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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, August 27, 1908, Image 2

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Our family is extravagant,
And always want to buy
'ivery pesky thing they see,
Though the price be low or high;
Eut money's gettin' awful skerso,
'Tis skerser every (lay,
And Pa says we can't do much
Till the hens begin to lay.
.)fa wants a bran' new range.
And a kitchen cabinet, too;
Pa says we can't afford 'em,
And Ma is in a stew;
She frets and scolds about 'em
Most all the live long day,
And says she'll surely have 'em, too,
When the hens begin to lay.
Pa wants a new spring wagon
And a first-class set o' gears;
a; says he can't afford 'em
Unless he sells the steers;
Va can't afford to sell 'em,
But then he needs the pay,
Pa said he wouldn't see him
It Just gave him the blues
But Ma set aa-dignified,
When he asked our monthly bay
And told him he could have it
When the hens began to lay.
Twentieth Century Farmer.
'The Land In the Storehouse That
ntic banks.
banks and
k failures,
VUL WIe OanSj or the world was estab
Jished on the morning of creation, and
from that day to this It has paid royal
4dividends, and has not for a single
day suspended or closed its doors.
The Creator of all things founded it
on a Rock of Ages, created a bureau
of deposits, called nature, which has
made daily deposits from the first day
till now. These deposits exceed in
yalue all the precious metals ever
mined, or the unmined riches of Colo
rado, California, Alaska and South
America, with diamond mines of
South Africa thrown in.
The soil of the world constitutes
this bank of the world. By the op.
erations of nature the products of the
soil are returned to It annually, thus
increasing the original deposit of soil
fertility. Nature wnrtr "
a non Neither is this wealth
ioarded nor made available, but is
distributed over the wide surface of
the world and pennies or dimes or
Wollars are on deposit in every square
s'od of land and so near the surface
1that any man of brains and ener*gy
to use the plow, the spades and the
*100 can find them.
;The fertility of the soil is the farm.
'er's greatest and most dependable
:bank account, which by a wise and
udicious management he should nev
er allow to grow less. No matter how
large a deposit a man may fLave in'
,bank, if he draws on it continually
aend makes not adequate deposits, his
account in time will be exhausted and
lila Checks returned, dishonored by
the words, "no funds." So of his soel
deposit,, no matter how large, If he
draws on it continually, but adds no
depogit in return, its fertility will be
4hausted and his labor dishonored,
U004sus there are "no funds." E~very
4tvop th~e farmer produces draws upon
*iq' soIl for just so much nitrogen,
eI)tdsh and phosphoric acid and the
didnished fertility of the soil is equal
*$ he awottt of those substances
wrodto' produc, the particular
ulamount of these must
to ther Soil to maintain
~'Tis not be done by
Ia! ferttil! ra alone. These
* abl ertain substances in
* u~M4 14i1~ lave -behind an in
tKbtthe soil requires
de hot Supply,
-.* greaf N ~tetober. No one
~ ~' k ~ be able to supplant her
- e4 ona her methods. She ii
VII said hier raw materlali
tp orest leaves roi
0Iuois Dplants, BRhE
' a building', and II
to say whethe:
64 maintained ,cr
Sdepades' ci
're conserva,
** * ' . ........ * . .. .
No friez4ship will last that has not,
candor for its corner stone.
Friendship, like love, is one of the
few things in life that money can't
No one ever gained a friend by tell
ing of the affairs of those who have
been their friends.
First of all, it is necessary that
you learn your friends' peculiarities
and that you respect them.
Small -deceits, petty lies, will make
enemies of friends and will cause
more than just the two concerned to
be unhappy.
Sometimes for reasons they beat un
derstand two friends separate to see
nothing more of each other. Then
comes the trial.
If ever you were a friend you will
be able to keep quiet as to the weak
nesses of your old friends, to remem
ber that confidences given you when
you were close together are to be re
spected more than ever now.
Next never permit yourself to speak
or listen to any disagreeable words
about them. If you are in doubt as to
some speeches they have made, or
some action of theirs go to them and
ask them what they mean.
There's always room for several
more-at the bottom.
Stinginess and thrift are as differ,
ent as they are similar.
He who kisses painted cheeks takes
the bitter with the sweet.
Unless a man is willing to do some.
thing he will amount to nothing.
The minute you are nice to some
people they want to borrow money
from you.
- One mother-in-law is enough to con
vince the average man that polygamy
is all wrong.
A man never trieS to belittle other
m.n unless he feels that they are su
perior to himself.
Our pity invariably slops c -r when
we meet an easy-going ma . who is
married to an intellectual woman.
A woman always has an interest in
her husband's business-even if it is
nothing more than a slight curiosity.
You can't make a boy believe that
ne good turn deserves another after
.e has blistered his, hands turning. a
rindstone.-Chicaga Daily News.
Use of Lemons.
Gargle a bad sore throat with a
rong solution of lemon juice and
- ter.
The juice of half a lemon in a- cup
of black coffee without any sugar will
cure sick headache.
Lemon juice and salt will remove
iron rust.
Was~h fruit-stained hands in lemon
juice to take off the stains. A strong,
unsweetened lemonade taken before
breakfast will prevent and cure a bil.
lus attack.
H ome.
