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Betten the 22d, to Mr, ard
Mrs. . W. Alken. of Sunset,
a flzeboy.
1Pckens has been emoeedingly
dull since the fair-everybody
P at home picking oottn..
Avery Looper, who has been
for the past year or nre clerk.
Ang for R. R. Roark, iu Pickens,
d'as accepted a posltike with the
H.-B.-M. Co., also of Pickens.
The committee wdl (Offer Eor
sale to the highest bidder son
Saturday, the 3d day tof Octo
ber, at 10 -o'clock a. n., theold
Bethlehem church. L. R. Bur
Court convenes Monday. -Our
friends and subawmkbes .ar
urged to drop in and see us and
leave some of the quaid pro quo.
Wt ned it to nn .this busl
6, between Pickens and
tLu ioi bridge, am 'ear-bob,
with "G. P." engraved on it.
Return to Mrs. M. N. Percival,
Seneca, S. C. Earhig was in
a little pogketbook.
R. A. Simmons, of Pickens,
Route 5, is a corn-raiser from
your heart, and. made an ex
hibit of a stalk at the fair that
is over 15 feet in length.. It had
several ears of corn on it.
D. B. Finney answered all
questions pertaining to the dif
ferent breeds of domestic and
imported fnwls, the birds of the
)its, etc., with the
ioroughbred "fan
ace of a Chester
1Ai , Vv dignity of a lord
There will be an all-day sing
ing at Golden Creek church,
near Hunter's mill, the first
Sunday in October. All lovers
of music are cordially invited
to come, and bring song books
-best of all, "Revival Echo."
The singing will be conducted
by Prof. P. C. Cartee. Don't
forget to bring well-filled bas
.kets. J. H. Hughes.
C. V. Fowles, ("Uncle Zeke")
eenlor editor of thre Forest City
(N. C.) Herald, was prancing
around Pickens last Monday.
With his gold monocle auspend
ed from his windpipe by a vari
egated chord and a horse-trad
or's hat tipped jauntily on the
summit of those deep brown
curls, he was the beau-ideal of a
"sport," and circulated "among
'em"~ accordingly. Here's to
you, "Zeke;" long may you
We of the up-country of South
Carolina see in the Greenville
News of a man by the name of
Little, In Spartanburg, going
to exile himself from South Car
olina because he did not get his
way in the election by distrib
uting his vile literature through
out the state. H~e Is so "little"
that his room in South Carolina
will not be missed by the good
citizens of the state, as they aim
for the majority to rule and not
a few demagogues. **
Most of the folks who are at
tending school at a distance
have resumed their studies in
the respective colleges. Among
those gone from Pickens are
Willie Harris to Wofford, Ha
.good Bruce and Clarence Bowen
toS. C. M. A. Charlest~n, R. A.
and Surgeons at Atlanta and
Sam . Caigto a business col
Slea's at Clohimits, (Ga. Thi
kiety aided in 0poundtiag"Ihe{
pidchers familly recently *e
deaire 't ackkowledge our g&ate.
ful appreciatton. uh thotg t
ful consideration o4 the pirt Of
our freinds neans more than
the supply of table comnforts,
however -much needed. The
heart ,often ldngs for ,expres
sions re olove and appreciation,
and such 'only inspires for bet
ter e~ort snI service. May. a
Divhie blessing rest upon you
and yours. N. G. 9ALLINGER.
day evening, about sunset, the
pm spirit of Mary Bele Solice
took its flight to heaven from
the home of her parents, Mr.
Aind Mrs. Solice, tear Liberty.
She was a young girl of great
promise and endearment, and
her death Is a great blow to the
tfamily. The funeral was from
her late home, Tuesday, con
4ucted by Rev. 2. F. Crawford,
and the interment at Liberty
cametery. God comfort the
*"Not now, but in the c6ming
it may be In the better land,
We'il read the meaning of our
And there, some time, we'll
Gmat sorrow has came to the
hearts of Mr. and Nrs. S. E.
Ferguson, of Cateechae, in the
death of little George. He died
Sunday night, 13th Iast., of
membranous croup, on his 3d
birthday. He was buried Tues
day at Camp Creek church.
The funeral services were con
ducted by Rev. P. F. Crawford.
George was a sweet little child,
and his death was a great blow
to his fond parents. Only a
little boy, but so beautiful and
bright and promising. **
Six Mile.
Here I come again, and will
try to give a few dots from our
little burg.
-A great deal of cotton yet to
pick; fodder-pulling over, and
health excellent at this writing.
M. Mauldln visited In the lit
tle town of Cateechee one day
last week.
Born, on the 16th, unto Mr.
and Mrs. C. L. Willimon, a
fine girl.
Whit Garrett is putting up a
nice dwelling on his lot near
Six Mile church.
Miss Essie Findley, of the
Dalton section, dIned with her
friend, Miss Sophia Mauldin,
last Sunday.
Mrs. F. R. Hendricks and her
charming daughter, Miss Nora,
were the guests of 'Miss -Mary
Trotter last Sunday.
