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$Fj 0 R N
Z.tered'APril 28, 1908 at PIAkW4s S. 0., @asood Olass matter, under aot of bongress of Maroh 8, 1879.
vouqty of Pickens.
Notice Is hereby given that the GeOeral Elee.
tion for State and county Officers will be held
at the voti6g' pr0einpts prescribed .by, law in
said i;ounty on Tuesday, Novembdr 3, 1908 said
aybeini Tuesday folloIn' the tirht Monday
?n NOVernhel,'as prescried .law.
At the said election separate boxes.will be
provided at which qualified pleators will vote
upon the adoption or rejectin of ai' ar.ed
ment to the State Const1 ution, as. provided in
the following joint retilutioner
No. 712.
A Joint Resoltiofn proposink to amend see
tion 7, article VIII., ofthe- censtitution, relat.
ig to lunielpal Bonded Indebtednass.
Section 1. He It resolved by the General As
sembly of the State of' Houth Carolina, That
the following amendment to the constitution of
the state of South Carolina b-9 submttted to th e
qualified electors of the st.te at the next gene.
ral election for representatives, and if a rmajor
ity of the electors qualified to vote for members
ot the Getieral Assemyly Xoting thereon'shall
vote in favor of suejhainendimept, anId 'a major
.1tv of.eaech branch of the ineral Assembly
. shall, after such election,.sid before anothesi,
ratify said amendment by yeas and nays, that
1ection 7, oi Article Vii., relating to bonded
idebIness, >e amuended - by adding
at the end thereof the followink words: Pro
vided That the .iinlitqtions imposed
by this Section and by Section 5 of Article N.,
Sof this Constitution, shal not apply to
bonded indebtednis incurr6d by tho town of
Waffey, i the county of Cherokee, Wien the
procects of stidl bon a reApplied so!ely and
exclusively for the buikitig. erecting, estab
lishing. iill maintenance of witter works, elee
tric light plants or sewerage system, and where
the ( uestion 'of ineurritig su.h iwlebted
lies" is slbmitted to the v ua:i1led electors
of such mnilcipallitas provi.ied itn the Consti
tultionl upon0 the (judstionl of ljondted inidebte'l
A pproved the 27th day of February, .\A, 1. 19s
A Joint Resoluttion proposing to aimmend see
tie1 4 of urticle XIII ot the colimtitution of the
state of South Carolina, rela$ing to the oilleeo.,
Adjutant and Tusecetor Genera':
Section I lie it resolved by the General As.
sembly of the state of south Carolina, That tile
following aiendiiient to the constitution of
the state of South unralina. be suillitted to the
41iiflifled electors of the state at the nextgenc
ral election for Iepresentatives, and if a major
lyo tfhe e-ectT-?s tililed to vote for memnbers
ol tle General Assembly voting thercon, shall
vote in favor of siid amendment, alld amjori
ty of each branch of the General Assembly shall
after such election, and before another, ratify
Lhe same amendnent by yvas and nays, sectlon I
of article XIII of the conistit%1tion of South Car
olina, relating to "Militia," be amended by stri
kinf out in the first [tine the words "anl Ilspee
tpr' , so that the said section, as ainemted, sha2ll
read,as follows:
There shall be an Adjutant General elected by
the quflified electors of the state at the same
tiae. ud' in the same manner, as other state
oflicers, who shall rank as l1rigadier General,
and whose duties and compensation shall be
preswribed oy law.
Section 2. That the question of adopting the
amendiment liroposed in time foregoing section
shall be submitted to thc electors as follows;
Those in favor of the amnendiment shall deposit
a ballot with the following words plainly prin
ted or written thereon: "Constitutioual .\mend
ment to seetion 4 of tirticle X I 1I, - Yes"; and
those opt)osed to said auendmnen t shall east a
ballot with Ce following words plainly
printed or writtelt thereon: "Constitutional
A ineniment to sektion 4 of article X iii, No."
