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'?jeet-Davd's Kindness to Jona
tha's Son, 2 Sam. 9--Golden
Text, Eph.4:32-Commit Verse 7
-'Read 2 Sam. 10:1-4; 19:24-80.
%A CE. - Jerusalem. TIME. -
104% P. C.
WXvPOSITION. - I. Mephibosheth
fi leodebar, I.6. Now tbat David is
securely settled on the throne, he be
glns to titihk of hils dearest friend of
the days of his trial--Jonathan. The
bogse of Saul 7 a whole had been his
biitterest enem ies. but he will show
them kindness for Jonathan's sake.
The %nner is a titter enemy to God
(Ron. 3:7; Jan. 4:4), but God loves
the sinvfnr nnd will search him out
and %how him kindness for Jesus'
sake. The house of Saul had sunken
from its former greatness into such
obscurity that it took some time of
seavr.hing to find one of the house
bold. A former servant of the house
,of San1 was better known than his
chlikren or grandchildren. The kind
nesa that David desired to show to
some of the house of Saul was "the
kindness of God." unmerited kindness
and great kindness. As God had
shown kindness to David. so David
would show kindness to his enemies.
?.enhibosheth is a fitting type of the
-sinner: be was "lame on his feet"'
-and vn is the sinner. unable to walk
tarirgbtly in the paths of righteous
bens, constantly stumbling and fall
ing: and he lived in Lodebar (which
means, "no pasture"), and the sinner
Is without pasture, starving. God has
made the human soul on so large a
plan that nothing can satisfy it but
God 11Umself. We may flatter our
selves that If we have much goods
laid up for many years, our souls can
"take their ease. eat, drink and be
-merry" (Luke 12:19), but the human
-sonl that drinks of any other well
than that to which Jesus invites him
will thirst again (John 4:13). It is
only when he drinks of the water that
..lerus gives that lie never thirsts, but
-whosoever drinks of the water that
Jeansq gives shall never thirst and it
will be in him a well of water spring
Sne ip into everlaiting life (John
4:14). Away from God there is no
pnir,. but when we return to God
and He becomes our Shepherd He
vmake's us to lie down in green pas
tn'ras and leads 'is beside the waters
-of rrst and redemption (Ps. 23:2,
11. V., margin). Our David not
merely sends for us, He comes
for vn (Lu k 19:10), and when
Me finds us He rejoices over us,
lays 1- on Ilis shouildr and brings
us qnecly hon" (Luke 15:;-7). ,I-low
foolish Meuhlhosheth would have
been if when the king sent for him,
Ahe had r-fused in go with the messen
gers, nnd bow foolish the sinner is
when the King of kings sends for him
throngh Ifis messenger, the Holy
Snirit. i: h- refuses to leave the land
-of "no pasture," and the house of
bondage. to go to the King and re
ceive the reward of the faithful.
11. Meiluhiboshieth at the King's
'rahle, .13. When Mephibosheth
camne int.o the presence of the king he
was full of fear ! spite of the pur
poses of love that the king had ex
pressed (v. .3). So t.1e sinner is full
or fear when he draws nigh to God,
though God's purposes, revealed over
and over again, are puruposes of in-.
Enit~e love. To trembling Mephibo
1 sheth David said, "Fear not," and to
the trembling sinner' God says, "Fear
not" (l3.41:10,13; 43:12,5). There
is scarcely anything God says more
frequently in His Word than "Fear
mot." David gave Mephibosheth good
* reason for not fearing, namely, "I will
-surely show thee kindness for Jona
than's, thy father's, sake." God gives
us even better reason for putting
fear from us, because He will show
us kindness for His only begotten
Son's sake (Rom. 8:32; John 14:13,
4;2Cor. 5:21). David not only
promised to restore all the land to
Saul, his father, but furthermore that
Mephibosheth should eat at his own
Codinvte ustodo. No earthly
kings tblewasever so bountifully
sprad s te tbleof the great King
to hic Heinvites erysinner to
sit dwantoetteecontinually.
