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Of. LO8
Thq Balebe i cho 'com
men6s Mon4y, -h inStiI, witb
Miss iene-HenrJcks as teacher
Miss -,r Ienneey, of Green
ville, is s endink a, time witb
her -frien. Miss Cassie Bolt, in
Wsda,nes J. 1". Stewart and
Emma Major, - of- Pickens, vis
ited friends and relatives in An
derson last week.
A properous farmer fro'm dui
county, living at the very fool
of 'the mountains, tells us that
ho-can raise nearly two-bales of
cotton per acre.
Cotton seed is being hauleO
from all over the cou.1m1 vto the
Pickens market, the prices here
being higher than at othei
J. T. Richey of Pickens, left
Monday for Chnrveston, whe(r.
he goes to attend. a leeting of
the ShrinC now li 01 ession in
that city.
More cotton hvas boe'An weighed
at Pickens tis year than' wav
weighcd up to Qhir time lnst
year. A good'. dal i m
-torod in the cotton mill A""are'
The installItion o ofcf-f! of
the Epworth Leagm. i cl*
the Methodit church1 11 in~ ikern
last Salath iight, was very
ifipra~ive ;Ymd was8 well at.
Mlarried, on the 15th inst., at
the residence at" the oii('eiti ne
minlistc-, Rev., htie i
-9 .1 711 -
requests us to state.. tbat the
n1a.nagers of the federal election
in this counlty..r.Rn 'aet their
m11on1ey )y calliu at the :Pickem1
ander filled hiseg'
.1nent at the Pickems
church last Sab
yered two fine dis
the m.ornihg and
afternoon-to -larg6 and appre
ciative ccngregations.
The old Masonfe building will
be sold by A. M. Morris on Sale
-day in December- to the highest
bidder for cash, just as it stands.
purchaser to move it. This
building is of -wood and has a
lot of good material in it, and
*will probably go cheap.
Mr. T. L. Gantt says he gain
oed a fraction over four pounds
in weight during his first three
wed'ks' residence-in Pickens. He
is charmed .with our city and
-county, it climate, people anid
general surroundirigs and attrac
tions;: also0 its fine ",proverider."
* Gap Hill precinct was on a
boom election day. Two prom.
*inent citizenis of our little burg
*came galloping iii on' milk cows,
hollerin' "Hurrah. for 'Bryan!1
every jump, an~d the .voter's fel.
lo wed suit. -Bryan's 'defeat le
very much regretted by' the cow
boys. - .' SUB.
.TR. A. Richey celebrated ble~
EiCth birthday last Sunday and
his'randson, Harvey LaBoon,
celebrated his 5th. At the din
ing all .of Mr. Richey's grand.
children but one .were preseni
to'dat with him and wish him
mnany r'eturns of .-the joyouE
-At the bond election l17etd ini
Pckens, Monday the issue -o1
$1,000 worth of bonds was car
r'ed by 23 majority. Now the~
school will get on its feet, when
this issue is floated, and the
trustees will make every edge
cut to keep it on a cash basis and
the expenditures less than the
As a lanidscape and kitchen
gardener J). B.. Finney is the
whole push. HIe Jeft in this
- office last week a radish-oi
rate comnpr.omise betweer
us meijasured over a foot i
b i h and was sa sy ia~ ca
is f te genus.P m
hide was a bright e~*~u
its suceulent 'inside:
'1whmiHight nd rily t~T
4'( The~ fe.v &' R anUi~ r th.t
Santa Claus rs.
A more beaut& ktiic a
select stock of 11a tast'ias
were never-W4 this e
tion than are U pt on
display by th Pi4h_1B Drug Co.
It is like talhk yur little folks
to a fail, to let I em see the va
ried and beait line of holiday
presents here 'eebP" Their large
display windaws are decorated
,with all kinds of dolls. There
4re suitable gifts here for all
-ages classes and conditions-big
and little, rich and poor. '.Read
their tonspicuous advertisement
and pay this lovely store a visit.
