dlonation for the exten
Sionl of demonstrations in the
cottoi states not affected by the
bl)( weevil.
The educati onal board appro
priated $80,000 at its last meet
ing, for the extension of the
dern onst ration work in Georgia
aid South Carolina. This.. money
is to be spent i'i 1.ractical work
aiolg the farmers of these
These demistrfation patches
iave created a very considerable
interest in Floyd county, and
the Farmers' Union at its county I
meeting the other day passed
resolutions asking Special Agent
Davis to extend the work to all
dist ri( ts of the ectunty.
.1t is a colplielllt to Floyd
county and to Mr. Davis that he
was the first man in Georgia to
write a letter to Dr. Knapp ask
iing 1,im to extend the work to
Georgii. Mr. Davis tried to get
some of the prominent men in
terestcid. hut they did not think
111h )1 :f the plan i.nd said so.
Mr. Davis succeeded in interest
ing~ Hon :. Gordcn Lee, congress
man1 frc m the seventh district,
and~t H Ln. T. 0. Hudson, state
(4 lhiissiOneri of agriculture, in
lhe ; laIn. When Dr. Knapp de
idied tn the showing of Mr.
Daivi> to enter (c orgia, the place
of district representative was
'Sn. w him. lHe accepted1 be
(auxt of his faith in the ulti
liate s w'resof the plans. With
ini 'i months this faith has
bein a dly rewarded by the ex
' h nit 'jndition of the demon
si t':n patches and by the keen
intereCst of farmiers, business
non-I andl( promlient officials
throughout the state.
Mr. E. Gentry, who has been
v. it h the work for sever'al years,
is the state agent, and from all
sections of the state both Gentry
and Davis are receiving letters
and resolutions c alling for them
to enter ne~w territory.
'[he demonstration work is of
-such a practical nature and so
designed as to reach the one
horse farmners that it is destined
to be within the next few veers
the mn' t powerful agricultural
anid edhu ational factor in the
st-ate, - Ro)me (Ga.) Tribune
H erald.
Cotton Bagging for Baling.
Them F'armetrs Union of Miss
Isl~ppi is 'making comnmendlable
efforts to carry out the plan of
Slbstitulting cotton for jute bag
ging on cotton bales and the of
ficers of the union are very con
fident that their plans will be
carried out successfully. With
the end in v1am of ,--mmn~i.
the supl)ply of cheal) cotton 01
the market the Mississippi unior
officials have contracted for 14,
000,000 yards of cottoni bagging
from the factories, which they
estimate will cover 2,000,OX) 01
cottoii. Of course the farmern
rf the entire state of Misissipp
do not produce this amount an
must look for assistance in thi:
movement from the unions il
L)tlier states and thA respons<
should be prompt.
This is a big job to undertake
and whether the Mississippi or
ganization disposes of all thi:
bagging in one season or not, it
is a step in the right direction
an( one of the great co-olerativE
movements of the farmers unioi
which marks the activity am
strength of the organization.
There is not the slightest doubi
that cotton bagging is he tter foi
bales than jute, and the plan t(
substitute cotton for jute servev
two purposes, for it utilizes th<
cheaper grades of cotton and
furnishes a better grade of bag
ging, which will enable the cot
toll growers to get a better prie
for their cotton at home and
Ill ('onnfection with this move.
ment the Mississippi Farmers
Union is also engaged in a cam
paign of education for the utili
zation of the cheaper grades of
cotton in the manufacture of
bags of various kinds. For in
stanc(e, of late years the flou
manufacturers are shipping
more flour in sacks than in bar
rels, and this causes a greate
demand for the cheap cotton to
make bags. The Mississipi
campaign is for the further pm
pose of promoting the manufat
ture of cotton bags for use i
handling many kinds of pr<
ducts which are now handled i
boxes or barrels.
All the differeit state organ
zations of the Farmers' Unio
sholId join ihands in this cam
paign and thereby aid ini dispor
ing of the surpilus oIf che:p) co
ton and enale the farner t
get a higher price for his hig
grade cotton. -Farmers Unio
Guide. ____
An Expk:nation
Mr. Editor: In the Senltinle
Journal of last week was a cowr
munimcation signed R~ob Roy'i:
wvhich he said that in the las
report of the Supervis .r he m
tleed that D. F. Roper ha.
dirawn $6~ for work at the pon
farm, and he asks the riuestioii
"'Why is it he is paid1 for (ounit'
wvork when hie in hired lby th
county' by the year?'
