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aapusfnings of a Looaf a n nal
T'VbtO in Riokps.
In the,electign last *eek 1297
Votes Were cast for Presidential
electors, of which Bryan receiv
e- 1241 and TWt 'a Taft bar
ried.c ne small Precinct (Antioch)
in this county. Aken received
1298 vote. In th6 state and
county box, 1245 ballots were
polled. -
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Boggs
spent the week end with friends
,and relatives in Calhoun.
The .Town CreekZ s hool com
mences .M\onday,, 16th inst.,
witl :Miss Ella Looper as
Dr. 4. C. Spain, dentist, will
be in Pickens on the 17th and
stay until the 20th; longer if
Mrs.' C. E. Robinson, Misses
Nel'ie Grandy, Lorera Taylor
and Myrtle Holder left Pick6ns,
Monday, for Charleston.
Married, on the 8th Inst., at
the residence of the officiating
nota:y public, L. L. Smith; Miss
F. H. Hitt and B. J. Julian.
Losm-On Saturday, 76h inst.,
between Central and Pickens, a
note-book, containing notes and
-other papers. Please return to
W. C. NEWTON, Pickens, S. C.
Last Sunday afternoon, Nov.
8, Glenn L. Stewart, of the Six
Mile vicinity, and Miss Nora
Hendrix, of Oconee, were hap
pily married at the home of the
officiating minister, Rev. B. C.
Atkinson. Congratulations are
b-ing extended this young cou
ple for a long and happy life.
Dr. Lawrence Roper Te"t Tues
day night for Pickens. where he
will make his future home and
continue the practice of his pro
fession. Dr. Roper is an estim-'
able young man, a capital den
tist, and Watkinsville regrets
exceedingly to lose him, but his
friends here wish him
ant success in his old
-[Oconee Enterprise.
Epworth League recently
Azd at the Pickens Meth
.church starts off most
auspiciously. The installation
of officers takes place Sunday
night and will be public. All
persons desiring to attend are
cordially invited to do so. Mem
bers will be received at any time.
Do good and tie happy is best
exemplified by becoming a
member of the tpworth League.
The fourth quarterly confer
ence for this charge was held at
the - Pickeus Methodist church
last. Saturday. There was a
good attendance and a fine
financial, report was rendered.
Piesiiding Elder Duncan preach
ed, as he- did also -on Sun
d ay, atl11 a. m., and at night,
at 7.30 o'clock. He dielivered
two excellent sermons and great
ly delightedf his hearers wtith his
The union meeting *of the
Twelve Mile River Baptist Asso
ciation will meet with Keowee
Baptist church the fifth Satur
day and Sunday in November.
Preaching will be held at 11 a. mn.
Saturday. Arrangements will
be made for Sunday. All min
isters and deacons invited to
come. All churches invited to
send delegates, . Everybody in
vited to come. T. H. S,TEWART,
for committee..
The Methodists 'of the Pickens
circuit are proud 'of their record
thi year. The charge has paid
doude this year what it has been
paying heretofore,and Rev.N.G.
Ballinger will .go up to confer
ence with a clean balance sheet.
We understand that representa
tive members of his charge will
go up to the annual conference
~with a memorial petitioning the
return of Rev. Ballinger to this
charge for another year. We
are glad, and when we say this
we think we voice the senti
-mnt of the, entire community
regardless of. religious creed, that
there is a..possibility of his re
turn-. He is a consecrated Chris
tian worker and has made many
friends all over the charge, out
Bide of his own denomination,
who will be glad to see him
sent back.
Dr. A. C, Spa;n, dentist, will
he'in Pickens on the 17th and
- ;Ti L longer if
Al P04-A~ Mr s Vol k W004l41 l
se beig eor cted. Th4e ver
.Onea, of Weerstr(t. j re ctt.
alountain above u heV wil
oir town look inore Oiyfi,wr.
Conuerciai s will proh abr
be two 0!three dol:Ard -er ton ehIaj0
er next 3ear, - th .-t-i if t-he prive of Cot4
ton toes not materlally advance.. we
tinderstauri that manufacturers are now
figuring on cut(iUk prict s of their goOds.
Do our farmers retlize the fact that
cotton han all 4f, this season brought a
better price in Ploens than in the great
iuarkets of Charlepton. Columbia. At
'anta or Savannah? Yet this is t'ue.
We have watched the market .reports
'ach day, and1 t'he Piokens buyei s of tbn
pa. ou -aiRlth of a cent more than the
meaport cit es-about New York prices.
It will pay farnets for a hundred miles
or more around to ship their cot'on to
Pickens and get top-notch pricee.
