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'V.,. r.
hat'r Api i' -'MUI 0.S
N .
To the Dsmooratio Voters of the ott
Judicial CircOit of South Carollsa.
Ili announcing my candidacy, I
I wish to state briefly my expe
rience in the court-room, 'my
advantages to learn the law and
familiarize myself 'With the du
ties of the solicitor's.office.
I served for three years as law
clerk for Hunt, Hunt & Hunter,,
of Newberry~ S. .neto~i
olina,andiave served as comrt.
stenographer of the-10th judicial.
circuit for six years since com
pleting.my law course. Ihave
been in court continuously dur
Ing that time, taking the court
proceedings in short-hand and
then writing out most all of theI
Important cases after leaving the
court-room, thereby becoming
familiar with every phase of the
law. I have also asated Solic
itor Bogge in preparing most all
of the indictmlntbi-as well as
getting up the testimony, and I
ani perfectly familiae with the
duties of the sollcitor'g office. If
I am elected nothing in the office
will be new to me, having been
drilled for several years along
that line, I think lmy experi
ence in 'court has been worth
-more to me than that of the
average lawyer.
I want- to see hepeople of-the
tenth circuit elect the man who
will make them the best, solicit
or,. and one who will see to' it
that justice is administered t~o
* one and all alike.
.I am going to run solelyson pn
e own merit, free froin all political
schefnes or oombinatin DUty
*is going to be mra platform. :I
believe in strictly, enforcing all
laws upon the Statute Books. I
do not believe in baving one la*
for the poor or inexperIanoed
man and another for the rich toz
inftuentiaI man, but I believe in
every man receiving the same
*copsiderationi Wen he coiges
*Into a court dLt( hRouatter
~hat hls stat iun tM ay be.
Johnson, 8.0 .March 21,1908.
Ediorofthe Mdpron Intelli
lgencer, Anderenx 8. .: 1)ear
;** ~~d~tor: W vbni
for Solicitor of the Tenth Judi
cial Circuit this summer, and
we. the undersigned citizens of
Johnson, S. C.,. the boyhood
home of! M. C. Long, wish to
say what we know of him per
Mr. Long was born and reared
on a farm four miles from John
son. ,iis father, J. M. Long,
was Murdered by a negro when
children, the step-mother, half
brother and half-sister of M, C.
Long, the children then being
four and six years of age. Af
ter the debts of J. M. Long were
paid, even his home was sold
from under -his widow and chil
dren, leaving only one horse to
them. M. C. Long, then a boy,
book that one horse, rented land,
gave liens on his crops, and with
the aid of his brother, supported
his step-mother and her children
for four years until she married
again, and then he took his half
sister -and half-brother to sup
port and educate, and gave the
last one a college education in
May, 1907.
We know nothing of Mr.
Long's ability as a lawyer, he
having been admitted to the bar
Efter leaving here, but think
his . past history will bear
us out in saying he is a man
who will stand 'for the right
principle in all things, and if
slected we feel sure your circuit
will be in safe hands.
Yours very truly,
)O Norris, JD Bartley,J H
Dr*i, A M Nickerson, J Jacobs,
YWardy, T R Denn, B W
Ruslton, T T Depring, D A Sim
Inons, W Lee Coleman, J E
Sweariungen, J B Odom, J NM
Rudihton,J Neal Lott,A M Clark,
D JLott, JC Lewis, George?$
DQbb, W M Wright, L B Asbelf
U L Rushton, J P Johnson, E L
heady. ______
The Faithful Prune.
rhe shortcake halts a moment
on its wary,
The watermelon hath a hence
Th war4 trend,
ecantaloupe drops in, but not
*to stay
The prune alone is faithful to
High School Opens-Town is
Growing-Items of Social
and Personal Interest
Liberty is rapidly coming to
the front as the most progressive
town on the Southern railroad.
We are the proud possessors of
the only paved streets in the
county, which are nearing com
pletion. We have three new
store buildings in course of erec
tion by Messrs. Riser, Watkins
and McWhorter.
Our high school, which is one
of the best in the state, opens
Monday, Aug. 31, with Prof.
W. C. Arlail and Miss Lela W.
Thompson, high school depart
ment, and Misses Gertrude Ma
haffry, Louis 1B. Perry, Maggie
E. Thompson and Hattie Boggs,
graded school department. The
school is in a very thriving con
dition, and we are expecting to
ha e the largest attendance in
the history of the school.
Clarence McWhorter has ac
cepted a position with R. L.
Bass as clerk.
The friends of Parker J.
Brown will be pleased to hear
of his announcing himself as a
candidate for cotton-weigher.
We have been having a series
of sermons at.t b &church
for the past . J. R.
Moore assist t pastor, Rev.
P. F. Crawfor,, in his work.
We were glad - to have Rev.
Moore with us. He is very elo
quent and impressive in his ser
mons. We were led'to believe
that many sinners were
brought unto conviction through
the influence of his sermons.
The firm of Bass & Blair dis
solved partnership last week.
Mr. Blair is in businoss for him
self at the old Parsons stand
next door to the drug store.
Prof. McD. Weims, of Day
ton, Va., opened a singing school
last Monday with 75 pupils.
Mr. Weims is very proficient in
music and his school is expected
to be a grand success.
Ira Garrett & - Fuller, of
Greer, spent Sunday with J. M.
Garrett. Mr. .Garrett is book
keeper at the Victor Cotton Mills,
Misses Bettie and Willie Jun
kin, of Anderson, and Miss Hor
tense Taylor, of Oconee, are vis
iting their aunt, Mrs. L. A.
