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Entered April 28, 1908 at Piokens, S. 0., Is second a matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
VOL. Tils 110C1311, aisfT I 10 I IDAT 81?TDlK 3190
Pickens C
We arc going to have a great
-Fair, and one which our people
can be proud of. There will be
a magnificent array of stock
and farm products and amuse
- ments of all kinds and descrip
tions and description. A brass
band with twenty-two men
playing vill open up things
early on the morning of Sept.
15th, and keep on playing until
the night of the 17th inst.
Everybody in the county in
vited to come and. requested to
be on hand every day of the
Fair. Let us all get together
and make merry and have one
grand good time for three days
without a let-up.
The programme for the first
day will be racing of every kind
and description, and at night
the finest vocal and instrument
- al concert ever, given in the
county will take place at the
schoolhouse. A small admis
sion fee will be charged at this
concert, in order to help pay the
expenses .f the Fair. Every
thing else, however, will be free
- and open to everybody.
Splendid prizes will be award
ed to all who compete in the
different contests, and also
for stock and farm produce ex
It costs nothing to enter thes
contests and show your stock
and farm pVroducts-and you
may get a prize. However, if
you think you can't take the
prize and yet have something in
the line of stock or farm pro
duce worth seeing, show it,
anyhow. Everybody wants to
see it, and you should have pride
enough in your county to want
to help make this Fair a suc
cess, and by showing some
thing you are helping the Fair
will be set aside for showing of
all classes of stock and farm
pro'duce and awarding of prizes
for same.
will be given up entirely to
amusements, such as horse
tournament, automobile tour
nament, fiddling contest, etc.
The following is a complefe
list of awards and prizes:
Best stallion, handsome horse
Best family horse or mare, fine
- . buggy whip;
Best fsaddle horse, riding bridle;
Best driving horse or mare,
pretty lap robe;
Best draft horse or mare, fine
Best pair mules, superb pair
check lines;
Best single mule., splendid pair
single lines:
Best horse or mare colt, under 2
yrs, nice leather halter, to fit;
Best horse or mare colt, under 1
yr, nice leather halter, to fit;
Best brood mare with colt, water
proof storm-apron.
Best mule enlt, under 2 years,
handsome pi steel scissor
* shears:
Best mule colt under 1 year,
Best yoke oxen, best ax made
Best single ox, fine qality plow~
lunty Fair.
Best nailch cow, a handsome
. churn;
Best bull, any age, fine pitch
Best bull under 2 years, magnifi
cent pocketknife;
Best heifer, under 2 years, nice
porcelain milk bucket;
Best brood sow, latest style meat
chopper and grinder;
Best -brood sow with pigs, same;
Best pig under 6 mos, handsome
steel butcher knife;
Best pig over 6 and under 12
months, largest size sack salt;
Best boar, pair finest quality
wool blankets;
Best ram, fine pair best quaI4ty
steel shears;
Best ewe, same;
Best goat, handsome bottle best
German cologne;
Ten best stalks of corn selected
from 1 acre, fine rock'g chair;
Two best stalks cotton, pr steel
* bu best wheat, any variety, I
handsome picture, gilt frame;
4 bu oats, fine parlor rug;
Best bundle oats, pretty linen
* bu field peas, best quality steel
shovel;, 4
5 best stalks cane, 1 bush blade;
Best qt sirup, nice molas pitcher:
Largest watermelon, best qual
ity steel hammer;
Large tpumpkin,handsome pic
ture in gilt frame;
1 doz best apples, china bowl
and pitcher;
1 peck best sweet potatoes, larg
est size fine quality agate pan;
Largest sweet potato, same;
" 6 turnip, best quality gar
den hoe;
Largest beet, best quality gar
den rake;
Largest cabbage, 1 fine agate
The following prizes will be
given in the contests named:
Fiddling contest, 100 lbs. best
Dancing contest, 1 gold dollar;
Horse tournament, 1 pair gold
Automobile tournament, crown,
(to be made by ladies' com.);
Hammer throwing contest, gents
leather belt.
One large greased pig will also
be turned loose and given to the
man or boy who catches him.