Every one can find some suita
ble present ther,
Tlge Wolf Irdek echool in dis
trict No. 29 will open .Monday,
23d inst., with Miss Josic Boggs
as teacher.
o-citor Bo rs finished 'his last court
at o-t e., . Th iere ws-s-au -unusually
i wav crniiial-dockut Pnd every'caw
Ir -I w e , o..vici-d.. Mr. gs tlos(ld
a hi'hly e i'a e career zniid the p'in:
:W. Thy p i p"Wk of t00s jil(lici:1
CIJC m <I-i w.; vxckillf tp L!.S a0)[ (A1ll
c-."W- il . toagoid *ind f'uithful
Cer m ' I*
One d.y last woek,-while fool
u around -is wvoodpil6, staok
ig vood, I j. I - J.L- fs tewaII
jostlka 1,I thax ol of th wNvood]
pi!e,:l 1"Tf'll, Mutdhs foo
rat1(-r E6VeC:ey ." I Ce is nlow
niursn g prett y re member17l,ll(-I
and is "'. honro" to all of his
fr~inds, ' b ig unable to 1) any
R . R. Ro-ark has r'V ired fror
thl m Cl1tle busille":ss and nas
sold 1iis .stock of goods to L. B.
O'DlI, of Fasley, who, we 1u
derstani, will move the stock to
Some1 toNvil in G eorgi a. Mir.
Roark, V1ille in bisinless, nlade
.made many fricnd; w.ho will 1e
sorL to know that ho has quit
the bsiness. arona. - The duti-s
of the shoriff's office Nwill nt
permit hinv to continue the ier
cantile businless.
Pickeis has business houses
which carl-y stocks of goods that
would be creditable to Ath-Wta
or nmy other metropolis. :But
you must visit our town to find
it out, as -most- of thehi:keep
their light hid -undei- a bushel
.and. don't let it shin6, through
the coluiinns of the Sentinel
Journal, that visits each week
over 1,400 homes in this town,
-county and -section. Verbum
sat sapienti.
Ambitious young men and la
dies sliould learn telegraphy, for
since the new 8-hour law became
effective there is a shortage of
many thousand telegraphers.
Positions pay from $50 to $70
per month - to beginners. The
National Telegraph Institute, of
Columbia, S. C., and five other
cities is operated under -supervi
sion of railway olficiale,.and all
students are placed when quali
'fled. Write them for particulars.
- Last Saturday night Gus Ha
geood, the 'negro drivbr for the
H-eath-Bruice-Morrow Co., of
Pic.kens, was bringing to the
store the horse of B.T. McDan
iel and,ran. in to onei of,te-etour
nament braces on:M'il&street,
striking- the eye and i9# ing out
the night. Gu8 is familiar with
every pa4t -of .the street, atrd,
according to report, would niot
have been diu'rt, if- he had not
been drinking and'was running
the horse.
*At the rmatinee Monday there
were seven penitent sinners oc
&cup in he mourner's. bengh;
the charge was disorderly con
duct,' in all of -its phases,. and
the town treasury swas rephon
ished considerably, the -'finee
rangiug~ fronW-2.50 to $5 each.
The-colored population- let dis
cretion fly~ when therb Is nyean
liquor in hem.' It, takes stronig
er minds -than thiey possess te
control thre mean 'hisky that
they usually succeed in getting
hold of on. Saturday hights and
Sunday riorning.
The editor,of twis paper boaste
'of ne of the best ifences ini this
nec --'-ods r h s a whal
evei'ybody says who seep 46. It
is built out of Pitteburghprfeci
wire fencing,Jbought-froaxJ.
Peek, the P ke ysharftar(
dealer, and buil$ ,ordingtc
his suggestions. M*rs. By
t)j crpnters, eand- e edit
tho job. M~o
wire of J. A. Peek an Eg1
Our New 'Fall
sQ. unusual
Thet man who' gives the j
consideration' will do well v
of handsome garments tha
Makers in the world.
see the showing-the A
inch a "Winner",with
Fas-rious Djo:ssi--s who ai
preciate our oxtraordir
lored clothes--priced
every gentleman to dr
Economicui, too, for onr pr
R AIN-COATS-The sensil
-made of Pkiesfly an
numerous styles, sh;
suitable for.wet or dry
very handy the year rc
Mens and Young Men's Furnishings in new sha(
--every hue that Fa!
Handlers of the Famous Senttoss Bizos, & Co,, L.
