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7 ~ , Mlij .7- "10 - 1,
I I En~~Btwed.April 28, 190 at Pickens, S. 0.. as second clama nittor, undea. so&. of 06bgress'of Ks"i~ Ime89.'
VOLZZU< mmII 0? CAUOLN1, TBUICAT lovivall loco0
Republican Candidate's Plurality Will
Exceed Roosevelt's.
Returns received up to the hour- of
.ntinel-Journal going to press indicate
that.Taft has carried New York, Ohio.
Comnecticut, all New Euagland states arid
practically every bc--alled <loubt ful wer
terbl state, except Colorado and probably
Nebraska. Hughs elected governor of
New York by a big plurality. Even in
Geoj gia Torn Watbon and Taft polled a
u prisingly large vote.
Pickens County Union Column
JOEL MILLER, Committee In Charge.
Problems Confronting the Unton.
We want to get in touch with
every farmer, and study each
other's needs, financially and
politically, and all work together
to .one purpose-for the, better
ment of the agricultural inter
ests of this great country of ours,
carefully weighing and investi
gating the different problems
will have on the said interests,
as -that is the side of the propo
sition.it is our duty to- look
We dwnit,need-to-be whinney
ing around after some oily
tongued politician, cotton bear,
or one of their sympathizers, ex
Decting any ponsideration of our
interests from them, as they are
too actively engaged in the skin
ning business on their own ad
count. While we are toiling on
producing a living for and the
wealth of the nation, they are
meandering around planning
how to get the lion's share of
the profits of the toiler's labor.
One of the sickening sights to
be seen at times is a farmer who
-will show himself so igno, ant - s
to be taken in by one of these
oily-tongued fellows and gulp
down a fine tale of conditions,
.of the crops, of the markets,
and hiw the farmer ought or
ought not to do, as the case may
be, and he would do, so much
But for such people we would
have better times. Men of that
stripe are constantly mouthing
around finding fault with the
Union, e3pecially if something
a little unfavorable to their spe
cial interest happens.
Let every member attend his
~Union the balance of this
-month, as some important mat
tei's are to be voted on; so be on
Jhand and vote as you think best,
.or forever after hold your peace.
The Man Behind the Plow.
There's been a lot to say about
the man behind the gun,
And folks have praised him high
ly{for the noble work he's
He won a lot of honor for the
land where men are free
It was him that sent the Span
lards kitin' back across the
But he's had his day of glory,
had his little spree, and now
There's another to be mentioned
-he's the vman behind the
A battleship's a wonder and an
-army's mighty grand,
.And waxrrin'' a profession only
heroes uniderstand;
There's somethin' sort 'o' thrillin'
in a flag that's wavin' high,
And it makes you -want to holler
wvhen the boys go marchiff' by.
Buait when the shoutin's over and
the fightin's done,.somehow
We find we're still dependin' on
the man behind the plow.
They sing about the glories of
the man behind the gun,
And the books are full of stories
of the wonders he has done;
The world has been made over
by the fearless ones who fight;
Lands that used to be in dark
ness they have opened to the
When God's children snarl the
soldier has to settle up the row,
An' folks haven't time for think
in' of the man behind the plow.
In all the pomp and splendor of
an army on parade,
And through all the awful dark
ness that thq smoke of battles
In the halls where juwels glitter
and where shoutin' men de-,
b ate;
In the palaces where rulers deal
out honors to the great,
There's not a single person who'd
be doin' bizness now.
Or have medals if it wasn't for
the man behind the plow.
We're buildin' mighty cities and
we're gainin' lofty heights;
We're winnin' loti of glory and
we're settin' things to rights;
We're show in' all creation how
the world's affairs should run;
Future men'll gaze in wonder at
Mthe things that we have done,
And they'll overlook the feller,
just the same as we do now,
wV ho's the whole conc .rn's foun
dation-that's the man behind
the plow. -S. E. Kiser.
As we have just finished read
inv the contents of the last issue
of t ie,.-J., and as'it is so much
like getting a letter from' some
dear friend or relative, we de
cided to pencil a few thoughts
to its next "make-up."
We got out of sorts last week
and used some words we would
not use before the editor, unless
we could run, because we never
received the S.-J. last week, but
when we received this week's
issue and noted the cause, we
were like a child that had re
ceived a good case of "Captain
Green's grandson"-shed a few
tears, pouted a little, and all the
trouble was over.
