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The 88ntine14otraal Company.
ToomPsox & RxInmr. PaOPs.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable.
Entered at Piakens Fostoflee as Second 0lass
Mail Matter
To Sentinel-Journal Subscribers.
Under a recent ruling of the
Postal Department newpapers
are now only. permitted to be
sent to subscribers through the
mails for a limited period unless
paid for In advance, and the
publisher who violates this order
lays himself liable to being ar
rained before a U. S. court and
punished, the same as any other
Now, the Sentinel-Journal has
carried over many of Its subscri
bers to the utmost time limit al
lowed by law. , We have done
this because we knew our far
mers had no money to spare be
fore their crops matured, and it
pains us indeed to drop from our
list names of parties who have
proved such true and loyal
frionds as the masses of the peo-I
ple of Pickens county showed I
themselves to be the Sentinel
Journal and its editor, Our cit-.
izens generally, and our country
people especlalj, have noblv
stood by s whel wC1nostneed
ed friends ;Id q Jullpii f l.
'uch loyalty has ganil p 11v 1ol
till,liae Pr 911.n0tu po's,
tily i;ily a'ipfr("Cae and
6}e ih}his frie nds than ychur
ble sr.lbe. WVere we financialiy
able to do so, and the Post O 'fice
Depifrtment permlttNd It, wo
would snd Our papol free to
each and -ill of these cherished
friends. But alas! both these
causes pre,vent our so doing.. We
ne(L .thyt money due right no
to operatr :d impmove ( )han
per. alm tleln agaiin tl)' law
steps mn an says all credit sub
scribeis muist be discontinued.
No.lirifriends see just how and
whvre we stand. Please 'irange
at once to settle your old accott
and rene w for another year. To
individual subscribers it, is .
small outlay, but when these lit
tie ;ecounts are brought togeth
e'r it me&anls independence and
proerity to the printer.
Of course none of our good
friends want the proprietor of
the -Sentinel-Journal to plac'e
himself liable to prosecution, but
thisi. just. what we shall do If
we continue to mail our paper-t.i
those in arrears.s We- - do not
want to lose a single one of our
old .pptrons, but ask~ them to go
to .work for us and get all pf
theWf kindi-ed and nieighbors t
Wermean hbusiness-this is our
last-call, -and nO bluff. We shali
proceed to make a canvas df the
county, with .borse and buggy,
and, try and see our every pat
ron and give them an.opportu~nI
ty to settle old scores and r anew.
'Then ,the pruning-knife will
sure'y be used on our list and
evei-y nanme erased not paid in
Plckens and its Surroundings.
One day last wveek my esteem
ed friend Hon. Julius Bogga
took me on a drive over PIckens
and .out into the county a few
miles, that I mi.ght see the town
and take in.some of the sublime
News for which this sectioni Is
famous. Since smy childhood
days I have heard about this
beautiful town and.county-the
hospitality of its people and the
gi'andeur of its mountain chain.
But after. a week's sojourn in
Pickens I can truly exclaim that
the half has not been told. I
have seen neai'ly every sec
tion of our country except the
Pacific slope, and I do assert that
;there is nothing eatst .of. the
Rocky Mounttains that can com
,ar e with this county; and were
1belt of territo tr nsported
to the Old Wo1 tJousands
'.N uld cross the At oI to look
pon, these sce'net 6f0fty and
ye4Zspiring; gv1 , at dli
0 4.
Orat Weop
umes r ra U
rlsts.~ AcnI0 Ug o "the
elevations rrouing wn
it is seen that P14 us 4-s ted
in'the center of 4n'ampit We
formed of M tipuous n
tain chain, co ecing at the
knobs below the Southern rAil
way,circling arourid so as to em
brace the Pinnacle, the highest
elevation in our state, and then
bending again,'outhward with
an extended chain linked togeth
er, completing the girdle at
Boggs mountain. And - in the
heart of the gigaitic basin thus
formed is located the lovely little
'city of Pickens, embowered in a
grove of forest trees, among
which meander crystal streams,
and its num -us heights crown
ed with cos- 2ottages and impo
sing homes, many of which
would do credit to the residence
section of any great city. And
not only is Pickens one of the
most delightful places t of , resi
dences on the face of our globe,
b5ut it is the gateway through
which a mountain trade, exten
ding far; back into Western
North arojina,.must pass.
But I am wadering from my
subject, for when one attempts
todescribe this beautiful -and
romantic section his ,pen runs
wild. Mr. Boggs contends that
this vast basin, rimmed with
mountains, was doubtless,, in
pre-historic times, a vast inland
lake, but during some convul
sion of nature a chasm and out
let was rent in the barrier at Ca
teechee, and through which its
waters were permitted to escape,
leaving one of the most charm
ing spots of land in our state. To
confirm Mr. Boggs' theory, beds
of water-worn p6bblessare found
throughout this basin. T. L. G.
Home-Made Silverware.