Approved tne 26th (lay of Februjary, A.D., 1908
T1nere shaji be separate and distinct ballots
and boxes itt this election for the following
oflluers, to-wit: (1) Governor apd Lieutenant
(over'ior: (1) Other State OllWers; (3) State
Senator; (4) Me,roers of Htise of Representa
lives; (5) County Officers. On which shall be
the iame .r nimes of the persoit or persons
voted for as such oilcers, respectively. and the
ollice for which-they lire voted.
liefore the hou r fixed ior openinar the poll
Mhtiaagers and Clerks must take and subscribe
the(constitttionalti th. The chairman of the
lIoard of Mpnagerscii alminister the oath to
the,other members and to the tierk: a Notary
ilublic imist administer the oath to thel Chair
iman. -Trlhe Managers elect their chairman and
Polls at each voting place imtust be opened at
7 o'clock a. mu. and closed sit 4 o'clock ip, m.,
excep,t Is the .ty of' Charleston, wheZe they
shall be opened at 7 a. ni. and closed at 6 p. it.
The Maniagers have the power to till a va-ancy
iui if noIse of the Managers attend, the eiti
yons can appoint from amnong the qualified
voters, the M"nagers, who. after being sworn,
can conduct the etio'l.
At the close of the election, the Managers and
Clerk must proceed publicly to open the ballot
boxes and cou..t the ballots therein, and coin
tinue without adjournment until the same is
voinlletced, ond make a statement of the result
for each oflice and sign the same. Within
th.ree lays thereafter, the uhairman of the
oliard, or sone one designated by the board,
iust deliver to the Commissioners of lection
th1e poll list, the boxes contatining i e baHots
and wri tten statements o( the results of the
Managers of Election.--The following Mann
grs,of Eleption havebeen apointed to hold
tpo election at the virious pirec nots in the said
Plickens Court iouse-John E Christopher, J
F- 1Iiarris, G A lis. -
Easley-John-E Craig, J1 N Wyatt, Joel Ii Mu.
Dcplle-[at.Loop er's Gih]-,Jodje (Ahaatatn,
D-~M lfr'eeman. Ws O' urner.
11ogsed's Store-8 TIPyr-Wlla'odr
V E Lath..ro,WlIm Pldr
Pump.Iilkinltown- W E Ede'ns. .J A; Ilend ricks,
WY C Keith:
Eastatoo-A TI Wincestor, W' W Alkin, Mi D
'4ross,Pleins [at.Williama & Freeman's store]
-L L. Stitlt; (iJran k L8tham, .1 'T- Ii
Cate'eebee (ithin 500 yardis of the CUdmpansy'
storel-Ji i Chapman, Silans P'erry, Tons Wood.
Peter's-urpeek I at P'eter's Uree k Aceademy
Ilenmy Weillhamls, F G li1il;, SilaigRobinson.
Mile Creek lat Mile creek chiurchr-Smith
Hiowesi, F-ransk Matuldini, W E CurtIs.
P'rater's lat P'ratcr's creek churchj--James
.Mlorg Pl illip Robinson,John11 U llrroughss.
Six 'ei tat Si xMiie chlurchJ-W Lee t'resley
ii C Ad kinson, W Ii MAnin.
CathouneaUhlarley'Law rence, Andrew K{eatonl
11011y SprIng (at THolly Spring church]-Siias
Jilackston, W Ri 'rice, 'Tally Mlosle,y.
."G 1Jiii-1 P Alexander, If E M Steel, P' S
'(fos*ell [Croswvell school house]-Walter C
- . l-, James Garrisons, TI C Spencer.
P sibnt Grove (in P'sppkhltown 'Townsh p i.
-Vilie Cox, A It ,Fortner, Ililm A nd(erson,.
Easle' cett6n mill--A Ii McGee, W D) Griit11s
J 11 Ad kinson.
G lenwol cottpn mill-I IP MaMrtin, Alonzos
ldbetty.-M TA Smfith, N P N ht,Iohn A Garey
C ral--Q H llinsleIy, ,i ohn P TIaylor, 11 l'
the' Managers at el, pcienaed albove
are I'ru9sted -to delegtoone a( their Inmber
Y.to etre box,es .4d bilanps ttho election
by caligoni t he chairranis at I n court house
bn ra , mrd, October 85, and ,J4nday, D)epem.
M F. If RSTER, an and See'y
for Pickona (;eupy, Eetiu
October Il2th, 19084
*TATPR OP ROTWdtnotnin
a,t the voting precinets fixed by law in the
Uounty of Plakens on Tuesda, November 3,
1908 said day being Tilesday fo owing the first
Monday; as rerlbed by law.
