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That we have bonght
can save you monley on
We haven't space to sr
right here to families
thing in our line: We
Come and get yovr floi
We want to say to the
bought 75,000 shells an
Our S
Ladies Jackets and Cl
Boys Suits at $1.25 an
Dry Goods at a price t
Our line of Ladies hat
We want to say to par
you to come to the Nor
I want to thank the go
given me and assure th
to merit n, continuance
Come to see me for bet
goods for less money.
H. D
Tough Kid.
"That youngster of yours seems to ye
be having his own way lately. You're chi
not as strict with him as you were.' Yo
"No, it was a question of economy aw
with me."
"Economy?" clo
"Yes; every month I used to have ane
to buy myself a pair of slippers, and
the boy a pair of trousers." thi
He - Couldn't Tell.
"What do you consider the six best C
books of the year, Mr. Ego?" asked cor
the young woman. and
"Well-er-really," replied Mr. Ego, car
the novelist, "I've written two books me
this year, you know." grc
- He Does. gra
"What looks more ridiculous than carI
a peek-a-boo waist?".
"Well, a man in white canvas shoes,
passionate socks and turned-up ttous
era, smoking a cigarette, crowds it
mighty close."-Houston Poet.
Uses Either Hand.ti
Justice Philimon is the only judge alu
on the English bench who can boast
of being ambidextrous, and it is maid 'I
to be curious to watch him taking nol
-notes in court, using his pen first In eve
one hand and then the other. loti
Reversing Things. ma
"Aren't you on good terms with ric
your relations, Mr. Ruralitey" "I have it I
been till they all wanted to visit me
this summer, but now they are not
on good relations with my terms."
Parrot Fond of Music. Sm
The parrot appreciate. musrc more scr
than any other of the lower crsaturee 0001
One season without shelter will acr
damage farm machinery more than wh
the wear caused by its us. during the m
season. The action of the weather 5
which will cause a rusting of the iron00
and steel, as well as the rotting of wh
-the wood parts, will seriouslg inter- anc
fere with the working of the muaehine:
when it is again put to use. By this
exposure certain parts are vy .much I
*more weakened and the machine be. say
com'es of shorter life. mo
A hot lemonade taken before going Pal
to bed will cure a. cold on the lungs. sta
Plant More Trees and Shrubbery. me
Doh't neglect to plant some tree wa
seeds this fail, .especially of the nut. giv
bearing kinds.
Cut-leaved birch is a favorite tree I
for planting on the home grounids. It
is pyramidal in shape, with drooping bei
branches. bo<
The Japanese maples are pesy beau- ma
tiful, small- trees In bush form with he'
vivid coloring of the out leaves.
Many shrubs are more beautiful in rej
foliage than in flower .1*1 some of rte
them carry their -fruits it lgh the .-j
winter in bright colots'
eur Fall Goods r'ight and know that we'
all of your pur'chake.
ty mnuch-about prices bbt we want to say~
who wvant a bill of slioes, cloth, or any.
are in shape to make you a price.I
boys who want to, hunt thlat we have
d are selling them at 75c. for 2 boxes.
stock Is Ful Up.
maks from $2 up.
d on up.
hat will move them.
s are all in.
ties living at a distance that Ut will pay
ris Bargain House to buy your goods.
ad people for the liberal trade they have
em it is appreciated and we will strive
of same.
ter' goods for the same money and more
Norris Bargain House
[OR RIS, S. C.
V'ho are you raising cotton for thisj eei eiffrW mn
r? For yourself, Bettie and the Ifouh e inintebcUia
Ldren, or for the cotton spinner?r l rade tre, a
1 want to make up your mind right e!tnlaathrbuefowe
ry, for the spinner is pursuing h is LA.I sasf n ee-aln
al course-contracting to deliverreuao.ADrgitorbmil0.
ths next ell and next spring, spun a c e F A ri e
t woven from the crop you are tom oey n
r thIs year. Suppose you fool hhn
7year, and really own yourself the for al e
ton you grow.-Co-Operator. Fr f10ars Oarso odbt
f course you planted all the odd to la 10 ns noth of Pins.
ners to trees last winter or fall, g ladd speid home , f
i now it behooves you to take some tan at o he Titles e RAecA
e of them. Keep the grass from im- LA It ia rOT ln
wiately around them, and they will MterGa . L rer, N . C.
w twice as fast as if the grass were ____
wing all around them. Bermuda
ss ye particularly poisonous to re Sal e
tees.res el e f W oen.
Ofpouse you bin d u the m r to af ar, oo nh e il on th e ckU na
rh o , Blde. 4 ar n gro e and e whoaop
ool to atryour next meein. ci fs glertant o , s n l hoeb lure o o
pAF t i-roo hosae, et.builing
beo t thatr eedsulator. Ah Drugist ori Of gd 5l o
rse y oun w, h ave t y hteaverayAppl N.Le ey, C n. SC.
Lost feveracrehing elesef gooobot
wee tae 10 mst nf the vaues oPew
aingis ang fm terTablend hote,
SLttaeitln p o at On Tble prfc
St tkecae f hebanyrdSuptm Ca .in' Greer mounain
. uree. HknwthvauoF ortShie
comneldang ~i orknghbtoro al g e,.,46atiful goodene-r. crp
osatyunetmegThss worth.yFimber, alndd untingo
ubjcttht nedsvenitig.OfpNue H oel Nue, Furt-urdig.
re, yuwil havedod er gosApy.oW. T . UptatleCah .
dherefore yo an omou umbe aog Tems neDolrDy
il lndh olderos ineempto precedeixDllrsaWek
ost bevehng eultaeb goved 00.Seia raneet
heoeas Farmerg' Uon an verae
ttee oe to0d aces Nie hauned famiie
fry easwanshgfold unerhe ackmPiknralod
yt eah, are 2f her arnyarteMd dyWnsayn
nue. cutied nows hle of2thi0
a ofieand he olings aove Friays
'he roareteoros mbee fv
2cesn huatinate 21 ver et.FO000,-e Derbr
roller-topodesk,,almost newaand
tle over Two acres. atwothed hunvludredl a
climbe dowsn frold unepyr, ne N .Bigr ik
es teh Neork fe, cet.ofthei
at' of ames st ilding s abov ens .
