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Entered April 28, 190 at Pickons, d. m) asseond class matter, under sot of Ocugress of March 8, 1879. h
VO ~L gofs nMB, OU!C LINA, ?mgmSD ociomI loco
At a meeting of the Poultry
Association, held on the 24th!
ult., there* was not as large an
attendance as was desirable, but
those who were there were
"keyed up to the top notch,"
and if this enthusiasm does not
ooze out before Dec.' 2d, the
Pickens County Poultry Show
will be one of the best ever in
the South.
Exhibitors from a distance
- are daily writing for informa
tion and for premium lists.
They state they heard a great
deal of the show last year and
that they will be competitors
this season. Those who exhib
ited from a distance last year
will be with us this year and
will try to get their friends to
exhibit. They speak in the
highest terms of praise of their
treatment and of the excellent
condition of their birds on their
return from the show. For all
of which the Poultry Associa
tion is extremely grateful.
At this meeting committees
were appointed and urged to go
to work. There will be no more
meetings held except c6mmittee
meetings until after the fair.
Those wishing to become mem
bers can make application to the
secretary or president,or through
any member.
The finance committee are at
work soliciting subscriptions to
help defray the expenses of the
show;,' the committee on pre
mium list are at work prepar
ing the copy for the printer; the
conmmittee on advertising are
working the business world to
take space in the premium list
and want all the patronage they
can get. If you want to sell
chickens. eggs, cattle, horses,
feed-stuff, farms, hardware,
drugs, dry-goods, or what not,
put it in this premium-list, and
this nediun is a mighty good
one through which to reach the
This associatlion is a wonder
f it helper in the development of
the fine-breed-of-chickens indus
try, and we know of several
pens of birds that have been re
cently )ought for no other rea
son than to exhibit at this show.
Others who visited thdshowv last
year have procured improved1
breeds for the money there is in
thenm, and the chicken industry,
am a whole, inx this colminy, is on
a boom.
What are you~ going to ex
hibit? The association has ar
ranged for the judge to be on
hand two days-one day will be
spent on pointing up the chick-*
ens and one day wvill be devoted
to talks on chickens. He will
impart lots of inftormation on
the care and raising of chickens
that is the actual and practical
experience of a m'an who has
devoted a whole lifetime to this
one industry, and which it will
take you a lifetime to learn for
yourself. This talk, while it is
intended for the members of the
* ~ association, will be free to all
who are in the. hall at the time,
amt will be worth hearing.
Ainothei' feature this year will
*be coupo.1 tkets and-the hold
e of luckyi coupon~s will be
and publishtd later.- :nis, o
itself, should insure a large at
tendance on each day.
Another innovation is th(
grading or pointing for defects
of chickens, not competing foi
prizes, and belonging to novicel
who do not know what to looli
for in a breeder or exhibitior
fowl. Any one can enter theii
chickens for this judging upor
the paying of a nominal sum,
only 10c, but they cannot entei
these chickens in the rekulai
competitive contest. They musi
keep their chickens away until
that day and 'will be allowed
space which will be set apart
for 'them at the time. If you
think you have a pretty good
pullet or cockerel, this is thE
chance to find out whether you
had better keep them for breed
erf or put them on the market
for broilers.
The management are very
much enthused over the outlook
for the fair and are meeting
with much encouragement.
Frc m present indications it will
be as much of a success as thE
agricultural fair was. Let every
member work and work hare
from now until' the time foi
holding it.. Do not wait foi th(
other fellow to do it, but wort
yourself and the fair will be f
Six Mile.
I will drop you a few lines,
dear old Journal, although news
is very scarce.
Farniers very busy at present
getting the little high-price cot
ton out-which is going very
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenne
mur' on the 4th, a fine girl.
Well, the new church is about
completed, and sure helps the
looks of Six Mile.
C. W. Garrett made a busi
ness trip to Greenville. Monday.
The infant of Seaborn Ste
phens was buried at Six Mik
cemetery on the 2d. 4
I just wish to say to the
county supervisor and commis
sioners that the people around
Six Mile pay road tax, and they
do like to have the roads worked
some times, but such work has
not been done in many a day.
So please give us a call.
Fodder-pulling is just about
about over; picking cotton,
peas and beans in order at pres
ent. We have had beautiful
weather for gathering crops,
forage, etc.
Mrs. W. A. Davis has re
turned home from D)r. Black'E
sanitarium in Greenville. A
fine son was born unto Mr. and
Mr-s. D). while oyer there. Baby,
mothdr apjd father doing well
at this writing.
.Mrs. D~aniel Winchester and
son, Bennie T., visited at the
residence of D. A. Parrott last
Saturday and Sunday, and re
port a fine -time.
