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Pickens County Union Column
JOE. MILLER, Committee In Charge.
It seems, Mr. Editor there
are a good number of farmers
who are standing aloof from the
organization known as the
Farmers Union, waiting to see
it succeed, waiting to see it get
the minimum price for their cot
Now let us look at one cause
that has kept the minimum
price from being an accomplished
fact. Suppose the farmers of
this state were thoroughly or
ganized and would fix a day
and every man that had cotton
stored in the mill warehouses in
th's state would all go the same
day and call for their cotton to
be delivered to them (the farm
ers). What would happen?
Would it not cause some of the
mills of this state to pay any
price they could get cotton at so
as to pay back to some of those
farmers who have stored with
them for the last two or three
years? Think about this matter
.and then ask yourself the ques
tion: Who is to blame for cot
ton not reaching the minimum
.before now?
Now I want to say in justice
to Mr. John M. Geer of the Eas
ley cotton mill, that he has a
ware house in which cotton is
stored and not used until paid
for. But it is the only one that
I know of in the state; there
may he others, but I don't know
of them.
Now if we furnish them the
cotton to run on, where is there
anything to cause the price to
go up! I know there are many
who have not done this, but
how many have done it. Now,
when you think this matter
over, whether you are a union
man or not, you will readily see
one of the causes why the min
imnum has not been reached. I
know of some who have sold
then' cotton at a stated price
with the understanding that
they were to get the rise for two
or three months. It seems by
this act of theirs they have con
fidence in something to cause
the price to go up, but have
made a trade and performed a
deed to keep the price down.
Suppose that ever~y farmer do
this: Put our cotton in the
mnanufacturers' hand for a cer
~tain price and if the price in a
month or so we will get it.
Don't you see the trick? Noth
ing to cause the rise until the
*time limit is out, then they can
run it to where they please and
we are none the better off.
Bro. Farmer, we need more
knowledge to succeed In our
*.msiness; the Farmers Union
.has extended its hand to us as
an educator to help us to go to
gether as a common brother
,hood. JOIL H. MILLER.
?Te Degree of Punishment,
tlittle Bobby had been persist,
ireftly miischievous throughout
'the 41ay,tand late in the after.
noon his mother deelded to stop
the yougster's antics.
"Belsby, if you do not cease
anunoying me I Shallesend you to
bed without your suxpper,'" she
An Exodrsim
We, the mountain boys, did
And rode to see the Charleston
We from Anderson made our
With "Colonel" to help us with
our uart
Station by station we swiftly
Till we reached the coast at
We from the dingy depot did
Dver to a little street named
And we did get a bed that
With the mosquitoes we did
The next morning our glorious
Made a start for the Isle *
And when the ship reached the
We got on the cars for the Isle
of Palms;
at the Isle of Palms we- did
rill. near the closing of the
Made for the cars in the after
noon at three,
For on the other side we wished
to be.
So our guide did not at the cars
For while in bathing some one
stole his pants;
So we made our homeward
Without him in the glorious
And for our guide's home we
did heat,
Peeling very weary from loss of
And when at his home our sup
per we did take,
Preparing for our journey to
And when at last the train did
For upper Carolina, with the
"Colonel" in the lead
But when we got a few miles
D~ur passengers were feeling
very gay.
But before we reached Augusta
The passengers were sleeping
very sound;
And when the sun had begun
to shine
We had crossed the Georgia
And when we reached the An
derson dirt
One man with a pair of knuckE
gat hurt.
And when we reached Ander
son town
The rain was calling on the
And we at the dingy depot did
Until 'we canight the mixec
And we then for Seneca. dic
Feeling very sleepy and verj
Up through Pendleton the trait
did ship,
The "Colonel" still holding fas1
to hisgrip;
And when we reached the Seri
eca mill siding
I gave m-ffriend~s a farewel
Soon the train in Seneca Ai4
And that was the nd of th
Charleston tri.
Ahnfui mentsof candidates will be run-ul
derthi head luntil the primary election for Jl
es, or "puffs". will be charged foi
et M 0ding to We space they oc tn
thlui att of strain on 0 editor'scon noe
NO writSup for les than 05.