The qualiVations for suffrages are as fol
Iesidence in State for two years, in the Coun
tXone year, in the polling precincta in which
th elector offers to vote, four months, and the
par.mont six months before any election of an
P1I tax then due and payable. Provided
hat min-rtrs in charge of an o Ani
church and teachers of public schools Nall be
entitled to vote after six months' residence in
the State, otherwise qualified.
Registration.-Payment of all- taxes, includ
Ing poll tax, assessed and collectable durin
the previous year. The production of a certi
cute or the receipt of the oflicer authorized to
collet such taxes shall be conclusive proof of
the payment thereof.
Before the hour fixed 'for opening the bolls
managers and clerks must take and subqeribe
to the constitutional oath. The chairman of
the board of managers can administer the oath
to the othe-r managers and to the clerk: a nota
ry must administer the oath to chairman. The
inansigers elect their chal-man adld clerk.
Polls at each voting piecinct must be opened
At 7 o'cl(ck a. m, ond closed at 4 o'clock p.m.,ex.
cept in the city of Charleston, where they shall
be opened at 7.a. in. and close at 6 p. m.
The nianagers have the power to fill a vacan
ey: and if none of the managers attend, the cit
izens can appoint, frorb among the qualified
voters, the managers, who- after beinglduly
sworn. can conl uct the election
At the close or the elect ion. the managers and
.clerk must proceed publiel' to op.en the ballot
boxes aid count the hallAtis therein. and con
tinue withoit w uijonrnment tintil the same Is
completed. tild iiake a statement of the result
for euth olice, and sign the stme. Within three
davs thereaftor. 0h' ehairman of the board. or
soine one de.lgivited by the board, must deliver
to the conissitners of election the poll list,
the boxes contiatinig the ballots and written
statements of the result of the election.
lanagers of' Klection-The following mana
gers of election have been appointed
to hold the eleetioi at the varions preacinct of
hiil county;
Eatsley--.i 11.1aieson, A It liamilton, Labna
Central-- E 1i Stepliens, .1 D"ioggm, .J S H%de.
Lserty--hI !H Callahan, W 0% Willard, .Xohn
Ra kin.
Pickens court house--31 0 Loope, IV E lon
drix. W It Allgood.
Dacusville (tit Looper's gin)-J L Looper, E L
Jones, George Robinson.
lumpkinto,.,n-Robert Jones, J 1) NI Keith,
11 If Lynch. .
E-astotoe-A i 'inchester, .1 T McKinney, E
C liowie.
Cross i'inis (at Williams & Freeman's store)
J It Latham, .1 P iendley, Warren .Jones.
Cateechee (within 150) yards of the company's
atore)-A .1 Cran, S ' Howard, T W Chiid.
hile creek (at Mile creek church)-li F Alex
ander, S It Dalton, .1 L lurphree.
Prater' tat Prater's creek church)-C G Low
is, G C lio ding, Walter Seaborn.
Six Mile [It Six Mile churchj-D E Garrett.
A D lann. Pink Williman.
Calhoun-J A' Iolden, IV Ii Grant, IV N Coch
Holly Springs rat ollolly Springs chuch]--W
H1 ch1aHtain, .I C Graverley, Lee Lynch.
Gap 11111-il D Alauildin, T E Craig, 'r G Oliver
Hogsed's Store-M V lliuit, sr, .J P Jones, Me
Fall liaker. ,
Crosswell Schoolhouse-J 0 Hughey, Walter
Kay, W DUarrison.
Pleasant Grove (in Pumpkintown Township]
-D L liarker, .115 Itigdon, W%' 1) Ifendricks, jr.
Easley cotton mill-G 11 Hamilton, IV R-Oates
IV A Hiarr.
Glenwood cotton mill-Samuel Smith, Major
Kehey, Win Rogers.
Ieter's creek lat Ieter's creek academy]-J T
Foster, W- E ilendricks J E Singleton :
The managers at fch precinct nanied above
are requested to delegate one of their members
to sect.re the boxes and blanks for the electibn
by calling -at the court house oi or before the
"d day of November next.4
Cowmissionersof Federal Election for Pickens
Conunty, S. C.
October 14, 1908.
