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\,owmnl~fNATIONAIV jr,#14fti1
-mobject: The Lord Our Shepherd
11sniin 23-Golden Text, Ps.8:l
-Commit the Entire Psalm
Mead John 10:1-18.
TIAIE.-Un certain. PLACE.--Un.
Met, 1-3. The twenty-third Psalm is
a great depth, an unfathomable ocean
-r tith. The foundation thought of
the first four verses, "JehovahI srqy
Shepberd." The figure stands for
4are, protection and provision on
Cod's part; trust and obedience and
following on man's part (Jno. 10:1,
3, 2-29: Gen. 33:13; Lu. 2:8; 6:4
4; Acts 20:29; Isa. 53:6; Matt.
9:36). It is a shepherd's business to
Teed the sheep and lambs, and by
naking Himself my Shepherd Jeho
vah has undertaken to make it His
business to provide me with pasture,
to meet every need. So David con
tinues, "I shall not want." This any
ne who is sure that he is one of Je
bovah's sheep can confidently say.
Who Jehovah's sheep are Jesus plain
ly tells us (Jno. 10:3, 4, 5, 27). Je
hovah's sheep will never lack any
thing that it is for his real good to
havi (Ps. 84:11: 34:9, 10; Phil.
4:19; Matt. 6:33: Ro. 8:32; He.
12:5, 6). The Psalm leads on from
the general statement to specific
'wants supplied. In verse 2 we have
four wants supplied: rest, food. drink,
leading. Literally translated, "He
mnaketh me to lie down in pastures of
tender grass, He leadeth me beside
the waters of rest." There is a two
fold rest In this verse: the passive
rest of sheep lying down on the soft.
young spring grass; the active rest of
walking beside the waters of rest. Is
there any other grass, food, so easy
for a true sheep of Christ to eat, so
jUicy, so delicious, so nutritious, as
that which we find in the Word of
God? There is drink as well as food.
Jehovah leads His sheep right beside
'the waters of rest.' What "the
waters of rest" are Jesus tells us
(Jno. 4:14; 7:37-39). The Holy
9p!rlt. is the water we drink (for the
anpropriateness of "waters of rest"
cr. Gal. 5:22). There is guidance
also "He leadeth me." Not only are
there still waters there, but it is J -
bovah Himself who leads along 'th
bank. This -leading is continuous and
constant. He "leadeth," not driveth.
In this and the following verses there
are four experiences into which, and
in which, He leads; "waters of reat:p
"paths of righteoubness" (a holy
walk); into and through darkness,
'peril and testing; into His own h9uke
forever. In verse 8..we haVe a 4fth
want supplied: healing, Qr :reviving,
invigorating, "He restoreth (or, re
Viveth) my soul."
11. iCvery Fear Banished, 4. The
Lord's sheep is now taken into .entire.
ty new experiences. No longer pas.
*ures of tender grass and waters i
lest, but "the valley of the deepesi
darkness" (that is the force of the
Hebrew phrase "shadow of death")
'The Psalmist has not merely the ex.
perience of literal death in mind, bul
all experiences where the darkness ii
thick- and profound.. God's sheep d<
uot always walk in bright paths. Ii
t.he darkest valley Jehovah's sheel
have no fears, "I &ill fear no evil.'
A true truht in God banishes all fear
under all circumstances, for all tim<
(Isa.'12:2; 26:3; Ps. 3:5, 6; 27:1
46'.1--3; Phil. 4:6, 7; Ro. 8:28-32)
And why net fear? "For' Thou ar
with me." Not because there is n
M 'anger, but because there is One .wit)
as stronger than any possible enemy
15H. Every Longing Satisfied, 5, 4
Here the figure changes: Jehovah n
ionger ap)pears as a shepherd, but a
a bountiful host. "Thtou preparest
table before me"-think out all thn
Me has spread before us on this tablt
No banquet on earth like that. As t
the general character of the feat
* ead Ps. 63:5; 81:6. -Note where w
are feasted, "in the presence oftmin
enemies." Chrisit's own have enemit
(Jno. 15:19; 2 Ti. 3:12), but oil
wonderful Host will spread us a bat
quet in their Veity presee. That:
ene of the things that shake the worl
aoangry with the church: ,they e
what a banquet we havel wrhile'thE
are feeding on husks. There is ni
esly. a feast; but also an anointin
"The oil with~ which He anoints o1
beads is "the- oil of gladness," tI
Moly Spirit (Acts 10:38'; He. 1:9;
.Jno. 2:20, 27, i. V.). He anoin
our beads with this oil, it flows dds
over' Our whole person (cf. Ps. 138:
.3. V). In ancient tinies an anois
lag was a necessary preparation for
beast, and the anointing with the Ho
-Spirit is a necessary preparation f,
the Lord's feast. The next step fc
lows naturally, yea, inevitably--"n
Map runneth over" (Qr, is "an abul
,dlint drink"). IDo you know the ove
Eo01Ing cup? Now we leave the fea
ter our earthly -pilgrimage (v. 6
Ilut we are not unguarded, "sure
goodness and mercy shall fellow me
-A wish no better rearaguards, or foe
Mien than these. God's goodness a:
mnercy (loving-kindams) follow 01
-every step. There iB no doubt abol
It, "surely." Howv well-protected a:
perIeetly secture we are. The She
herd picking out the path before u
and again close be side us in the dat
valley, and, 1is own goodness ar
mnercy follo*lng .is all the way. No
i ue. No'w -
6ts entyyet prom t
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e syseejectualy
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