Th is~ to be seen among us
a *arih face, but one that has
Iyeen a~snt for *bout two years.
26is etlr pleks~etogreet J.D.
Smitl of Cartersvlle, Qa., who
tss ding i few weeks with
1i#on, Hassle smith.
Mr. Morris, of Greenville,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
A. F. McCord.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gantt are
the proud possessors of a bounc
ing baby boy.
John Waidrop fell from a
threshing machine 'one day last
week and fractured his right
elbow. We are glad td learn
that he is imptovi.1 rapidly.
Mrs. Fellars, of Naaewry is
Oh, thesilence of the children it
It is sadder than the cry of fe
Lean and listen, and you will hea
And the sighing of the winds
But the voices'of the children-t
'Oh, the roaring of the mill,
They no longer shout and gambol
And their laughter does not e<
They have gone across the hills, t
Oh, the tired little hands an<
And the dreary, weary life that s
Oh, the roaring of the mill, of
All the pleasures known to childh(
What to them are singing birn
For the rumble of the rill seems a
And they see but flying spind]
Life is one, in summer's heat or m
Oh, the roaring of the mill, 0
In this boasted land of freedom t]
And the busy world goes by s
They are driven to the inill just I
Bursting coffers of the plutoci
When they perish-we are told it
Oh, the roaring of the mill, bj
Still from valley, plain and hamlet
And the droning tones of pres
And the Gospel venders still sell ti
Lakes of fire and fields of glor
And they pray beside the graves t
Oh the roaring of the milll of
tug lady and We are glad to have
her among us. ar
Hassle K. Glenn, of Green- t
ville, spent last week visiting
his sister, Mrs. Bessie G. Smith, cli
and other relatives. Mr. Glenn a
is a very fine young man and is pE
always welcomed by the people TI
of our town. He holds a lucra- ti
tive position with Lipscomb & C
Russell, wholesale grocers. la
Miss Helen Brackett, of Clem- M
son College, is the charming S,
guest of Miss Pearl Smith. Miss
Brackett has a host of friends B
in the city who are always glad ci
to have her among them. S
Y. Pinck Taylor, of The Par
kins Pharmacy, returned to his M
position last week after spend
Ing a few weeks with friends A
and relatives in Greer.
Knox Glenn is spending a few
lays visiting his sister, Mrs.
Bessie G. Smith. Mr. Glenn is a
amiployed by the General Elec-W
bric conkipany, with headquar- er
bers in Atlanta. a
Almo D. Chapman is assisting of
Prof. Eddie L. Hutchins in his'
school at Bethlehem, 1h
Herbert G. Smith, wife and of
kittle Marion have returned home Ga
from Anderson after spending a .w
!ew days with relatives. re
Eugene Brown,\ Wade Boggs, ti
Firank Smith and rar Prown at
bended the closing game betweenh
Bpartanburg and Greenville.h
They returned with a broadh
smile, as they are very enithusl
astic fans for Greenville.
Miss Annie Joh'nson returned
last week to her home in Greer,
after spending a'few days visit
ing friends in the city.
Miss Lois Smith is attending .a
a house party in Anderson as
the guest of Miss Ruby Ham- i
moznd. .
The sis4et of Mrs. S~ . Ohr~is
tosherd vlfidie Ii be town.
the Bunny South tod
ftered slaves;
r thereing of themill
thiough open graves;
hev are still
of the mill!
in the blossom-laden'
-ho down the street,
hey are working in the
I aching feet;
tunts and kills!
the mill!
>od are but tales of Fairylandti 4
Is and running streamst
n echo of the mill,
Les in their dreams;
inter's chill
I the mill!
ley are bonded baby slaves,
nd does not heed;
o glut and overfill
rats of Greed;
is "God's will"
the mill!
lofty steeples proudly rise,
6chers prate of crimes;
Le people of the 'Mill
y for their dimes;
he children fill
the mill!
Mr. and Mrs. Gary, of Atlant a
e the guests of J. F. Jennings
is week.
One of the most enjoyable so
il functions of the season was
picnic by some of the young
ople of the city at Boggs Rock.
ie fortunate ones to partake of
Lis affair were Misses Calla
hapman. Ethel Boggs, Ina Cal
han, Nettle Parsons, Pearl
rnith, .Helen Brackett, and
essrs. Wade Boggs, Frank
nith, Parker, Eugene and Joe
town and Hassle Glenn. The
aperones were Mrs. Bessie G.
nith and Mrs. Fellars.
On last Thursday afternoon
Iss Tee Davis entertained her.
inday school class at her home.
Etei participating in games,
3., refreshments were served.
It was our pleasure to have0
Ith us the county candidates,
at Saturday. Their meeting~
is well attended bky the farm-e
3 of our township.. They seL
very enjoyable day, and thE)
neral topic is "sWho Is who?'
the candidates.
It was with deep regret thgt
e people of our town learned
the death of our friend, Luke.
lines, of Central. We join
Ith his relatives in their be.
avement, since we know thal
Ley have lost one who was
orthy of their love and also the
mor of his fellow-men,
ad quite a number of wed
pre who received the news as a
Lock. A number of our people
ent to the funieral Sunday
ternoon. IoHALBoD.
tice of Opening Books of Subscrips
in Ivy Watei', Light and .Power C~
Notioe is he~bre athat b~os
sion tot4~p*J~okof .
UUSI 1900. * Iojtam
- .~T3Aiqs

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