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Ve"Wi'r Pttteg,o
nesse, Ding ine Word
Jeventy-Five Arrests Have Airead
Been Madlo in the Tennessee Out.
Samburg, Tenn. Special--Additional
details of Tid Burton's confesa:on
at Tiptonville indicate that perhaps
300 persons in Obion county are im
plicated in raids or as accessories of
Night Riders. Even' the oath taken
by the Night Riders is known. The
authorities believe enough evidence
has already been obtained to indict
four men.
There are '15 prisoners in camp.
Garrett Johnson, alleged leadee of
the Night Riders, is under a double
guard, and no one is allowed to see
hini. His brother Tom and William
Watson are also kept in solitary con
"We know absolutely we have two
of the captains in Camp Nemo and
twelve of the other Night Riders,''
said Colonel Tatom.
Since \Wednesdny night, when Gov.
wnwr Patteison arrived, he has been
n ca.rge of examination of witnesses
md had general direction of the
novements of the troops. The Gov
.rnor iF leading the life of a soldier,
lee.ping in a tent next to Colonel
John F. Cockran, the mian captured
fter a ebase on the lake, has con
essed that the Night Rider outrages
ave included the whipping of wo
Because of a technicality, it may
6e necessary to abandon the special
erm of court convened at Union
"ity on Mlonday, and allow 30 davs
o elapse before the inquiry can be'
-esmlsed. The statutes of this State
'equire that any term of court called
nust he advertised ill advance. for.
10 days.
Ten witnesses were before the
,eralnl jury and, according to tile
tatement of Attorney-General Cal.l
-vell, diselosilres were made of almost
.s much importance as the colles
ion of Til Burton.
Frank Ferriner conifessed ],ti
.eek and implicated 10' or 12 rhn
-ow in custody. lie gave names and1
vent into details. Ferriner is care
7ully guarded in .an isolated tent.
Ferriner's confession came after a
iong grueling examinat ion in Colonel
Tatom's tent. Governor Patterson
ir person questioned the witness. The
(overnor expressed himself as being
oleased with what has been brought
"We are getting some mighty
itrong evidence,'' he said, "'and I
am confident we will discover the
nembers -of this marauding band and
"Tid" Butron Implicates 40 Men of
Reel root Lake Countr.
Tiptonville, Tenn., Special.--In the
presence of Sheriff H-aines, Judge
Harris and Mayor Cleveland Don
aldson, " Tid'' Burton, the* Night
Rider arrested at Samburg, made a
fuj i confession in the Lake County
Jail here, and told a. remarkable
story of night rider depredatioss
near Reel Foot Lake, confessing to
the part he played in the ouitrage's
which reached a culmination in the
putting to death of Capt. Quentin
R ankin, an attorney of Trenton,
Tenn., on thme banks of Reel Foot
Lake a ,week ago, and implicating
men 'prominent in. this' part of the
Of tepersons who lhe declared'
bad a part in the killing of Capt.
Rankin more than half are nowv in
eustody at Camp Nomo, the military
base near Samburg. The confession
wfas made at the Tiptonville jail to
Sheriff Haines, Judge Harris, owner
of a large tract of land in the Reel
F,oot Lake region, who has suffered
mheh at the hands of the riders and
Mayor Qleveland Donelson, of Tip
TFhe confession was made freely
And volutitarily and apparently withI
out a quialm of -conscience he gibly
unfolded his story.
While Blurton denies that he was
present when Capt. Rankin was put
to death, he admits that it was
lbhtough his influence that the band
cepMregated and took the attorney
iv ile he was ste-ing at the hotel
a Walnut Log.
~eording to Burton's confession
and, Garrett Johnson, under ar
r nd Wmn. Watson, under bond
nncinwith another raid, were
enda(ers of the band
~.i*on declares that 'the first pust
ydas a member .of the nmght
I"' declare that nth
pe 48tice of th Pea'e *aj
~'Comio~g to the killing of Cap.Ze.
kin"'liurton- declared that on the hl kbt'
bqtfr tho. lynching he went to
nut Log and' there met Jamed F.