! But we do think we ought to'
at this llace sooner than we do.
We are only abaut 20 miles from
where the .paper is published,
taking it by railway-the 'way
the papers haye to come. The
paper goes to press not lat( r
than Thursday, and we -don't
receive It until Saturday, and
most of the time on Monday.
Now, Mr. Editor, we are not
"cussihg" any one, but if cot
ton don't go up, meat and corn
come down, and the S. -J.- get to
Cateechee sooner, we are going.
to take our churcly letter out a
few days and give somebody
"Hail Columby."
Of course "Uncle Zeke" is not
at Pickens, and like the Irish
man, we will "cuss" him, too,
if he don't send us a copy of
that "tar-heel" paper.
:.Well, taking it as a whole,
the cotton will soon all be gath
ered. "A short horse Is soon
With present prices and low
wages, what -are the poor peo
ple and sinners going to do?
Cotton mill hands that made
$1.50 per day twelve months
ago are no v making [email protected] per
day. Wages down and every
thing we have to eat and wear
going up. Will somebody please
explain the trouble?
Wonder If the Union men are
holding their cotton this time?
Talk about raising cotton! If
any oae will visit Capt. J. C.
A4arrett's place, near Norris,i
k iown as the Garvin Parsons
place, and see how he is farm
ing it will be worth your trip'
for what you can see and learn.; I
besides, no one can ever get
sleepy or lonesome In Mr. Garn
tett's company. Mr. G. has
manured a'nd improved his ace
until he has already pickd two '
bales from two acres this year,,
and will get another bale off the
same.ground. Frank Mauldin,
who lives on the place, will pick
three bales from about two acres
this year. Mr. Garrett has as
fine corn on what was a worth
less pasture five years Ago as
you can find , anywhere this
year. He has a beautiful home
under a nice grove about mid
way of this farm, with a well
of as pure water as ever run out
of a mountain. He is well
Norrris now has as fine a:
church as there is in the county,|
that is for a country church.
Mr. Garrett is' the promoter of
it. Sabbath school every Sun
(lay morning; preaching every
4th Sunday at 11 a. m.
That ever-ready N. P. of Ca.
teechee, J. Alonzo Brown, had.
started from his stables to his
boarding place for dinner, when i
he met a young man, Theodore
Lollies, and a. young lady, Miss
Georgia Williams, both of Lib
erty, who said they wanted to
be no more twain, but wished
to be made as one flesh and
blood. In a few minutes it was
Mrs. Lollies instead of Miss Wil
liams. B.
Marietta-R F D 2.
Health good, and cotton pick
ing and sowing rye now in order
in this community.
There was an all-day singing
at Friendship church the last
third Sunday, and a great many
Oolenoy people attended It.
Roy Griffin isi visiting his
grandfather and grandmother,
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Griffin.
Mrs. Alfie- Garren has been
very sick the past week.
* Mrs. Walker Massihgill vis
ited her mother, Mrs. Stephen
Holder, last Saturday.
Jack Neighbors has moved
into 'his new dwellini.
Geo. Garren has nearly com
pleted his fine house.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Jones
spent Sunday afternoon with
Mr. and Mrs. Will Keith.
[email protected] are thankful for such a
grand and beautiful fall. It
has been so pleasant, and the
sweet winter pinks are opening 1
so prettily. MAYBELLE.
What Can be Done in This State.
Speaking of the efforts of the
Dapartment of Agriculture to
stimulate interest in live stock
raising in South Carolina, Hon.
E. W. Dabbs, of Goodwill, Sum
ter county, said yesterday that
eight 'years ago his little boy had
been made a present of a pair of
Since that time the inerease
from those two sheep has been .
over 25 head, and they had sold N
$200 worth of wool.and six had
been killed for mutton. In addi
tion, to this many wool blankets I
had been made.
The value of cattle raising;
upon the farm was touched upon|I
by Mr. Dabbs, too. In Aiddition'
to the receipts for beef and hides, 2
Mr. Dabbs asserts that from,(
every $25 worth of cotton seed
meal and hulls fed the cows, $20,
is returned in manures for the e
farm, Then again there is the (
good value of butter, cheese and
milk.-[T'he State.
