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Subject: A bsalon lRebels Agahist
David, 2 Sam. 15-Golden Text,
Ex. 20:12-Commit Verses 5,'0
-Read 2 Sam. Chs. 13, 16.
TIMI.-1026-1022 U. C. -PLACE.
&---Jeruisa lem.
EXPOSITION.-T. Absalom's In.
trigu'ing, 1-6. An appropriate Golden
Text for this lesson would be Gal.
6:7. T)avid was sijmply reapinj v.hat
lie l:i sown. Though God hat fully
forgIven David's sin, I)avid diu not
on that acemtoiit escape the natural
con 'quences of his sin. God had told
him at the time tht the sword should
!Ivvr (imat from, his house, and that
t!, :votild raise up ovil for him out of
his own house (2 Sam. 12:9-12).
Seven years had elapsed since David's
sin. )avid's dlaughter had been dis
honored, one son had been murdered,
and another was the murderer. Ab
se.lom had only b'en embittered by
his banishment from the king's pres
ence. and his restoration to favor had
not helped matters in the least. He
was one of thos' incorrigibles that is
helped by roilther severity nor by
kindness, a thoroughly self-centered
man. 111rilliant but without charac
ter, a far more dangerous and des.
picable man than the ordinary des
perado. Absalom's first step in an
nouncing himself as a candidate to
the throne was by riding in a state
that David himself did not affect (cf.
1 K. 1:33 and 1:5). It was expressly
forbidden by God (D. 17:16; 1 Sam.
8:11). Many would be pleased by
Absalom's departure from the sim
'plicity of his fathqr. Absalom .dis
played diligence in seeking to steal
his father's throne. So did Christ's
-enemies in their iflots against Him
(Matt. 27:1). There is no one more
,liligent than the devil. The Hebrew
of v. 2 indientes that Absalom "was
of rising ear)y." It
I if Christians were as
uaking the throne that
them. Absalom sought
the discontented, the
uisual practice of politicians. Indeed,
all the methods of Absalom are much
In vogue to-day. He utterly misrep
resented the facts about his father's
administration (cf. ch. 8:15). He
was guilty of three sins, of (1) Not
'honoring his father (Ex. 20:12). (2)
-Sneaking evil of the ruler of his peo
ple (Acts 23:5; Ex.. 22:28). (3)
Bearing false witness (Ex. 20:16).
These are all common sins to-day.
Absalom deftly suggested that if only
'be were in power everything would
be all right. In earlier days David
had been a man of genial spirit,-but
In later days he seems to have drawn
Into his shell. Perhags the memory
of his sin and its consequences was
responsible for this. Absalom prac
ticed his art on "all that came to the
king for Judgment." H-e succeeded
for the time, he "Atole the hearts of
the men of Israel." But it was David
himself who had undermined the
power of law and loyalty in the king
doi. le had 'opened the way for
the people to transfer their ::ffections
to another by himself stealing the
heart of another man's wife. Any
man that commits the sin that David
did is sure to lose men's esteem.
11. Absaloml's Conspir,acy, 7..12.
It 'uay be that the forty years of v. '7
refers to the years of David's reign,
but it is more likely that it 'should
read "four" (see Ri. V. Marg.) and re
fers to the years of Ahsalom's in
triguing. If Ahl'om had made such
a VOW as he prete'nded (vs. 7, 8) b
had been at least six years indifferent
to It. Quite strange that he should
wake up to it so su(ddenly'. Many men
wVake up to their religious obligations
when they have some endl to gain by
doing so. David seems to have lost
his grip, or he would have suspected
something in the light of what was
going on. Nothing so soon robs a
man of his grasp of practical affairs'
as the entrance of sin into his life. It
is not likely that Absalom had ever
made such a vow. If he had he had
not kept it. and he was not keeping it
wow. Absalom next hired sorte
sho:ters and( trumpmeters. This, too,
is a favorite method of modern poll-.
ticiar R. Them mass of men are quite
easily carried by a hurrah. 1Dven
Biblical crities sometimes -adopt the
same methods. H-e chose Hebron ad
the centre of operations because of its
sacred mnemuorie.s (chi. 2:1, 11; 8:2,
3; 5:5). A bsalom tried to make it
apipear' that all the best men were on
his side, by taking with him 20'0 who
had no knowled(ge of what was going
on. it is always wise when one gets
invitaons from such men as.Absatom
to look into them before accepting
them. Many a fool&h- one is caught
in t,his way. Ahithophel was Absa
loin'a chief adviser. The woman
whom David had wronged was his
grand-daugter. (ch. 11:3; ef. ch.
23:34). David felt' no other defec.
onSO keenly as .his (P~s. 41:9;.
~5:12-14). But again he was reap'
l ag only what he had solved.- Absa
-J.om, like many another unmitigated
/ Scoundrel, observed Carefully *4Ww'rd
religious rites (V. 1; cf. Nu-. 2 14
30, 1 K. 21:9,--1). "The colIsDf 0c
was strong" Absalom's follower* *erd
'continually incoreasing. 'The y p90)1
. were saying of David1 "Ther a
.help for him in G' (?s. 8:1,g)
yid was niotdoee of o
Abis arkeMs boul'(Ps.St ,
'left God out il
a utter' failure
SAt brings -!bk
ito.to pogr,, sore, %Va~
,Wlth bIt a f9 exter p t
Who is so ignorant kno
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