Card of Tfianks.
I, desire to return my heartfelt and
sincere thanks to all my friends Jvho
showed me so much kindness during my
s ivere illnesi with tyehoid fever. I take
this metbod to inform all of oy friends
and my physician that their deeds of
kiddness will not soon be forgotten, but
will linger with me while life [email protected], and
the fragrance will endure In eternity.
May God's richest blessinas rest on them
allis my prayer.. B. F. MulRpmR.
have bought the lands belong
ing to the estate of Maj. J. J.
Lewis, recently advertised for
sale. I am ..now offering them
in tracts and on terms to suit
purchasers. J. D. HOLDER.
An Acknowledgment.
We, the col<red citizens c f
Pickens and Cross Roads, have
been *deeply interested in the
matter of a cemetery in which
to bury our dead, to the extent
as to have secured a sufficient
sum to yurchase two acres of
the J. J. Lewis estate for that
purpose, on Secona Hill.
This money was raised
through subscriptions, donations
and assessments, and contrib
uted liberally by both white and
colored residents of Pickens.
For this reason we extend our
heartfelt thanks to all the con
tributors for aiding us to secure
this worthy and much-needed
Very respectfully,
1. S. Ferguson, Wi. Bowen,
Henry lawrence, P. T. Grif
fin, C. H. Talbert, A. G. Bow
en, B. P. Griffin, Bayless Ar
thur, Win. Cannon, Cemetery
A Tribute of Love.
Our hearts have been made
sad indeed ta know that God in
His infinite wisdom has chosen
from our midst one of our belov
ed and faithful Deacons of Mile
Creek Baptist church, Brother
Isaac Durham. He died August*
28, and was buried August 30,
1908. 1st, that while we cannot
help but grieve over his depart
ure, yet we as a Christia, band,
bow in hufl submission to the
will of Him who doeth all things
well. May God help us, too, to
be ready to pass through the
pearly gates, for we too must go
sooner or later to dwe~ll with Je
sus in that happy home He has
prepared for us. .2d, that we
extend our heart-felts sympathy
to the bereaved wife and family.
May his good works prove to
them a bright and shining light,
and may they follow the foot
steps of Jesus and meet him 1n.
Heayen. Hie cannot come to us
but we can go to him. 3d, that
a pege in our minute book be in-;
scribed to his memory; that a
copy of these resolutions be sent
to the bereaved wife, a copy to.
the Bantist Courier, and a copy)
to the Pickens Sentinel-Journal
fer publication.
L. R. DALTON, ~-Committee.
For Sale.
Two 2-Horse Farms, known
as the B3. 0. & Beaugard
Ambler farms, and part of
the Ambler place in Pickens
Terms made to suit pur
chaser. Apply to
Greenville, S, ~C.
t ; ,t# . I ure now 7M
yopen, a'i bar Lin)'are crowded.
*hile. Tafbitase b'-'t electedl that pu
Wed ad"ancee in tIhe prig.o of cotton as
not a.s yet .J3et.reritald. Tlhe. stale
fesna stuck in th.g9 conra notoh. Bu
farge. are hWginning to sell.
Dr. ,awrence Riper has lockq fil
koens for the p)ract-ce of his p-ofesso,
dentistry, ani topr s a to do fis-olans
wom'k at reado$nble prices. Dr. Roper
is a ng.ive of.nor county, but for some
tIigover a year had his offiee in Wat
kpsvilal, Ga., but ho rhinka Picken s a
mucrere promising field. e tells us
that Mr. Bob Ashford. solicitor of the
i county court of Occnee county, Georgia,
has promlse4 to v'sit Pickens with a
view of -locatinir heie, as he wants a
breader fi4d. Bob Ashford is one of the
brighes young lawyers in the South and
belongs.to one nt Georgia's leadlng and
wealthiest families. Dr. Roper says he
belif vt s Piokqnis has a great future and
he has driven dowt h;s stakes 'to ttay.
To Charlesten, R. M ., and rettirn via
' Southern R titway. .
-Account Charl-ston Gala Week Fee.
tivities the South -rn Railway qnncunoes
very low round-trip rat.es from all ,oints
m4 South 0%rolia aid Charldtte and
At.heville. N. C., Augusta and Savan
n-h, Ga., and' int-rmnediate sitations to
(harleston. 8. C.
Tickets to b i soltl Nov. 18th to 20th.
inclusive, limited for return until Nov.
28d, 1908.
The rate for children between 5 and 12
years of,age will be cne-half fare,
For rates, detailed information, etc,,
apply to Southern Railway tick -t agents.
or address J. C. LUsK, I. P. A.,
Chiarleston, i. C.
