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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, September 17, 1908, Image 5

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Happeni ..W.,
A fanaer 11 '
us City ist
pedIigree3 90W atlts~M
I wanit to R &P~o*z*t
rheirtialr i% let 'leg
Caused byer.4ldig at a feue
post andittin" .n . When I
Axlt pmrd her sh0 was very
wild, lut I have succeeded in
faminfirw nothatlican peer
through the coral without hea
1earingv the'gate down.
"To i anon who' Is good
chrison anddoesnot fear doeth
;hwould be a valuable animal
But I w ant to sell her to soMe.
Onfl whro will treat her ight
She '- one-fourth .shorthorn
tw(o fuirths h0na and the bal
al;c .it ornary cow. She
will b old cheap or cash."
An xhange tells of a woman
of that city who heard a knock
h frout door recently anid
peered mid saw it was a caller.
In th( t bree minutes liat elaps
ed If- - she opened the door
1,1 zed up" the parlor, put
a1 1Cla c1Cloth on the dining room
table, g.t out all her cut glass
~md :-it around as if it was
a common, put the.baby
in u 1t, changed, her clothee.
and n i 1 opened the door with
a ',y to her guest for find
inW; the house so torn up and
the '1by in such an old dress.
N: :svernment is safe unless
b he fcrtified by good will.
Th1 h'brden of my song must
v - ii, and the teaching of
cry * v son has been trust.
.ihop: iannington.
A r'In results usually arise
i r ' 'eat dangers.-Herodo
T. ' ight to be our endeavor,
to n(.ni a or ourselves, and daily
. )nger, and to make a
growth in holiness.
Ih on A. Kempis.
W nm ripens fast does not
hL.: akespeare.
W'' and deceit are femak
Pv. ly,.like a lamp, showE
.s maig bad and annoying.
A banes.
A V~~r t ":'' m bridge and streani
i he bor"rs mercy may be found,
To fo r death is very greal
tv'eifor it .is fated to all mer
, d ie - - ntiphanes.
I n - . teegood time, His goo(
n, t shall arrive; He guidei
n a a d the bird.-Browning.
i- r t ennsylvania fcomes
$t e' of woman who threw
w i and kijlled- a dog. That
'*:at iho dog got by trying t(
sep L' eon the woman from th
I JA. billshaw, of Bow
n' 'o n., has placed with Mr
F. 1'ay, through his aigent
a n yr for a marble slab.to b
errcied :Lt the head of a 'dog
T e 3Is five feet high, eigh
1'':u a lhes wide, two inchei
-t hick~ mal' the inscription upor
it wil1 t uire -1,729 letters. Thi
dogu -three years old and i
fa 'orite of Dr. Dillashaw
W \ 4tiinstelr Sun.
Cou.' Conllssionor's meeting.
Oarn- em ay will meo
TI r. 'ter eac Bt yand o,
S --ery $.WO lgeov
a . e , day )'ko~ shvn
a. ~orrom:--The wrltei
thetpleasure et a tew days' tUilg
througch. the conty of Mek
ese,an Wpaurprised to se
the *oiderftl derelopmet a
the great Intelligente that Is
Characteristic of her citienis.
Pickens appeM toa stranger as
being a hustling, up-to-date
.rn where an immnense iuse
nes Is done, backed upabya
splisdid farming section. It has
the natual advantages calcu.
latpd tW go apwaid, and onward,
industrially and educationally.
I learn that several big firms are
doing a very satisfactory busi
ness at this point.
'To go from Pickens to Old
Pickensad on to Seneca gives
a traveler marvelous views of
nature, The Blueltidge'stretch
es just ahead in beauty, in
grandeur, In sublinity and vies
with the clouds for adentratlon.
Forests and streams, mountains
and valleys, old homes and new
dot the roadside. -The natural
scenery at many places is pic
turesue, beautiful, grand.
I was not prepared to believe
that real estate has taken such
wonderful strides in - recent
years. Forty and fifty dollars
per acre is asked for land-miles
from any town.
Seneca is, also, coming for
watfi diaw' om1116cidf cet
Business seems to!be in splendid
condition here. I find the cot
ton mills in this section stem
ming the tide of depression bet
ter than many other sections.
Calhoun-named in honor of
the South's greatest orator,
John 0. Calhoun-is a mile or
so from Clemson College, and
while small and modest, it is
splendidly located and bids fair
to grow great with age, If not
w.th deeds.
Clemson College should be the
pride of South Carolinians and
the glory of the South. It is a
marvelous monument to the
progressiveness of the new
South. Its buildings are greater
than all. the state buildings of
many states. Millions must be
invested in the construction and
maintenance of this great work.
The South don't know of the
greatness of this school-it must
be seen to be appreciated and
and admired.
