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August Forecast.
Co(uorrIIT 1908, BY C. U. RIETH
It was August the third,
And quite soft were the skies,
And it might be imagined
Bill Taft was likewise;
Yet he played it -that day upon
In a way politicians despise.
Which they met on the train,
As all candidates will,
And they wagered a dinner
In test of their skill
The winner to make the best
put on
The homely cognomen of Bill.
"bl suppose," Bryan said,
Stirring ice In his tea,
"That in view of the times,
As between you and me,
The smaller the bill is the better,
The which any one will
"Very clever," said Taft,
Here is mine: I've a hunch,
You are not very strong,
(And he gave him a punch),
For they don't like a long over
due bill!"
* * * *
And the Peerless One paid for
the lunch.
August was named for Au,
gustus Cosar, nephew and
adopted son of Julius. August
was every bit as great a man,
but his uncle had a better press
bureau. When the Black Band
got Julius, his nephew was but
19; but he had already worn the
toga virillis and shot a bear.
Mark Anthony tried to get him
out of the way by making him
a sort of vice-president, but after
Augustus had beaten him 5 u
and 2 to play on the green at
Modena, the big d&awing vard
of the Roman chautauqua-was
glad to marry the young man's
sister and be a kind of Nick
Longworth around the Roman
White House.
The Augustan age was the
glory of Rome. .Like Mr. Roose
velt, Augustus showed fight all
-the time, and the empire en
.joyed peace. There were no re
formers, and times were good.
The emperor liberally patronizei
literature, and even wrote ve'rsel
himself. Poets like Horace anm
Virgil had their own enamlele<
gold chariots with liveried alli
-gator bait on the job behind, anm
-instead of having the cruel cir
cus games of Nero, the populac(
met in the colliseum and wrot4
limercks for prizes. It is.saI~
that Augustus found -Rome
city of brick, and left it a -cit
-of marble. He was a verypoi
man, and in order to miake~
month as long as ,anybody'
they took a day from Februggi
and added it to August, whicl
originally ha4 biat thirty. Au
gustus deaer!ve%,to be bette
known, and it 18 nct his faul
that he is not. Hei tied .every
thing from 'divorce to race sul
.cide. He had three wives ani
-one child, a daidrfi3Isia. He
beat Antony and&Pleopatra 9to 4
in the famous eugaggient. a
Actium, enough in )teeltotav<
left his his name up6Ry ed-cen
cigar; but he stood1 bout thy
ts isae chance aainst thne luate
-~ ~ ~tfhis illustrious. iucle ~a I4Cj11
E' theI\roosevelt stands) Sf34dd
ie ll~elight with her le
Alide. ~
"The dog4 dy iI
~, The Don)ic
.And the boy
Reform will 4ig fer* rbre Pits
For brewers and distillers,
And the* office-seeker pasw
His bum alfalfa fillers.
The bullfrog will essay his lay
along 'the winding creek, and
the dude will bite the summer
girl upon her damask .cheek;
the sun will burn the festive
tramp clear through his under
shirt, and Carrie Nation will
give tongue, and kick up sod
and dirt, the while her ladyship
pursues the new directoire skirt.
The candidates will buzz
around before the voter's door,
and all the babies will get kissed
and snuggled up some more; the
motherwill say, "Ain'the nice!"
with every kiss and hug, but
the father will declare he's a
dern old kissing bug.
The Anna-mosity which the
Count Boni de Castellane and
Prince Helle de Sagan bear one
another. will cool a little, and
about the 15th they will get to
getlier and shoot dice for the
Gould children. The fleet will
continue to banquet acros the
Pacific by easy stages, and upon
reaching Manila the stoinachE
of the officers will be put in dry
dock and scraped.
The baby calf.. will try his legs
In medows soft as silk,
And when he bawls his lovins
Will rush the mother's milk
And meanwhile she will smil
to think,
With many modest blushes
flow Moses could .have evei
In nothing but bullrushes.