A greased pole will be erected,
and numerous pretty prizes will
be placed at the top of the pole
for the climbers who reach the
top successfully. Only one prize
can be taken at a time, how
ever. There will also be peanut
grabbing, apple-eating contest,
etc., etc.
The following prizes will be
awarded in the races named:
Pacing 'in harness, fine buggy
Pacing under saddle, si lendid
saddle blanket;
Trotting in .single harness to
buggy, fine <qual. buggy'whip;
Gentlemaen's driving race, a
pretty lap-robe;*
Mule trotting race, single to
buggy, blind bridle;
Mule ru~nning race, fine quality
currycomb and brush;
Saddle horse running racehan .
some riding bridle;
Sfule in har'nes0' against bicycle,
.splendid pock6t-knife;
Elorse against a man, handsome
silk cravat;
Foot Race, pr. gold cuff buttons.
3ack Race, gold scarf pin;
)x race in harness, best quality
wagon whip;
)x race under saddle, one nice
Mitomobile rice, (multiple cyl
inder), badge;
utomobile race, (single cylin
der), badge;
automobile against bicycle,
automobile against motor-cycle,
3icycle race, tool kit with com
plete set of tools;
There will also be a race to
liscover the best fox hound in
?ickens county. A fox skin
will be drafted and the dogs
will be held ..in leash in a
in?, and turned loose at a given
ignal. No prize will be offered
or this, but if you have a dog
md have been bragging about
irm, come into this race and
)rove to your neighbor that you
were telling the truth, or else
ceep quiet.
Since the list of prizes were
nade up two phosphate compa
iles have offered prizes. One
)ffers half ton of best fertilizer
:or three best stalks of -cotton
grown with its brand of phos
phate, and the other offers one
bon of fertilizer, v#Iue $25. for
fhree best stalks of cotton grown
wkth its make of phosphate.
Full particulars will be publish
.d in next issue.
Get your chickens ready for
;he fair. The poultry exhibit
will be for show. The birds
will not be judged for points,
At all.
All parties having stock to on
;er for the fair will please meet
#he stock committee not later
;han 9 o'clock on the morning
>f the 16th at the County Super
irisor's office in the court house.
A. complete programme as to
lace and hour for showing
;tock will be printed and distrib
ited among exhibitors.
John B. Robinson, Chairman
Committee on Horses and
M. M. Holder, Chairman Com
mittee on Colts;
R. L. Hames, Chairman Com
mittee on Cattle:
B. A. Allgood, Chairman Com
mittee on Hogs;
W. L. Jenkins, Gen. Ch'n.
Sympathy never moitped a Verch
pd throat.
The man who waits fOC just the
right time to start never gets any
It every woman could trace her de
scent from a king sorrow would never
again find lodgment in a feminine
Most men who claim to have strong
convictions would have little left If
they were to be deprived of their
The meanest man is one who will
call on a young lady and spend the
evening talking about the loveliness
of some other girl.
There Is something uncanny about
the mother who adipits tipat her boy
may have been just a uguh' to
blame as her natghbos ahn
Quillian Hester was the guest
of Leland Cartee, Saturday
night and Sunday.
There will be an all-day sing
ing at Rock Springs, near Eas
ley, next Sunday. Sept. 6.
Miss Florence Davis, a charm
ing young lady of Liberty, has
been iq North Carolina for five
weeks. She first went to Bre
vard to the Teachers' Institute,
then to Balsam Grove, N. C.,
and began a - school of four
Prof. Weams, Leland Cartee
and Quillian Hester will soon
leave for Dayton, Va.
Miss Ernestine Rankin re
turned home last week from a
7-weeks' stay in Georgia.
The Piedmont Union meeting
will be held at Liberty Baptist
church, Nov. 29.
The young people of our city
were honored by being the
guests of Miss Calla Chapman
on last Friday evening at an
informal reception. It was in
tended to be a porch party, but
on account of the weather it
was converted into a parlor re
ception. They played games
familiar to some and unfamiliar
to others, and this made the
evening interesting throughout.
