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Pickens Setia1-JouruI
kfapoenings of a Local and Personai
4, Dr. W. J. Bolt, of Pickens, i
attepding the Anderson County
Fair this week.
David Stansell, who has been
clerking for Freeman & Co., is
<iite sick at his home in Pick
W, T. Jeans, engineer of the
Pickens Railroad, has recently
returned from a visit to rela
tives at Belton and Anderson.
Bivins & Co., Holder & Co.
and the Oil Mill are all buying
seed. Better coipe to town and
try the market Wore disposing
of your seed.
Major J. M. Stewart, of Pick
ens, who has been quite sick for
some time past, is able to be up
and out again, to the delight of
his many friends.
The Sentinel-Journal visits
nearly every home in Pickens
county, as our subscription list
will show. In order to reach
these people plant 6n advertise
ment in its columns.
Mrs. I. M. Mauldin, of this
city, spent Monday in Green
ville on a shopping expedition.
If the merchants of Greenville
patronized this paper more lib
erally they would get a larger
show of the Pickens county
We direct especial attention
to the advertisement of Mr. T.
D. Harris, who has received one
of the finest lots of clothing ever
brought to Pickens. These are
none of your shoddy "hand
'em-down" goods, but every
garment is custom-made from
one of the leading tailoring es
tablishments in America.
Monday night Oliver, the lit
)f.Dr. J. L. Bolt, was ac
Ily scalled by his brother
and painfully, though
not seriously injured. It
that they had some pea
ien a friendly scuffle en
sued. Henry stuck at Oliver
with his coat, which hit a pot of
boiling hot soup on the ktove,
overturning the same on Oliver.
Necessary remedies were imme
diately applied, and the little
sufferer is doing as well as could
be expected.
Mr. Larry Gantt says he last
fall bought one of the Tongue
les Disc Harrows, this week ad
vertised by the Pickens Hard
ware Co.. and he considers it one
of the most valuable tools a, far
mer can own. Mr. Gantt ran
this harrow over about half a
rough and cloddy piece of swamp
land he had broken up with a
two-horse plow, and it was
thoroughly pulverized. When
the corn matured, the harrowed
land produced more than twice
as much corn per acre as the
section of the same field not so
treated. This tongueless harrow
does not fret or rub your stock,
and it can be used in corners and
and other spots that the old-style
harrow cannot reach. Mr. Gantt
is satisfied that his Tongueless
Disc Harrow paid for itself sev
eral times over the first year.
Every two-horse farmer should
own one, as also a Middle- Bus
ter Plow.
Rev. N. G. Ballinger filled his
appointment at the Pickens
Methodist church last Sunday
morning, and preached an ex
cellent sermon. The member
ship of the church feel most
kindly toward Mr. Ballinger,
and it is their good hope and
desire that he will put no blocks
--.in the way of conference send
'ing him back to this charge for
another year. Rev. Ballinger
has done a great work since he
has been on the Pick~ens circuit
and has endeared hiniself to all
the people, not only of his own,
but of other denominations, who
wish for and would be delighted
to see him returned. It is a pity
that the Methodists of Pickens
cannot see .their way clear to
make this a station and extend
to him an indefiniie call to sup
ply it. We hope those who
instrumnental in his
b here by conference
v, e even more active
aim returned. He is
ian in the right place
Wanted, & lot -of eanuts.
HIhest price paid for same. D.
F. ace.
Pickens boasts a genial and
efficient set of county officers,
and their affable and pleasing
manner impress strangers.
The editor will begin his
rounds of collecting next week,
so be prepared to rfleet hin with
a smile and some money.
For a limited time a nice se
lection of good dishes will be
sold by us at a remarkably low
figure. CRArG BROS.
The Sentinel-Journal requests
its country friends to send this
this paper, each week, all the
news from their respective local
" Zeke" says that Forest City,
N. C., on last Monday, pulled
off one of the finest street fairs
he ever attended, and he has
been to a great many.
There is a good sprinkling'of
cotton yet in the fields, but the
crop will be short. The impres
sion is that pryces will advance
after fertilizer notes mature.
Mrs. W. T. Jeans made a
shopping expedition to Green
ville last week and purchased a
tailor-made suit and Gage model
hat from the J. Thos. Arnold
Co., of that city.
Married, on the 11th inst., at
the residence of H. J. Lewis,
the officiating magistrate, A. G.
Henderson, of Anderson county,
and Miss Mattie Davis, of Pick
kens county. Their many
friends wish them a lohg and
happy life.
The J. Thomas Arnold Co., of
Greenville; ought to feel proud
of the trade they got from this
county. Some people of our
town and county will not buy
shoes, dry goods or millinery
anywhere else. Several Pickens
people have recently been there
to buy their fall and winter
Mr. James Carey, one of the
brightest young lawyers in th is
Piedmont section, noted for its
talent, has been appointed U. S.
Commissioner by Judge Braw
ley, witb headquarters in this
city. This is quite a compl
ment to our. young friend, but
well merited.
The Board of Health requests
the people of Pickens to clean
up their premises at the earliest
possible moment and to disin
fect same. The city couicil has
a lot of disinfectant and will
give a quantity to any one call
ing on them for it. Heed this
notice an~1 save a case of ty
phoid fever. The disinfecting
fluid is absolutely free.
