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Pdekns County Unigp Colum
J. T. BOGGoS, Rey. W. C. SHA BORN and
JOEL MILLER, Codnttee in Charge.'
F-.f .
..-In its annual meeting In Fort
Worth, Texas, the National
Farmers Union did . wo par
ticularly wise things. First, it
re-elected Charles S. Barrett, of
UnioG i, .9a., preslident, sec
ond, a secret agreemetint was
reached and fixed as the price
ehe union will demand for its
totton. -
rlTo know Charlie Barrett well
is to know a clean, square, reso
lute, purposeful man. He has
devoted every moment of his
time practically from its first
p ouny beginning to organizing
and making great and powerful
this organization of farmers.
By his devotion, his steadfast
adherence to high principles, he
has-seen the organization spread
from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
and from bleak Maine to sunlit
He has kept his own head, a
mighty level head at that on hic
square shoulders, too and steer
ed the union away from the fal
lacies and political entangle
nient upon which previous far.
mers' movements have beer
wrecked. Charlie Barrett is a
plain min, but one of absolut
integrity. That the great mass
pa of f Armaers of this country be
lieve in him is very clearly de
monstrated by the fact tha
they kept him at the head of th
organization. The un ion move
now to greater and wider scopE
of usefulness. It has steerer
clear of many breakers and pit.
falls. It is wisely guided ani
prese'nts a SOl-id, un brokun front.
The e,-rranation of the
union to k:ep the minirrmu;
prieJ' a. n (1) for Cotton secre 1
is a v'ry wvise m-ovemen-.t, I
eaves the enemries (f the organui
zati(,u in the air, It dlisarims
themj for fighting the uinion, ani
gives into the hands of the
ac'tual producers a very power
ful and effective weapon.
-Wall street must realize tha
here is a new and potent forc<
to meet. That it is no chaotic
haphazard bod~y that work:
without plan 01r definite purpose
The union has shown that 1
has men of brains directing its
destiny, and that it is perfectLa
able to care for itself against th<
mighty and ~hltherto scornfu
.captains of finance.
The Farmers' Jnion has mad
the farmer of Aerica maste
of his dwn affairs. It has place<
him in an attitude of indeperi
dence and freedom that he ha
-never known before.
Some men don't scrub out th
bathtub after taking a bath, s
Martha has to do It.
When a dozen things crow
at once, it takes-a level heade
man to hustle and not get ral
There are various and severa
kinds of undesirable trusts, bu
trusting to luck Is the extrem
Hlow the women do hate t
'et their clothes all wet becanis
John won't but the weeds aloni
the path.
,$ e 6r 'One# ~
When hauling loads to n
et, don' leave the stone in. the
road with which you,blook the
wheel. Thiolor it aside.
A good deal Is written about
the June bride, but the 'man
who'marries in September, ifhe
is the right sA, will nev'er have
cause to regret it.
If a man wears his trousers
out at the bottom.he's.generally
a vagabond; if at the knee he's
religious, or a good orchadist;
but if in the seat he's either aj
wagoner or lazy as Pete TumbleI
There are men who don't
place a true valuation upon their
wives until they have lost them,
and are obliged to hire only
moderately. interested house
keepers to whom they must -pay
real wages.
We needn't go to dime novels
for heroines. Look in the hot
kitchen at that old lady whosIs
secretly dying for a new m'ga
zine, a picnic, or a dollar of her
very own, an-d often lies down
to lasting rest without getting it.
Potatoes that have been well
protected all through the season
by the Bordeaux spray, are not
so likely to rot in cellar or pit.
If your potatoes are rotting,
don't be in a hurry to dig them.
Let them stay in the ground till
they get through rotting. The
first cold day will usually put an
end to the rot,
Ever hear of a man who spent
half a day hunting for the larg
est car of corn in his field, and
then took it to the local paper
with the statement that he 'iad
sixty acres just like that
It is a good plan to knwje- and
note down the size ed evy
field. Measure a clothesli.nt
a stake at each edr, arrmA
*re the fiel4 both w The'.
y611 ran etmt emle
c-ropR arM fas exaiatfy,
Late* inl AAgi t o Farly
pots awl de feA them at
nee,:( let themn 'easmo-v and they
will be, very durable, (Char o
tar the, end wh'zi(b goes in the
groiimd and therir durability' will
is muech increased,
W#hen an o1d farmier dies, one
moan wvill say, "Well, I don't
think he knew much about
farming;''. but another wilU say,
"I remember how he let me ride
once when I was all tired Qut.''
See the point-remember the
good points and forget the bad.
NOTICE-There will be a
r public speaking at Oolenoy Bap
tist church the fourth Saturday
1in September, at 3 p. in., under
the auspices of the Farmers
Union. The public cordially In
r -vited.
Just be Glad.
0 heart of mine, we shouldn't
Worry so!
eWhat we've missed of calni we
o couldn't have, you know!
What we've met of stormy pain,
And of sorrow's driving'rain,
a We can better meet again,
-if it:blowl
iWe have erred in'the dark houxr
we have known.
'l When our tears fell with the
B All alone! -
Wore not shine .and shadow
a As the gracious Master meant?
Let us temper our content
Wtth His own.