Battle With Moonshiners.
Mr. Hendricks, connected with
the revenue department, return
ed Satu'day evening to his home
in Pickens, from a nfost success
ful raid among the illicit distill'
ers in the upper counties of this
state and across the Tugalo into
Habersham county, Georgia.
There were five officers in the
posse, and during the week they
captured seven "coppers." Near
Lima,- in Greenville county, the
officers received information of
a moonshine distillery being op
erated, and which they decided
to break up. So about.12 o'clock
Monday night, it being very
dark, the officers were nearing
the still, when suddenly a vol
ley was turned loose upon them
and bullets whistid around their
ears. The fire' was returned and
some thirty shots exchanged be
fore the distillers retreated, leav
ing a fine gun, which the offic
ers captured. It is thought. the
owner must havo been hit,' or
he would not have dropped his
weapon. None of the* officers
were harmed, arid about 300
yards from the place of shooting
they found and broke up a' large
Illicit .still, but the ower had
A short time before the reve
que officers lef& a nide surrey
they had hired hid in the bttsh
es while they went after a still.
But the moonshiners cut it to
pieces with knives, and then
dragging the vehicle tA ' brush
pile, burned i1 up.
With the advent of cold* wea
ther illicit distillers ay eported
as very active, and thVare fir.
ing up all thog M ut
ainst even our own cX)yhav
f its share df moon3h stille.
Sheriff Jenning has his jil
W' ellfild with U. S. prjs
Liberty Township S. S. Assalation.
The Sundpy School association
of Liberty tbwnship was held at
Flat R6c Baptist church, Oct.
2-8. Opening prayer by Rev.
Nelson, 'followed by songs and
impressive talk, also by Rev.
Ne}son, e his 'subject being ' The
Tnportance of the Home De
partment." ,A hearty welcome
was tendered, to all the dele
gates from different churches,
by the superintendent, Mr. Gil
Theie were many good talks:
Rev. J. C.- Bailey, "Our work
for the coming year;" Rev. J. C.
Crane and others on "The rela
tion of the Sun av school to the
church;" Rev. D. D. Jones,
"Iin\portance ef the Adult De
partment." "How to make the
school,grow" was discussed by
many of the delegation. Thus
we ended Friday's work.
The Saturday morning service
opened *ith prayer and song.
An address to superintendents,
by Rev. J. C. Bailey an address
to teachers, by Rev. J. D. Crane;
"Importance of Primary De
partment," by Rev. J. C. Bai
ley; "How to get the older peo
ple interested in Sunday school
work," by Rev. D. D. Jones.
Open discussion by Rev. J. C,
Bailey, followed by Rev. G. T.
The closing hymn,. "DeAnis,"
was sung, and the association
adjourned, with prayer by Rev.
R. T. Nelson.
The meeting closed, Qnd we
feel that much success and ben
efit will be reaped from it.
The next meeting will be held
in the Presbyterian church, Lib
erty, S. C., March 12, 1909.
$Ix Mile.
Another sad accident occurred
In our community Friday after
foon, 23d inst., ,when Robert
Perritt, the 14-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Perritt, was
accidentally'shqt and instantly
killed by his older brother while
out with more boys hunting.
They all had stopped out of a
shower of rain in a cotton-house,
and while there the gun'was ac
cidentally discharged, the con
tents penetratiig his left thigh,
and he bled to death in a few
minutes, Robert was a good
and obedient boy and was loved
by all who knew him. HIis
death has caused much sadness,
throughout this community ahd
elsewhere. He leaves an affec
tionate father, a devoted mother,
one brother and one sister to
mourn his death.. On the fol
lowing dhy his remains were
laid to rest in the Six Mile cen
etery. The funeral services were
condlucted in a very impressive
manner by Rev. B.' C. Atkinson.
The heart-broken parents and
relatives have the heartfelt sym
path ies of a host of friends in
their sad hour of sorrow,
The manyf friends of 'Hozia,
Abercrombie are glad to see him
out again, after being confined
to his bed for the past two
months with wvhite-swelling in
his knee, and hope that he may
soon be all right again.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hunt, of
Liberty, visited relatives in this
community recently.
Mr. and Mrs. -Ned D~avis, of
Pickens, were the guests of Rev.
a.nd Mrs. B. C. Atkinson, Satur
'ity and Sunday.