For U. N. Sen*te
I be- to announce my candidlvy for thi
Unird States $enate in the approacbbr Demo
crag0 primary, and I respetf ully solicit th4
support of the Democratic voters of. this State
R. G. R H ETT.
For Congress, 3d District
IION. WYATT AIKEN is hereby announce
as a candidata for Cougress from the d Con
gressional District of South Carolina subject fi
the action of the Democratic party n h e pri
mary election.
JULIUS. P.. BGGGS is a candidate for ton
grs nthe primary, stsbjOct to the rules foi
he government of the election.
For "olicitor 10th Circuit
- IaM a candidate for the oflice of Sollcitor 01
the Ith Judicial Circuit of South Carolina
subject to the rules of the Democratic party. ]
have served in court continuously for severs
years as eourt stenographer after completini
my law course and I am familiar with the work
ingo of the coarts. . M. C LONG.
I herebt announce myself a candidate for th,
office of Solicitor of the Tenth Circuit, an
myself to abide the result of the primar
n, and to support the nominees of th,
Democratio party In said primary.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate to
Solicitor of the 10th Judicial Circuit, subject t4
the Democratic Primary election.
Subject to the Democratic prima eleetiori
I am a candidate for Solicitor of Tenth Judicia
circuit. J.J. MoS WAIN
For Douse of Representativel
The many friends of the RON. JAMES 1
VAREY respectfully announce him as a candi
date for re-election to the House of Representd
tives, subject to the action of the voters in th
primary ejection
Re psing confidence in his ability as we do
we, t many friendx of W. 0. 14 A ULDIN,~here
by respectfuil announce him a candidate to
the House o Representatives from Picken
county, subject to the rules of the Democrati
primary election. VOTERS
. The friends of J. ASH31ORE IINTON, rt
speot u Ily announce him as a candidate for re
*iectio to the ouse of Representatives sul
jet to- the action of the voters in the ienm(
eraUe primary election.
For Clerk of Court
I bereby announce myself a candidate fe
Clerk of the Court for Pickens County, subjet
to the action of the Deaocratic Primary.
To the Citizens of Pickens Conty: -
Thanking you for yonr confidence and su
port in the past and assUniug 1oultht I she
always endeavor .to prove worthy of it in ti
future should you see it to again entrust 3m
with the office, I offer myself a candidate f(
re election to the oWice of Clerk of Court, sul
Jet to the Democratic. Irimary election.
- Respectfully, . 4. JOHN I OGGS.
'or Shetefr
I hereby announce myself a .andidAte for r
election to the office of hheriff, subject to t
action of ibn voto.ri h4 the: Demoeratim
election. .u. JK NGS.
I hereby announie unyself aa a candidate ft
for Sherff of Pickens county, subject to ti
rules and regulations of the Democratic par
I hefeby announce myself as a candidate ft
the office of Sheriff of Pickens County, subjet
to the action of theDiemocratic primary.
For Auditor
I hereby offer my'elf as a candidate for th
office of (ounty Auditor, ubject to the actio
of the Democratic arty in the primary electio
Whbile comparatively a young man, I feel con
D etent to, d serge the dutiegof the oftice, an
if elected 1 wilil~dscharge said duties to my bet
rty','-y "Give the boys a chance to show whs
t ey an do' 8.M 'i. URA IG.
I herbby autnounce myself a' candiate for ri
election to the office of County Auditor, subjec
to tile action of the voters in the Democrati
primary OJection. A
Foc Treasurer
I hereby-announce myself a Candidate for ri
elecnO to the ofice of Tireamurer of Pi~'kem
count), asltject to tihe action of the voters .I
the Dernourath primary election.
nl. D). GAUvIN.
For Co. Supt. of Education
T hereby aipnounce myself as a candidate f~
re-election to the office of County superinten
ent of Edueation of Pickens County, subjct
the action of the hemnocraticR priar e LUM.