The claim whuich vour* corn(
respondent r'eferred to for $
was not paid to Mr'. Roper fo
work he had done, butt was fo
four hands of the family of Jo
Stephens, colored, forI tW (1 day
hoeing, each, on the poor farm
I am responsible for the clain
appearing in the name of D. . F
Roper, to save putting four litti
claims on the book for $1.5
each in the name of each of th
hands. The claim is in thc of
fice and can be seen by anyon
at any time.
The fact is Mr. Roper ha
not been paid one cent for any
thing he has (done, except hi
salary, although last year h
and one other hand made on th
poor farm three bales of cotton
600 bushels of corn, 4500 bundle
of fodder and a quantity of peas
potatoes, molasses and othe
things, and built and repaire<
76 b)ridges in the county, whic]
saved the county several huni
,dred dollars.
I write this In justice to th
Board of County Commissioner
and Mr. Roper.
* C. E. RoBI,,ON.
Candidatfell' Column
-~aiti tiat'eltm tits, aif 'al-rti blate % In I e rtI t at1
ler this in.1,iii anti! lhie pI nIt.ary 11eth ti for P:'
L-ocal 11011-.--,, sir Inn ir " ilb h:1ro l f r
extral, teod i . to t:: ..Itace l e1O ve py o.
thle inoilt (If t. A l In I' 'lfo '. m ln e
No writeup f'or le, tLtia 95.
I h aiait --eIt.! in'V a' li. 1.:'y fur the
Utslite~d Stalte. s enn't i. I. I 0 r1 hf. . I Jn.
p rtittl pri inry. m :e p r il y eiti th
stiipart i lath !) l .rao te* votetr- of this St.1i.
I.. t'. RdilE'TT. U
Foi Conur.i , 3d Dittict
lioN. W Y.\Tl' A\I Kl'.N is her&'v ia:ataaan11it'
It a carI(nia for 11*-nees- fr.Pito the :!,I C'oll
-esinaul I )i.,t I et af :out! t ' aroai nat. sub ljecat to
the atetit if tI' I itet, ti loist i :a pri
lIiaay electiont.
.I'Ll J' -:. ltit.ais i i Ia n ial..te fair ('
grebs in- thi pa isnity. u'j.-t ti the raltuh for
the gove a ielli of thte e'. n
For oticitor Milh Cirualt -t
I at it entaili-tte for the i - fof Sol iotor 4f
tile tll Jinticial lt.ire tt S thi t Vi'roli.
t t o t he ri-es iif t he I t mi tit 1, 1t rty. I
halve Wevee intI cou a i rt c itontitnitnI-Ily fair severil
year ar s ti attit Mtinltairijaph r asft-r eainpleiog
Ity III entirve il4 I ia:n ,liniinr I: ti' wrk
l. s or tihe MtIit<. 3 , L' l.a)N ;.
I hnrebly IIann iIncai'e tnyIelr n t. ni hltinte for thie
olllte of SailIc:tor or tie Ten ii I ir:t it. nit
pledge naavyeef to pai-0 the re-utt O tI ;-rmitry
p elc i Iit. aIl l 'i'p a t the ii ne11 . ofa tbii he
lDeniocrittle parly iit iI prim:-tr.
I'l! s.To)i A. i N 1. \.
I heret.v ittam- e noaalf its a Iierm tu!nte for
Solicitor ut the hth .il utti'ia Cire ttt, %tljttt ti
the Ietno ratie I'aiIlar t elinll .
.. II.DAG .NA . a.
Subject to :he Ib v e n t i pri n ait elelstio .