The guests were made to feel
perfectly at home, and they had
one of the most enjoyable even
ings of the season, due greatly
to Miss Chapman's charming
disposition. Those present were:
Misses Otis O'Dell, Ina Calla
han, Hattie and Ethel Boggs,
Lois and Pearl Smith, Jessie
Glenn, Pearl and Olga Richard
son, - Chapman, Winnifred
Kinard of Ninety-Six, and Allie
Blackman of Atlanta, and
Messrs. Frank Glnn, Parker
and Eugene Brown, Lang Clay
ton, Frank Smith, Dennis Oraig,
Pinck Taylor and Almo and
Harry Chapman.
Miss Belle Roe is spending a
feW days in Atlanta, getting fa
miliar with the fall styles in
millinery. '
We beg to say that T. R.
O'Dell's name was omitted from
the mountain party last week
by some oversight. Mr. O'Dell
was one of the "main stays."
The many friends of Mrs.
C. H. Parkins will be glad to
hear that she is home again and
recovering rapidly.
Miss Irene Clarke returned
last Saturday to resume her
work as music teacher.
J. F. Banister left Friday for
New York City to buy. his fall
and winter goods. He was ac
comnpanied by W. P. Black, who
is sight-seeing.
Miss Ciarrie Hutchens returned
last week from a visit to numer
ous Georgia cities.
Frank Smith returned sto Da
vidson College, Wednesday, to
again talke up his studies.
Mrs. PeIgher has openeda
study over Robinson's store, and
is ready to make anything from
penny pictures to five per.
Ralph Burroughs is stayinag
with his sister,Mrs. T. I. O'Delt,
and attending the MIfgh 9enfl,
Mrs. Maggie tarrision
Reidville, Is visiting Mrs . O.
Bailey. .
Julian Wertz has SWDpd
position with the G( eenila
Mrs. A. F. McCord is
friends for a few weeks in pa
Mr. Lyles, of Tocoa, is4 fillig
W. P. Black's position .paeo6nd
trick operator while thif*tteI
Miss Lois Smith Is v10il
friends in Greer this week.
Tom Watkins, of Nashville,.
renn., spent a few days with
Y. P. Smith' and- family i
W. B. Glenn and sister, M3ss
Fessie, are visiting friends''
T. S. and F. M. Glenn return
xd last week from Henderson
ril'e, Asheville and other places
n North Carolina.
A noble mind disdains not te
Love is felliowservic.
Rugh Clough.
We gain streng of the 1$itS"
re resist.---Dnerson.
We are shaped and fa1h6ned
what we love.-Goethe.
Without frugajity none easbe
ud with it very few yuld bepoo
Dr. Jobnsoa.;
Let us use our past viteke. m41
rfailures as buildA*(mterW. for ien
Lure success.-Robrtson. -
Work faithfully, and yoU will
yourself in possession of a" glor
and enlarging happiness.-Ruski
The truly excellent . haracter 1 t
made up of strictness towards ono
self and mildness towards others.
It may not be possible for' a
man to measure life; but it Ii..
ble to say, I am resolved to, put lif
to its noblest and best us.-T. 1
There never was a day tbat di not'
bring its own oppQrtunity .Jow doiy 4'
good that never could Mie been do31
before, and never can be n.09" Wllu(
Hiam Burleigh.
Let every man be occupied, and
cupied in the highest employment 0
which his nature Is capable, and dW
with the consciousness that ho
done his best.-loethe. ' ,
To reach port on the sea 'of life w
must sail sometimes with eitP
and scometimes against itbI
must sail and not drift or lie
Method will teach you to win tI*(
The ignorant are courageouw-e
ern Greek. .N
No man Is a thousand 4ss6enteso
Where might (p master, #utt I~
Aspiring minds Iut som tl l
tain loss-Plato.
A singp day stante wh 4 0
year den es-italian. .
No ill befalls us but. wth1~~
for our good.--Italian.
.He w150 relies on anote N1bl
apt to dine late.-Italian.
' What reason could not aveW
oftenr been cured by delay.-'4es
Labor rids us of three
tediousness, yide and
*- j~a a

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