David's kidasfilled Mephibosheth
j with a sense ofhsonutter un
worthiness (.8). He readdhim
self as only a dead dog. When we
see ourselves in the light of God's in
unite grace, we too wvill see that we
are no better thani dead dogs in our
selves, but by the grace of God we
become children of God (John 1:12).
David sought to relieve Mephibosheth
of all care by laying all responsibility
for looking after his large property
Upon Ziba, the servant. Ziba himself
had fifteen sons and twenty servants,
but he in turn was to be servant to
Mephibosheth. God proviges us with
rnIghtier servants yet, serVantB of no
Iess dignity than the angels (Heh,
1:13, 14). Mephibosheth, was nol
-en1y to eat at the king's table, but he
Wias to eat there as one of the-kin's
,on. We it down at God's tab4
'Sot a guests, but as a -4hild- (Rona
4:16, 17), The lesson. cloSe witI
Mephibosheth no longe#~ in~ .L bar
tbe land of "no pasture," buitizJeru
ihlemn, which means, "~ e~d ii
ace," And not 'nlin ~Jtislem
it e city of peace, ' eontIiti~ y a
'eh king's table. t. tats- tnt the
1~P als, for MephibosheY' is stil
(X We both his fet . sd the re
g ersiner is nole .lne bu
ro0wng in his ft~,~e tb'all
e. 'oke' to , n he
J':poubOod it to bp ecezemt
'i. treated her, i' ses
spread-to-her baek, and then. ' of
her head ws affeted, and al, hid
sto-le cut off. ' nhepain she was
eteruelating. and with that eat
and tingling her life was almds rs.
,bi. Oceasionally -she was deli nd
she did not have f proper hour's 0tep to,
manuy nigrhts. The seonnd doctor W1i
afforded her just as little relief as the 1%' L
Then I purchased Cuticura ScI. Ojl~f
ment. and Pills, and before the OinldW*
was three-quarters finished every trace 61
the disease was cone. It really seemed Nke
magic. Mrs. T. W. Hyde. 1rentwood,
Essex, England, Mar. 8, 1907." -
When men are friends there is no,
need of justice.
A Marvelous Eye Rlemedy.
Those who know what int te
pains come with aome dJpgAsea of .he
eye can hardly believe Mitchell's Eye
Salve Is able to do all that is claimed
for it, but A trial soon convinces one
of the extraordinary curative powers
of this little remedy. Sold all over
the United States. Price 25c.
In the world who knows not how
to swim goes to the bottom.
Ilicks' Capudine Cure's Nervousness.
Whether tired out, worried, sleeplessness
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and nerves. It's liquid and pleasant to
take. Trial bottle 10:. Regular sizes 95c.
ani 50c.. at drusmripts
- Fools rush in where angels fear
to tread.-Pope.
There is more batarrh in this section of
the country than all other diseases put to
gether, and until the last few years was sup
posed to be incurable. For a great many
years doctors pronounced it a local disease
and prescribed local remedies. and by con
stantly failing to cure with local treatment,
pronou-need it incurable. Science has proven
Ctarrh to be a constitutional disease, and
therefore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure. manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. is the only con
stitutional cureon the market. It is taken in
ternally in doses from 10 drops toa teaspoon
ful. It acts directly on the blood and ucous
surfaces of (he system. Thev offer one hun
dred dollars for any case itfails to cure. Send
for circularsand testimonials. Address F.J.
Cr ENEY & Co., Toledo,. Ohio.
Sold by Druggito '75c.
Take flails Family Pills tor constipation.
A mind quite vacant is a mind dis
Backache and Kidney Trouble'Slowly
Wear One Out. .
Mrs. R. Crouse, Fayette St., Man
chester, Iowa, says: "For two years
my back was weak
and rheumatic. Pains
ran throughmyback,
hips and limbs. I
could hardly get
about and lost much
sleep. The action of
thekidneys wasmuch
disordered. I began
using Doan's Kidney
Pills, and the result
was remarkable. The kidney action
became normal, the backache ceased
and my health is now unusually
Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Beauty is good for women, firinness
for men.