Mrs.'8. R. Keelly and chil
dren, of Central, visited her un
cle, R. E. Parrott, recenitly.
Sam W. Smit, of Easley,
passed through our community
On b)usiness last week.
Mrs. Weid Evn and Mrs. M.
A. Evans spent Sunday with
relatives near Mile Creek.
-Geo. Kennemur,of Oklahoma,
ispending several months with
friends and relati.ves ini and
ai-ound Six Mile.
We are glad to learn that Saj~
Mann, who has been sick Ilr
the past three weeks, is' mnich
~bt~ t h writin
Gap Hill, visited friends here
John Durham, who has been
in Texas and other points for
the past year, is visiting home
folks and other, relatives in this
Don't forget the all-day sing
ing at Six Mile, Sunday, Nov. 1,
and the lecture' that J. C. Gar
rett, of Norris, has promis'ed to
give us. Let everybody come
and bring a basketful of good
difiner and their song books.
Born,-14th Inst., unto Mr. and
Mrs' Nelson Garrett, a son; also,
on the 14th, to Mrs. Tom Kelley,
a son; to Mr. and Mrs. R. C.
Merck, on the 15th, a daughter;
to Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Holliday,
Jr., on the 28th ult., a daughter.
#ceidental Shooting at Liberty.
EASLEY, Oct. 24.-A man by
the name of John Hughes be
came rowdy .aftor drinking too
much Whisky yesterday at Lib
erty and shot his sister, Mrs.
Hunter. She is still alive, but
her recovery is doubtful. A po
licenan went to arrest Hughes,
when the latter ran into his sis
ter's house to get a pistol to
shoot the officer. Mrs. Hunter
tried tQ prevent him and he shot
We copy the above dispatch.'
Investigation shows that the
shooting was purely accidental.
Sheriff Jennings went to Liberty
and arrested John Hughes, who
is now in jail. Mr. Jennings
tells us that Hughes went to his
sister's house and attempted to
take a pistol from the mantle,
which her husband, seeing that
he was drinking, attempted to
wrest from hiln. In the scuffle
the pistol was twice fired, the
seQond time the bullet entering
the forehead of Mrs. -Hunter,
who was standing just behind,
and inflicting what it is feared
to be a fatal wound. The un
fortunate shooting was purely
accidental, and not intentional.
Killing of Abe Dill.
The evidcnce taken at the in
quest over the body of Abraham
Dill, thb Well-known citizen of
Saluda'township, who was shot
and killed at his home last Sat
urday moning, was received by
Clerk of Court McDaniel yester
day. The verdict of the jury
was to the effect that the de
ceased came to his death from
gunshot wounds inflicted at the
,hands of Posey Barton. The
latter fled after the killing and
has not been located as yet.
-[Greenville News.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs.
E. L. Cochran, of Pickens, R. 2,
which has been quite ill with
diphtheria, is improving fast.
We regret to learn that-Hon.
Christie Robinson, an old news
paper, man, is quite sick at his
home in Norris.
State of south Carolina,.
Pickens County. -
Court of Common Pleas.
Matthew A, Brizes,le. Plain'tiff,
. aainst
Emma A. Gireath, Adahne B3arrett,
James L. Ambler, Rober tL. Am.
bier, William E. A mbler, Sunie
Dicken.. Jfend.an..
Summons Pr Relief. (Complaint
To the Defendepts above named:
You are hereby summnoned and re
quired to answpr the complaint in this
action. of which ia copy is herewith
servedi upon you, and to serve a copy of
your. answer to the said com)ptaint on
the subscriber, at his ofmce in Picken,s,
South (arolina. within twenty days s
After the service hereof, exclusive of the
day of such service; anii you fail to
answer the complaint within the time
aforesaid, the 'plaintiff in - this action
will -app?ly to the ,(Court for the relief
damnanded ini the com plaint..
Dated Oct. 16. 1908..
A. J. BOIJGS. C. 0. P.
p?lantigf's Attorney.
To the absent defendants, Adaline
larrett and dunia Jycken, take notice
that the complasitt In~ is action is for
partition of' a tract of land described Ina
said comnplaint,' a cop~y of which is fied
in the oflice of t,he clerk of court: for.
