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ECuteued APrf1 289 1900 at Pickensh IL.0.9 sscn ls matta4,'under awt of Oongrews of March B.- lff*9
The Latest Sitts and General News.
A special tern of court has been call.
ed in Spartanburg Nov. 11 to try Johti
Irby, the rap6t, and also Ularence As.
new for wrekIg the: train near Well.
Sord. These are she negroes who daus id
thatirecent riot.at the jail.
Senator Tillinan 's writing a bock
dealing with the race question.
Col. T. J. Lipscomb. died last week in
Columbia. F<.r 12 years he was superiu.
teudent of the penitena7y.
Abbewille is now the only oo%inty in
Piedmont region with'a dispensary. Last
week four counties voted disper.saries
<u .,The sta4e -s now exacly half dry,
out of 42 counties 21 retainingdispt.ns
ries. The next lepllature will doubtle'.8
iniake South -Carolina-a prohibiitin state.
The survivois of -C-rr's reuiment hold
their reunion in Abbeville Nov. 11-12
Vickena--helped to make up this com
mand and should be represented. .
Senator Tillman is not i favor of state
prohibition, but it is comin alle simee.
The National Farmers' Union meet in
New Orleans Nov. 11, to try and devise
some plato to raise the price of cutton.
Zach McGhee is writing a novel, with
scene and characters from tle ''lJaric
Corner" of Gie-inville. It w.i le all
right with the bovs. jut No Z selc ,ni
don't giv - away in his forthe ,miis g bo>
the lUation of any Of tbt.o, Ilhi.. mill
Mathew Berman, a merchant of El
berton. Ga., died a horrible death frous
- hydrophobia. Several weeks ago h.s
lip was bitten off by a ma.-dog. Just
before his death Mr. Berman escaped
and rushing into the bath-roo.n lapped
up water as if periqhing from thirst.
The boll weevil is said to be travelling
toward tiouth Carolina at a ieed of 75
to 1t0 miles a year. If cotton remains
below cost of production our farmers
.ought - -meet it with a brass ba id and
.a barbecue of tender ) oung bols.
. chath y Adams, a 12-year-old white
boy ot J;fteaville, while swinging to the
-end of a couplinmg-lole, felt and was
.cru"hed to death by the wagon-wheels.
-hTyphoid fever has broken out among
the to girls at Winthrop College. The
-%vater is beinganalyzed.
Col. W. P. Price. who some 50 years
ago lived in Greenville, and well known
to tlhe older citizens of Pickens. died last
week at his home in Dahlonega, Ga.
In Georgia Hryan reoeivqd 78,789 votes,
Taft '41,292, Watson 17.018, and the
.Hearst,tieft onty 81.- Aryan's-majonty
wasonly 18.471. Taft curried 27 count
ties and Watsoa 9. The Atlanta Journal
eays the vote shows that Tom Watson Is
aAead duck in Georgia's p)litical mud
puddle. , Tomi has survi6ea several such
Aemises, but always resurrected hin self.
Roosevelt and Bryan are both sugges
ted for the U. 8. senate. So soon as his
term tspires the President will go to the
wilds of Africa and hunt big game.
President-elect .Taft may spend a part
of tile winter In Augusta. Ga. To see
the garden spoti of God's country he
should visit Pickens by all means.
A man in Atlanta had, a live electric
wire on the street to-drop and entwine
around his le; but as it was a cork le.r
lie escaped injury and it t-aved his life.
At Cross Hill, in. Laurens county, a
young man named Thornwell Boyce was
occidentally ahot and killed lost Satur
day by his fui -nd Wade C. Pinson. Both
were in a buggy with a young lady and
fired a k un to frighten her. Miss Mary
BroWn, the Young- lady in the buggy,
says the -.hooting was not aeidental
that Pinsi a was drunk, ar.d when he
fired his gun was aimed at Boyce's head.
An underground like was last week
found, which Inay delay for years the
comrldtion of-the Panama can,l. Canal
authorities denounce the story its false.
Mrs. Eastman, daughter of the late
Cartei Harrison, of Chicago, and Col.
*V. E. McBlee are at law over the Buck
-Shoals power, the old home of Bill Nye,
near A shville, N. C.
Cards were.last Saturday distributed
<ver Spartanburg threatening any law
yer wno defended the negrocs,.Irbr and
Agnew, the rapist and train-wrecker.
Greenville threatens to tar and feath
-er Win. R. Hearst if he ever.sets foot in
that city. How about J6hn Tem'ple
Graves, who nas a sister livlng ini Green
'ville? Col. Graves was on the ticket and
often visits that borg.
