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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, October 15, 1908, Image 2

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dIoenE rJ0
The Sentinel4osma1Oompany.
J. 1.. 0. THOMPSON. EDITon.
Subscription 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Sntered at Plokens Ftostoffle a Second 01"a
Mail Matter
In order that we may have an
opportunity to collect and work
up outside business, and have
our eyes properly treated, we
have engaged the services of Mr.
T. Larry Gantt, the well-known
editor and journalist, to assist us
in the publication of the Senti
nel-Journal, while he is in Pick
ens recruiting his health, hav
ing recently recovered from an
attack of fever, and thinks our
mountain climate will fix him
all right. Mr. Gantt is too
well known to the people of our
county and state to need any in
troduction. For the past year
Mr. Gantt has been looking af
ter his farming interests below
Columbia, and his health was
run down somewhat. He
thinks our invigorating and
health-giving climate is just
what his system requires. In
fact Mr. Gantt says he feels fif
ty per cent. better already.
We shall now make a thor
ough canva' of the county, col
lecting and soliciting new sub
scribers, for we intend to make
the Sentinel-Journal a welcome
and indispensable visitor in eve
ry home not only in Pickens but
surrounding countiesi.
Mr. Gaiitt will be of invalua
ble service in advertising Pick
ens to the outside world, as he
contributes to leading and wide
ly circulated newspapers and
periodicals in different parts of
the country. It is his intention
to devotelone day each week to
visiting dlifferent sections of our
count y, as also the neighboring
towvns, andswriting them up in
his characteristic style.
We have long felt the necessi
ty of devoting more attention to
our outside affairs, but could not
find a suitablei person to take
charge of our paper.
Mr. Gant~t expresses himself
as delighted wvith our section, so
far as he. -has seen it, and we
hope he will ibe induced to be
come a permanent citizen.
Hon. Julius Boggs tells us
there is a hickory tree in the
mountains of Pickens county
that wvill measure 75 feet to the
first limb. There is not a knot
or blemish to that height on its
trunk. Mr. Boggs says there
are vast belts of the finest hard
wvood timber in our mountains,
and which some day, not far
distant, wvill be opened to mar
ket and prove more valuable
than gold mines to the fortunate
In order to reach our South At
lantic and Gulf ports, in view
of the completion of the Pana
ma Canal, all the great Eastern
and Middle Western railways
are building Southward. Pick
ens should get to work and cap
ture at least one of these lines.
We are in one of the gate-ways
to the coast, and then whats a
4lagnificent virgin country it
vouild develop. t zIs high time
p~e ~'9tt~gadufp
1Ps0Vt young 1d
tine'keepJr in the 8a g
anie does not think there a
any danger of mOb violence a
tN 'the black brute was lando
in jail. "While the..good pepl
of Spartanburm Wove justifyi h
dignant, the attack on the jail
while lead by, a man, not evei
a citizefi of the county, was con
fined to-a few irresponsible boys
And the firm and 'determine<
attitude of Sheriff John, Nicholli
quickly deterred these. Mr
Gantt says toq much praise can
not be accorded the people o
Spartanburg for their law-abi
diihg forbearance, and the cot
ton mill people set a most corn
mendable example. The onl:
injuries to Miss Dernpsey. wen
the beating up of her eyes an(
face, while a sprinkling of bro
ken glass and bird-shot tell .th
story of the maimed and woun
ded. While the ordering out o:
the three military companiei
was perhaps a timely precautioi
Mr. Gantt thinks that the sher
iff could have protected his pris
oners with his deputies, backe<
as he was by the determinatior
of the citizens that the law b<
permitted to take its course.
There seems to be an epidem
ic of crime among the lawlesE
negroes of Spartanburg. With.
in a short period, one bruta:
murdt r has been committed, v
train wrecked and two deathf
resulted, and Miss Dempsey if
the second lady that has beer
attacked. And yet not a crimi
nal has as yet been punished
That they have exercised s<
much forbearing patience speaki
volumes for the law-abiding cit
zens of Spartanburg.
There was no evidence o
drinking, and it is seldom yoi
seldom hear of sober men com
mitting acts of lawlessness.
The woman's club is useful,
It gives good dames a chanc
To talk of art and literature ,
While hubby mends his pantf
J. M. Nimmons, of Piedmoni
an erstwhile citizen of the cour
ty, is now a resident of this cit
and occupies the Meares pror
erty on Garvin street.
Statpo of South Carolina, County <
Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to the judgment of the coul
and decree of saie in the case of Eiiz'
beth Berry vs. L. M Berry, et al., I wi
sell on saleaday, the 2d day of Noven
ber, 1910', in front of the court house
the town of Pickens, at public outcr'
during the legal hours, the followiai
three tracts of land, situate, lying an
being on George's creelag in the count
and state aforesaid:
Tract No. 1. Cont aining 68 1-2 acre
more or less, bounded by lands of W. I
Johnson and others, and having the fe
lowing metes and bounds, to-wit: 15
ginning on a stake in road and runnir
thene 8. 73 1-2 W. 528 to a stake; then4
S. 7 W. 24 00 to a stake; thence S. 57
8.50 to a stake; thence S. 17 W. 14.50 1
a stake on branch; thence ;8. 68 W. 9.1
to a stake; thence N. 4 1-2 W. 12.80 to
stake: thence dI. 68 E. 9.15 to a stak<
thence 19. 11 W. 80.80 to a stake; then<
N. 49 E. 10.80 to a stake in road; then<
8, 78 E. 8.80 along said road to a stak<
thence along said road ats a line 17.70
the begining corner.