Fob- Supes-visor
The many friends of JESSE J. (Colone
LEW IS respectfully annornnee him as a-cant
dat for time office of County Supervisor, aubje
to te action of the voters in the Democrat
prlipary. _____
rho' tiends o i MR. K. F. LOOPER anounm
)jim' aeandidate for reebcion to toe onit
~Prisnary election t ctoteim
~The m~iny ftiendu of ei imaissioner RO0
EBT tTKW ART respectfully .announce him
edidte for the offiee of County euprvise
apb ato the -action of the voters inthe p:
afpygiteaou. VOTERS.
For (euty CmIun~ipek
I hby Announce ins f(a candidate for ti
ofice of County (O iJ eonpt suabject to i
IAction of theodoters in the pJEFa~ eetoIn
With the consent of a few friends I announi
eTexa. IG ,0"yt0.,.0o%". men wl
in ntro lio nd tutin citch
I -heb noune myef-a candidate for i
p g oisinrof Pickel
Ionuteo tt~ of the Democrat
M. eets F. YOUNG.
The many Ck*4 of 0.- W AS1H BOWPEN a
sa. candidate for re-election
ConyCbllfissionbr, sujet
th otion of*efters inin primaary eletio
a ~ef a eatididate C<
e f in'h Cony ub st
m~iyieo K. A. NeA LJSTE.
T li o
oftice of, 116i~r; sutO 40 a oh 0f
Ivoters In.. .3he 9f VNehoq N 01iR0dl1.
At the solicita.tion st fifd -Oeo
noue inya li a ndi ate d toner of,
n 61Co bubject t tho actloti of the Demd.
oraU6 party In. too pr~inary election'
*r.5 D00us.
For Magistrate-Pickens Towaship.
To the Voters of elokens oun ty,. -
1-RM a little ldui~d b ;; tili'theq ring
o for the ofiice of Magistrate. I want -1of you
voters to seek -we early, whilel ay e.founid,
before the election day draws nigh, whetn many
shall strive, but few shall enter In, and the
votte ivill be counted al the election aa gerv
shall say to all who are not prepared, dopart
from-us we don't know you, aid gole down to
where hie WVhangOodle Dounet or hs -it
born. W. U. JRA &sLs.
1 hereby announce myself q csndidaie for
Maitrate for Pickens Township. subjOt to
tocalaction of the voters in the Ddinocra1 opri.
Mary election.
Wv. L. UNbCKk's.
For Magistrate Central Township.
To the Democratic Voteus of Central TownshiM.
This is to Inform you that my namoiwill -be
presented to YOU So the-primary election of -lION
foe the office of M Istrate In Central Township.
election jannounce myen aicautIdate for re
eleon to be office of Magistrate of (entral
Township, subject to the action of the voters In
the Democratic primary election.
~lI hereby unounce myself as as candidate for
11 agstratelor Central Township, subject to tb4)
action of the Democratic primary.
For Magistrate Liberty Towaship.
Shereb Mannoune mysfa candidate for the
offic oMagistrate of Liberty Township, sub.
*jet to the action of the Democratic primary.
-For Cotton Weigher Pickens Township
31. MI. CHILDRES8 Is hereby announced as a
b eandidato for Cotton Weigher of Picken a Town
ship in the election of August 15.
Wx. T. UATES Is hereby annonneed as a can.
didate for Cotton Weigher for Pickens Town.
r ship in the election of August 15.
Between Greenville and Charleeton.
East West
No. 58 bTATIONS No. 52
Daily I I Daily
PM P- x
12 20 Lv. ...Greenville.... Ar 4 00
1 45 Ar ....Laurens... Lv 2 82
2 11 Lv...Laurens .... Ar 2 12
l 282 "....linton..... " 1 50
e 8 20 ".....Newberry.... " 1256
8 84 ".....Prosperity.... " 12 49
5. 4 55 Ar.....Columbia.... Lv 11 15
5.03 Lv.... Columbia....Ar 11 05
6 80 Ir..... Sumter.....Lv 9 88
9 52 4.....Charleston...." 6 10
No. 80--Daily, except, Sunday, leaves
e Greenville 4:80 p m ano arrives at Lau
y rens 6:25 p m. Stops at all stations.
