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Entered APH 8 9 tPoes L09W wt b atr ne o fOnrs fM b8 89
six mle
1armerB are about through
l fa qrps are looking fine,
ic d0ti the drouth we have
had for the past-three weeks.
Ou-cmnutjty was saddened
on tle afternoon of the 22d ult.
*hen the.deth angel hovered
over the heme of Mr. and Mrs.
0. R. Abercrombie and called
home the sweet and beloved
spirit of the little one-year-old
aUghter, Ruble, who was sick
for.the past month with fever.
She bore her sufferings gently,
and all was done In earthly
power to save her, but God saw
1it to take her away.
"L'hrough all pain attimes she'd
A smile of heavenly birth;
And when the angels called her
She smiled farewell to earth."
He renmalns werelaid to rest on
the following day at 11 o'clock
in the Six Mile Baptist cemetery.
Rev. B. C. AtkInson conducted
.a very impressive burial service.
The pallbearers were four little
girls-Pearl, Leila. May and
Beulah Garrett. The bereaved
parents have the heartfelt sym
athies of a host of friends and
relatives in their honr of -sorrow.
Prayer services are conducted
at Six Mile every Sunday night
at 8 o'clock. Let everybody
bear this In iplud and. be pres
-ent, as it Is-hoped thAtnucIi
--everlating good.-anight be ac
complished from these services.
Prof. Herring, of Central Col
lege, delivered a very interesting
lecture at the Six Mile school
house last Thursday morning,
which was well attended and
pleasantly enjoyed by all.
Perry Durham is teaching a
flourishing school at., Garvin.
This is his third term of school
at that place.
Aaron Garrett, one of our es
teemed citizens and highly ap
preciated merchants, who re
cently went to Anderson to
undergo a surgical operation, is
at home now, to the delight of
his many friends,. and his health,
we are glad to note, is greatly
Arthur Atkinson and Luthe:
Dillard, 'two of our promislhp
young mnen, left last Saturday
for Atlanta, where they will
spend several weeks with rel
Leroy Chamblain, .Arthu:
Boggs and Lewis Crow passed
through town last Thursday on
their way back to Liberty, after
8pending se' eral days on a big
fishing tour on the Whitewatex
and Keowee. They reported a
jolly good time.
Miss Qla Bearden recently vis
ited home folks at Oakway.
Rev, and Mrs. B. C. Atkinson
visited at the home of J. C: Gar
rett, at Norris, one day last
A. A. Holliday and brothers,
T. H., Waco and Bill, spent thE
latter part of last week with rel
atives in Anderson.
J. W, -Miller and daughter:
Miss &lge, and son, Paul, 01
New Hope, visited relatives al
- ~ Praters- for the past few days,
reds Mile
They were accompanied home
by their 'cousin, Ed. Seaborn,
who will spend several days in
and around New Hope.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Atkinson
recently visited friends near
Melvin Rice returned to Norris
last Sunday, after spending a
week with relatives here.
Hello! Here I am. Every
thing cheerful and lively and
health good in this community.
We had some fine rains this
week which did the crops much
good. Crops are looking fine,
and the old farmers are now en
joying life.
Miss Mary Trotter visited Miss
Lizzie Alexander, of the Stewart
section, last Monday.
The picnic near Birch's ford
was well attended. There was
some fine speaking in the morn
ing, but on account of the rain
the was no oratory in the after
A protracted meeting will be
held at Gap Hill this week. We
trust it will prove a successful
Miss Cecil Hester is getting
al6ing fine with her school.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Willimon
visited in the Stewart section
one day this week.
Willie Cox, of Oconee, visited
in our little burg last week. His
visit was made at the home of.
his best girl, kias Patsy. So I
won't tell any more,. you all can
guess the rest.
Mr. and Mrs. Clate Willimon
dined with W. C. Garrett and
wife last Friday.
Miss Nora Hendricks, of Oco
nee, was the guest of her friend,
Miss Sophia Mauldin, and other
friends last week.
Thank you, "M aybelle," very
much for your compliment. I
can pass the same on you.
There is nothing I enjoy more
than to read the old S.-J. when
it comes to our home. I like to
read the items from every sec
jtion, don't you?