A Reasonable Request.
The youing man and the girl
were standing outside the front
do>r having a final chat afterji
his evening call, s iys the Chii-,
cago Post. He was t leaning
against the door post, talking In I
I >w tones. Presently the young I
lady looked around to discover I
her father in the doorway, clad'
in a dressing-gown..'I
"Why, father, what in the
world is the matter?" she in- :
"John," said the father, ad
dressing himself '.to the young.
man, you know I have never ,
complained about your staying:
late, and I'm not going to com-'
plain of that now;- but for good
A. K. F
West .End. 0-2
Dry Goods
We are now ready for Fall a
tock of Dry Goods - and Shoes
ate, when there had been Br
inxious to sell, and offering exi
Being in a position'to accept tl
it much lower prices than I
means you can buy your dry g<
lid last year. My prices wil
mere 7c. for calico but the best
5c. Go:>ds that sold last seasc
Hea iy 12y%c. Canton Flanne
Heavy yard wide Sheeting 5
The best selection of wool dr
or less money. Better'underw
36 inch $1.25 Taffeta Silk for
I bear the standard of Good
Come and let us prove what
A. K.
,iess' sake stop leaing against
;he bell-push and let the rest of
he family get some sleep."
Cle.nses and beautifles the hair.
Prumoes a luxiiriant growt.
Never Falls toc3aestore Oray
nair 49 Yut~ Color.
cur. ace p d lka &afallIII&
481c.andI.as Druggl.s
Tax Notice.
Office of County Treasurer. Pickens County.
Plekens, S. C., September 28th 1908.
The books for the collection of State and
County taxes will be open from
October 15th 1908 to December 31st 1908.
Those who prefer to do go can pay-in Janua
ry 1607, with I per cent additional Those
who prefer paying in February 1909, can
do so with 2 per cent additional. Those who
prefer paying in blarch 1900, to the lbth of said
month, can do oy paying an additional 7 per
cent. After said date the books will close
N. H.-Tax payers owning property or paying
ax for others, will please ask for tax receipt
n each township or special school district in
which he or they may own property. This is
rery important as there are so many apecial
chool districts. Those who do not wish to
,ome to ihe office can write me, not later than
).cembor:!0th, and I will furnish them with
he amount due and they can remit me by
heck, money order or registered letter, Jj
tampm arJ sent do not send above the two (2)
ent ones, as I aemnot use them. Please do not
end me cash without registering same, as it is
iable to get lost; if sent otherwise it must be
A sender's risk.
.evy for State-tax ...... ..... .... 5N Alills
evy for Constitutional School tax . 3 mills
,e*y for Ordinary County tax. 4 mills
,evy for Sloking Fund ....... .........1 mills
.evy -for Past Indebtedness....... .. mills
,evy for Chain Gang... ..... ........ 2 mill
,evy for State Constable...... ..... 4 mill
Total -17 mills
pecial Levy for School District No. 2,.. .2 mills
;pecial Levy for School D'strict No. 8,...2 mills
pecal Levy for School District No. 4....2 mills
pe al Levy for School District No. 8,...2 mills
pecial . evy for School DIstrict No. 0,. .8 mills
pecal Le"y for School District No. 10, 1 % mills
pecial Levy for School District No. 11, 5% mills
pecial Levv for School District No. 13,..6 milfs
1pecial Levy for School District No. 14,..4 mille
pecial Levy for School District No. 16.. .2 mills
pecial Levy for School District No. 17,..4 mills
!pecial Levy for School District No. 18...2 n,ills
pecal Levy for School District No. 19,..2 mills
peclal Levy for School District No. 22,..2 mills
pecial Levy for School District No, 23,..2 mills
peal Levy for School District No. 27,.).2 mills
pecial Levy for School l)istrict No. 8l.6%, mills
pecial Levy for School D)istrict No. 42,. .2 mills
p)ecial Levy for School District No. 49,. .2 mills
,evy for inltereat on P'iekens Ri. R. 11onds
iu rrica no townahi p........ ...... .2 mills
evy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bionds
l-astatoe townseip..............2aj milli
,avy for interest on Pickens R. R. lionds
Pickens C. Ii. township.. ..... ....2 mills
Poll Tiax, One (Ip)l)ollar. Every apale citlizen
rom 2i to to lit years is liable, except .o'nfeder
te soldiers, who do not pay after 50years, and
sose excused by law.