At the jickeni Diug Co.'s,
moiig ther i4play of Christ.
inas goods, is a case filled with
:luadruple-plated siver..v.r 3,
mnd which we - were surprised
aind gratifted tO learn was uin
UL4a10tird In our ow\n state, at
HaitOv)lle hi Martboro county
by theO E Fdstern Carolihia 4iW
Co., a corporpation with al hives
ted .capital of $1,250..000. The
workmanship an Anishings in
every respect etal to the finest
goods made. Every article is
guaraiteed, and the trade-mark
is a Palmetto tree stamped on
the bottom.' Every. article
ii the line of silverware is there
made, and being guaranteed a
quadruple-plate is Wlmost as last
ing. as the solid stuff. Those of
our citizens who Aesire to send
some friend a holiday gift could
not select anything more suita
ble and acceptable than a piece
of this lovely -silverware, inclo
sing this little clipping from the
Sen.tinel-Jouirnal, to show what
the old Palhetto State. is doing
in the line,of 'new manufactur
ing enterprises. Jewelers have
tested these goods and pronounce
them in every way superior to
the celebrated Rogers make. This
is not an advertisement, but a
merited tribute to Progessi,ve
South Carlia. -Call at the Pick
ens 'Drug Co.'s and see these
new goods an4i you will be
proud of your old state.
.The union meeting of the Pick
ens Association will meet with
the Peters Creek Baptist church
on Saturday, 28th inst., at 10
a. mn. Devotional exercises by
J. P. Robinson. Organization.
1st Query-'-"Are our churches
increasing in spirituality?"
Opened by Rev. J. H. Vaughn
and S. M. Looper.
24 Query-' How should mi
norities in church matters be
treated?" Opened by Rev. J. E.
3d Qniery-"Whiat should be
the scope and purpose of the pro
posed Sunday school conven
tion?" Opened by J. B. Fendley.
1st Query-" Is the world
growing better 'or worse?"
Opened by C. E. Robinson.
2d Query-'"Should this asso
ciation have a missionary in the
foreign field?" Opened by 'Rev.
B. E. Grandy.
3d Query-"What should be
the attitude of the churches to
ward the laymen's movement?"
We shall all need airh if
thfcost of livig keeps on ~ g
wilt . theg
And dull care
The weather for tie Prst few
days ha cqrtainly been delight
ful, and farmers have been
making good use of the same
gathering the'remainder of their
orops, sowing wheat, turning
stubble, etc.' Sow rmore small
grain, plant iorecorn and less
cotton is our advice. Corn $1 a
bushel at this season of the year,
bacon 12*@18c and cotton 9c
ought to be a lesson to every
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Garrett, of
Norris, left on the 12th inst. for
Haskell, Texas, to visit Mrs. G. 's
brother, J. B. Tompkins. Mr.
Tompkins acted as overseer on
Judge Ferguson'a farm, two
miles above Pickens, some 30
years ago. He went to Texas,
where he has accumulated a
Major Welborn, son of Judge
Welborn, is now standing be
hind the counter at J. C. Gar
rett & Son's store. Major is a
good fellow,- and has made many
friends on this side of the county.
Ed. Ferguson the boss weaver
at the Norris mills, has resigned,
and - Beaty, of Greenville, now
occupiesthe position.
Miss Janie Bradley, a charm
ing young lady of Greenville,
visited her sister, Miss Mattie
Maddox, of Norris, last week.
W. W. McWhorter, of Pick
ens, visited his son, E. C., last
week. "Billy" is holding his
own well; age 'don't seem to be
telling ou him very much.
G. F. Norris imade a business
trip to Greenville on day lastl
I Mises Nettle and Leila Kelley t
visited in Central one day last
SWomkr who will be kind
01ough to present the "old bach
elr&' with a cake this Xmas!
Girls, -don't all speak at once.
Manythanks to "Uncle Zeke"
for a copy of his paper. We
iipu hu wiiievil.ctinuue to sena it,
and we will give him all the
dots we can. We found the
paper full of n6ws, and reads
just like "Uncle. Zeke" talks.
The business men of Forest City
evidently believe in printei's ink,
for they i patronize- the paper
The many friends of Col. T. C.
Robinson were grieved to learn
-of his death, which occurred at
his late residence Sunday morn
ing, 22d Inst., at 1 o'clock. Mr.
Robinson was 53 years old. He
had been twice married. His
first wife was Miss Elah Clay
ton. Six living children--Bai
ley, of Pickens; Christie, of
Houston, Tex.; Jay, of Atlanta;
Mrs. Eva Smith, of Easley; Son
ley 'and Miss May, of Noriis
all of wvhom, except Christie,
were at his bedside when the
end came. Mr. Robinson was a
graduate of Wofford College.