Little Lettle Willmon, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Willi
mon, who has been very Ill, we
are glad to report is much bettet
at this writing.
Bill Cox, of the Oconee side,
visited at the home of! Walter
Willimon last week.
Mrs. R. W. Willmon has
been very sick, but is much bet
ter now.
Mrs. Lula Arnold, of the
Stewart section, spent a few
days with her brother, Clayton
Willimon, last week.
The new church at Six Mile
is nearly completed--only a few
more additions. When com
pleted the building will present
ia fine appearance and an honor
ts projectors.
iZ Mile wa
ada t
Ssome talk
e1 will ring
44i innd around
this 1tit. 1 truly hope they
wIl *Inklif your scribe.
64 Blatalifes," I have
woke lief called me and
bold fte that be1n had opened.
I) ( ~ble; t'uble! Don't kill
ma, aia I will -l'e a long time.
O 0m RIrJhLE.
Sttement of the Condition
FarmerS-Bank of
Located at Oenbral,;S.C., at the
clew of business Sept.
11, 1908.
Loans -ad disecunts. ..152,535.62
Overdrafts................. 415.55
Banking house.......... 1,591.57
Furniture & fixtures.. 1,696.85
Other ireal estate..... 1,350.00
Due *irem banks and
bankers........... ... 2,195.81
Currency.................. 1,952.00
Gold........ ......... 195.00
Silver, nickles and
penwies.................. 213.78
Checks<& cash Items.. -571.12
Capital stock paid in..$2%,000.00
Undivided profits..........
less cuarent expens
es and taxes paid... 1564.96
Due to banks anad
bankers................ 1,385.88
In d i v idual deposits
subject to check....... 18,374.93
Time certificates....... 6,320.78
Cashier's checks........ 70.75
Bills payable............. 10,000.00
Total...............$ 62,717.30
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens. I
Before me came H. J. McGee,
cashier of the above-named
bank, who, being duly sworn,
says that the above and fore
going statement is a true condi
tion of said bank, as shown by
the books of sAid bank.
H. J. McGFE.
Sworn to and subscribed be
fore me, this 16th day of Sep
tember 1908.
0. . STEWART, N. P. S. C.
Correct-Attest: .
W. L. GAssAwAY,
Whilst 01' Gabriel toots his trumt
H. will have to hump and blew
RAke the dickens, or I'll noeme
Never hear an' never know
That he's blowin' it to call me,
That my time on earth is done;
Fer I .can't hear no one ca~in'
When I'm havin' lots o' fun.
I will keep right on a -romnping,.
Laugh an' jump an' sing an* Wam
whIlst 01' Gabriel toots his trumpet
Till he's purple in th' face,
An' I'll never stop to listen
'Mongst the rush an' rowdy-dow;
F'rall I'm knowin' or a-carin'
He may be a-tootln' nowl
The old world's so lastin' pretty
When the sap begins to climby,
And the children are a-callin'
And a-playln' all the time,
That I know that heaven can't be
Half so full o' joy and go;
so he'll have to blow his loudest
.Or I'm apt to never know.
--Houston Post.
TalkIng Wornan la Robust.
A man who figures has sent to the
national bureau of statistics some
facts of speech. He estimates that
a woman talks right times- as much
as a man; that she utters on an aver
age 2.500 sentences a day, whereas
only 800 come from him. He asserts
that the woman who is a great talker
is invariably robust and full chested.
In rever-ence is the chief joy and
power of life; reverence for what is
pure and bright in your own youth;
for what is true and tried in the age
of. others; for all that is gr'acious
among the living, groat among the
dead-and marvelous in the powers
that cannot die.-Johin Ruskin.
A Secret.
Little Mary was devotedly attached
to a neighbor's cat and wont every day
to play with her. One day she re
turnedl home, her eyes big with ex
citement. "Why, mother," she ex
claimed, "pussy has kittens, and I
sdidn't even know she was married."
mos( a rous 1
tive. 4,
I t-heart
.pneumonia, hear
-- failure or apoplexy
are often the result
- [ of kidney disease. Ii
ki troublq is al
low to advance the
e- -kidney.;poisoned
blood will attack *theat
k vital organs or the ad
kidney mel break down and waste
away cell by cell. .
Bladder troubles most always result from
a derangement of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of 0
the kidneys. If you are feeli badly you 01
can make no mistake by tldn r. Kilmer's h4
Swamp-Root, the great kiq, liver and im
bladder remedy.
It corrects Inability to hol urk and scald
ing pain in passing it, and overcomes that
unpleasant necessity of bing compelled to
go often during the day, and a get up many hl
times during the night. Ihe mild and the
extraordinary effect of SwpRoot Is soon
realized. It stands the hlgest for its won
derful cures of the most disteng cases. a
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
by all druggists in fifty-cent and one-dollar
sized bottles. You may
have a sample bottle of
this wonderful new dis
covery and a book that t'
tells all about it, both nomeeorswampRoot. a
sent free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co.
Bin hamton, N. Y. When writing mention
readng this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mIstake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton, 0
N. Y., on every bottle.
Emptiness is not innocence.