Carpenter, an attornpy of Vlniotl
City, at whose solfcitation' Ranki.
and Judge R. Z. Taylorj- associated
in the West Tnnessee company,
owmers of the lind Qn. which the
4*ko is situated, came to the .lake. .It
was stated that' the visit' of the' two
attorneys, was to discuss a timber
deal with Carpenter. After this con
versation Burton says he cominuni
cated with night: rider leaders, and
told of the intended visit of the rep
resentatives of the land company.
On the following night he saw the
two attorneys at supper at the Wal-e
nut Log, but lie declared he left Wal
nut Log early in the night and went
on the lake to fish. - He says tha't he
was fishing whe-n he heard the sits,
which ended the life of Capt. Ran
kil, but he did not return to the
shore for some time.
In the confession Burton gave the
names of no fewer than forty alleged
members of the night riders.
Ono More Prisoner Confescs, Im
plicating a Dozen Others.
Camp Nemo, Reel Foot Lake, Tenn.
Specia.-Within one week from the
time the soldiers of Tennesse under
personal direetioli of Gov. M. I.
J'atteison spread their tents in the
heart of the night rider region, evi
dence of the most damaging nature
against the muilrderers of Capt Quen
lin Rankin has been unearthed.
[rank Ferriner (onfessed and im
plicated ten or twelve men now in
custody. lie gave names aind went
into details. Ferriner is carefully
guardcd in an isolated tent. Ferri
neir's col fes-sion came after a long
grilling e:<amination in Solonel Ta
tom's tent. Covernor Patterson in
person questioned the witness. The
"overnior eXpressed IlI, as highlly
pleas,;ed with what has been brought
.Bcsides 'verriner, four other men
-re -guarded in separate tents. They
are Toi Johnson, of Ilornbrenk, a1
1eged to be one of the iight rider
eaptains; his cousin, larrett JIohn
sol. ot Spout Springs; also allvgcd
to be a captain of the band- Will
Watson, captured .last week, who is
under indictment in bnl; county for
whipping old .nan Winn, and Fred
P.inion and a man named Thorn. A
score of. additional prisoners wvere
brimgJt ii. .Motnof thie are want
ed as witnesses, but three who were
apprehended are regarded as import
ant prisoners. They are Fred Pinir,n,
J. A. Johnson and R. L. Knight. On
the arrival at camp of Maj. R.--E
Martin and his detachment, bringing
eight or ten prisoners, Governor Pat
terson conducted a court of inquiry
in his tent, examining singly those
brought in.
The total number of arrests is 85,
and of this number it is alleged that
half belong to the nigh tridlers
Suit for $100,000 Damages in an
Endeavor to Establish the Conten
tion That all Persons .Connected
.With the Night Riders' Associa
tion are Responsible for Ravages
Made by Any Member.
Louisville, Ky., Special.-In an en
deaver to establish his contention
that all persons connected with the
night riders' association are respon
sible for ravages made by any- mem
ber of the organization, Henry Ben
nett filed a suit for $100,000 damages
in the United States Circuit court.
The plaintiff on February 4 was set
upon and terribly beaten wvith chubs
'and thorned switches by a band of
night riders. At the same time Ih
stemmery and tobacco fact ory and
other large Gand valuable buildintgs
were destroyed by the night riders
Mr. Bennett since then has beent re
ceiving letters threatening that h<
would be killed by night riders.
In the suit fled he is proceeding
not only against the actual persomt
who were present at the -time of Ih<
destruction of his property and in
jury to himself,' but against a larg<
number of other persons, many oi
whom are counted among the mosi
prominent and prosperous citizens o1
the Western part of Kentucky, al
leging t'hat they were members of
criminal conspiracy known as thn
"Night Riders' Organization,'' 01
"Silent Brigade,'' and that they par
ticipated in the meetings which wvor<
held throughout many counties.