Daniel Winchester li uilding
a new mili damn at hiid
will be ready for business agE
in a few days.
The . baptising and pictui
making at Antioch was a gra
success last second Saturda
N. D. Taylor, of Easley, w
present "and made the pictui
for the people. He got from I
to $25 worth to do on the tri
There were 219 people in t
group and six persons w(
crowded out.
Rev. W. J. Sheriff has be
re-elected pastor of our Antio
Baptist church for the ne
year and A. T. Winchester i
elected clerk, both without opI
sition. A splendid Sund,
school has been run tll summ
at the above-named churc
under the supervision of Bi
R. P. Prince.
Association time is about he
again, and we aim to go, a
perhaps will give some mc
news when we get back.
Health very good at ti
writing, with the exception
Mrs. V. A. Ferguson, who h
been sick for some time, a
who, her many friends will
sorry to hear, is no better.
J. H. Seaborn and wife a
Garland Seaborn and R.
Ferguson made a business t
to Greenville last we ek.
There will be an old-foi
singing, in connection with t
other services, at Praters Cre
church, next 3d Sunday. Evei
body cordially invited.
The young men of Prat(
have reorganized their debati
society in the old schoolhom
They meet every Saturd;
night and render to -the hont
able judges some sound, stirrii
Speeches. These young -mi
should bo praised for their gre
work, for they seem to reali
that there is a great futu
ahead for them to prepare f<
and if you were to go and list
to them you would say th,
were preparing for it in a hur
The subject the debated on h
Saturday night was: "ResolvE
I.That a thief is worse in a coi
I munity than a liar." 'T
young men taking the affirm
tive side were Eugene Lew
Claude Boroughs, Horton al
Terrill Watson and Grant Hu
nicutt. Those in the negati
were Garland Seaborn, Rall
Seaborn, 'Bruce Hunnicui
Lawrence He'ster and Th(
Mr. Lewis and sister, Mi
IRachael Stephens, of Missou:
are on a visit to relatives in tli
county. OLD wHEEL.
Hon. Julius Boggs will deli
er the address at the unveilii
Of a mionumient to be0 erects
'on the site of the old Revolutio:
ery fort on the Clemson Collej
land. Several years ago ti
well-preserved powder magazii
of this old forlt was accidental
unearthed, but no attention w
paid thereto and the walhI
chamber was utilized as a stot
pen, until saved from such des
cration by a patriotic member
the faculty. .BuJ It was th<
ttoo late to preser e the origin
design, asgome o the vaults ai
~hambersbad en filled u~p
Out- For Bu
[P. 'pHIS is the time of year wie
re there is not much buying g
do not know dull days.
en prices are two things that help to
Ch Our goods are the very best tha
xt all, and our prices are as low as
e can be legitimately sold at.
er UR entire line -is complete
h, 0 and we can supply your w
'0. Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Dry
Hardware, Furniture, Buggies,
re in fact anything you need can be
id at the right prices.
OME to see us, and if you
with us, you wil find thata
ter goods for less money t
ad Another car of Majestic Flour,
be $5-50 per barrel.
Kip Thanking our friends and custon
we hope to merit a continuance
Y Gaines & Gassai
rsCentral, S.
The World's Most Famo
will sing In
dThe Grand Ope
'Wednesday, October
ve under the auspices of
ij, Enuna Showers, pianiste. -Frederi
is Andrae Benoist, accom'
Single adiin, including rest
Season Tickets, good1 for' one admission
v- now on sale at Reynolds & Earle's D
g Tfhese Season Tickets admit holders to
ad Orpheus Club prior to June 1, 1909. In
.ca they have secu red Mmne. Langendorff
Jomelli for January and are in comm
eequal ability.
Ue 1Reserved seats for the Nordaci Conc
10 at the Opera House on and after Oc
ytown orders accompanied by the casi
sin the order received.
~d For further particulars anid plan of 0
i ReducedRates on
or IaM~a~i&
n trade is dull and
.nd selling, but we
Dur goods and our
keep our trade up.
t can be bought at
these same goods
- no broken, lots
ants at all times, in
Goods, Groceries,
Wagons, etc., etc.,
procured here and
have never traded
ve can sell you bet.
han you have been
the best made, at
iers for past favors.
)f the same.
Nay Bros,
r& House
S. C.,
21st, 1908
ck Hastings, baritone.
rved seat, $2.50
andI( reserved seat, $5.00
mng Store, Greenville,
all concerts given bytle
addition to Mmne. No.i
for November and Mine.
unication with others of
ert may be obtained
tober 15th. Otut-of
L, will be attended to,
pera House, apply to

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