We are now having delight
ful Indian Summer weather and
farmers are availing themsolves
of it to finish gathering crops.
All the gins are running to their
utmost capacity. In a short
drive out into the country we
notice some fields from which it
appears scarcely a lock had been
gathered. We may soon look
for severe weather, and it will
be wise to gather the staple be
fore It sets in.
W. A. Gresham, jr., the two.
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Gresham, of Atlanta, died
on the night of the 12th instant,
after a few days' illness. Its
grandmother, Mrs. M. F. Hes
ter, was with it when the end
came, as was Miss Ina Boggs,
also of Pickens. The remains
reached Pickens Tuesday even
ing and were interred at Secona
on Wednesday mnorning. The
many friends in our town and
county of the bereaved parents
extend their sincere sympathies
in~ their affliction.
Now is a mighty good time to
prepare to fence up your place
and to use wire for that pur
pose. The "Pittsburg Perfect,'
sold by J. A. Peek, 'of Pickens,
cannot be beat. It is the only
perfect fence made. He has it
in all the sizes and varieties.
Read his ad. every week, for it
is always new. This week he
offers two styles of ranges at
remarkably low prices. They
are standard make of ranges, in
fact are the Iyest goods made.
He has thrown profit to the
winds and wvill sell 12 'of these
ranges for' $24.95 and $28.45 and
give you, free, a $2 wagon umn
brella. If you are gme voi
M111 not pass this-pore nby
W. *Pel1vsr o his Inimita
ble Lectu s on
WIdueday 9Nit, Ot 28
e given in the
O 010ING
Admission, 50 and 25 cents.
Tickets for sale at both Drug
Stores. Season tickets from Mr.
Bruce Boggs.
J. D. Moore Says Everybody is Not
Some people talk about hard timea.
Well, they are, but I think we are thei
cause. I have been a farmer for 80 U
years. but never joined any club. I told
the Alliance 18 years ago they would
make bad matters worse. They went
on, and in my estimation brought cot.
ton down from 9 to 5 cents per pound.
That played out, and cotton went to
12 1-2 and 15 cpats. Now the Farmers'
Union comes, and coiton is down to 9c
again. Holding cotton is not the thing
it is cracked up to be. Let some sell; if Jo
some want to hold, that's all right.
That lets the cotton on the market by
degrees. But when all club together y
and say all hoL together, that won't do.
It has to come to markct some time,
and if you hold another year. then there
would be two cr(ops together. That
would make it still cheaper. Sell cot
ton as you get it, out of the patch is my
mottn. We can't have things o~ir way T
nohow, and better for us to do bad thah
worse So I will close by s-tying
Old Uncle 8..m is a fine old mau
He tiavela tht'odgh the timber;
He drawed his bow to shoot that crow
And killed the cat in the wirdow.
Now, people are owing me and hold
ing their cotton at my expense. While
it isn't much I expect out of it, still I
would like to have some.
Now this is old J. D. MOORE.
Tax Notice.
Oicee of Couniy Treasurer. Pickens County.
lickens, S. C., September 28th 1908.
The books for the collection of State and
County taixes will h~e (JpenI fromi
October 15th 1908l to December 31st 1908.
Th'loac who prefer to No so can pay in .lanua
ty I1007, with 1 per cent ndditional Those
who prefer paying in February T909, can
(1o so with 2 per cent lidditionlal. Those who
prefer paying in Iiarch 1009, to the 15th of said1
month, can (d0 Dy paying an additional 7 per
cent. A fter said date the books will close
N. 1.-Tax piayers owning property or paying
tax for others, will please ask afor tax receipt
in each township or special school district in
wshic~h he or they may own property. This is
very Important as 'there a we so many special
school districts. Tlholcse l wo do not wish to
come to the ollice can write me, not later than
Ih-cemnber 20th, and I wvill furnish them~ with
the amount due and they can remit me by
check, money ordler or registered letter, Ij
i'tamlps ar.) seint dlo not send above the two (2)
('ent ones, as I cannoti use them. P'lease do not
seind ime ensh without registering same, as it is
liable to get lost: if sent otherwise it must be
at sender's risk. .