At Clemson I visited the home
of John C. Calhoun, which I
learn is now state property and
kept up by the state. Calhoun 's
furniture, relics, etc., ai'e here
just as he left them and are
shown to visitors by parties who
live in the house. It was enno
bing to see these relics and me
mentoes of this great man, and
such- things carry one's thoughts
backward b: another day in the
iSouth's history, and the con
trast is very striking. We are
far ahead In conditions, etc., to
the time when Calhoun thun
dered his magnetic eloquence to
listening worlds. We have none
to-day the peer of him in ora
tory or statesmanship. It Is
.well that South Carolhxia reveres
'the memory of such heroic
Icharacters. It teaches .lessons
jthat will live for good in utore
I ages.
1,ce na county Is 1 b
Ia)*n to be glo- tlb
-iod G Not. Kzstrau. t
Oonebrd, 0 Sept. 1.
Ndd~I1tig and cotton-,
6in order, at
The 6ao t olenoy Is pro-b
t W
gressing nIcel-y under the man
agernn &t Go. E. Boddiford.
Misha ra:Rlgdon, who has th
been-teavhing at Shady Grove, fi
Is now at home but expects to om
leave soo% for tk Hill Col
Miss Licena Holden, of Oheo
wee, Is visiting her sister, Mrs.
M. P. Hendricks, of this section.
*A singing was given at Dr.
Crenshaw's last Sunday even- .
ing. A large -crowd attended.
A fine time Is reported.
Miss Irene Hendricks, who is
teaching the' Rocky Bottom .
schooI, was with home folks
Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. U Nimmons, of Mt. *
Tabor, s Saturday nightte
with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. *
Rigdon. .. t
* stl
Ed. Craig, wife and sister, th
Miss Ada, of Keowee, visitedE
.choolr sig - wrs. W. b:.m fks
#n earat~ week. e
The baptizing at Gri in, Sun
day, was largelyattended. -
Misses irma ~ elidricks ando
Lic ena Holaen spent ad'Mori- c
day at the Table Rook hotel. fre
E F. Keith, the roprietor, un h
derstands making every one en- r
joy themseves and feel perfect
ly at home. *, i
Remember It is looking down K.
that makes one dizzy. Look up,~
and your brain clears, your
heart grows calm, your strength V
comes to you fhr every task and SI
every emergency. o
Words of Praise
For the several ingredients of which Dr.
Pierce's medicines are composed, as given
by leaders in all the several schools of
medicine, should have far more weight ni'
than an'y amount of non-professional tea-.
timonials. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion has THE BADGE or uIORUSTT-On every
bottle-wrapper, in a full list of all its In- 81
gredients printed in plain English. .
If you are an invalid woinan and suffer cf
from freq ent headache, backache, gna&w
ing dlstr .in stomach petiodical pains,~
disagr e, catarrhal. pelvic drain, C
draggi down distress In lower abdomen c(
or pelv , perhaps dark spots or specks ei
Idanci g before the eyes, falMt sj)ells and
kind sym toms caused by female weak- ei
ness, o th derangemento9f the feminine R
organs, can not do better than take
Dr. Pier c Favorite Prescription.
SThe h s ital, surgeon's knife and opers
ting ta may be avoided by the timely
use of avorite Prescription" in such 8(
cases. hrbthe ob ..
ns ' i
c sccess u trea ..1
Ieser ption'scmo e very best
Inative medicinal roots known to medical
Iscience for the cure of wvoman%' peculiar 0
Iailments, contains no alcohol and no
harmful or habit-forming drugs. S
Be not expect too much frem''Farorite
Prescription; "it will not perform mira
cles~ ;It will not disolve or cure tiomors.
N o medeine will. ItiwiH do as much to -S.
establish vigorous health In most weak
n esses and ailments peculiarly Incident to -
women as any medicine can. It must be
given a fair chance by perseverance in Its
uefor a reasonable length of time.,
Sikwomen are ivited to consultDr
Pierce, by letter, free. All core i- -
ence is guarded as sacredly sertand
womanly confidences arc' protoed by
Arofessional privac. Address Dr. DV.
Pierce Bufal'o N. Y
Dr, Elrc'leasant Pellets. the. best
~ative and regulator of the bowels. 1(
inV y lvirate stomach, 11i and
bwels. Oni alaxative tW4 orr s
enthartic, ~~ to take Uoby...
Ox of mignonette.
Oe tle Oi&otof this
MeI, l4hat tis an
'rier against their Invasion.
hu4idslike a pretty Idea, aid
" may expect to see ugly
ire screens entirely discarded
td.the windows doorated with
4 sweet blesoms.-(Washing
lx Star.