He practiced law at the Pickens
bar for a number..of- years, and
served as county superintendent
of education for four years.' He
ran for state superintendent of
education and came within a
few votes of being elected. He'
filled the office of magistrate at
Pickens for several years. As
editor of the People's Journal at
Pickens for several years he
proved himself an Abile writer,
always advocating what he be
lieved to be for the best interests
of his country. Ho wits a kind
hearted mani, always ready to
help those in need. H~e was a
meniber of the Liberty Method
1st church. After he, married
the second time (his second wife'
was Miss Carrie Hunt, of Green
ville), he moved to his farm near
Norris and devoted his time to
farming and merchandising. In
April, 1907, his secon wife was
killed near Norris by A.tree fail
ing on her. Mr. Rbinson then
quit~ the mercantile business and
devoted his time to his farm.
The funeral ser.yices were held
at his lat'e residence the Monday
following his death, conducted'
by Ret. Jones of -Easley, afte~r
which his remains were.carried
to the Libertl cj. rnetery 4l
.laid to rest by thie side l
Do you ever a tafd thi Do ypu ever get bit?
We don't put them on 'because you are J.us sindr' as we
a* and we couldn't fool you, You are peop of sense and judg
ment, and you would eat up our bait, and the hard stock we were
expecting to get off on yod would be let alone and -we money
losers. We prefer to do a' straioht, legitimate business4 and for
that very reason we never mislead our customers with "Cost
Sales," "larghin Sales," and any such tommy-rot. We are here
to do business for the money we can make, but we try and figure
our profits as low, or just a little lower, than the other fellow
bu if we didn't make something on our sales we would soon have
to close our doors. There is no line of business but that it Is.
worked for a profit-doctors, farmers, merchants and even preach
ers look out for the "profits." -
- The season of tlhe year is at hand when you will need certairr
good--these goods we bought.early in the season, and we closed
the deal only when we got the price right. We want only a small
profit, and we now offer you:
Heavy Fleece-Lined UV4er-Garmentis (for Men) per suit, 85d.
Extra-Heavy Close-Wove per suit, 95c.
Ladies' Underwear, medium weight, Fleece-LiAed, per suit, 45c
Extra-Heavy. Qlose-\Wove Ladios' Underwear, Fleece-Lined.
per suit, 95c.
Heavy Knit Brown Balbriggan l 9en's Underwear, per suit, 95c
Above goods in Children's sizes from 20c. to 50c.
We have a nice line of above goods in separate pieces at, per
garmente 25c. to 50c. In Dress Goods we have a line that can't;
be beat. To see this line is to buy. Our line of Shoes has been!
the wonder of the. people and many folks in this county are now
wearing them in comfort and satisfaction. If we have your
number you will save money, worry and corns byjputting on a
pair from this stock. That $1.25 "'Mule-Skin" Woman's Shoe
hag some been-a seller, and we have just gotton in a ne(v lot.
Come and see us before the stock is broken.
We appreciate yon traide. and'we will alway be found at the Ol Sand Pfeparet
to 5o1l you the VERtY BEST GOODS FORt T38 LEAST XONINY. %Wvep=r not
throwing out bait-we %ro not h%re to-a41y to get .oov m-no aed o to-morro%v
so that you caonot ne any resource, but we rre here all the time. Try the market,
avid then Sr y ns. auid you will aiways tra-dD wit
"-At the Old Stard."
1till gIving Couposx Fresh lot of Picturesjust In. Have you gotten your'@?
- IN T.'E
Their Safe has been tried and found Burglar Proof,
This Bank hai Burglar Indrance, Fire Lw6urance, Cashfor gonded, so you can'e
lose your money..
Liberal Interest allowed on Timd Depcshs. See H. C. Shirley and lie will fik
you up satisfactorily,
H. C. SHIRLEY. Cashier.
Rubber Goods.
Founitain Syringes, -
Bottle Syringes,
iRubber Tubing, Rubber Bands,
H-ot Water Bottles.
A Complete Line of these Goods
always on hand.
Pickens, S. C.
State of South C.3rolina,
Court of Common Pleas.
~Libety, 5 C., EmmaA. Oillreath, Adaline Barrett,.
bIer, william E. A mbler, Snie
Keep alwys o han a crn- Dicken, Defendants.
ple stck ofSummons for Relief. (Complaint
GEN ERAL. To the Defendants above namned:
You are hereby summoned and re
MERCMR H AND ISE quired to answer the cmaitin this
served upon you, and to serve a copy of
A full line of the FAMOUJS your answer to the said complaint on
P the ubscriber, at his offHce in Pickera,
P NT NTIARY SuhCaoia,wthntenyd
I ater th service; anreof. yuv f i's
- id. "i M O 0 answerh hcompaint wtino tf ti
afoesad, hepantf in this ace
Iwill apply to the Curt for the re:.,
-a e damanded in the enmplaint.
IDated Oct 16. 1909.
LeRstMOne'i'o the. atsent defendants. Adaline
-Barrett and Sunie Dicken, take notice
that the complaint in this action is for
J. F J K IN Spartition of a tract of land desoribed ini
said cornplaint, a odpy of which is fl)
nhe,offe of the clerk of court for
Liberty, S. C. .T

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