There is .a word.. in your loved native
Closer and dearer and than all more
Which wanderers in their wistful dreams
Name of the happy dwelUng -love has
With all high gentleness; where has
Truth, honor-, quiet joys, wdrm char
That fireside sprite, frank hospitality;
Place .where our bdt-loved songs are
Where world-bewildered children find
the warm
Enfolding refuge of their mother-'s breast,
And take the blessings of the hallowed
Walled-garden, harbor shelteredi ftro at)
Safte sanetuary, by the world's unrest
Inviolate: the love-locked havem-a
"Homel" a
--Bamuel McCoy, in Home Magasine,
No Room fr Love.
A silvery stream, with waters daek,
Beneath the woodland shade;
A birch canoe, a lover tall'
IAnd a little blue-eyed mnaid.
Dreanily drifted the biroh eanoe,
IWith the' maid tile man so tall,
Justa lttl caoewith. toodt for two.
But n roo forLoveat all,
The lover gazed in thos, eyes 9f bise
Whle his heart-was beati%$ fast;
.The maiden idly trailed- hOW 'and
*In the wavelets rippling ~s
And a little Love god hof ago'er
Cam. down like a bondin ball
Into the canoe with rooni fr two.
-And no roeom for' Love aL
~4t0Lo god slyly pule teman
%5knees beforeThad
- 0a0o heh*
lair Fall
Th%-it's time to act! No time
to .6ludy, to read, to experi
vOitt You want to save your
iad save it quickly, toot
So sake up your amind this
votinmlute that if your hair
*eWrdcomes out you -will use
Ayet's Hair Vigor. It makes
the scalp healthy. The hair
stays hn. It cannot do any
thing else. - It's nature's way.
The bast kind of astetiMonwi
"sold for over siZty years."
1I~r~ MILL.
Sumihtons for Relief.
(Complaint not Served).
State of South Carolina,
Pickens County.
:ourt of Common Pleas.
J. D. 11. Keith, as Executor of the last
will and testament of M.D. Keith, do
ceased, Plaintiff,
E.- F. K-ith, W. C. Keith, J. R. Keith,
[ula Jones, Nancy Ferguson, Mary
Talley Sti phen Keith, Jaret M. Keith,
J. It. Keith, blargaret Ferguson, San.
dacy Burgess, blartha Evatt, Angeline
Rice, Jos A. Keith, Mary Clark,
Wardy Woodall, N. A. Kehl,, W. Cal
Tin Keith, 8. C. Keith, G. W. Keitht~
Mary Roper, Elhza Edens, Sarah T.
Jones, Rebecca Riper. John S. Hen
dricks and Lula Rouer, Defendants.
ro the Defendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and re
Eu red to answer the o mplaint in this
iotion, wh ch was flied in the office of,
,he O.erk of Court at Pickens, 8. C., the
5th day of August, 1908, and to serve a
:opy of y ur answer to the said com
Mamiut on the subscriber at his office at
Pickene, 4. C., within twenty days after
rie service hereof, exclusive of the day
If t-uch sorvice; and If you fail td answer
he compilaint within the time afqrenaid,
the Pla;intiff in this action will ap ply to
the court for ihe relief demanded In the
Da ed Auo'ust 51h, A. D., 103.
AC% E UvBr14,'Sz, PlaI.igiffs Atty..
A. .J. Pocus, C.!. P.
tee is Relief for Women.
It - oi have p-dns In th,.back, Urina
i. 1 (ider or Kidney tiouble, and want
, rert-ain. pleaant herb cure-for wom
u:s il . try Mother Gray's AUsTvtA1.I&N
I.EAF.. It is a safe and- never-failing
regubmor. At Driuggists or by tail 5Oc.
i:tir pie package FREE. Ad dros, The
lotia.r. Gray (o., LeRoy, N. Y. f20t4.
*May Co
Rice C
Making I
This season's goods t<
Nice 11
- till
I an
ever g
armers Bn of C
Has every facility of handling yo
solicits the accounts- of Farme:
Manufacturers, in fact, the busin,
Savings Depar
Call now and let's make new
if you have an idle' dollar, we
have you entrust it to our care.
Interest paid on time deposits.
$i.oo starts an account.
If at any time you should find
an accomodation of us, your nee
careful consideration.
Has on hand several cars of Hulls and
Cotton Seed Meal $1-50 per sack.
Cotton Seed Hulls @ 50c. per hund
Seventy-ftve barrels of GOOD FLC
Every sack guaranteed.
~ne, Panics Will
oes on Fore
*rices to Meet all Competi::
go now, while you need them. Calicos, fa
ne Shoes from 10 to 25 per cent. less thai
load of Roller King to go at a price to m:
selling Shells at 75c for 2 boxes.
oh this space and keep posted on the bar
tously Qifering.
now buying Fall Goods, and will sla&
~oods are on hand of present stock wh
~o come in.
r NorrI8 'argajn HI
)V. 69 1w0
mtral, S. C.
:ur business and it.
rs, Merchants and
ess of ALL THE
acquaintances, and
shall be pleased to
Five per cent.
it necessary to ask
ds will receive our
I Cotton Seed Meal.
red pounds.
UR at $4.90p.
.ome at once.
LWAY. President.
a~t colors, 5c.
1 elsewhere.
wve it fast.
gains we are
ghtdr what
mn fall goods

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