1 ss MF'G Co's line of hi
Mr. Robert Ahfori, solicitor of the
counhty cuL t f O<Oo-. Ga., ani one of N O W
the It -inl . vouILC jawel in hi stat3,
it Xiiiing P.cw:. We hepe ie wIl. -
i tte her%). - Mr. Ashford belonps to.one
o the mo6it honored and die tirguithed
C orgia familllica.,
. 8everal- of our nighboring papers a,e .
in the hbit of ("ippig original artich s
from ih -tsentinel-Jourinal wit hout. gtving
credit tc,our paiei'. Please "Rendr unto
( w*r," etc., biethren. Ever bear in
mird that 4 veiry niticle sound on the in
siwe of the s -J. is either original, or re
written and b)iled down.
Thi Sintinel-Journal editor returns
thanks to ;tr. Jienlev,Porter for a gen
erous supply of the finest sweet ),tatoes They are b
we lave seen in Io these many days.
hee potatoes will average nearly three
pounds each in weight. Mr. Po.iter cer' -
tainly know' a how to grow tubers. Many'
thaka, our thoughtful friend.
A farmer living twvo miles out from ~ ea
Pickens this year gathered five baIh-s of
cotton from three acres and thene sold
wvhat was left in h's patch for anot.her.
bale. In this county dott8n is turning,
out shout equal to last 'year. Tho oil
mill has ginned about 1,100 bales and - e
and ifiy
.Mtisnow 13 centa per pound and
almanne~r of food stnTffs -are ad*aneing
in prece.. Our Southern cotlton-growezs
are the sufferers. .The Western farmer is
getting rich at our -expense. We must - c o
move our s.1ok0-houses and corn..mlbe
on the tarm-''live at home and to .rd
at the samneplace."
Invitatior:s have been receivedi in
Pjckens to thr, marriage of Mr. . Wade
EIamplton .La IBgon snut Mise Mtay Ellen
Folson;: at the residence 'of the bride's
parents at McKinney. Te'xaa, NQy. 28th. - J A
.i'he popu;jar v oung couple will rside at
(Jhickaska. Oklahotta.a Mr. -La 'Bon
is a native of Pickens 9oulie, and the 1X L
many friends at his old home wish the 101 10
youneg couple a long and hasppy life
A private letter this week received in
Pickens from Forest.'Miss., says: ."They a a u _
are trying to get the-legislature to pss a 3 ~f
law to 'prevent the killing of certain W U U~
birds for five years; think they wfil help
destroy the boll weevil.' Experts say ut
will take the wveevil five or six year. to Y u.
reach South Caroita at p.esent rate ofca
speeding. They have been found in
ymumbers in 15 counties in this state:
have not reached the rich lands of the
delta yet. It is easy in some sections,
with fertilizers, to make a bale rer acre.
but on the ridges they don't m'ahe more
then half a bale. There has not been a
great amount of cotton sold, and most
farmers are holding. Some have last
vears cotton yet on hand. Merchants
ordpla$ia of h ard times."
FORl SALE-On Saleday in
December, In front of courthouse
door, [ will sell one good horseM
and practically new buggy and
harness. Mare safe and sourid,
gentle, apd anybody can handle.
he. OSaturday following. n'uOI
the 5t1W December, will sell to
~highestAidders for cash, at ivy
home t ~Duke's shop a lot of5
~rn, ich cow' is n Jan..
nary owd l lete t
9U46 MEN.
uits and Overcoat
L iy attractive that,*.,"
description can
bheni justice,
natter of the selection of his Clothes ca afu
J pay us a visit and see the wonderful aray
t we have had made by the Best'Clot es
vorld loves winners-and you'll look ever -y
one of our Superb Rex Designed Att guils.
iary collection'o f Ready-to-Wear-hand-ta
o reasonably that it is within the reach of
tss becomingly at little cost
ices are as low as others; OUR CLOT14VS
>le garment for mid-season or for any time
d other Cioths. Worsreds and CheviQts in
pcs and., lengths-a light weight Overcoat
weather-*-water- proof, yet dressy. In fact,
und for theatre or other occasions.
[s..Greens, Olives, Greys, Lon,-Ion Snoke
;hion dictates.
A) - Buo ., pIax B. BiRUN.:ER and, Dute..
gh-grade wares.
eing taken up in a birry
ui miss one at the price
e offering them it is
Left to go
hur Dressers Last
Save Money by buying
our goods.
$5.00 Sve
eto see p.s. i . :<

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