I lan i en miliie t tai S licit-- r a ir i h lt .y uitalti
vircuit. .. .. SIt I N
For HI ibsole of rt-p neteantnt I ves
Tha in i) friens or ti la i N. I .. 31 -: I.
aARIt-Y respectfilly 0 latiottne hitn its a tinil i.
litte for re'aeation to ihll I iouiof Ilapresentr
tivies. Ihlja t It lilt iaitiOn ifl tile VOIteaIr lit tile
printity eletction
lIepn! at 'ib len'tte in i his a nl 'ity as we lito,
wta. the tim:u% friettsl' of W. a. ; I t'1.l1l N, li1 -i
by re apecttwtilitan -uli'a hin a hi t'-aal'ate for
tie Ilote of Pea-r'e' ' t si- friat l'i-kets
e' titiy ith. .j' tip tihe rule ar the ciei raat!c
pr I imIL au ' ee ti. -. '() I '.1t
The frietnds of .1 A.\- 3101' E III NTO. re
spietully atitinn e him as it cslntti.1 tie for re
Ilectiott lt l mine of Rapresentaties. sul-b
ject i t:e tiation taf the vocr- it time Iemo
eratie prinmary *'eetlii
Vor' VI'lk of CousIt
I herebiy atnnoninae my'elf t citial idAt' for
t'lek of the C'ourt for Ili'kei' -'tianty. suljert
to the ia lign (if the ile...aeralic P Itn it'r.
)FR \sNK . tX'ON.
TO the III li 1 oi l'ia.!, ei s 1 'aant v
Thaakint y u for sot ciiii'aene and suap
ait I lt e en lia.,t tunt at il l I thit itiali
always enintiv'r to) prove worthy of it in thae
futili'. t.htt114i -tt see :- t to) iagalaa entru-t tale
with the otth-a . I otVer nvtsIf at eadiilti for
re ele tio itt t teiiie of -ler aof o iu t. ub
wje t to t l i i o rati pir e'e tin.
Hie- -et full . .\, .1 11 1l , mii~ts
For SheitTf
I .h--th annn ty-'a: t v a'nattalibate for re
- l.' lm t o% f lit'.-Alit' e ofII 'e I 'l i ill. :.uIjeit Ala tile
teti' ftt .e a trtete' it. t ie atin irliv t ritary
a'lea' .t - .1. a: .1 -:N N IN(;S.
1 h1 r:.ny% anuot11 :1e1 n. m' n'%-1,* 111 1 nt atete foir
'al': :- ati of P'i'ki:ii', tti'. 'athjeti to thea
.11' mld r.ta ..ti l lt' l'i'tt ri tii iaity.
.i. . .1 aI a. )I|-'.: .a N.
I h r, n 'a I a enneoillitle for
the 9'iir 't . i f l l'Ieta , ' n it ti v. ilub-ject
.4 . ~ I itC i
S hart lw a it' ' n as 1 tiall N 1 y
iI. i. .i \ .%
th e r/- lilt:ne eyef 'l,* a ; a e poti 12.fo
I the oliy miaz: i t' Pikn ar a'.' Ilta fa. ra'-ec
' to .(It :.ii (pi ( . .. teat:o--r att r .si.
Fit. (~. Mi ,.11.\i. 1, *. eiut c.io .
Forl- AM udi t.oro
1' here'ty o' r ai eyatt ' f a sa' a'.i a 'imhb tlt f ir
ote t ;a .U .\ tc~a a lita r tu llc ltl. t.e laj'it:.in
. of t e itenoeroiellv -u ', inte L it~ r ch-riTil n.
thime taa. tr 1ti ' .: l .l iv r.1. I e.te . i. a
U etnt ivd ertte rst fth tit n:
X\biiy,-ideteyy ne o hoc ina
ahynd Prfso.''a. Cour;;. led
elBtanc. hor o * Ats\di, Bachjc
priinrer ion. ~ h~o f as
i bnd E' t ni.c.al ngi i e' r:t. frr
e Wt!-aiI Cela -ipj-..0 er LaorPitow.
- volum..e\s\. N
IForC.Npt. oFderatiomn'
en ri-Nexti -sesPiokns ('i 04t.) bectit
Fo~n or u pem-vit:,r te o
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
rhcr- 13 a disease prevalling in this
country most dangerous because ro decn
tive. M-ny suddon
dcaths arc caused by
it - heart disease,
pucumcnia, hcarl
ll -~ fr1lurc or apeplexy
are cften tho result
- of kidney dicnae. if
kidVncy troublk Is al
lowed to advznic t!3
- kidre y-- p o I r o ii c L4
blood will attack ths
. , " vital organs or the
kidney. thamislves break down and waste
awvay c:.Il by colI.
