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TheSentineWournal CoFA5
TuOMPsoN & Ricnr. PAoj&
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Entered at Pifkens Fustomee as Sooond ojau6
Mal Matter
Facing a Crisis.
There comes a time in the life
of an individual, a community,
a state, a nation, when they are
"up against it," to use the com
mon vernacular. They are fac
ing a crisis, It is met and the
outcome is success or defeat.
Sometimes this crisis is
brought about by mismanage
ment, and sometimes circum
stances beyond control cause it.
In a great many instances mier
chants a-M manufacturing con
cerns are bankrupt several years
before they make an assign
ment. They are running along
in the vain hope of averting the
Pickens C. H. as a school dis
trict is now facing a crisis. Fri
(lay night the trustees calied a
meeting of the patrons and in
formed them that the crisis in
the history of the school had
arrived, and they were out of
funds and unable to run the
school any longer.
This was a pretty hard bIow
to the )atrons. They had been
letting niatters rock along, trust
ing to the trustees to -%wise, an
judiciolisly expend the fids,
never for a mllomlent looking to
see whether the taxes wer*le in
Creasin;g oir'ecreasing. It de-1
velops that the town i; develop
ing aid improving and the tax
decreasig and the school grow -
ing ALL- TOO FAST, for the
amount of )oney' that is raised
to C011duct It. 1 The trailsfersi
have bICof ed ?4out o'f nmpo'ri
to -amount of-taxes that sholda
be roind in the district'-and by
TvejAon of said transfers and as a
,ebbsequence the chQ91 has bee
gktdtil*If 0 i ,14nh ,"h behind for
thie d tThiv .years, and now it
0W1 Itself in debt and no means
Af continuing unless the patrons
are willing to pay tuition. In
1906 the amount of money raised
by the taxes was $164 more
than in 1905. In 1907 the taxes
wvere $6.00 less than in 1906,
while the present year's taxes
will be $2(6.00 less--yet the town
is growing all the time and the
same per cent. applies.
The first step toward this defi
ciency was when bonds were
voted to .erect the building
enough money was nlot included
in the issue to equip the school
house. .This the trustees had to
do and have beenimeet ing the
payments year by year, as best
*they could from the available
funds. The enrollment has, in
the past four years, increased
to such an extent that it now
*takes six teachers where only
three were required then.
The school has been over-run
with transfers of pupils, regard
less of whether they could be
properly taken care of or, not,
-this 'being a privilege of the
school law, and there was no
Under all the circumstances
the trustees have done about as
well as any one could do, prob
ably, who were placed in similar
circumstances, and we do not
think there is a patron who cen
sures or blames them for the
present condition of affairs--it
is .just simply one of those un
0o1eseen errors that could have
been avoided, probably, by the
school building being thoroughly
equipped with furniture at the
Qutset and starting entirely free
from debt and the taxable prop.
erty increasing in proportion) ic
the-increase in school attend
But the question that no'w
( faces the people of Pickens Is,
* ill we have a school or noti
~ liswe pay a tVtition fee, as set
the school, or will we clul,
ether and hire a 1rivate
er?" This is- the situation
~ re I,fa r1A
uitt aid so e ore u me
e law d42an4f us a
cerain tax, anC in e
this tax we are ' gli % 0
school, and that theschol ad
better step if it cannot fulfill Its
part of the obligation; others'say
that if tuition knust be paidtot
the patrons to club together ap2d
hire a teacher, as this c? .be
done cheaper; others say f the
district to vote bonds and pAy off
this past indebtedness, and start
the school off from debt. The
superintendent of education in
forms that the district can, and
has the right to, vote these
bonds. What will be done?
The school should not stop-it must I e
k&pt going-and our ad,vice, (unsouht)
after carefully looking at the situation,
whethcr it is acted upon or not. is to vote
enough 6 to 10 year bonds to pay off
this indebtedneas; vote the extra tmo
mill levy that we are allowed to put on;
go down in our jeans and pay a nominal
tuition for a while and,thus create a r.
serve fund for futute use.
The district Is too small and the bur
den on the people is already heavyj but
the future development of the town do.
mands that strenuous measures be
adopted. If the adjoin-nC districts to
Pickens w ild all come in and consoli
date with this one, the siuation would
be relieved, and that right speedily. t3
no one's hut t. But the question is, Will
tht se districts consolidate? If not, then
this district must do the best it can, and
No use arguing "Stop the school until
the accumulated t'IxPs gets it out, of
debt.'' Th school MUST RXfN ON. for
the children of to-day are the men of to
morrow, and without education they are
ill cquipped to fight life's battles. Do
not, for the sake of a few paltry dollars,
starve the minds of yonr children.
Since the above artiele was put in type
there list been a citizens' meeting held.
the sense of which was to petition the
t,rustecs t.)ord,r ain election for bond
to pay of the indelbtedness. The horids
will run for 6 years and will be for $1,000.
The truste s pledged themisel vt a to fxer
cise strentious measures to keep down
e.xpf n4 (sand will try to pi event any one
front transferring into thi distr'ict un
h ss they trans,fer all of their taxes along
w ih I livir hlbilren, and tius stand all
the birdens that are borne by the citi
zens of the distilct. The train thing.
and the one over whiph thle po jtq ar
rejo'ci 'g. is that Pickens wil penitinu;
to have a good free *chool.
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State of South Carolina,
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pleas.
Matthew A, Brazeale. Plaintiff,
Emma A. <Ollreath, Adal:ne Barrett,
James L. Ambler, Rober tL. Am
bler, William E. Ambler, Sunle
Dicken, Defendants.
Summons for Relief. (Complaint
To the Defendants allove named:
'You are hereb summoned and re
quired to answe'r Te complais~t In this
action, of which a ,copy is herewith
served upon you, and to. serve a copy of
your answer to the said com ~iint oun
the subscribe~r, at his office In Picker.s,
South CarolIna. .within twenty days
after the servioe hereof, exclusive of the
day of such service; and if you fail to
answer the cornplaint wvithin the tune
aforesaid, the plintiff in this action
wIll app)ly to the Court for she relliei
damanded in the enplaint.
Dated Oct,. 16. 1908.
A. J. BOGGS. C. C. P..
Plaintiff's Attot uo.
To the aLsent defendants, Aeine
Barrett and t3unie Dickers, take: Ritice
that the complaint iti this dction is for
partetion of a tract of land desoribed in
said com jaint, a copy of which is filed
In the o ce of, the clerk of cour% for
Pickens county'.
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