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1Pickens C<
Since our last issue the fertll
izer companies have come up
handsormejy, and the following
is the list of premiums offered
for-the best stalk of cotton raised
with their different brands:
Through: Folger, Thornley &
Co., the Etiwan Co. offers one
ton standard guano. Virgin
la-Carolina-'Chemical Co., one
ton standard guano.
Through H. A. Richey, Poca
moke Co., half ton standard
Through Heath-Bruce-Morrow
Co., Armour & Co., half ton
etandard guano. Royster Co.,
half ton standard guano, Co
lumbia Guano Co., half ton
standard guano..
These awards are to. be given
for the best single stalk of cot
ton raised with the fertilizer of
the company offering the prite.
For Instance, the farrher who
used the Etiwan company's
goods (ompetes for one ton of
their standard guano, etc.
It will also be noticed that the
- committee has changed the
number of stalks to be shown
from three to one, and only one
stalk of cotton will be required.
If you 'have a good stalk of cot
ton In your field bring It in and
hand it to lhe committee, for
you stand a chance of getting a
firie prize.
Again, -the4thattanooga Plow
Co.,'through their agents, Moore
& Mauldin, of' Pickens, have
offered the following prize for
the best ten stalks Qf corn:
One best quality middle-break
er plow, No. 18, known as -"A
Model' Beauty," and valued at
If you have ten-good stalks of
corn bring them' ilto the -fair,
you may win this prize.
The German Coach Jiorse Co.,
of this county, has also offered
a very handsome prize - for the
best colt bred by their famous
stallions. and In order to show
their appreciation of thiW offer
all farmers wgo have colts bred
by any of their stallions should
r bring them in and show them
at the Fair.
A complete programme, with
rules and regulations governing
* the contests,. amusements and
showing of stock, also stating
time and place, will h~e pynted,
and several thousand copies will
be handed visitors and exhiblt,
erB, so that everybody will be
enlightened and no -mistakesj
Every farmer or resident of
Pickens county who 'has a 'good
rnule or animal of any kind -
a1bould bring it In and show It
at the Fair. It will help the
Wair along. Those who are
/ ti~ng up this Fair arework-1
very hard to make it a great
sA sand whether you think.
n6* i wllltake a prize or 1
ta%*~ io.It, for nothing will
~ I4"io ~akce,. It a suicceq~s
thiet are prize
imty Fair.
All parties having stock toen
ter for the fair will please meet
the stock committee -ot later
than 9 o'clock on the morning
of the 16th at the County Super
visor's office in the court house.
A complete programme as to
place and hour for showing
stock will be printed and distrib
uted among exhibitors.
John B. : Robinson, Chairman
Committee 6n Horses and
M. M. Holder, Chairman Com
mittee oni Colts;
R. L. Hames, Chairman Com
' mittee on Cattle:
B. A. Allgood, Ohairman Com
mittee on Hogs;
W. L. Jenkins, Gen. Ch'n.
ing all the time, and you will
have fun galore.
will be set aside for races.
Horse races (running and trot
ting), mule races (running and
trotting), oxen races, foot races,
crocus sack, wheelbarrow, bi
cycle, automobile, auto-cycle,
and in fact all kinds of races,
ending up with a race to dis
cover the fastest fox-hound in
the county.
stock of all kinds will be shown
and prizes awarded fqr stock
and farm proilucr:
will be amusement day, as fol
10.00 a. m.-Horse tourna
1080 a. m.-Buggy tourna
11.00 a. m.-Automobile tour
1.00 p. m.--Catqhing of greas
Ad pig.
1.40 p. m.--Tug of war.
1.45' p. m.-Hammer-thi-ow
2.00 p. m.-Peanut scramble.
2.15 p. m.-Apple-eating con
2.80 p. m.-Fiddling contest.
8.00 p. m.-Clog-dance con
A greasy pole with many nice
presenite on the top will be in use
it all times.
The merchants of Pickens
iaVe all contributed a k6t of
goods to-the Fair;s~and .these will
e sold at auction. So you will
be able to buy something cheap
mnd carry it home. Don't: for
ret this auction, because these
goods will have .to be sold to
ielp pay the expenses of the
BFair, and .lots 9f them - will be
old for ahnost nothing.
On the first .night a musical
~oncert will be given at the
~choolhouse. The -bas band
will take part in this, and every
,ody ought to be on hand to
hear it, for (t will certainly be a
ine::exhibitonof music and a
srato evelt)y.
The committe haoffered 100
pound.eet ffo~ir for the
best fiddley ni~er an in
bhe county w1o ls.a fiddle
)ught to try foli he idize. Send
your name in as9PR p)osei
tie, and nbtslater than the night
of theseco"d 41a'.
'All stores in Pickens will be
closed at 10- o'clock each day, j
and remaim cloed until 4 o'clock
in"the afternoon-, in order that
the merchants and clerks can
join in the merrymaking. and
belp-make the Fair a success.
Let every man, woman and I
child cometo the Fai.
. It has been arranged to add a
womans' department to the Fair
to which tll ladies are cordially I
invited to contribute. Send all
exhibits to the Court- House not
before ten .-o'clock Saturday
morning, Sept. 12th, 1908, and
not later than frur'o'clock Mon
day afternoon, Sept. 14th.
The exhibits will be cared for
by a responsible committee, and
may be claimed by the owners
at the conclusion of the Fair.
We urge all tadief not only to y
attend the Fair't1tValso send an
exhibit. One . feature of the
womans'. Department will be
thae serving. of lmiches at a reas
onable price so that visitors and
the public generally may be ac
Booths will be located o er the
town at convenient places where
sandwiches, coffee and various
delicacies may be secured.