"Everywhero I go I speak for TZTTKRINU,
beoause it oured me of ringworm ltn its
worst form. M'y whole oheet from neok to
wai'st was raw ha beef; but Tu'TRanZa oured
me. It 'also cured a bad ease of piles." So
says Mrs. Mi. F. Jones of 28 Tanudobill St.,
Plttsbu'rg, Pa. 'PTTrZaUs, thie great skin
remedy, is sold by drug fsts or sent by mail
for 50s. Write J3. T. ,JuurrarNz, Dept. A.
Savannah, Ga.
Anybody can fill space.
LIAMPLE TtiCATMENT of lied Cross Pile
0 and Fist ~fa Cure and biook explaining Piles
sent free. R TA CO..DlentBJ4 .MinneapolisMinn
Doing what wve ought is our duty.
Love's Brightest Dream.
Jones-When the rich widow mar
ried the young fellow she told biki bie
would hai i nothing to do but aspnd
her ,money..
Bones-And now?
Jones-And now, she allows him
just $0 a week.*
.A IPactical IsIte,/
- Root-He sheiai to take. 4'Abin
terest jn art.*'
Toot- hadi'td*icE4
Ate rna for. voee
btama ble
Mrs. SallieFretoh, of Nucannla,
Ind. Ter., writes to Mrs. Ptnkham:
" I had female troubles for seven
years-* was all run-down, and so nor
vous I could not do anything. The
doctors treated me for different troubles
but did me'no good. While in this c6n
dition I wrote to Mrs.*Plnkham for ad
vice and took Lydia; E. Pinkham's Vege
table C6mpouid, and I am now strong
and well
For thirty years Lydia . Pink
bam's Vegetable Compound, made
from roots and herbs, has been the
standard remedy for female ills,
and has positively cured thousandsof
womenwho have been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, that bear
mg-down feeling, flatulency,indiges
tion,dizziness,ornervous prostration.
Why don't you try it ?
Don't hesitate to write to Mrs.
Pinkham if there is anything
about your sickness you do not
understand. She will treat your
letterinennfidence andadvise you
free. No woman ever regretted
writing her, and because of her
vast experience she has helped
thousands. Address, Lynn, Mass.
Necessity is stronger than human
TETTrzINX bas done wondars for suffer
ers from eszenIa, tetter, ground itch, ery
pei as, infant sore head, chaps, chafes and
other forms of- skin diseases. In aggravat
ed eases of eczena its cures have been mar
velous and thousands of people sing its
praises. 50o. at druggists or by-.mail from
T. SUPTurINS, Dept. A, Savannah, Ga.
If no fight, no victory; no victory,
no crown.-Savonkrola.
To Drive Out Malaria and Build Up
the System
Tak the Old Standard Gaova's TAsaT.
CHILL TONIC. Yu know what you
are taking. The formula is plainly printe'.
on every bottle, showing it is simply Qui
nine and Iron in a tasteless form, and the
most offectual form. For grows people
and children. 5oc.
Charity to yourself doesn't make
up for severity to others.
Capudine Cures Indigestion Pains,
Belchm, Sour Stdmach. and Heartburn.
from watever cause. It's Liquid. Effects
irnmediately. Doctors prescnbe it. 10c.,
25c.. and 560c.. at drug stores.
He gives twice who gives quickly.
Mrs.Winslow's Soothinat Syrup for Children
teethinig, softens the gums, reduces inflamma-s
tion,allays pami,cures wind colie,25c a bottle
Everbody must live.-Latin.
2IMMERMAMN STEEL [email protected] -LnsS Tree, Iown,
RBEllMATl8.I,*""o* "||*be;".hus.''*".e; we
low. Write quick. DJ4 .VBRIHT, ru, a nI.
?!"~Thompson's Eye Water
So. 42-'08.
aColor mor ods rtt an fan r wstar an
Your female trouble may not I
Other ladies, by neglecting th
operation necessary. So why not
comes serious.