The contention of the plaintiff i
that all persons who are members oj
the night riders' organization art
bound by the acts of the severa
night riders, all being, alike respon.
sible for the conduct and actions oJ
Ivernor Bays He Know
Who Fir 'Shot and Who Pui
the Rope PLOW Captain Raukin'm
Nock-"Oo*oins of Other Night
Rider's Tally With Burton's
.Three MX1. Prixoners Brought in.
CanP NeO" Reel Foot Lake, Tenn.,
Spieoal.-"* kow wfio fired the
shot and' wbo put the rope around
Rankins. neck," said Governor Pat
tersow i a stateMcnit Friday after
noon, Just before his departure for
Union City', where a special grand
jury is investiCating the night-rider
depredations in this section which
culminated reeerntl.y in the murder of
Captain Quentin, Rankin. The Gov
ernor said:
"The proof which has thus far de
veloped is positive as to the guilt of
some of the nien under arrest and im
plicates 'iany others. This will all
be presented to the court at the pro
per time and a long step has been
taken to discover and suppress law
lessness in this region. Conditions
have been extremely.bad, the night
riders going from one lawless act to
another until the culmination came
with the murder of Captain R?ankin
and the attempted murder of Colonel
Taylor. We know who fired the shot
and who Put the rope around Ran
kin's neck. The number of men ac
tually at the killing-was probably not
more than tep, while some stood
c-uard and others held the horses. The
whole number engaged in the under
taking did not exceed thirty-five.
The inquiry will be firther prosecut
ed and the State wvill have ample evi
denee, to conviet.''
TI:e e<fessons of Ferrin-er. Hoze
and Morr,4 snlbstantinte. it' is said.
that of Ti'l Burfon. They will be
taken to Meinphis for safe keeping.
Thre more prisoners were brought
:,n Fridav.
Virginia Farmer Shot to Death.
Roanoke, Va., Special.-Edward
Gorman, a young farmer, was shot
to death in his yard in this county
Saturday night, Sydney Britts, an
other young farmer who lives near
the Gorman place, is missing and it is
alleged that he killed Gorman. It is
said that a brother of Britts brought
the latter to Roanoke after the shoot
ing and that Sydney Britts boarded
a train here for unknown parts. Th<
two men had been enemies.
Japanese Troops Withdrawn From
Seoul, Special.-The thirteenth di
vision of the Japanese army after
having been on duty here since the
out break of hostilities with ,the
Koreans is embarking for Japan.
This action is taken as significant of
the tiermination of the' trouble, al
though a number of irreconcilabies
conti'nue to create disturbances in
various parts of the country.
Kentucky Feudists Olash'Fatally.
Lexington, Ky3., Special.-Word
reached here of a clash on Standing
Ilock creek in Wolfe county bet\veen
the Hall and-Ashley feuid factiony in
which two of the Hall boys wvere
shot, one fatally, the other seriously,
One of the Ashileys was fatally stab
hedl. Two of tihe combatants were
arrestedl. The IIalls wvere armed withi
knives and the Ashleys with pistols.
Pass Rulings Announced.,
Washington, Special.-Free passei
may be issuedl to bona fide ex-ern
ployees of a railroad who are travel.
ing to re-enter the railroad's service
Passes cannot be extended to the
families of employees who died e
natural death while in the serviei
of common carriers, though thai
pnvilege is accordled to the 5familie,
of .employees killed in the service
L,ouisana Cashier Gets 5 Years.
Baton Rouge, La., Special.-Oscal
Kondert, formerly cashier 'of the
First National Bank of Baton Rouge
charged with the embezzlement 01
about $50,00q of the bank's funds
-Was sentencedl to five years in prisor
b)y Judge Saunders in thie Unite&
htats Circuit Court. Kondert ani
hsfamily mado restitution an iri
consequence~ his senience was comnpar
atively light.
An animal with the strength or a
lion and the jumping oap&elty of a
flea wou34 hop one-taraaft. mile.
tet tite
Wire and
Live Items Covering Evehts of More
or Less Interest at Hown. and
- ational Affairs.
