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1'THE..ALI !."k STirJLTh0
We do not expect to carry Men's Clothing any,longer than
we can close out what we have on hand, and the prices we are
going to make they will not stay in our possession long. We
can sell you an Overcoat at a price you would almost be asha.
med ,to tell how little you p4id for it.
Stoves is another line we do not think profitable for us to
carry, and now, like the clothing, have placed on sale every
stove we have at actual cost. This is a1s- stove season and a
good opportunity to get a go6d Stove for a little money.
In buying our first car of Furniture we did not know exact
ly how to assort it, and bought 'entirely too many Dressers. If
you want something real nice, which you will always be proud
of, come and bguy one of these Dressers. It won't take mapy
frying-size chickens to pay for them at the price we are selli ng
Save up your eggs and chickens, and add a little cash, and
come and buy some of the above Bargains, and you will never
know that hard times has been talk'd. Respectfully,
Craig Brothers
One-Price Cash Store.
State of South Carolina, County of
Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to the judgment of the court _
and decree of Eale in the case of Eliz-i - -
beth Berry vs. L. M Berry, et al.. I will
-seli on salesday, the 2d day of Novem- _,g
ber. 11109, in front of the court house in -
the town of Pickens, at public outcry, -
during the legal hours. the following -
three tracts of land, situate, lying and
being on George's creek, in the county
and state aforesaid: -
Tract No. 1. Containing 08 1-2 acres,
more or less. bdunded by haids of W, H.
Johnson and others, and having the fol
lowing~ metes and bounds, to-wit: ise
ginning on a stake in road and running W'~
thience S. 73 1-2 W. 523 to a stake; thence -
. 7 w. 24 00 to a stake: thence S. 37 wV - -
:1.50 to a stake; thence S. 17 W. 14.50 to -
a stake on branch; thence S 60 W. 9.50 n->t to 'be resisted, and if you
to a stake; thence N. 4 1-2 W. 12.80 to antt e go-eely9 v
stake. thence d. 68 E. 9 15 to a stake-: att e od eer o v
thence N. 11 W. 30.80 to a stake; thence ery variety from a baby' pin. te a
N. 49 E. 10.00 to a stake'in road; thence jeweled collar come here.
8. 78 E. 3.30 along said road to a stake- ETII Df~
thence alog said road as a line 17.70 to FOR AUTumN RIDE8
TIract No. 2. Conta'ning 186 acres, there is a specially fine selection
ore oralss,nboundedby trat No. 1and of .gifts which you may choose
.and -bounds, to wit: Beginning o.) stakeatncadhverevduni
-in road, coriner of tract No. 1, and run- needed. They range in price
-ning thence 8. 78 E. 11.00 to stake;' for the least' expensive to the
83 E 8:760 to hncta th nee. very costly, with~the great ma
to stake: thence 8. 41 1-4 E. 18.13 to jority of a modek'ate cost.
stake; thence 8. 57 1.2 W. 85 50 to stake S.tN IDEIR,
on road: thence 8. S W. 18 to stake;
'thence S. 64 1-2 w. 18 00.to stake; thence---p
S. 6o W. '3.90 to etake on branch; thence .,.j Al~
N. 17 E. 14.50 to stake; thenceN 57 E. bat
-8.50 to stake; th-nee N. 7 E. 24.00 to '
.stake; thence N. 73 1-2 E. 5.28 to st ake
dn road; thence along the road as a line .
17.70 to stake in road; the "eginning cor
Tract.8. Containing 111 acres, mnoie - t IF
or less, hounded hy tract No. 2, the LA- WU.mEmmE
tham lands and others, having the fol
ginning at a stone 8xo on road and run-'J1frjpll
ning t,hence N. 81 WV. 20-40 to stone 8xo;
thence N. 7 W-5 10 to stone 8xo; thence
N.62 E. 18.50to pola 8x"; theeA Hea 10 to' iM t
1 4 W. 5.00 to solid rock; thence 8. 86L THN
W. 14.8 0stone xo rh. nce o ;W HIIH * GR ADE LTHN
-the road as a line tp stone Bin, the be- *A hout e conigned me a lot of highnest
ginning corner. - , grade tabovr-made clothing with 'orders
Terms: One-halftcash, balance on ore- to sl. -Yoh will reop- It s fromi
.dic of twelve mnonths~ from date of sale. ohe. of the best tallor md elothing con.
with interest thereopt at 8 p9r cent. per cerns istn the United Sfates. I offer it
annuwo, secured by bond of the puroha- for a few days onJ)~ followin~g pri6es:
er and mortgage of. the premises, with .0 at, $10.00. 0 suits at ;19.90.
leave of the purchasers to atiipat. and P000 suits at $iO0G *$U0.00.OVereOas
pay all eash it-they so desire. . a $10.00 and $10.09 ovrooats at $ .0.
Purophaetsto pay fr papers, 'ese are if bran new taIor
-. W RY, Master G. 0. now In style-and
fn its at fees
Within the next fe'w days we will beg
Ivey *ater, Light and Power Cor
Always when work of this kind is started
will begin to arrive in the section with a v
ings. They have had little or no experiene(
they 6thOrwise they could secure positions
intemperate and exist by taking advantap
ments of electrical construction.
We take this means of putting the gooi
currept from the power company, on their
advise them to certainly coiisnlt with the pa
electrical work of any kind done by tramps
of' having the entire job condemned' by the
pany, and it will be impossible to secure ci
wise from the company unless wiring syste
We' will have representatives, carrying
needs in this line, and they will be,on f\and
prior to the starting up of the system.
screwdriver is not an electrician."
The Atlantic
D. HENNING, JR., Matnager. I
SL .a Ra:
?COrt~b. $04
MER See,Pictures arn
matEWagon lUmbrell 01vt
Beai' in mind that this great reduction in the r
Also remember that we GIVE FREE of charge
for the first twelve purchased.
And Ranges,are not the only thing we sell by
Good Cook Stove' I
Don't forget to call and see otdr
Poleless Disc Harr
We Keep AIw
Including all
*improved Farm Imj
N?dtfe O4J2a D.d'. '%?7i.'1. 8
* When You Visit Town Don
And examine-our stock and look into our prices.
and no house-in this Piedmor
tus rra
in. ere6ting \the electric lines of the.
npany In Pickens and Vicinity,
a-lot 9f "'llob"9 electricians (self-styled)
-Iew of keduring contracts to wire build
,and:are pl so .tply. irresponsible. Were
Without 'dIfficUltv but they prefer being
;e of' those -Pbt -familiar with the re uire
I people of Pickens, who expect to take
guard against this class f grafters, and
wer 6ompan y or 'urselves before haiving
posing as electricians. You run the risk
-insurance iflispectors or the power com
,rrent connecttions for lighting or other
ms are properly installed.
our forms and contracts, look after your
in plenty of tien to get your twork'doie
gEvry one with a pair of plyers and a
Electric Co,
Le, S. C.
H. L. FULLER, Engineer.
:> C Sc38
nl With Range
rice of -RANGES will be for a short time .only.
one $2.00 Wagon Umbrell with each RANGE
mny means. We can sell you,.a
rom $6.50O to $30
aw Before Buying
ays'in stock
ilements and Tools
Barve T"o'n. ~1% ne
't Foget to Drop in at the
WVe handle only the best and miostrlal od
Lt section can undersell us.

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