Cornmutation Road Tax, l150. All persons
esiring to pay this tax for 1009 in lieu of fIve
ays work on the road, can do so hefore Miarch
at. 1009 All persons betweena the ages of 21
nd 50 years are liable for this tax, except those
xcused by laiw.
Caspitation Dlog Tlax. All persons owning
ogs are required to pa y a ax or llfty (50) Cents
ns each dlog. Rlespectfully,
Coutntv TP'easu rer.
Dickens Bottling WorksI
R. L. DAvis, Prop'r.
Main Street, PICK ENS, 8, C.
lanufacturers of All Kinds Soft Drir ks
'he W holes-iie :'rado Supplied Promptly
klas handles, et retail, Soft Drinks,
Cigars, Tobaccue, Can ned Gooos8,
Fancy and Shelf Groceries,
Elc., Etc.
Your patronage solIcited.
R. L. DAVIS Prop'r.
an Shoes.
nd Winter business, with awfull
I did not gqto market until
eaks in Prices. I found sellers
ra inducements to cash buyers.
eir offers I bought largely and
or several sesons past. -That
ods for less money than you
I be based on 8c cotton. . No
branded goods wlll be sold for
n for 12%c..and 15c. now Ioc.
I for 1oc.
ess goods I have ever had and
ear for less money.
3hoes for little money.
we say.
A few (very few) have come
In and settled with me, but there
are many others. Those know
ing themselves to be indebted to
me will please do me the favor
to come in and settle up. My
books can be found at Bolt &
Co.'s drug store, and they arft
authorized to receipt for me.
No extra charge for receipts.
Yours very truly,
80-at JAS. L. BOLT, M. D.
Dissolution Partnership.
Notice is hereb. given that the VI,
nership lately existing between
Ashmore and Major S. Nimmons, both.
of Pickens, S. U.. un(fer the firm name
of Ashmore & Nimmons. Was dieolved -
on the 28d day of October. A. D. 10,
pursuant to the terms of Articles cf
Agreement of the same date.
All debta owing, to the said partner.
ship a'e to be received by the said J. A.
Ashmore. who will receipt fol- the same,
and all demands on the said partnership
are to be presented to him for payment.
October 28, 1908. 80-8t;
County Commissioner'o meetini,
Notico is hereby given that the 1Bard
o f ;County CommiseJoners will meet
Tuesday after. each Saleday and on
Tuesdiy every two weeks to a .piove
and pay claims. No claim will biWpaid
except on those days. Persons. havin
business in the Supervisor's ofpQe yFff
come on the days ab,ove named and no
tf E. F. LooPER, Supervisor.
Notice of School Election.
State of South Carolina.
County.of Pickens.
W hereas, a petition from the freehold.
rer and qualified voters of the school die
trict of Pickens has been filed with the
trustees of Fickens gehool distrIct No.81
on the'-2d day of N6vember, 1909. signed
by a majority of the fi'eeholders and
qualified voters of said district. praying
that an election be held to determine
whether additional bonds shall be Issued
rn the susn of one thousand dollars, and
bearing a rate of interest of six per ebt.
p er annum, payable semi-annually, and
in accordance with the act of the Legis
lature authorizing the name.
14 Is hereby ordered by the board of
trustee s that said election be and the
same is hereby ordered to be held on
Moqnday, Nov. 16, 190',, to deternaine
whether said bonds shall he issued or
not, and that J. E. Cox. Et A. Bowen
and D. B. Finney are hereby appointed
managers to conduct said election at
Pickens courthouse; and that the polls
open at 8 o'clock a. m. and close at 4
o clock r. em,. and said managers shall
declare the result of said election,. and
make return thereof to the board. And
it is further <:rdered that- this notice of
election be published in the Pickens
Sentinel-Journal for a period of $en
days- J. T. Taylor,
R. EC. Yongue,
J. D. Bolt.
Board of Trustees.
Pickens, 8. 0., Nov. 8, 1908. N
i, 1L VALLEY,.
Phlysicia ad ~Stigeous
Offic Hous 10 to 12.-2 to 4

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