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peculiar Actiois of Treasury Authori
ties During the. Panip.
The proposed investigation by the
senate of the administration of the
United States treasury during the
panc will no doubt produce publicity
of some extraordinary achievements in
the field of finance. 'It is claimed that
the issue of Panama bonds was sold
to the banks for less than. other people
offered to pay, and that in distribut
ing the proceeds and the other avail
able cash in the treasury the south
and west did not get their - fair
share. The law, of course, provides
that the bonds, when issued, were to
be sold to the highest bidder, and .al
,though the depositing in the national..
banks of the available cash in the
treasury is left a good deal to the dis
cretion of the secretary of the -treas
.ury, as to amount and the security for
the same, yet the law provides that
the banks of each section of the
country shall get their fair share.
These are serious charges, especially
if it turns out to be true, that the peo
ple have been plundered by their
own servants by selling the bonds to
national banks at less than they were
worth. There is another very serious
question that the Republican admin
lstration must explain, which is why
Panama bonds were sold at all, when
there was no need for such issue for
the purpose of providing money to
build the canal? The books of the
United' States treasury showed at the
time the bonds were sold there was a
balance of over $250,000,000 of cash
on hand available to pay for canal
building, which congress could appro
priate for that, or any other purpose.
It is true that the receipts of the gov
ernment under Republican laws have
been, for the present fiscal year, less
than the running expenses, and as the
last congress had been very extrava
gant in making appropriations, it will
be necessary to trench more and more
upon the available cash before the
fiscal year expires. But the deficit
will probably not be more than $50,
,000,000, which would stiO leave $200,
,000,000 surplus cash.
Why, then, did the president order
an issue of bonds when the treasury
had ample funds to meet the extrava
gant appropriations? The excuse will
probably be that to call upon the
banks during the panic for a return of
even a few millions to pay the bills of
the government would have been
very inconvenient for the Wall street
bankers, to whom the Roosevelt and
former Republican administrations
were under great obligations for con
tributions to campaign funds. It Is a
comfort to Democrats that Senator
Culberson, the new.party leader in the
senate, has promptly demanded the
evidence of all these questionable
'financial transactions, which on their
face will cost the people many more
millions of taxation for a veneration
to eome than there was need for.
That Balance bf Trede.
It is surprising to fnd Secretary
Taft reiterating that stale old Repub
lican Idea that the United tates re
cadves gold in payment for the appar
ent balance of trade on our foreign
#commerce. In his speech at Boston
he said:
"We are able to settle for the one
hundred millions of gold that we
withdrew from Europs . . . by the
emeess of our exports over our Im
ports in the single month of October."
This reasoning is, of course, intend
ed to show how prosperity produeed
by' the tariff follows the footsteps of
the Republican party and o'mpels
fs'eign countries sto pay tribute to us.
Bunt the facts do not warant the as
~aiption, but entirely disprove it.
The official reports of the United
States treasury show that our mer
chants exported an excess of gold, Sil
ver and merchandise over their total
imports of $'l.681,000,000 during the
last '70 years. During the past ten
years there has been exported $6008,
000 000 more of gold, siver and mer
dbai.e than has been imported. . A
this is greater than the entire visible
goad supply of the world how can Mr.
TWaft, or any other Republican stat
'istician, explain why we have not all
'the gol4 in'the world in exchange for
our enormous excess of exports.
The gold imported during the panie
waa forced -here by bidding more fom
i1t, Ea the free gold market of England
thalithe Bank et I~ngian~d or amone
eatse was willing to pay for it. Th4
bankers who imported. it mnade a large
profit, for currency here was selling
for three per cent. premlMU,, and golfl
of' course, was quite an valuable as
paper money. As the balance of trade
Is adjusted from time to , time, this
gold may, and probably will, return tc
London unless we are able to-pay vom
debts there with wheat, oetton agg
other merchandise. The dispiited
~. question of where the ehormnoube
ace or .trade goes to and why .ge'de
he receive payment in gold for It,
lobh we evidently do not, can prsb.
Sably he explained by the large sudi
.palId -annually for ocean freights, in
ter~pt n our boud* and .stocks held In
i'egp countrfe. fad Ahe enormonO
Ated .namh anbeiyt by'the
tting the moh ,'
immigrants and what our
tiAtion send to their relatier
That we receive from abroad
are entitled to cannot be dtspn
the attempt of the Republio i
Uclans to show for partisan purposes
that we are receiving vastly more is
unworthy of those who aspire td- be
known as statesmen.
"No peace in Obl" .is- the way the
headlines put it. Though as a matter
of principle we favor peace, yet some
times war brings good results.
It is a grander thing to be nobly re
membered than to be nobly born.
Scarcely anything seems impossible
to the man who can will strongly
enough and long enough.
The door between us and heaven
cannot be open while that between us
ahd our followmen Is shut.
The greatest blessing that evee
comes to a human being is the deter
minaUon to realize that or which the
heart longs.
The chances are that what you call
"'hard luck," or "fate," that Is against
you, is some weakness, some vicious
habit, which is counteracting all your
efforts and keeping you down.
Every man stamps his' own value
upon the ooin of his character in his
own mint, and he cannot expect to
pass it for mode, and should not be
disappointed if people do not take it
for more than its face value.-Suc
You can forgive a man nearly every
thing except being right in an argu
ment with you.
A man feels sort of mad with his
wife if she is frivolous and scared of
her it she isn't.
Fasting doesn't seem to ,be so re
ligious when you have to do it be
cause there is nothing to eat in the
One of the privileges of being rich
is not being afraid to carry an old cot
ton umbrella that bulges in the middle
like a sack of flour.
Somehow there is more fun in an
old pipe and a pair of slippers your
wife won't let you wear except when
she is away and don't know it than in
dreaming you are floating around in
heaven.-New York Press.
The chronic kicker at least varies
the monotony of life.
He who would enjoy fame must not
forget to pay the press agent.
It can't be much fun for a girl to
marry a maa who is already bald.
Every woman has a subconscous
wonder If a halo will be becoming to
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