Levy for State-tax ...... ..... ........5 bNills
Levy for ConstitutIonal School tax . 3 millsU
Levy for Ordtinary County tax.....4 mills
Levy for si. kIng I'und.-- ...........1 mills
Levy for Past lindebtedness.......... . mills
Levy for ('haint Gang... ...... .......2 mill
Levy for State Constable ... ---..........M mill
Total 17 mills
Special Levy for School D'istric~t No. 2,.. .2 mills
SpecIal Levy for School J)'strict No. 8.. ..2 mills
Special Levy fior Schteo isitrict No. 4.. ..2 mills
Speciai Lev.3 for School l ) strict No. 8....2 mIlls
Special .evy for School IDistrict No. 9 . .- m llis S
Special Le~y for Sebool District No. 16,1%Y mills ~
Special Levy for School District No. 1lBY mills
Speciasl Lev" for School lDistrict No. i8,.. mills
Special 'Levy for School District No. 14,.. 4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 16.. .2 mills
SpecIal Levy f or School District No. 17,. .4 mills
Special Levy for School D'istrict No. 18.. .2 nwills
Special Levy for School D~istrict No. 19,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School Ilistrict No.2~2,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School Dilstrict No, 23, ..2 mills
Special Levy for School lDistrict No. 27,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3l.6%A mills
'Special Levy for School D)Istrict No. 42,..2 mills
'Special Levy for School D~istrict No. 49,. .2 mills
Levy for interest on P'ickens Ri. R. lionds
I lurricanle towinship...... ...... ...2 mills ~
L evy for interest, on P'ickens R. R. Honda
) 'astatoe towniselj'......... ......2%e mills
La'vy for interest on Plckens R. R. lionds
Plckems C. HI. township.. ...........2 mills
P'oll Trax, One 1) l'ollar. Every male citizen r
from 21 to to 010 ) ears Is lIable, except Confeder
Rte soldiers, wh'o do not piay after 50 years, andi~ ,
those excused by law.
C'ommutation lIoad Tax, $1.50. All persons
-desIring tu pay this tax for l909 in lieu of lIve
(lays worx on the iioml, ('an (10 50 before Marcht
1st, 1909. All persons l.etween the ages of 21 1
and r,0 yoears are liable for this ta~x. except those 0
-ecused by law.
C~apitationi ilog 'lax. All persons owning
dogs are required to pay a tax of fifty (50) cents (
on each dog.. - llespectfully,
Cou nty Treasurer.
I ejlanses ad beautlele the bata
uiy~~ww'rcz,,ice a naurii ro t.
LHait to its r.
EICrsan C
This Cold Snap says 'ai
*We prepared for this time a good
hoes that can't be duplicated as to
to wear them. Some of our spe<
A Good Coarse Leather Shoe fq
%ils for $1.25 and Is cheap at that I
A No. 1 Good Shoe-"Mule Skin'
oing'at $1.25. You pay elsewher(
et a bargain at the price.
Men's. Brogans at $1.25 and $1.4
'hese are the shoes you have been 1
iought you were getting value rec
"Number 220," Cap Toe, Extra
hoe. Well worth $2.50, but as lo:
in get in a pair for $2.00.
A splendid line of Children's Sho
The shoes are all good solid leath<
ave ever been able to offer to our c
lon't be fooled by talk of "just as
alues and prices outside the factor
When in need of good goods at k
N. E. Freen
"At the Old
A new lot of Free Pictures just ai
-- IN T1
Their Safe has been tried and found Burg]
This Bank has Burglar Insurance, Fire Ini
se your money.
Liberal Interest allowed on Time Depos
)n up satisfactorily,
H. C. SHIRLEY, Cashier.
We will be glad to sho
are in need of anytil
A. M. tolP. M. 8 P.x. to5 .M. g
pecial Appointments at Other Hours,
Greenville, t. C,,h
.Main Street New Davenport Building
physiciaR and Surgeon.
ifce Hours 10 to 12-2 to 4
Notice of Partnership
The undersigned hereby gives $
totice that on the 25th day of a!
uly, 1908, they formed a part
Lership as provided by Chapter b
9, Code of Laws of 1902, for the
>urpose of doing a general mer
antile business in the town of y~
Aberty, Pickens County, South
Jarolina. Said partnership to C<
ontinue during the pleasure of
'ither or all, and to be conduct- E'
d un~der the name and style of a'
1. C. Robinson & Compan'y. 0!
R. 0. RORINs~ON,
T. N. HUrren, U
0-66 J. F: WILLIAMS.
refoot' Time
bit and we ha
qualit or price, To le
r $100. This shoe usually
'-in both Plain an -pTo
$1.50 for this sam 00 arid
iwith and without Tap Soles.
)aying $1.50 and $1.65 for, an&
Heavy Tan, High Cut, Work
rig as we have your site yoW
s from 25c, to $2.00.
>rs and are the best values w*
od" for you can'tbeat these
. Come and see for yourself
w prices call on
ian & Co.,
-rived. Call and get yours.
ar Proof.
urance, Cashier Bonded, so you can't
its. See H. C. Shirley and he will ft
w our stock if you
ing in this line.
c CO.,
S. C.
Keep Posted
We will sell you 20 yards of.
>od Chambree for $1.00.
20 yards of a good quality
Apron and Bonnett (Ging
tms for $r.oo.
A nice Dress 'Shoe for
dy, worth $r-50, for $1.25.
We will sell the remainder
our low cut shoes at a dis-.
>unt of 25 per cent.
We will sell you a nice fig..
-ed Lawn worth i oc, at 8c yd.
Good. Pants for men and.
ys, going at a sazrifice.
P ants worth $1.50, going at
[-25, and boys pants as louw
25c a pair.
Come and see our goods
afore you buy.
Don't forget to bring us
ur chickens and eggs.
Bring us four remnant of
>tton seed, we will pay 7p
er hundred pounds for them
id want 500,000 pouinds af'
ice if we can get them.
Yours for business, -.
.iH. Brown & Son

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