Worship is independent of walls.
True religion is the root of all r
-- I
The heights never are scaled by the
Triumph is a, matter of simply try- I
tog again.
The overtime .-sermon makes the
slothful saint.
Polishing the head alone often par
alyzes the heart.
You cannot fire the hearts of men
by frozen sermons.
You lose sense as soon as you ig
note all sentiment.
The church that lifts the fallen
never need fear failure.
The ear ready for slander makes i
the lips ready to slay. t
The greatest shame of all is to feel
none at things unworthy.
The pulpit often mistakes the thun
der for the shower of blessing.
A man is not sound in life' because
he has much sound on his lips.
You may climb fool's hill in an auto,
but you will not reach the top any
The church will not make a new
world until it is willing to mix with
the old one. 5
The greater the self-consciousness 4
of the fool the less his consciousness a
of his true self.-Chicago Tribune. t
Is the manly type of burglar dying
out in this effeminate age? We trust p'
notr- but we note that some house
breakers who entered a well known
confectionery establishment in the o
Strand the other night spent some of g
their time In consum~ing a quantity of
chocolate, cream buns and assorted
cakes.-Punch- e
irony of L.ife.
"It is sad to realize," said a woman, e
"that those who love us most usually a
please us least;, while those who please
us most don't love us at all."
Uses of Adversity.
The gem cannot be polished without
friction, nor man perfected without
adversity.-Bishop Hall.
Many a man who loves his neighbor y
as himself would be ini serious trouble
if his wife knew it.
Clannish Mexican Indians.
The different Indian tribes in Mex
ico do not mingle much and seldom tl
intermarry. I
Wise Advice.
Mingle a little gaiety with yout 0
graTe pursuits.--Horace,.
Avarlolousness, a
Horace: The- avaricious man is als g
- n n> 7
imit themn
DlOss tue
iddle school snud
Para he will not be
arried.-Bhanghal i
Reads Like Proh
Lucian, some 1 -0e0
tes how the inAbbItants d
rank "air. squfge0 Ol
1to a goblet," 4p ethat 4d fo
>rt of dew- yi'ugge tig
The TfMe Mon.
Who in a true Man? - A
a truth, and never hold
i which he is .not prepar*#
mur to risk the consequenced -1
SiLt.--Thomas 'artie.
Hard Finish.
"I wonder," said Tarane, .xh11A
la phenomenally cullousedt pedal. .
)standings to the eriticalgaSe t
airopodist, "it ye can do silhtjag f
pair ' .horny handed 'feet."
Uncle Allen.
"Speaking of the price of succesw
used Uncle Allen Sparks, 've a
cod that 'getting ahead' means, 0
general thing, getting a bald head." -
Gentleness .Is the great point ta f
btalned 'in 'the -study of mannerar
L P. Willis.
No Gin In 'Bhig Ungeneroum.
We get no good by being ungam
us, even to a book--Elisabeth V.
it Browning.
A Genius.
A genius is a man who cxan tend a
arnace so that it will nut .fendt
as.-St. Louis Post-Dispath.
When a man kisses his wife is it a
ouvenir spoon?
London's Milk Shops.
There are over 12,000 shops for g
ale of milk in London.
Latin Proverb.
Better slip with the foot thavn
he tongue.
"He ain't got nuthin' now but tbs
and the mortgage was on, an' .1 reek
m a earthquake will come along a
1wallow that before long," says a
illville philosopher. "Besides, bfs
een ridin' on the railroad even s1e
e took out a accident policy, and If
rain ain't even cut off a leg "--Atam. -
L Constitution.
Reward of the Industrious.
Be thankful every morning that "a
ave something to de that day wik.
must be done whether you like it ma
t. Doing forced to work, and' tocmo
do our best, will breed in sa
imperance, self-control, 'diligeiner
trength of will, content, and a ham
red virtues which the Idle nwe'ar
sOW,-Charles Kingsley.
For the Alimony Brigade.
"There's a lot of talk in the papers,'"
aid Mr. Dumley, "about the 'nee'n
ty for uniform divorce laws.' Worn.
ir what they mean by that?" "Preb
bly," suggested Mrs. Dumley, "itb
s Compel divorced people to weara
iiiform so other folks can recogaa
rmf."--.Catholic Standard and Times.
A man would seem awful rich it
muid spend all the money his famb
ponds for him.
Self-control is going down in th
illar to swear instead of doing it be.
Ir the children.
When you hear from a woman thn
rerybody has dropped another, it's
sign that the men haven't.
The proof that women have me
mae of humor is they laugh at .M
>kem their husbands read to them.
There Is nothing too ridiculous ear
woman to believe about a mag's
ood intentions if she thinks he ges
aem from her.-New York Press.
A woman's lot is made for her ~
ae love she accept.-George Eliot.
O woman! it is thou that causen -
1e tempest to agitate mankinde.--.
Women may be pardoned for Ia -
common sen'be. The culprit In ths
the heart.-Stahl.
The mistakes of a woman re.sat
Lost always from her faith it Use
*o e dohidnc 10 thetrut

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