The Federal circuit court last week
*decided that the tobacco trust is an Ille
gal comnbino. Uncle Sam is now after
the fertilizer trust, organized by John
D. Rockfeller, and all signs lP)lnt to the
thing being ~rushed. This combine is
robbing onr fa mers of millions.
TIaft .roke into the solid South. Bry
.iri pryved muchu weakcer tihan his party,
* running behind the tic'cet in several
s tates. He did not poll the popolar vote
of even Judge Parker, while Taft excee
de4 Ro'sevelt's vote. The republicans
* will control both branches of c mngress.
Dr. J. A. Barks-fale, a prominent citi
zsn of Laurens county, died Saturday.
-The press of Georgia is now protesting
ngainst the destruotion of Tallulah Falls,
as a ses ong company threatents to devel
e.> its 'power for commeleial uses. Ii
would ..e as grept a d eseoration as blastt.
ing awayv Table Roqck to sell ti granit i
.The Greenville News secoinds the r om.
-ination of Cel. William Jennlng Bry.
an as. our dern.ogra-.ic 4 r be's
four years hence. Ini base bM par "nce
, e S is "three strikes and out." arid 00l
B lryan has been thyioe at the 4ezo,tc
hat. But no)9gintas this
Thomas Sims, a weaver in the Bragot
cotton mill at Anderson, while drunk,
ou'cided by shooting-himself.
The Southern railway has put its em
ployees on ft 1. time and the work ol
double-tracki: g -he main line apd othei
improvementi will be pressed..
Harvi Jordan predicts a speedy im
provoment in tl e price of cotton.
There are six cases of typhoid fever
now at Winthrop College.
'the dispensary advocates will agair
contest tie election in Laureis county.
A. dam to cost $3,500,003 has been con
tracted for across the Savannah, 2(
miles above Augusta.
The Co-naus Bureau says 8.199,003 bales
were ginned up to No.v, 1. which is
largely in excess of any previous year.
Hea'th gool, bu4 news d'sLressingly
The series of meetings which were
held in t e Norris Baiptist church closed
Suhday night, after at week's running.
There wre 1i w1ditions to the church.
Hurrah for Norris,
Mrs. Richar.1 Hallum and childruA1
visite<l Mrs. H.'s father and motl:.;r, Mr.
and Mrr. J. C. Garrett, last we-j1.
mis. Mary Uktrrett, of Greenville High
School, whol haa len visiting her father
and muthar, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Garrett,
returned t. her school Monday morning
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Maddox, of Hen.
egar, Ala. nave conle back to old South
Carolina, and will make it their future
Mrs. T. S. Tins and children visited
Mr. and Mrs. Pink Moser last week,
from Auguta.
Hello! "Old Riddle," what's the mat.
ter? - Wake up. and give us t to news.
Ntrr's, Nov. 8.
Kind readers of the S.-J.: The fates
were good to you 'ast: week, and caused
the children to forget a letter to the 8..J.
that I had intrusted to them to mail.
I have been very busy doing the win.
ter sewing, and have just got to where
I can take tiu.e to look out and admire
the trees dressed in their autumn colors,
I-know that it is no use in repininv, but
I sometimes wh we could "live with.
out dining" and sewing and darning, and
ob eer to many othfr ngs that kepi
us from.enjoying )cio4.4he.loveef
of the fail months. Otow-when I'd look
out -and see thd trees with their brown,
red and yellow foliag* and see from my
window the last of the wild asters seem.
ihig to invite me to come and love them,
I could scarcely sit at the machine. Per
haps I am ipistaken, but it seems to me
the past mOnth was the loveliest in many
years, and the trees just magnificent. I
ave often heard the maple's praises
sung, but to my eye the hickory and the
s>urwood are prettier than the maple, at
least in fail time. There are two sour
wood trees.that I can see from my win
cow, that have been a pleasant sight for
over a month with their scarlet leaves
and .white blossoms. - Besides, these trees
bloom twice a year. Baby, noticing the
trees in their fall attire, said, "See,
mama, see Dod's f'ees dot on p'etty
v'eses.'' *hen a child I fancied the
falling l,eaves were the, trees weeping at
the death of. summer.' Gooi.bye, dear
old October, hope to see you again.
I promised to say something on the
schobf:question. and had whot I thought
a convincing argument in favor of coim.
pulsory education all fixed up in my
"forgetory," when chancing io see an
item in the Woman's Magazine to the
effect that although compulsory educa.