Dladder troubles most always result frc n
a dorangamenit of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickast by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. If you are feeling badly ycu
can make no mistake by taking Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, iiver and
bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and scald
ing pain in passing It, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of being compelled to
go oftcn during the day, and to get up many
timcs during the night. The mild and the
extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
by all druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
sized bottles. You may
have a sample bottle of
this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that N o
tells all about it, both tnnomeorswamp-noot.
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root. and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y., on -very bottle.
Soil and Keeping Quality of Apples.
Investigations of the apple soils of
California have shown that there is a
close relationship between the keep.
Ing qualities of the apples and the
various kinds of soils on which they
are grown. This la very important
and should prove of great value to
apple growers in planting' ew or
(. --
Waltch's a ndu je r of allkid ,_D
now and omtmsbt. We d
asd makie it t v'r into n'- and stylisih
things. If you have ar.y old artschi a of
ynv ? Iry you a v iie dIiscaIrdetd becase
"pe'ople are not wearing such thinigs
now," br ing the'm here uu-l see what
wond.-rful thaings we can d'o with them.
Euniley, S4. C.
This H jarst as true in regarti to Sewing
Mach in. a rsa anything else.
l'y n ing Lo'ng ."h'ittle Machines. ho
matter haow well made, you are actually'
thmowing uaway three houts out of every
Wilt make 350 s Itches in the same time
Long Shtuttle Machines make only 200.
The' Stanarda~ RItury Princeple Is most
AcientiIicalliy corr'ct. which fact las
bee.n proven by 25 years of successful
un. ini all p erts of the world and by our
con p -titto S er('nt inzonsty t rying to co'-v
it without suVces. T lfE STAND)ARI)
machciines mn ea-Lock and Chain Rtatchi
-Ball Bezariu)g Stand--Straighut Aute.
mantic Lift. Dn niot fail to investigate
e he merits e.f the Fastest. hioat SIlent,
En.i- st, Rtuuning anud the mest durable
sewing Maclhm m-ade, TIH E'TAND
ARD) IEOTAlfY. 'A d'mlonsaition is~
a revelastiona." Wr'ite for price-s anid
E a P.,yment Plan. Guaranteed Sew
lng Machines $1:3.00 up.
TVhe Standard Sewing Machine Co.,
518 S. Biroad St., Atlants, Op.
The fiendts of NIt. F. I. OOli-:lt antmounce
inII at a candidate for re-elet-tloti to the otfiee
it 'otmtnry Suipervisor, subiject to the Demno
ratic I'siaty electiol
The 111111v frIeliens of ex-Commissionter 1tll
:ItT' Ns W itT' respectfully atinnout mee him it
etammil..te for t0he mdi' oft' otmty Svtpervi or,
tib jevt to t lie mliiiot of the voters inl thme pri
tmzly L.heetiott. V -Ag.
OU1' ('OtiEt3' Cou 11 1iN 0314P
I hereby amounce mese f t candidate for the
>lime o: m'emnty misu lomnr, su'.ject to tihe
etionl of th.e Voters ill the lrlinary eetioi.
A -; . W14liiORN.
With the 4onmms.I't of it few flienlds I immnminve'
yse:f a 'utemli-inte for Comity Conimlssier
IIujqet to the grimmin mv etiom. I Hill In favor of
lie Texais wil e Iill sy*-temin. soi time mmuel who
live bveen plantitig vottiol tliid cutting 4 iteihes
1. a six foot road will have to staind lack.
.1. E. G ASSA WA Y.
I herebly ainotn mmc oiy.elf ai candidate for the
liit e of County t'onmitillmlonler of Pikns
'.ouity, sutijaet to the actiou of the )eiocrathe
aaltv tII the pmtinam Y elIt-tiOn .
The tmiatmy frit'ds ofr G. o .\Sl omt W N ani
mltt 4.e 1111 1 a enmiiid ite for re-elc.tio n to
lie umime of Coiluity Cotmmioloner, smubject to
ie action of * lie voters Iin the primary electiom.
I hereby annou-,t- myself a camlldate for
'onulslimner of P'icken ('ounty, subject to
he m(tion of the voters itm the l)etmmmrmti pri
mary election. S. A. MeA.\Lisit.
Tlihe immy friends of NOA lI 1. NMOOR iK here
y atimoun mce i1him a enntimimte for re-electiom, to
le tlime of t 'otty Commissioner, subjet to
he mmm-tion of te voters In the iDemocratic jpri
ary electioi. lie hais served the counmmtv for
w 'o venis to time iiest of his abil Ity anmd w.1 do
vcit )letter li the fuiture.