'Ilraot No. 2. Contaning 186 acre
mnore or less, bounded by tract No. 1 ar
others, and having the following mete
and bounds, to.-it: Beginnin~n stal
in roadi, corner of tract No. 1. and rui
ning thence, 8. 78 E. 11.00 to. staie
thence N, 78 E. 17.t-0 to stake; thence
88 E. 8:50 to stake; thence 8. 11 W. 8.1
to stake; thence s. 41 1-4 E. 18.181
stake; thence 8. 87 1-2 W. 85 50 to etual
on road: thence El. 5 W. I18 to stak<
thence 8.864 1-2 W. 18.b0 to stake; theni
8. 60 W. 6.90 to stake on branch; then<
N. 17 E. 14.50 to stake; thence N 57 1
8.50 to stake; thende N. 7 E. 24.001
slake; thence N. 78 1-2 E. 8.28 to s al
in road; thence along.the roa as a ii
17.70 to stake in road, the I, ig~ngoce
Tract 8. Containing 111 acres, mo:
or less, bounded by tract No. 2, the L
thami lands and others, having the ft
lowing metes and bounds, to-wit: B3
ginning at a stone 8xo on road and ru
ning thence N. 81 W. 20-40 ;o stone 8x
thence N. 7 W-8.10 to stonq 8xo; Ihen<
N. 84 1-28E. 18.50 to poplar 8zn; then<
N. 5 E. 18 to stake on road; thenqe N
1-2 E. 85.M td biokory 8mn: thence 8.
1 4 W. 5.00 to solid too~k; thence 8.
W. 14.82 to stone' 8xci. [email protected]*1 8. 11 V
58'2 to stone Bza nawon. tene ale,
And You Will
By cvlling on us before buying
lisk Flour (and another shipmet
. Tobacco; Molasses, etc.
Bring us your Corn, Pease, Be
i you the very top of the market f<
If you haven't tried our Dr. H
- Healing Powder, and Heave Pov
E 11 size packages from the 25c. b(
3 Our personal guarantee goes m
We also want to sell you your
Perfect" Fence. Prices from 4oc
Our notto is Honest Weights
The I
~o When you need insurance
. on your Dwellitigs, Barn and~
;Stock, Cotton Gin, Store-house
. or the
:Best Life Insurance
on the market, it will pay you
to get it fixed up by
S of 'Oreenville, 3. C.
's He knows; his business
tooghly, and when' youj
-burn out, or die, he maes it
us~~>winess ~ e4& he
ye a nice lot of Ballard's Obe
is), Sugar, Coffee, Lard, Salt,
leable producc. We will' give
Louse Killer, Worm Powder,
The Stock Food comes in
for the celebrated "Pittsburgh
1 weight you want.
and see us.
i be most readily
d to you entire
action by getting
I our famous
Hawes Hats,
es hats are shown
.1 the latest . pre
ng styles.
ts to suit any age
aiild, the old and
young, the stout
the thin man can
he correct shape
C .
anld Shoes.
Lnd Winter business, with a fuli'
t. I did not go to market until
eaks in Prices. I found sellers.
tra inducements to cash buyers.
ieir offers I bought largely and
'or several seasons past. That.
>ods for less money than you
1 be based on 8c cotton. No.
branded goods will be sold for
)n for I2ya c. and i5c. now xoc.
Il for ioc.
ess goods I ha e -vn mat3'r
rear for less mo
oes forf~ mott r e.
RfD Md
:rices are rigl
Veights are ri
Freatment is I
your -sprirg supplies. We ha
it that will be here in a few d
ans and in fact any kind of sa
>r everything.
Oss Stock Aknd Poultry Food,
rder, you should do so at once
)x to the oo pound sacks.
rith every package.
wire fencing. We are agents
per rod up. Any height an
mnd Good Goods." Come in
Iat Quc
ln al
_________-_____ here.
A. K.F
WVest End. a
Dry Goods
We are now ready for Fall i
tock of Dry Goqds and Shoes
ate, when there had been Bi
.nxious to sell, and offering ex
leing in a position to accept ti
.t much lower prices thani
neans you can buy your dry g<
Lid last year. My prices wi]
nore 7c. for-calico but the best
c. Goods that sold last seas<
. Heavy 1 2%c. Cantbn Flann<
Heavy yard wide Sheeting4
The be'st selection of wcol d
or less moniey. JSetter undere~
6 inch N 5Taffeta Silk foi
A bear .tze$ r d of~o~1

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