-tion had been in force in France for 25
years, still there are 40 illiterate men and
60 illiterate women per 1.OCO, Wtill I
would like to see education made 'coi.
pulsory, then some who keep thelh
children from school under first one pre.
text and another, and who think they
can't possibly do any more In the way
of schooling their children than they are
doing, would 'slt up and take notice.'
We can,; all do-~seemingly-impossibk~
things when we are compelled to, or at
Mrm. WViggs says. "When we have 's
thing to do we klon do It." Mrs. Bryan
told last wmnter in the Uncle Remut
Magazine of going to see a young manl
who was -sick and taking him delicacies
and reading matter. His folks thanked
her kinidly, byut said -the books and
magazine~s coultd afford pleaanre- only sc
fa' js booAing et the pictures, for nlont
of the fatally could re&d. 'She went ori
to say that there were several brotheru
of them, all finely-built, handlsothe
young men, with a beau
furnished home, with sig
ob every side, but *tsls
could read." Nor doubtth
kept them at home amassi
the expense of their educ en
he had been compelled t t<
echool a given number hbe
tween the ages of 7 and one't
them would have been a 'dth<
literature that Mrs. Bryan tem.
Compulsion Is not necessary' ie tie,
gro, for if they can get a tin' rcm
bread and black molasses, they en
off to school, while the poor whi ld
i.s of ten kept at home because he c
dresi as well or carry as dainty a In)
1as the child whose parente are abte
send their children off wli-clad aud
'*e14e Oh! childret,, an- edoba
I ton~ if you are not si *l-.fixed;fi
sobool es your fortunate wates. Remna
ber 'tbbit the child that is born wltb .
[ve .spoon in his mouth'" is of6
vPry desirable gualities that you can all
h1tve if you vill only try.
My letter has grow n so long tt a' I
must close without saying all'i wam. to
on the school question. Before eloping
I must tell .Uncle Z_-ke" a,ad Gary H:ott
that I predict for and wish 'them un
bounded success in their new field.
Rather late to tell them so, but batter
late than never.
I r'emain a Dat.Ait'
Daousville-R F 0 1.
We have been having some flne
weather for the gathering of crops, and
the people have beeu making good use
of the time.
Btalth in this section very good at
this writing.
lJori, unto Mr. an<i Mrs. N. M. Lor
per, and also to Mr. anck Mrs. J. M.
Looper, on the 24th ult , girls. We need
no immigrants.
A large crowd of young people at
tended the, singing at J P Rft-binson's
I Lst f3unday evening. All ei jayed a
fine time.
Rev. J. T. Sinccleton filed bis aproint
mient at Nine Forks, Sanilay. preaching
a very interesting sormon to a Lrge
J. W. Looper has nearly conp'ett d
his new residence and barn on his fart.,
r cently bought from W. N. Hughas,
which will add much to the value of the
Geo. Garren has his new residetice
well under way. and wheA completed
will be a beauty.
Mr. Editor, why did my paper not
come ist we(-k? I have not received it
yet. Where is the trouble? It has never
come to Dacutville. Is it the neglect of
the postmaster. or who?
Has the new top buegv quit coming,
"Old Riddle?" If it lias, just give the
"Mountumn Boy" a chance, or there will
be an old bachelor and an old maid left
to mourn over lost <,ppnrtunities.
The San Jose Soa'e in South Caroltna.
The San Jose (San Hozay)
scale is the mhost pernicious in
sect pest of fruit and shade trees
in South Carolina. In some sec
tions the owners of trees are
cutting them down owing to the
presence of this insect. The
Division of Entomology of the
South Carolina Experitnent Sta
tion has repeatedly emphasized
the-fact, in the press that.there
is no necessity for cutting d6wh'
or otherwise destroying a tree
merely because it is infested
with San Jose scale unless the
tree is so far gone that it has not
enough vitality .left to recover
after the scale is killed.
Although one of the worst in
sects of America, it has Men
demonstrated over and over
again.that the pest can be suc
cessfully and, economically con
trolled. Fruit-growers all over
the United States who are trou
bled with this pept are controll
ing it by the sprays devised for
that purpose. All citizens of
South Carolina who haye trees
dying or who know that their
trees are Infested with scale, or
who have trees in an unthrifty
condition, are invited to write
to the Division of Entomology,
South Carolina Experiment Sta
tion, Clemson College, S. C. In
formation is cheerfully given
and no postage is required to
insure a reply.
A Delightful Occasion.
Satur lay, Oct. 31st, was a beautiful
day, an ideal one to take in the beauties
of nature.
The occasion tht I r3ught us together
was the reunion o-thew St. phens family.