For1 Cor'one r.
The friends of 1) A PARROTT resmpeetfully
im'im'Ie himm mm eonnlmliate for re-election to the
illee of 'oroner. subject to the actiott of the
,liters lin tihe Dtmiocratic prmary electio .
At tihe soliltattoi of frieitis, I nereby ml-m
ionu ie mIyself it emmilate for Comrner of imk
-ns coiimty sibject to the amtion of tge lDemo
-ratic paty in the primary electlioni.
P1. IL. 1B0GS.
For Magistrate Pickens Township.
1'm time V'oter4 of Plekens Cuminty, S. ('.:
I mm a little distigured. but still In the ring
'or the ollive of Magistriate. I wamit aill of ymou
-miters to seek me early, whi'e I mimy lie fotim i,
ifore the eletion almy drimws nigh. when mantmy
ihmll strive. but few uhall enter in, anett the
.VI I wllie iuiteit aid the election matagers
,hunll say to till who mre niot preparust. depart
Ir-tm its. we don't know ymoum, iind go ye downm 'to
m'here time Whilangiootle mournetl for Im lirst
>orn. W. C. IRA M1 L .'lT'.
I hereby annomn e myself a canidlqite fo
%Iagimtrate for l'ickens Towmsil. subject to
ht(e actim of the voters in the lDemormtic pri
nammry eletion.
For Magistrate Central Township.
'o tie I'loermti Votets of 'entral TIwnhtmmm1)
'ls is to inform you tint tny aimiiewil it'
pm'emtmed to you In the primmmty ele'tlrimt of I94
foi thme ottice of 3mugistrate in% entrml Township.
I hereby mmounea) inyseltf a Icandidiate for re
electioni to mime oite of iagitrato ef Cettral
Twmiiship, muliject to the tltion of the voters in
tie Democratic pliimary election.
I herebv amotiunce myself is a camlilite for
NI mgist rate tor 'etmral Township, subject to the
fiiitio o the t) mrtic pmiary.
1. W. L)tiNWOODY.
For Magistrate Liberty Township.
I hereby mnimoune myself a vandinte for the
olh'e of Magi -tmte of Lihetmy T'ownsiipi, sib
j-ct to the action cf the i)emoratie primiary.
W. IlYNII-R W\~.s
For Cotton Weigher Pickens Township
J. 1. ('ll, bl)R1 hm hereby mmounced as a
m'amitate for Cott-mm Weigher of Pickem Towmn
WipT inhe eieton of Atmgin- t . 5.
W.-.. T. lIA I. S in he'rebys annimonnieed as ma i'n.
di-lnte for Ca ttmim Welghmer f:ir il'kkens Tlowm.
.-ipj inm time el'etionm of .tumgumst 13.
8CH EDULi! C. & W. C. RY.
. I" f)_._ I ily
l'2 20~i g Lv. .. (r'nvillm.. Ar |4 0)
I 45m- Ar ... . Laumrens..m. Le | 2 :3
? 1| L"...Lurenr.....Ar.| 2 13
2 X2 I-*-......('lnp.n........I SI)5
I..| .....-mwherry. i 2 5-,
3| ". ...'r p-ri-y-.. .. I 12i 4,
L 5 L. ... C 'lumbl a.. ..Ar Iii1) 5
6-Il \r.. umter...Ly|g 9 :ti
9) 52| '.. . .. Charlesm mom.- 6 10
No. '6-Daily, i-xceptmi Sunzdny, leavu s
Gireenv'ille 4:30 p mi anim arrim s aitLu
rena (1.25 p mn. 't, is at all ationsa.
No. 87-D)aily', .a-mept Sunday, lmae3
Lmrens 8:10 a m -m d amirivs S it Green
v'ille 10 20 a mu. Sitopsm at all stations.
ERINEST WILLIXMd, Gen. Im'ass. Agt.
R. A. BR A NID. Trmafle Mlanager,
Alagusta, Ga.
Scientific, Literary, Graduate
ig to degrees of:
r of Science, Licentiate of In
lastt r of Arts, Civil Engineer
lies, Library of over 40,00o
'students make their own
s September 23, 1 908.
P*iesident. Cao..mb a .

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