Sure, thei totat be fin ' rih,2,
wiacre ora44 hercent. sai atyhe TC-heewllb
ie;, puroiciepearinoatbetweeon Bap
An 2hates hvn thate cegniyto.~hrhte orhStra
JuaseedP Jst Two oo osIISptmeat3p n.ne
le imb ted wfomtpan. cahr, sicso teFamr
Union. The bi odaln
sf0 Prom erNewsTCnslquencck vited
zo hee dys" rmakedth widSOth L-7 Caoiacreswn f~nam
Fsigandrm orHountinudg.i~M la
Ohno h cosier hmsef af,"che cttnSixDll;r atw-tird;o
lie te lvig selton "e'sma' teban opeal montivatable.
E.hF. KEITH, Proprretor
Pi-Colenbs, . C. .F .N.4
FO SAE-n - erbr
When you nee'
:n your Dwellhigst
Stock, Cotfon Gin,,
)r the
Best Life Insura
yn the market, it will pay y'Osa
o get it fixed'uy b)
W. B. ANThf*
of Oreenvife, S.C
He knows his, husme
horoughly, and wh 'be,
)urn out, or die,- he ;nskas4'
iis business to see that
:laim is paid .prcm ,
hose who know him.
Write him at Greenville and
ie will see you. aug134,; A
Liberty, S. C.
Elas a mighty nice line of goods
For your inspection. The qual
ty and prices of the goods are
3uch as to move them when
our customers see them.
Just to see whether you wilt
buy or not, we make a few
affers that are inducements.
$2.50 grade Men's Fine Pants
Eor $2.00 a pair.
$1.50 grade Men's Fine Pants
for $1.25 a pair.
Men's Hats at Cost.
Sell you a good $2 hat for $1.50.
25 per cent. off on Shoes.
$1 Union Made overalls for 90c.
Your trade is appreciated.
Liberty, S. C.
Manufactures a fine line of
burned work, such as balusters,
columns, brackets. and all suck..
Let me estimate with you.
b~o job to large or too small to
'eceive careful and prompt at
Communicate with me b
ale one through theCeta.
3.office, or by mail on R. J..
D. 2from (Cen'tral.
Via Southern Railway.
Extremely low round-trip
Week-End Excursion Ticketa
are now on sale for all trains
saturdays and for Sundair
rnorning trains"'only, to Isle of
Pilnea, Tybee; also to many at
bractive Mountain Resort Points,
t'rom principal stations In Southk
Darolina. Tickets good to io- -
burn until Tuesday following;
late of sale.
Also special Sunday Excu
3ion rates from Columbia, Au.
gusta and intermediate stations
to Isle of Palms and Tybee.
For details, rates, etc., apply
to Southern Railway agents, or
J. L. MEEK, A. G. P. A., At
lanta, Ga.; J. C. LUSK, D. P. A.
Dharleston, S. C.
Fon S3Anr-17 acrea, orignalto
I miles north of Pickene, ~0 auM~
7h acres west of Woodall Mount -h1
acree branch bottom, balanoe in Ie,
pice $10 ace, cash deal. E. P.
. 4 DNo ,PcknB
Rea, and
Keep Posted
We will sell you 20 yards of
good Chambree for $x.oo.
20 yards of a good quality
of Apron and Bonnett Ging
hams for $r.oo.
A nice Dress Shoe for a
lady, worth $1.50, for $1.25.
We will sell the remainder'
of our low cut shoes at a dis
count of 25 per cent.
We will sell you a nice fig
ured Lawn worth T oc, at 8c yd.
Good Pants for men and
boys, going at a sacrifice.
Pants worth $1-50, going at t
$1.25, and boys pants as low 1
as 25c a pair.
.Come and see our goods
before you buy.
Don't forget to bring us.
your chickens and eggs.
Bring us your remnant of I
cotton seed, we will pay 75c
per hundred pounds for them
and want 500,000 pounds at I
once if we can get them.
Yoursfor business,
J. H. Brown & Son
Pickens, S. C.
Practice in all Courts.
Physician and Surgeon.
Otilce Hours 10 to 12--2 to 4
This is just as true in regard to Sewing
Machines as anything else.
By using Long Shuttle Machine., no.
matter how well made, you are actually
throwing away three hours out of everyi
Will make 8510 stitches in the same tihhe.
Long Shuttle Machines make only 200.
The Standard Rotary Principle is most
scientifically correct, which fact has
been proven by 25 years of successful 1
use in all parts of the world and by our 4
competitors continuously trying to cop
it without success. THE GTANDA t
machines in one-Lock and Chain Stitch
-Ball Bearina Stand-Straight Auto
matic Lift. Do not fall to invesigate
the merits of the Fastest. Most Silent,
Easiest Running and the most durable
Sewing Machmne made, THE STAND..
ARD ROTARY. "A demonstration is
a revelation." Write for prices and<
Easy Payment Plan. Guaranteed Sew
ing Machines $12.00 up.1
The Standard Sewing Machine Co..
5858. Broad St., Atlanta, Ga.
Greenville, 5. C.
Over Postotice, Anderson, 8, 0.
Practice in all Courts In Sonuth Carollin

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