Prepare for a rainy-day before
e clouds begin to gather.
The onlfway to detriese the
nount o%mut -n trn, is to
tck 2ff the smut-U&lis and
rtr them. Corn smut spreads
pid! If te smut-bl are
ro on the manure pile and
e manure spread on . corn
ide. Neyir4hro*'amsimt-baU
the manure ple.
tonen s Well M i
Are Made Merable by
i~idney Trouble.
Odmey trouble preys upon the infid, dls
ages nd lesson ambition; beauty. vigc
- disappear when thekitd'
* carq ei orcder.
or '
Kdc trol61e ha
become so prevalent
that It isno't tinoosunon
for a child tobe born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the'child urin
. t. ates too often if the
no ds the flesh or If when tile child
chos an age when It ould be able to
mtrol the passae, it is yet affdleted with
-wett depend upon It. the cause pi
i difficulty Is kidny trouble,snd the first
p bould be -toiN- the treatment -of
iie Important ogns This unpe'an
iuble is due to a e odi tion ft
neya pid,bladder am not'to a habit as
woat~eoplo f~ose
Womnto as 'W6 n 4 en ars made mis
able with kidn y and bladder 'trouble,
d both need t .e sane .at remedy.
is qund and- tha immd t. effect of
Sis soon relized.t Is sold
nt a ne dollar
sx. You ink havea
apt. bottle mail.
n. also let fell- Wen je DeeAMPooe,
Pall about -, Including many of the
usands o. teImonial letters received
m suffererieidred. In writing Dr. Kilmer
Co., Binghamton, .. Y., be sure and
MIon this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
i name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Klmer's
!amp-.Root, and the address, Binghamton,
Y.. on every bottle.
oe Break In New Shoes Aiway Use
ten's Foot.Base, a powder. It pre.
nts Tightnees and Bliatering, cures
rollen, dweating 'feet. At all Drug
te and shoe stores, seec. Sample mall
FREE. Address, A. l8. Olmsted. Le
oy, N.Y. feb20w4.
Notice of Partnership
The undersigned hereby gives
>tice that on the 25th day of
ily, 1908, they formed a part
ership as provided by Chapter
, Code of Laws of 1902, for the
irpose of doing a general mer
mntile business in the town of
iberty, Pickens County, South
arolina. Said partnership to
>ntinue during the pleasure of
ther or all, and to be conduct'
I under the name and style of
.C. Robinson & Company.
1-6t 3. F. WILLIAMS.
ecial Appointments at Other flours,
Greenvitle, 14. U.
Main Street New Davenport Building
HU b R BA. b3I
Bridge to Let,
I *ill let the butidIn of the bridge on
sorge's Oreek. at sa's 34il1, on (qe
'Lir day of Sep esi, 1008, at 11
olock, a. m., to th ~et bidder.
on the a
toire It
He 10:*
thoroughly ~n
burn outio
his business
claim is paid ron
those who know hiM.
Write him-ate
he will see ydoa. u
J. Fw JENNi0i2
Liberty, S. C.
Has a mighty nice line of goods
for your inspection. The qual
ity and prices of the goods are
such as to move them whea
our customers see them.
Just to see whether you will
buy. or not, we make a few
offers that are inducements.
$2.50 grade Men's Fine Pants
for $2.00 a pair.
$1.50 grade Men's Fine Pants
for $1.25 a pair.
Men's Hats at Cost.
Sell you a good $2 hat for $1.0.
25 per cent. off on Shoes.
$1 Union Made overalls for 90c.
Your trade Is appreciated.
Liberty, S. C.
Manufactures a fine line of
turned work, such as balusters,
columns, brackets. and all such
Let me estim ate with you.
No job to large or too small to
receive careful and prompt at
Communicate with me by
telephone through the Central,
S. C. office, or by mail ongs
D. 2 from Central.
Via Southern Railway.
Extremely low round-trip
Week-End Excursion Tickets
are now on sale for all trains
Saturdays anid for Bundawy
morning trains' only, to Isle of
Pines, ''ybee; also to many at
tractive Mountain Resort Points,
from principal stations in South
Carolina. Tickets good to re
turn -until Tuesday following Y
date of sale.
Also special Sunday Excuzr
sion rates from Columbia,.Au-"
gusta and intermediate station~
to Isle of Palms and Tybee.
For details, rates, etc., app~
to Southern Railway agent 1
J. L. MEEK, A. 0. P. A,.
lanta, Ga.; J. C. LUSK, D.F
Charleston, S. C. .
Fon 8AT~u-.17 acros, orignoal ~ "
14 miles -Abyoth (4 Pickenti, $80 a~ '
75 act's Wtat of Woodall Mond
acres) iiap bottom, baladoosP
esh dente 3

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