J. L. MEEK, A. . C.A..
Atlanta, GaW.
PICKENS, - - S. C.
State of South Caroliti,
County of Pickens.
In C.mimon Pleas Court.
In pursuance of a decretal order and
an order of foreclosure made on the fol
lowing-named cas?, and on file in the
Clerk'o office, I widi sell to -th- hight,st
bidder, during the legal houri'for. sale,
at Pickena.ourthouse, R. C.. on Saleday
in December, 19)08, the following de
scribed real estate, upon the terms here.
inaftor irentioned, te..wit:
W. M. Ilagood, et al.,
M. G. Davis, et al.
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
situate in the counti and state aforesaid,
on had watei s of Craw Creek and E ist
nwe, adjoining lands (formerl ) of A-B.
Lewis. J. T. Singleton and others. con
taining one hundred and twenty-five
acres, more or less, being the same )and
bought by M. G. Davis from t.evi
TERms--Cash on day of sile, and if
not complied wirh viihin one hotir the
land will be )esold on same'day. Pur
chaser to pay for all p:apers and record
Ir-g the same. .. J. BOGGS,
8 teClerk of Court.
State of South C arolirna,
County of P:ckens.
In Common Pleasa Court.
In puisuance of a decretai order made
in the following-named c ase, anid on file
in the Clerk's offilce, I wilt -sell to the
highest bidder, during the legal- hours
for sale, at Pickens Courthouse, 8. C.,
on Saleday in I)eceuther,1908,the follow
ing des ri bed real estate, upon the terms
hereinafter mentioned, to-wii:
Rebecca Whitwire, et al.,
B. D. Lenhardt.
All that piece, parcel and tract (of land
sittiate, lying and being 'in the sttte and
county above named, in Pumpkintown
township, on waters of Weaver's creek
waters of O., enoy river, containing one
hundred and five '(l05) acres, more or
lets, adt joining land. of Robert Masters.
W.'lT.JBurgess and others; and known
as a part of the Russ place.
TERMS-Cash on day of sale, and if
not cornp lied with within one flour the
land will be resold on same dlay., Pur
ehaser to pay for pnper s and recording
the samte. A. J. BOGGS,
82 Clerkr of Court,
Sta -e of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In t om mon Pleas Cout4
In pursuance 01 a decretal or der ma le
in the following-na med case, and ont file
in the Clerk's office, I 'wall eell to the
highest bid der., 'lurrng the legal hour s for
sale, at Pickeuns Coum'thouse, on Saleday
in December. 1908, the following de
rccibed.real estate, upon 'the terms here
inafter mentioned, to-wit:
A D. Yo.ng
J. W. Young, et al.
All that piece, parcel or tract of 'land
in the coun,y of Pick ens, and state afore
s-iid, containing fifty acres, more or less.
and.ad joining lands of Mrs. Aurie Fuller
and others, being the tract of land deeded
to her (M1argaret Young) by Joseph
TIERM--One-.half cash, halan'ce on a
credit of twelve months, credit portion
to be secured by thbe bond of the pur
chaser of purchasers, and a mortgage of
the premises, with interest from day of
sale, with leave to te purchaser to pay
If the terms of the above -sale are not
comp)lied with.in one hour teepremises
will be resold on same day. . Purchaser
to pay for all papet s and recording theI
same. A. J. BQGIGS,
82 - Clerlk of 0ont,
r HIS is the lntiie( fyeari when trad62us*
there is not much buying and selling, but we
do not know dull days. Our godk"
prices are two things that -help to keep ourdu CU
Our goods are the very best that can bei ght
all, and our prices are as low as these s*h e goodi
can be legitimately spid at. I,C'
OUR entire line is complete-.no broken lots
S .3'and we can supply your wants at all. times
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Dry Gods, Proce'ies
Hardware, Furniture, Buggies, Wagons, etc., etc.,.
in fact anything you need can be procured here atnd
at the right prices.
COME to see us, and if you have never traded
with us, you will find that we can sell you bet
ter goods for less money than you have been
Anothet car of Majestic Flour, the best made, at
$5-50 per barrel.
Thanking our friends and customers for past favors.
we hope to merit a continuance of the same.
Gaines &. Gassaway Bros.
Central, S. C.
TOx: GUETi THl--.T
They are being taken up in a hurry
and if you miss one at the price
we are offering them it is
A few more
Left to go
Don't forget
While Our Dressers Last
You. can Save Money by buying
our goods. .
$3 to $5.00 Saved
seeCome to see us.
D.e-riceCash Store..
S.* . t

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