No. 87-,Daily, except Sunday, leaves
Laurens 8:10 a m and arrives at Green
V.ile 10 20 a m. Stops at all stations.
t R. A. BRAND, Traffic Manager,
Augusta, Ga.
The ringing of church bells
has become such a nuisance in
some quarters of London that
Sthe boils arc muffled during the
t week.
The net enrollment of the
United Society of Christian En
deavor is now 70,404 societies, a
gain of 1,266, with about 50,000
members during the last year.
Read and
~Keep Posted
We will sell you 20 yards of
good Chambree for $i.oo.
o, 20 yards of a good quality
cn of Apron and Bonnett Ging
Icihams for $r~oo.
A nice Dress Shoe for a
elady, worth $I.50, for $r.25
\Ve will sell the remainder
ot our low cut shoes at a dis-.
:count of 25 per cent,
We will sell you a nice: fig
ured Lawn wvorth t oc, at 8c yd.
.Good Pants for men and
boys, going at a sacrifice.
P ants worth $r -50, going at
'$1.25, and boys pants as l ow
as 25c a pair.
usCome and see. our goods
before you buy.
:Don't forget to bring us
* your chickens and eggs.
Bring us your remnant of
cotton seed, we will pay 85c
per hundred pounds for them
and wanit 500,ooo pounds at
.once if we can get them.
Yours for business,
* LI BE.R1Wies4 A A
Riducy tremble aske~TuVar~e
papers dyure too d the
$ilmer's W.ot
laddoa edy.
It is the
teenth 4opt
covered afto.*744" of
scientifto y. - l~
Dr. Kilmer.th ern{
nont kbynSjb.d
.der spec i
wonderfully sucoosful in proms
laine back kidney bladder, uric t
bleo and BAght's Dsase, which 4 t wor'_
form of ki0nrtrouble..
Dr. Kilmer a SwawpjRoot It Iot ro.
ommendedforeveryth zg but i(you havek*
ney, liver or bladdet trouble It wil-bs foimd
just the remedy you need. It has [email protected] teus
In so many ways, in hospital workInl private
practice, among the helpless toopoIr- to .
Chaoe rolef and has proved so suubossku io
every came that a eal 'aagments
b'een made by whi all aths
who have not already trle& it,. may a
sample bottle sent free by mail. aid* b-ok
telling more about Swamp-R40t and bow to
find out if you have kidney or brddertoiube.
When writing mention reading this geneous
offer In this and
send your ad s to
Dr. Kilmer&Co.,Bing
hamton, N. Y. The
reglar fifty cent and bowme.
doiar sizes are sold by all good
Don't make any mistake, but rem
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilart's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton.
N.Y., on every bottle.
Sell and Keeping Quality of Apple&,
Investigations of the apple soils of
.California have shown that there is a
Close relationship between the keep.
ing qualities of the apples and the
various kinds of soils on which they
are grown. This is very important
and should prove of great value to
apple growers In planting new or
Watches and jewelry of all kinds. Do
it right, too, Make things as good as
new, and sometimes better. We do
other thmnrs, too.,
and make it over into new and stylish
things. If you have any old articles of
jewelry you have discarded because
"People are not wearing such things
now,' blug them here and see what
wonderful tings we can do, with them.
Easley, S. 0.
This is just as true in regard to Sewing
Machines as anything else.
By ununn Long. .Shuttle Machines, no
matter how well made you are actually
throwing away three hours out of every
Wili make 850 stitches in the same time
Long Shuttle Machiines make only 900.
The Standard 1sotary Principle i most
oientliceaily correct, whieh fact has
been proven by 25 years of -suecessfui
use in all parts of the world and by our
competitors Continuously trvin toop
it wnthout suocesa. THE NTAQ)D
machines in one-Look and Cain Stitch
eLBall Bearing Stand-tra gistA
matio~ Lift. Do not fallto Ivet
the merits of the Fastest. Most 8q~
Eash at Running and 'the mri dufe
Setving Machme made, T!~ DrK.
a revelation," ,
i g ines $4

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