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mbription 11.00 Per Annum.
M ATins- Bate is le
amase6 as esems res... se eWd.
s'EUIBDAY, MEITaBER 11, 1968.
ishn GMe Evans and His Os*a.
John Gaiy Evans has been
defeated for United State seaa
tor for a fourth time. i :de.
-feat is by an overwhelming me,
jority-perhaps the greatest
that has ever been cast for a
candidate for a major office in
the history-of the primary sys
tem In South Carolina. He is
defeated by a man previoa.ly
.nk own in politics. Iqe car
ried only two counties of h490
in the. state. One of is
the county of his ce,
where his majority is only 800,
as compared with 6.000 clhjmgd
for hifi and as compared wit
1,200 received in his last, pre
vlous race.' His defeat is crish
ing, final and conclusive.
His candidacy seemed unwise
and Injudicious from the begin
ning. He announced last win
ter before the death of Senator
Latimer, who was a candidate
for re-election and in the opinion
of most people assured of re-eleq,
tion and fully deservin
endorsement. ..such
have def - imer would
ted him probably
. "'than Smith did. Smith
did not announce until after
Latimer's death.
]Sither of the six candidates
in the race with him, with the
possible exception of Grace,
would have defeated him in the
rsecond primary. The people of
South Carolina absolutely will
inot, under any circumstances
or against any opponent, elect
John Gary Evans to offee.
They have four times refused
to make him senator. His only
-chance of election was in 1896
when he ran against Earle with
powerful backing that he has
never been able to command
since. He failed then, and has
failed three times since, each
htene by a larger majority. Mc
Laiirin beat him 15,000 votes,
~atimer beat him 17,000 votes.
Smith has beat him 25,000 votes.
Surely the people will not be
called on for a more pronounced
verdict against him.
He had in the campaign just
closed a perfect and complete
political organization. His op
ponent had none. He had rep
resentatives in every locality
iooking after his interests and
had a mailing bureau in Spar
tanburg where from 25 to 30
gteographers and clerks were
fWorked, and from whieh the
state was flooded with his litera
ture. bulletIns, personal letters,
AstmteR anl endorsemnicts.
fle ra4a iIliti list of 75,000
Y*.~e~i~Vo enAa single letter
~~ud cost $1,500 for
To send a circu
would cost $750 for
alone. -spartanbrg~
Orphyn Work-Day,
'bA lyof 250 or
iia he Ep)worth
CQ14u1b, . s.,
My 0
R 1ome,
10ieppsIan 4
0, iuOpherW.
as at~lemn, a.
Thd Hebren
Jata, Qa
an INoi
The suppso
these esteeoniaaton~1!n
situtons,itit J3Ody
of tietheolss childia, is a out.
. Bothie 'eas iago it was sedg.
gesed: bfle . Howa$ Crun
ley of Atlanta, Ga., t &at4n the
00st Sa0uxday nd Sabbath of
Octonerall those whb-love chil.
dre set apart those 4ys for
gthering funds to relieve'the
needs of the fatherles" Onthat
Saturday, let everybsy-o4dl and
young, rich and.poor, devote the
day to the Orphanages, eac
n- sending his gift to the Or.
phanage he loves..the best o
that11ee neiArest hirheart. The
Georgia scheme worked well,
For several years an effort has
been, made to rouse an equal
interest in South Carolina, and
Alabama and Florida have also
taken It up. In every com
munity some zealous brother
*pnight take up the matter and
push it and the day's work from
everybody would go to the or
phans. This proposition is not
in the Interest of any one orph.
anage it is intended for teach
one to give to the orphanage
nearest his heart. Give Satur
day's wages to the orphans.
Gathor the proceeds on the Sab
bath a 9 to the insti
Ions above named. It will be
sure to reach the right spot, if
drafts and checks are made out
to the name of the institution
itself and provisions shipped to
the same. We have no doubt
that when an Individual com
munity makes special request
of the railway authorities, flour
and rice and molasses or any
other products would find them
willing to' deliver without
Notice that this is simply a
statement. Urgent appeals are
not necessary. The orphans
need help. The institutions are
unable to give it, without the
backing of the people. At this
season all their treasuries are
greatly depleted. Do not over
look the day.
A Powerful Appe4II.
The Indianapolis News (Re
publican) says: "We think
that Mr. Brya'a Is stronger with
the people than he ever was be
fore, and jhat the Republicans
will make a great mistake if
they assume that he can easily
be defeated. For the man is
quite as popular as he ever was,
has quite as strong a hold on
the affections of the people and
yet he has grown in wisdom and
is, we believe, less radical. It is
certain that the old Bryan scare
has largely passed away. He
will this year be voted for by
thousands of men who, twelve
years ago, would as soon hea8
voted for Haywood. Many men
saw in the Republican conrven
tion what they believe to be evi.
dence of a retreat. To these the
Democratic candidate and the
Democratic platform will make
a powerful appeal.
Cn, of Westministeair
youni s latdies was the ~1~ent
a few (lays ago of ipee
watermnek nt ent
The meo!on mleasu
!ong, (7 Inches in 4d
inchee encircuinf
GWU 'Will :E
us before buying yot
sk -another shipment t
Bring t'usyr Corn, Pease, Beans
yoti the ery top of the market for e
If you htaen't tried our Dr. Hess
Heallg1i4owder, and Heave Powdet
11 size packages from the 25C box t
Our personal guarantee goes with
We also want to sell you your wir
Perfect" Fence. Prices from 40c. pe
Our motto is Honest Weights and
For every Se
spend you get a I
an investment thi
Beginning Friday morning
Extra Pants at Tmenty- Five Pe
for CASH ONLY and no Altei
and when we offer them at a di,
$io.oo Suits now - -
12.50 " " -
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.~All othe
Corner Main and Washingtoi
You can alw
* plendid gliigh
J3ive pound Scr
yery thigfor qu
* .A few 5 gallon
?'Three Gallon 0
"*~. 1~&
'kar er~~
eights are
,ma*ent Is
rspring suplies. We have aihe lot of Bard's 3
t iR be a'few day.), Sugat Coee, Lar Et
and in fact any kind of saleable p U.
Stock and Poultry Food, Louse Killer, Worm P J r.
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every package.
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arle & Wilson Shirts at great
at Half Price.
ir Straw Hats One-Third Off.
& Bristow,
1 Streets. Greenville, 8. C.
d .Values s1
sys find good values at dur store.
ams in short lengths, 5 cts. gdb
ap Bundles, one yard andsunder. The.
ilts, $1.00 Bundle,
oil cans worth $1.60 for$,45
1l cans, worth $1.25, for PfQ.
sewing machines $l7.5O
RespecI.Itgli -

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