4fi t our f6olish tears,
- hiteomb~K Riley
The young paole of this c -
inuanity. enjoyed a nice -enter
bainment at the home of Mr.
and 'i.'W. L. Morgan last
rhursday pilght. Some enje
able g"n "wiere 'Indulked iA;
and some nice music fuitshsd
by P6. c McD. Baker and the
noted entOrtainer, E. - Pickens.
Those pArtaking of the pleas
ures of tie occasion were Misses
Lillife 1ooughs, Coda *eid,
Ada Gandlock, Belle and Mary
Olardy, Ola and Elsie Morgan,
Lula.. Baker, Lizzie Entrekin,
Mary Farmer, and Messrs. McD.
Baker, E Pickens, Brown Gaud
ock, Garland Seaborn, Stan
ley, Ed. and Frank Farmer,
Jason Entrekin, Lyston and
Stanley Morgan, Davis and
Ted Mauldin.
Earle Seaborn, of Greenville,
is on a visit to his parents.
Oscar and Lyston . Morgan,
of this community, started to
school at Pickens, Monday,
J. H. Seaborn and wife visit
ed relatives in Oconee, Sunday.
Rev. Leo D. Gillespie and wife
are on a visit to their parents,
Wade Boggs can be praised
for having the best turnips, and
he believes in keeping them
clean, for he works them three
times a day.
Jason Seaborn visited rela
tives in Oconee, Sunday.
J- H, Rm gh made a flying
trip to ( srmrille Last week"
1taidi r-fghs and Calvin
Garrio.. !who ha- brn home
C;6a have returnral to their
lJph I&mirgh., a bright
Y(0n5 man of Pra.ers, is going
to whorA a'pt LAlikry,
Justloe and Mercy.
At .arville, Indiana, the
oithe-r ilay a young lady was
Iitemitly whippeil of justice.
Chargni with diskobedience and
vlolation of parental authority
in going out of evenings, she
was ordered by a Poliee Magis
trate to be publicly whipped
with a rawhide, in the hands of
her mother, whicj order was
executed promptly.
By contrast with this start
ling severity at the law's hands,
on the same day JUDGE TOL
BERT, at Mangum, Oklahoma,
dismissed the case of a man
charged with murherously as
saulting and- beating. another,
with the recommendation that
the prosecuting witness read
the thirteenth chapter of First
Corinthians, which deals with
charity, the greatest of the
virtues. By that 'portion of
soripture we are instructed that
charity is long suffering and Is
kind. Charity is merciful. In
deed, charity is love.
Justice, we observe, goes by
extremes, and In extremity it
commits its gravest errors. On
the side of beating a young fe
male, though, we believe it has
erred farther than in inidulging
the limit of mercy to a man in
a murderous passion.
Had the man been flogged and
the, girl forgiven a more sub
stantji and .b more temperate
an iete justice would have
*attane~,It :1t digerri
e901 b foil
A nice Fair Leatheradalea
Southern C0w Boy ,"Pat'' paddle,
Xexlcan Cow Boy "PAt" 499ble (
~c0,leJa Tree Nafdle, feg.Rilde
Blak and Tan lding Bridei at
Steel Yards and Scale Beamn,
.f ~Goods arriving daily.
We are always glad to look al
of pir friends, and they a're condial
Yours for Honest
W. E. Freerr
"At the Old
A new lot of Free Pictures jnst ai
Pickens ti
John opark
Train Leaves 8plc
Round I
IN THE 001
We will be glad to show
are in need of anyth
tern p er justice. Sometimes
mercy cannot go too far, while Oaj
on the other side even the doc- Un
brine of the thirteenth chapter ni
of the first Corinthians may be ind~
misapplied when invoked to ca
stay altogether the stern hand B
of law and discipline.
of I
FOR SALE--One Dearborn dul
rolleit-top desk, almost new, and fo
at two-thirds its value, If sold at sak(
once. N. 0. Ballinger, Pick
ens, S. C.s
- ~ thq
Statement of the Condition
located at Pickens, B. C., at the osoe of
business, Sept. 11, 1908:
Loam"n" and son*""":::::-.0":
Ov.rdrafts.......... .... .7
Banking house----..........,12.75
Furniture and Fixtures......17.98
Due fromi Banks and Bankers 2,189.79
Currency ........,.... 800.00
Gold..-............. .....100000 i
C naa
~f , we wUld 1 T
owIng low PrIoes
2 Girths, at .. 2
*rth Saddle at 9.00
Cover, at. 8.00
$1.000 1.25
750. $1.10, $1.85.
ter the pleasure and interest
Ly inivted to Interview us.
ian & Co.,
'rived. Call and get yours.
J Iasev
19th 1908
S Shows
CS7 P. f
rip 50c
7 our stock if you
.ng in this line.
: CO.,
>itol stock p aid in..$ 20,600.00
Sivided profits, less cur
mnt expenses and taxes paid 24,008.87
, to banks and bankers... -508.6
i'vidual deposits subject to
heck.--. -..---........122,619.19
hier's check- .--........870.07
~ate of South Carolina, county of
efore me came I. M. Maul ,cashier
he above named bank,
y sworn, says that the
going statement is a true condition
adbank , as shown by the books of
worn to and subscribed before me,
14th dy of Set.1908.
0. 1. BE D KCS, [Seal]
Notary Public fr S. C.
Creasing the H rb. o,
he liner was rollie .
t lovely bride, 'r *p ; ()'
sep4 Wy remains io d~ hAe
8 Dromise. Thec mr'e, 'n$
rack," sti'oaned agai.

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