These booths will be in charge
of ladies of this department, and 0
they earnestly solicit the patron
age of all visitors tothe Fair as
the proceeds will go to defraying
the expenses of.the womaps'
department. -t
Everybody 1s invited to come '
and contribute to the success of E
this department.
Premiums will be awarded t
for the following: a
Best Hemstitching and prawn b
Different styles of embroidery; (3
- Tatting;. 11
Crochet; t4
Best pair hand knit socks; e
, Knit sha*il;
Home-made Counterpane; a
Coverlets; e
Battenberg Lace.
Watercolors, Oils, Pastels,
Handpainted China, Crayon,
Pyrography. - b
Handsomest Palin;.
Handsomest Fern; $
.Best collection of.Bogonias- ,
Pickles-Best dollection-Best
single variety; . -. fa
Preserves-Best collection-Best o:
single variety;
Canned Fruit-Best colfectlon- t]
Best single variety;
Canned Vegetatbles-Best col
lection.Best single variety;f
.Jellies-Best collection-Best
single variety;
Best loaf wheat, corn or gra
ham bread raised with home.. b
made yeast; .
Cakes, Plain and Layer, each C
cake to be accompanied with the tl
recipe, plainly an#1 explicitly A
written. b
MRs. T. J. A wnD, a
Chn. Womran's Dep..
Mas. C. E. ROBINSONt Sec.. b
You help to make the tickens
Counts Fair a sanceis
The Everlasting Arms.
Eternal God, my soul we
Secure within Thy care,
Lnd when by many trials
Find all its comforts there.
'I need no love but thine to
My pathway sure and right;
dream in darkness, but awake
To find the morning bright. 4
Or, if the mist hangs weeping
Uponthe trees of day,
rest me simply in Thy will
Until they pass away.
But keep not silence, 0 my I
Let me Thy glory see;
kather to bow beneath the rod t
Than dwell apart from Thee. I
I need the sunshine of Thy I
- love
E'en through a mist of tears,
se I should stray, like Noah's
Upon a sea of fears. , 1
Ah. restless! no more distrust
Thy Father's tender care, Y
ut know that all His ways are
And God is everywhere."
Liberty, S. C. A. 31. D.
Farm work will soon be in
peration again. -
Cotton is opening fast and I
odder-pulling is now in order. t
Late coru crops are going to
e cut short on ac6unt of the
try weather. Early corn, how
ver, will do very well.
Cotton is going to be shorter
ban some people think. With 1
short cotton crop and a lowr
rice, look out for the -collector;
e -will come only too soon,.
Misses Irene and Capitol.1
larvin, two charming young C
tdies of Atlanta, have returned 9
) their homes, after an extend- c
a visit to their grandmother,
Irs. P. Whiten.
Miss Eliza Sheiiff, of Easley,
captivating young lady, pass
I through Norris the other day
rith her best friend.
Well, the election is over, and
lie writer is' satisfied with the1
1eleption. If the county had
een looked over a better choicet
auld not have been made. Onef
fr. Carey, is a learned lawyer,
de best at the Pickens ber,an
dll know whien. a bill is consti-1
The-other, Mr. Mauldin, isa
armer, and is as quick to "et 1
rk" as his. colleague, and willt I
~and for what he believes to~b
ie byest interests of his con- 1
We know the county's wel
are will be in. good handls
rhen they get to Columabia.
We thi'nk a good choice has
een made all around--so fart
B we are acquainted with the
andidates. We knew none of
ie state candidates exceph Gov.
Lnsel. We are acquainted with
oth the aipirarits for congress,4
nd both are good men. Wyatt'9
diken will advocate rht he'
elieves to be to the be~terest
f his constituei4ge heis no
stuck up" mna~ Wrte him
i .any besine mte Rnl
however po
will reoelve '
eoaus iply~7
It bec
David M.
3urred a. the
Mon Capt'" 4 W
ew days ago.
The deceased W*s C
ige, and had been e
nember of the
!or nearly 60yedare
good woman, orak
Arays ready and
what she could for thn
ress. She always had;
ng word for those in trodb
The writer's notherw
'aisd up a young womian wt
he diosaed, and we hayd
ieard dat mnother- be
ier death of how kind an
'Aunt- izie" was when
Vas just -growing up.
How often "Aunt tizi"
isited our home in 6ur mothe
ifetime. They would si
alk old times over. The:
ias !istened to them and,:-e
nany a pleasant hour
loing. Now. they hav
rossed the rirtT. of deat
ve hope are o
Mr. David M. -Qhrret,
and of the deceased, die4q.
a the army. He hadtak 4
neasles, and. as he the
Lad recovered, but he went
he Seven Days' battle-a4W
as, got overheated, td
apse, and died -ite
1tely. He was bu,
oldiers' cemeteg. at
It was the requast of h4
oef6re her death to he
kame put on j-bertombsbnid WU
Mrs. Garrett was butied at
Wie, Rev. W. V. SeaboirJ
lueting the fune-al
h''hearbroken famil
ur sympathlis.
Lo Lexingtn, K'y., 4n
Via Southern' Rilw
Account 28th Annual
qational Baptist Cion
he-Southern Railway an
a greatly reduced rates to
ungton, Ky., and reurn
ts to be sold September 14
4th and 16th, good t .r*
aexington returning,
lOrd, 1908.
The Southern Raew
ieen selected 8s the
dspecial high-class oa.
umbia7:0av. 9n
septenmber 15th, via 4x
owing 1mgyn
For rgg to, ete~
gents or draede.
J. L. Meek, Aast. Gen~ r
J. 0. Lusk, Div. P. A.Qi
eston, S.C .~
You can't do bu~sines
>ut pubflcity. The *ay to
ahe buying puhuclt Is t
mredium oth i,
Sa low to tade
ahant who &

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