Pickens county.~
UL1U D lt B 4
A 1ew(vry ka.. f0
in an I ttled;wltb M
are many otbe Thqse
ing themselves be tne
me will pjease dor e4he
to corne in and settle u '.
books can be found at
Co.'s drug store,a4d th0
authorized to receipt for
Nq extra charge for receip
Yours ver truly,
30,7t JA6. L. BOrT,M. D.
Mrs. Gaston, .of Blacksbur'
S. C., arrived in Pickelis this
week, on a visit to her daugh
ter, and will stay some time.
She is stopping at the Pickens
Inn. Miss Ga9ton Is pne of the
most charming and popular
young ladies in dur,town.
When you need -insurance
on your Dwellings, Barn and
Stock, Cotton Gin, Store-house
or the
Best Life Insurance
on the market, it will pay you
to get it fixed up b)
of Greenville, S. C.
He knows his business
thoroughly, and when you
burn out, or die,.he makes it
his business to see that the
claim is paid promptly. Ask
those who know him.
Write him at Greepville and
he will see you. augI3-18t
State of South Carolina, County of
Court of Common Pleas.
,Pursuant to the judgment of the cour$
and decree of sale in the case of Eliza.
beth Berry.vs. L. M Berry, et al.. I wUl
sell on salesday, the 2d day of Novem
ber. 19.03, in front of thA court house in
the town of Pickens,.at public outcry,
(luring the legal hours, the followin
three tracts of land, situate, lying an
being on George's creek, in the county
and state aforesai4:
Tract No. 1. Containing 68 1-2 acres
more or less. bot-nded by lands of W. H.
Johnson and others, and having the-fol.
lowing metes and bounds. to- it: Ue
ginning on a stake in-road and running
theneo 8. 79-1-2 W. 528 to a stake; thence
8. 7 W, 24 00 to a stake; thence 8. 37 W
8.50 to a stake; thence-S. 17 W. 14.56 to
a stake on branch; thence .8. 06 W. 9.50
to a stake; thence N. 4 1-2 W. 12.80 to a
stake: thence r4. 68 E. 9.15 to a stake:
thence N. 11 W. 86.80 to a stake; thence
N. 49 E. 10.60 to a stake in road; thence
8, 78 E. 8.80 along said road to a stake;
thence along said road as a line 17.70 to
the beginnmng corner.
Tract No. 2. Containing 186 acresa
more or less, bounded by tract No. 1 and
others, and having the following -metes
and bounds, to w it: Zieginning on stake
in road, corner of trapt No. 1, and rurn
ning thence 8. 18 E. 11.00 to stake
thence N. 76 E. 17.t0 to stake; thence.d
83 E 8:50 to stake; thence 8. 11 W. 8.80
to stake; thence 8. 41 1.4 E. 18.18 to
stake; thence 8. 57 1.2 W. 85 50 to stake
on roadz, thence 8. 5 W. 18 to stake;
thence 8. 64 1-2 W. 18 60 to stake; thence
S. 6Il W. 6.90 to stake on bratich; thence
N. 17 E. 14.50 to stake; thence N 57 E.
8.50 to stake; 'Thence N. 7 E. 24.00 to
stake; thence N. 78 1-2 E. 5.28 to stake
in road; thence along the road as a line
17.'70 to stake in road, the kteginning cor-.
Tract 8. Containing 111 acres,m*
or les. bounded by tract No. 2, the
tham lands and others, having thi'fI
lowing metes and bounds, to.wIt: ~
ginning at a ?tone 8xo on road and rue
ning thence N. 81 W.* 20-40 to stona 8Z
thence N.. 7 W- 5.10 to stone 8x01then
N. 64 1-2 E. 18.59 to poplar 82n; te~
N. 5 E. 18 to stake on road; thenceRW
1-2 E. 85.510 to hickory 3xn; thedie Sg4
1 4 W.. 5.00 to solid rock; tbuce
W. 14.89 to stone 8xo, thence ~
88.79 to istone 8xo on road,th
the road as a line to stone
ginning corner.
Tennst One-half cash, ~
ditof twelve months fote
with Interest thereon at8
annta,usecuared by bona&
se wn ortgageo of~
leaest o the purchsegt
pa all cash if hy

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