We met at the old Bay.ess Stephens
homestead, 2 1-2 miles from Pickens. A
striking feature of the any was when
the long table was arranged in the .3ard
and the many good things to eat were
spread thereon. Thp family and gue sts
the-a gathered around the bo&rd, 64 in
Jas K. Lewis, of OEahoma, a brother.
ji-law of the family, offered a very
touching, tender prayer, thanking God
for *paring their livieg td meet' again,
W. o. Stephens andl family, of Blour
bon Mo.. who have been gone for niany
years were p)resent to enjoy the ooca
IA was a great treat to be present and
eijoy the good cheer and hear the con
ver.sation or friends and relativ( s who
..ad been away from each other 1for
years. as they talked of the happy by
g. ne days, those days of chid tood,
y, un C manhood and young womanhood
which will never return.
We could but wish that another and
even a happier reunion may be held of
thi.i and other families opa this oth er sid A
of ti.e river, when we shall not be called
u nto.epaatenorsayt'ae eum' word
g -b/ say A FaIEND,
tIe cognpaoies o' malitia are guard.
hR thb jail in 8 bugran th
PoM*d is la An usty a6 awte
A. K. F
West JEnd.
Dry Goods
We are now. ready for Fall ai
stock of Dry Goods and Shoes,
late, when there had been Br<
anxious to sell, and offering ext
Being in a position to accept th
at much lower prices than 1<
means you can buy your dry go
did last year. My prices will
more 7c. for calico but the best
5c. Goods that sold last seaso
Heavy i z'4 c. Canton Flannel
Heavy yard wide Sheeting..5c
The best selection of wool dr
for less money. Better underw
36 inch $1.25 Taffeta Silk 'for
I bear the standard of Good !
Come and let us prove what
A. K.
ness' sake stop leaing against
the bell-push and let the rest of
the family got some sleep."
Cleante i:td, bmautiflos the .
Proillutes a lUzurift th.
3 - Wever Flts to Restore: Gray3
a d I t lou t a
Tax Notice.
Office of County Treaturer, Pickens County.
Pickenv, S. C., September 28th 1908.
The books for the colleetion of State and
County. taxes will be open from
October 15th1908 to Deeember Bst 1908.
Those who. prefer to do so can pay in Janua'
I ry J07, with I per cent additional Tho
who prefer paying fi ebruary 1900, ca
do so with, 2 per cent addhIo a .. Those wh
prefer paying in March 190, to the lbth of sai
month, can do ny paying an additional 7 per
.cent. After said ( ate t e books wilt closo
N. It -Tax payers owning Oroperty or paying
tax for others, will please Ksk for tax receipt
in each township or special school district it
which he or they may own property. This is
very important as there are so many special .
school districts. Those who do not wish to
come to ihe office cain write me,. not later than
D4.cember20th,,and I will furnish them with
the amount due and. they enn remit me b
check, money order or istered letter,
stamps ar.i sent do not s above the two (2)
cent ones, as I ca.not use them. Please do not
send me cash without- reestering same, as it is
liable to get lost; If sent otherwise it must be
at sender's risk.
Levy for State tax ...... .........5% ?illa
Levy for Contititutionall school t *ax millm
Levy for Ordinary C ounty tax. .... ...4 mills
Levy for Sisking Fund ....... .........13 mills
Levy for Past Indebtedness........... mills
Levy for Chain Gang... ...... ........ 2 mill
Levy for State Constble...... ...... mill
Total 17 nills
Special Levy for School District No. 2,...2 mills
Special Levy for School Dtrict No. 3....2 mills 4
Special Levy for School District No. 4....2 mills.
Special Lev) for Reholl 1istrict No. 8....2 mits
,Sp eclat . evy for School District No. 9.. .8 mills
Special Le7y for School i)strict No. 10, 1% mills
Special Levy forSchool District No. 11,51 mills
S pecal Levv fe-Shool istrict No. 13,..6 mills
8pecial Levy for School District No. 14,..4 mills
Sp ecial Levy for School District No. 16.. .2 mills
Special Levy for School )istrict Nq. 17..4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 18...2 mills.
Special LevyforSchoot District No. 19,..2 mills
Special Levy for School Ilistrict No. 22,..2 milft
Special Levy for School District No, 28,..2 mills
Special Levy for School 1)istrict No. 27,..2 mills
Special Levy for School 1)istrict No. I1. 6% mHila
Special Levy for School iDistrict No. 42,. .temi3s
Special Levy for School Dilstrict No. 49,...2 me.11s
Hlurricane townsh ip...... ........2.mills
L evy for interest on ilckens R1. R. lionda
e astatee townscip....... . ..... ..2j.millh
Lavy for interest otn Pickens R. R. IHond(s
1 ickens U. II. township.. ........ . .mills,
loll Tlax, One (I l)Dollar. livery male citizen
from 21 to to do years is liable. exc,spt C;onfeder
ate soldiers, who do not pay after Oyearus, and
those excused by law.'