Col. George W. Goethals was com
pletely exonerated after an investi.
gation of charges of favoritism in
Panama canal contracts. - * "
Fourteen-inch. guns, it is said, will
be used .on future battleships as a
resul tof the Newport conference.
The Congessional committee inves
tigating th pulp wood supply- ex.
ammned several large lumber opera
tors in Minesota.
Foreign Affairs.
Bulgaria has agreed to the prin
ciple of compensation for Turkey and
Austra has adopted a concilatory
All records for target practice were
broken by the cruiser and gunboat
squadron at Manila.
Cardinal Salvador Cassanas y
Pages, of Spain, is dead.
Prince Henry of Prussia took a
trip in the Zeppelin airship with the
The Emperor of Japan replied to
the Presilent's thanks for the recep
tion of the battleship fleet.
William Montgomery, former cash
ier of the Allegheny National Bank,
was again convicted in Pittsburg.
At Russellvillefi Ala., James Thorn,
a farmer, while attempting to run a
mule out of a yard picked up a
small stone and threw it at the ani
mal. He missed the mule aid hit
his two-year-old son, killing him in
At Montgomery, Ala., Dr. Shirley
Bragg, State jail inspector, and a
nephew of Gen. Bragg, shot and kill
ed himself. It is not known if 1he
shooting was accidental. He was 55
years old.
W. W. Hunter, a well known civil
engineer, is in AuWusta, ruiming flood
and water levels; having been employ
ed by the city council. flood commis
sion, appointedI to devise way; and
means of protecting the city in fu
ture. from a recurrence of the recent
Temporary insanity will be the de
fense of Captain Peter C. Hains, Jr.
U. S. A., who killed William E. An
nis at the Bayside Yacht Club land
ing in August.
The baseball season just closed
broke the, record for death and seri
ous injuries. There were fully 250
persons seriously injured while play
ing the game, besides seveenteen
deaths that are known to have been
directly caused by accidents on the
field. Pittsburg had the largest
amount of deaths of the big cities.
Its records show six persons to have
been killed.
While sitting in a rear room of
her home at Pooler, ten miles from
Savannah, Mrs. W.* E. Torrence, wife
of an engineer, was fired upon and
instantly killed by Solomon Riley,
a negro boy. The boy was arrested.
The special grand jury to investi
gate the Reel Foot Lake Night Rider
outrage wvas chosen in Tennessee.
A receiver has been appointed for
the Battle Creek Breakfast Food
Company, manufacturers of Zg0
Testimony in the suit of Hugh
Crabbe, former manager of the Leiter
estate, showed that Lady Curzon was
pursued to the grave by poverty and
that Joe Leiter lost $9,000,000 in
his famous attempt to corner wheat.
Edwar-d English, a wvealthy resi
dent of Mount Vernor, Wash., was
kidnapped and -held for $5,000 ran
som, but managed to get away.
"Tid'' Burton in court confessed
his share in the Reel Foot Lake
Night Rider crime and implicated 40
other men.
The first man convicted of ''white
slave'' traffie at Chicago was senten
ced to two years 'in the penitentiary
and a fine of $2,500.
One hundvred summer cottages at
Salisbury Beach, Mass., were burned,
and arson is suspected.
Daniel J. Hennessv, an enlisted
man in the navy, killed his wife and
himself in Norfolk.
A Western syndicate has laid claim
to the heart of the business section
of Aurora, Ill., valued at $2,500,000.
T. G. Jones was mysteriously sho't
down at his gate at Holland, anid dy
ing, declared ho was killed "'for the
Judge C. J. Campbell was acquit
ted of the contempt charge by Judge
McDowell in the United States Court
at Lynchbarg..
and Oare f
nDen. Spweinl .- oh R k
te 3ep, aay yet be sei%t batk to.