I Miss Essie Findley, of- Dalton,
visited at the home of her friend,
Miss Sophia Mauldin, Monday
Misses Anna and Blanche
Cox, of Oconee, were the guests
of Miss Mary Trotter last Friday.
I will close, as the old lady is
looking crosseyed at me, saying
it is dinner time. Cooks sure
have a time. OLD RIDDLE.
How Hot is Hell?
A colored minister of Ander
son county was expounding to
his flock, and after vividly de
scribing the plight of those who
go to the other place, he conclud
ed the service with the following:
"Bredern, Ihab bin asked how
hot am hell, en I wud say dat, ef
yer tuk all de wood in de state
ob Souf Carliny, en all de coal in
dis kontry, pile 'em all up in er
heap; en take all de ile in de
worl' en pour it on 'em,en den set
dat pile ernire en den take er man
out o' hell en set 'im in de mid
dle o' dat burnin' mass, en he'd
freeze ter def. My bredern, dat
am how hot hell am."-{Ander
The protracted meeting wi
begin at Antioch Baptist churc
Dn the 9th inst.-, conducted b
bhe pastor, Rev. W. J,, Sherifi
W. P. and C. A. Davis sper
3aturday and Sunday wit]
relatives and friends near Bogg
D. D. and Leroy Wincheste
have returned from a very pleaE
%nt trip to Lake Toxaway, RoE
man and Brevard.
Mrs. Amanda Edens, accon
Panied by her son, Tom, spen
last week near Brevard with he
brother, Johnnie Stansell. Sh
3peaks very highly of the Frenc
Broad valley and its crops.
News has come to your scrib
pretty straight that three youni
ladies have rented tho old J. k
Parrott house and are "keepin
bach" in it. Mr. Editor, if yo
now any gentlemen bachelorn
;end 'em around. Surely, the
.ould find them a helpmate ou
-f the bunch.
Marrried, last Sunday, at th
residence of the bride's mothei
Miss Malinda Chapynon and 1:
. Galloway. The young coup]
have the best wishes of a ho
>f friends in'their journey dow
.he stream of life. .
Good Roads
COLUMBIA, S. C.,, Jily 80,
ED. JOURNAL:-If there is ai
Lhing on which our .people ai
mUted ' it- is the d'sire for got
roads, and yet we do not hav
them. Many blame the c6n
missioners. Would it not I
more reasonable to blame or
Believing that we never wi
have improvement under or
present system; I had a bill pr
Pared providing for a chang
but some thought it best th
the proposition should first I
submitted to the people; and th
is my purpose in writing th
letter, as I will not have an o]
portuni'y of discussing it ups
the stump.
Our system is faulty in the
our commissioners are too f a
Ere - us. It is possible, and w
have seen, all[ the board electe
from one neighborhood; in the
event a man might have charg
of a section on the far side of th
:ounty from his home. W
need our commissioner near ut
iving in the midst of .his worb
For our roads we need mone
.o supplement the commutatioi
.ax, and the chain-gang wory
We have about all coine to thi
onclusion, yet we kick - againe
.he proposition when put to ut
The reason is sixiple; ig4hav
no assurance but that all th
noney we pay in may be eyc
pended on roads we will neve
Many counties in our state ar
.rying to improve their systemf
and various plans are bein
adopted. I- would like to see ij
our county
1. A supervisor to take charg
>f certain duties, such as lettin
of bridges likely to cost $50 c
more; the management of tb
:hain-gang,distributing its wor
among the various townships a
mpartially as possible, and var
ous other such duties that coul
best be attended to by hirn.
2. A township onaao
one in each township; these with;
ti supervisor to constitute county
I board of commissioners. The
y township commissioner to have
control over his township road
i fund, and spend the same for
the improvement of roads in his
township. The township road
fund to consist of (1) the sum
apportioned by the county board
r of commissioners to each town
ship; (2) the commutation tax
for said township; (3)- any spe
cial tax levied in any township
. for improvement of roads.
t This briefly outlines the plan..
r A commissioner in the midst of
D his work knowing every road
1 and bridge; and the cetainty
that if a man went down into
his pocket for extra money for
roads that It - would be Olaced
where he could see the benefits
of it, would cause many a man
to be willing to go down into
his pocket.
t Resting and Improving
Dear Courier:-Finding my
self in need of rest, my church
' kindly gave a me month's vaca
tion. My good brother, deacon J.
e M. Geer, and his noble wife, sug
gested the vacation on condition
that they jointly be allowed to
bear my expenses.'