Commutation Rtoad Tax, *1.50. All persons
desiring to pay this lax for t19b9 in lieu of ivo
daya work on the road, can do so before Starch
1st. 1909. All persons between the ages of 21
and 50 years are liable for this tax, except those
excused by law.
Capitation D)og Tax. All persons owvning]
dogs are required to pay a tax of llfty (50) cents
on each dog. Respectfully,
Con nty TP~easurer.
Pickens Bottling Works
'R. L. DAvis, Prog'r.
'Main Street, PICKENS, 8. C.
Manufacturers of All Kinds Soft Drit ks
The W hokh a tie Trrade Supplie d Promptly
Also handles, at retail, Soft Drinks,
.Cigars, Toba,ccos, Cannedl Gooas,
Fancy and Shelf Gr*oerica,
Ele., Etc
Your patronage solicited.
R. L. DAVIS, rrp'rn
and Shoes
nd Winter business, eith. .full
I did not go to market until
.aks in Prices. I found sellers
ra inducementg to cash buyers.
eir offels I bought largely and
)r several seasons past. . That
ods for less money than you
be based on 8c cotton.- No
branded goods wlll be sold for
n for 12Yc. and i5c. now voc.
fo.r Oc.
!ss goods I have'ever had and
ear for less money.
;hoes for little money.
we say.
Notice. ,
A few (very few) have come
In and settled with me,i but.there
are many others. Those know
ing themselves to be indebted to
me will please do me the favr
to come in and settle up. M
books can be'found at Bolt -
Co.'s drug store, and they are
authorized to receipt for me.
No extra charge for receipts.
Yours very'truly,
30-3t JAS. L. BOLT, M. D.
.Dissolution of Partnership.
I Notice is hereby given that the JUMt.
iership lately existing between jR.
Ashmore and Major 8. Nimmons, both
of Pickens, S. U. under the firn. " e
of Ashmore & Nimlmons. was dise6lved
an the 23d day of 'October. A. 1). 190,
pursuant to the terms of Articles vf
Agreement of the same date.
All debts owing to the said partner..
ihipI are to be received by ths d J. R.
A,shmore. who will recept for-the same.
ind all demands on the aid partnerhip
tre to be presented to him for 0% t
J. R. ASM9&*
October 28, 190S.
CMonty Commissioner's meeting.
Notice is hereby iven that the Board
f County Commiseioners ' Wll meet
geksday after each Balesday and on
'esd'y every two 'weeks to yrove
md pay claims. No claim will be pajo
?xcept on those days. Pe-rsons h*'n
business in the Supervisor's office-wuf
*ome on the days above named and no
tf E. F. LOOPER, SUpe;visor.
Notice of School Elecim.
tate of South Carolina.
County of Pickens. -
V hereas, a petition from the freehold
ra and ualified voters of the mohool dis.
~rict of Eickens has been filed with the
rustees of Pickens school district-No.81
>n the 2d1 day of Noveinhbeu, 19ooslVe
y a majority of the freeholders and
jtualified voters of ,aid district.nrym. '
;hat an election be held to delemin.
whether additi.onal bonds shall be issued
n the su.a of one thoubanld dollars, and
yearing a rate of interest of six per cent.
w'r annum, payable semi-annmaall, and
n accordlancei with the act of the rs
ature authorirging the same,
It is hereby ordAred by tbN board of
rustei s that said. election be and the
same is hereby ordIeged to, be held on
alondlay, Nov. 16S, 19(Y,, to determine
whether said bonds shall be.Issued 0r
riot, and that J. E. Cox. R1. A. Bowenm
mad D. B. Finney are-hereby apo ted
4ianagers to conduct said electon at
Eickens courthouse; and that the polls
pen at 8 o'clock a.. m. and close at 4
> clock p. mn,. and said managrs shall
leclare the rEsult of said election, and
rnake return thereof to the board. And
*t is further ordered that tbis notice of
~lection be published in the Pickensi
Bentinel-JournaI for a priod of teni
lays. ' J. 'T.Taylor,
Rt. E. Yongue,
J. D. Sol.
Board of Trugte .
Pickens, S. C., Nov. 8, 1908.,
PhyJSCian aM A

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