North Catolina. Attorny General
Bonaparte hold that the Dist'rict of;
Colubia; cannot 'expel him 6n the
ground of being a. public charge, but
that it can do'. if it is shown that
he might spread infection.. The Me
rine Hospital authotities may taq, no
taticn'ifb'-several days,'but in "nimi
lar cases have held that leprosy is a.
qentagious disease. It is held that it
Early -w0re : born in NrWth Carolina,
that Commonwealth will have to re
ceive and provide' for him in the
event that the District expels him.
Bermuda .to Celebrate Ter-Oentenaa..
Hamilton, Bermuda, By Cable.
An influential committee of leading
citizons has been el"eted -for the-pur
pose of celebrating the ter-centenary
of Bermuda. The proposed program,.
which will occupy six days, com
mences April 12th next. Among the
distinguished guests it is proposed to.
invite are the Prince of Walek, Pros
ident Roosevelt, Earl Grey, the Gov
ernor General of Canada; Admiral
Sir John Fisher, Sir Archibald Alli
son, at one time Colonial Secretary
of Bermuda; Lieut. Gen.. Sir Henry
Geary, of the British army; Claude
A. Swanson, the Governor of Vir-'
ginia, who is a descendant of Sir
George Somers, the Governor of
Jamaica; the Commissioner of Turks
island, Samuel L. Clemens (Mark
Twain), James Gordon Bennett, H.
H. Rogers and St. George Ticker.
Casbier Butt Short a Half-Million.
Norfolk, Va. ,Special.-The report
of Receiver Siffin, of the Peoples
Bank at Portsmouth, shows a short
age in the accounts of Cashier Alex
B. Butt of 549,884. Butt is now
serving a sentence of three years in
the penitertiary under a plea of
guilty of misapplying the bank's
Body of Little Jackson Boy is
Found in Ashes of His Father's
Jaejcson, Tenn., . Special.-Robert
Edgar Cobb, the little 5-year-old sorn
of R. E. Cobb, met a horrible death
here last week. He was burnet
death in his father's barn.
building and contents were bur
and the child was missed. His b,
was foun.d in the ashes. It is s
posed the child was plying in
barn and in some way set it on fire,
and was unable to escape.
West Tennessee Town has Big
Dresden, Tenn., Special.-A dis
astrious fire at Greenfield, twelve
miles south of Dresden, consumed
the M. E. church, South, the Metho
dist parsonage and two other resi
dences. The fire originated from a
defective flue in the house of Sam 1D.
Baker, and rapidly spread to others.
Loss, $12,000, insurance, $5,000.
The sparks set fire to a spoke fac
'tory, stave inill and other dwellings
wvhich, owing to the extremely dry
weather, were with difficulty saved.
Pennsylvania Lad Kills His Brother
Harrisburg, Pa., Special.--Albert
Bell, a 12-year-old schoolboy, was~
shiot and instantly killed by his 16
year-old brother, ".Raymond, whilo
hunting in Wildwood Park lat.e Sat
uriday afternoon. With the brothers
on a hunting expenditign were three
other boys, one of whom without say
,ing anything to any one, slipped a
cartridge into the rifle, which was the
only weapon they had. Later on
Raymond playfully pointed the riG
at his brother and pulled the trigger.
The youth sank to the ground. with
a bullet in his brain.
Prohibition in Ohio.
Columbus, 0., Special.-The wave
o,f prohibition sweepings over Ohio
has already rendered 7 out of 88'
counties dry, according to a state
ment by the Anti-Saloon League. A
total of 1,843 saloons have been put
out of business. Trumbull, Greene
and Williams counties voted ''dry,"'
last week.
Forest Fires Do Great Damage irr,
West Virginia.
Charleston, W. Va.. Special.--For
est fire around Turkey Knob near
here threatened death to miner.R em
ployed in the mine of the Turkey
Knob Coal Company. q'he fire reach
ed the fan house of the coal een
pany, destroying it, theni burned the
drift mouth and set the mine afire.
-Fortunately there was no explosion
and the men in the mine escaped.
Two men were overcome by smoke
but will recover. The fire was brought,
mwne ano

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