Alter the 21st, August will b<
under the zodiacal sign of virgo
This will make chautauqtf
crowds restless, and outdod:
orators will have to follow-ther
around through the woods an<
taJk to ther when thxey wil
stand. It. will also cause Mr
Rockefeller to get busy on tha
story of, lis life he. Is going t<
write- for one of the' nationa
mothlies, and monopoly will ge
s nevus it will have a traine<
through a funnel.. -Mr. Roose
velt will rieanwhile call a spe
cial mqeting of 'the . cabinet a
Sagamore ~Iill, and will issue.a
proclatuation'declaring that th
best way to eatch lions is to se
up a sands~eive da the desert
-shovel thzesed in, and take th
lions oit f the sle.
Persons born under Virgo hay
domnestic tastes, arid' know. hov
to J8old a baby. Wboy are ver:
brightiand know what the pres
ee oittatisatie is. nThey are san
nhe In tenrierainent, and be
I theorst 1s over. The:
abuse thei' stomachs, and wi]
eat anything that doesn't bit
Sthem first.
The presidential campaiga
will be confined to a few socia
Sfunctions. On the 19th Mi
Roosevelt Will give a lawn fet
at Oysrter Bay in honor .o
S"89nny Jim"' Sherrman's whit
ker~s, and theguests will be givei
an opportunity to hoar the se
b breeze bilow through them. Os
the 26th Mr. 8ryan will give 4
b ornslik part~y at Fairview, ii
hoger of hisam~nning thate, Mi
Kerun. Everybody *11) wea
sitIt~nto runiOomone
*ILJY iven the g M~*arini
teb duplicate .t3 Ren's
Mtembe,,~jJ rJ
mn br
And hipper back to school.
Editor Told the Truth.
'Miss Vey Morgan, da tghter
of. J. L. Morgan, editor of the
WaItrika (Okla.) News, was
mra ledrecently to N. L. Reed,
a yoking business man of that
place. The editor, in giving an
acDount6f tl4e'wedding, says:
For the first time in our 'life
we have the privilege of writing
the announcement of the mar
riag of bur own daughter, and
we do not have t6 write a lot of
stuff that we don't believe about
the. blushing bride, etc. Time
can tell whether either one of
them is entitled to congratula
tions. We only hope that they
may never regret their actions,
and if 'they do they can blame
themselves, as they have made
their choice. They also ha re
our best wishes. Our advice we
are not going to offer, because it
would not be accepted at what
we-would'consider it worth."
Fruit and Sugar for Horses
Grain Is not the only food on
which the horse thrives. In
Egypt the Khedive's best mares
are fed largely on currants, and
these fruit-fed animals are noted
for-their endurance an4 speed.
Figs, during the fig harvest,
form the food of the horses of
Shyra; they turn to it from
oats or hay. The green tops of
the sugarcane are fed to the
horses of the West Indies, and
for long weeks, in many parts
of Canada,. windfall apples form
the horse's only food. In Tas
mania peaches and in Arabia
dates talke the place of the usua
6hay and oats, vorn and bran.
&W ale the bt~a'ir
t a J~sena gmwir
- . 74 4 1 0 I sat D rg g a W
May Co
Rice (
- This season' s goods
1* Nice
- conti
- ...ever
Farm~rd an.j
ever facilityofhedfin
solicits the accou'nts -of Fzarr
.Manufacturers, in fact, the-' buC
Savings Dep
Call now and let's mae ne
if you have- an idle dollar, m
have you entrust it to our car<
Interest paid pn time deposi
$r .oo staits an account.
If at any time you should. fir
an accomodation of un; yourun
Has on hand several car of Hulls g
Cotton Seed Meal $i.S0 per sack
Cotton Seed' Hulls @ 50c. per hu
Seventy-five barrels of GOOD F
Every sack guaranteed.
me, Panics Wi
.hoes on For
Prices to Meet all Compel
to go now, while you need thenm. Calicos
line Shoes from 10 to 25 per cent. less t
r load of Roller King to go at a price to
.11 selling Shells at 75c for 2 boxes.
~tch this space and keep poted on the 1
nluously offering.
m now buying Fall Goods,, and will11
goods are on hand of~ present stock'a
i to come in. -
or Norris Bargath
your business andit
ners, Merchants and
iness of ALL THE
w acquaintances, and
e shal be pleased to
. FI per cent,
id it necessary to ask .
eeds'will receive our
Lnd Cotton Seed Meal.
ndred pounds.
Come a.
;SAWAY. Preddent.
,fast colors, o
han elsewhere
htuove it fast.
argalne we are
laughter what
rhen fall goods

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