Mrs. W. H. T
froubles. I had b
* the feeling I had
no bette,'. At las
ar d feel fine." T:
uS at a '
t eve washGIsw cheek.
all ay a m a
winds forget their way,
frmthese dread Bss Is gone.
, S al on a n 1 onI
They sailed. They sailed. Then &Pak the
In ~st. h lnhd" ih lw
Wrnte e o oudko
This mnad sea shows his teeth to-night.
He curls his lip. ge lit J wait
With lftd teeth. as If to bit I
Bre Adm'r'l as% but one ao word
Weat shall we do when hoe is cone?"
Tail on s mail on!and on!"
Then. pailed Thep sildThn eat khs te e
Thn red a eaghohda e eAth t t night
of all ak nhisl And then a k
A4ight! Allight! A light! A6Rlight!1
Itffgre, a starlit flat unfurie!
It grew to be Time's burst of dai.
He ained a world lie gaVe that world
i's grandest lesson: . "On I al on"
Pert Paragraphs.
You never can tell. Fortune may
have it in for you and then again
she may be lying in wait for your en
emies. Cheer up.
Hunger is9 an excellent thing t o
make you bhange your way of thi'nk
ing-and sometimes your way of do
A man can win his own admira
tion so readily that he sometimes
gets mixed up o other people'S
< THE J. R.
Mankes 70 VbwMat
Extacts all KIani
40 Years
Amrelcan Otton and Busine
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may be too late t<
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crops, r
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e dangerous, now, but if neglected il
3ir health, have become chronic inva]
learn by their experience, and take
'ake Ca
son, of Baltimore, Md. says: "I had
ackache, dizziness, and such pains in
I thought I was going to die. My
t I begari to take Wine of Cardui
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I I EN wohn
m il trSy
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factured by the California Fig Syrup Co.,
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Nothing New or
For many generationg Goose tirejtne hi. been
recognized as a wonderful remedial medlura
in treatinc and ourini Pneumin!a. Grippe,
Rheumatism and Neuralgia. RICE'S GOodn
GREASE LINIMENT is made from pure stoose
grease, with other valuable curative ingre.
dients added. Try it.
95o-At all Druggeits and Dealers -23e.
ArtIciest Heivabbeld lie medle... Fignverlng
0. Toilet Preparations, Fine Soape. Xte.
Wanted in Every Coztnty.
Expertence, :3,000,000 Output.
Ss Universlty
I of Telegraphy, Consolidated
e with good eyesight In e0 days bow to gride. eiasslfy.
and be able to prtet themselves in uny first-cl...
respondenco Course. Our sample rooms under expert
eperN vE "Nr . Gre and Electric.
tr tren e Dispather.
il.n R;ailroa4 4Mr.. . he beet equipped school in the
Wd Ladie. of sniiina it-inud anai.ter Aseporajohhand tL
9 In one of eur Inn tohe.. r tat ecare iy of olors.
rate five 0whoalot ader ulre superv ion of Raiway
in-line wired in oil noar bt ooa. 11esitli n% natoiately
coinetent. Wn.rk for board. Proatscetu.% free.
pt. A. N.)MMI TXNNi . ('ui.UMBIA. 4. 0.
OIL. dft
... 61 -~a _J
Alfalfa thrives best on a soil
well supplied with POTASH, phos
c acid and lime.
aring yonir land for alfalfa this fall
> insure your crop against weeds and
y applying, broadcast, ten days be
600 pounds of 2-8-1o fertilizer per
rtilizers are weak in Potash. Make
e by adding Potash-roW-or 25
Potash to each 1oo lbs of fertilizer.
dealer for POTASHl at once as next week
get the goods delivered in time for use,
h Girows Alfalfa
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S SarD Y E S
ty.yo it wol e bete tha an oer dye. noU
may become so.
ids, or oven ended by finding an
Cardui before your trouble be
muftered for 6 years, from female
lQie lowest part of my body. Oh!
doctor did all he could, but I got
m.d now I do all my housewvork
spodsmroeu esthg n=h
*0 T frteal. Ifyo dn'"{in
Letons fo to see them.
CO., BeocIton~ ess.

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