With a grateful heart I ac
cepted their generous offer, and
after spending a few days at
Glenn Sprintge, fl T.. m nW
at thIs famous summer.-meort,
' Tallidah Falls, Ga., 8,000 feet
d above sea level, breathing the
e finest air and drinking the very
L- best water. I shall never be able
e to tell how much I appreciate
r the kindness of my church, and
the thoughtful liberality of Bro.
I1 and Sister Geer, which ha - made
r it possible for me to take the
3- rest and to spend the time where
, I feel that I have been so much
t benefitted. I trust to return to
e my church soon, for there is
Lt nothing on earth that I loye so
Is much as the work of the Master
among the people I love so well.
I This is one of the nicest places
to rest I have ever seen. The
,t scenery is grand beyond descrip
r tion; the mighty onrushing wa
e ters of Tallulah river, foaming,
I leaping, roaring, dashing for
,t hundreds of feet from the first
e to the eighth fall, while the tow
e ering rocks reach up toward the
B sky, In some places to a height
, of 800 feet. Gazing on this won
.derful scenery E think of the om
i nipotency of the God of creation.
11 While listening to the thunder
- ing sound of the mighty wp*,
B1 I think of what John says in
t Revelation 19:6: "And I heard
-as It were the voice of a great
B multitude and as the voice of
B many waters, and as the voice
-of mighty thundrings crying,
r Allelula! for the Lord God omi
nipotent reigneth.' "
D. W. Hioi'r.
-[Baptist Courier..
iAlthough 16,000 native Chris
tians have been massacred in
Chin In the last eight years,
Sthere have been over 100,000
r added to the Protestant mission
e churches.
s: In the last year the people of
-:Canada paid over $28,000,000 for'
a life insurance, while -the whole1
word gave a little over- $21,000,.
*. 000 for foreirn mission work
The Love Knof
Tying her bonnet under her
She tied her raven riegltin
But not alone in the'ftko
Did she catch her lovely,
But, tying her bonnet under her
She tied a young man's heart
They were strolling togetheri
the hill,
Where the wind comes blowlia 4
merry and chill,
And it blew the curls a frolic
some race
All over the happy, peach-color
ed face;
Till, scolding) and laughing, she
tied them in,
Under her beautiful dimpled
And it blew a color as bright as
the bloom
All over the cheeks of the pret
tiest girl
That ever imprisoned a romping
Or, in tying a bonnet under her
Tied a young man's heart
Steeper and steeper grew the
Madder, merrier, chillier still
The western wind blew down,
and I d
The wild cks with the lit
tie maid, -
As tying her bonnet under her
She tied a ygoung man's heart
0, western windl do you think
it was fair
To play such tricks with her
floating hair .
To gladly, gleefully do your best
To blow her against the young
man's breast,
Where he has gladly folded
her in,
And kissed her mouth and dim
pled chin?
-[Harvard Lampoon.
We - are suffering seriously
from dry weather in this com
rnunity. i We haven't had any
rain in three weeks, yet every
body appears to enjoy the drouth
and health is good.
C. W. Hester, of Oconee, vis-~
Ited his mother, Mrs. Davis
Brown, the latter part of last
Charley Murns, of Laurens,
returned home Saturday from a
visit to his brother James; his
sister, Miss Nellie. remains an
other week.
8. M. Ferguson has been un
der the weather for the last few
days, but is improving.
C. C. Gillespie's friends will
regret to hear that he has a bad
rising on his ankle.
L. E. Hunnicutt and eons,
Eugene and Robert, of Grepa.
ville, visited at the home of3.
A. Hunnicutt the first of t1e
Horton Watson recently ir
chased a fine top buggy. Look
out for him, girl&

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