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ATrp to.
Afterd gging y aid
pipders, my wife 'baLre pi
for a t*ip to Texas. - on the
morning of the - 12th inst' We
boarded No. 89 and in a short
Nvhile we were rolled to the land
-of the Far West, Haskelt; Tex.
We arrived here on the 15th,
and found the home of J. B.
Tompkins to be one of delight.
They met us with such, courtesy
-that it made us feel that we were
more than at home. As J.- B.
Tompkins.- is a Pickens county
boy, it might be interesting to
the readers of the S.-J. to know
something of his whereabouts
and how he is getting along, so
I will give the following:
J. B. Tompkins first settled in
Montague county and accumu
lated a very nice home, which
he sold for $5,000 and purchased
a farm here in Haskell county,
which is about 160miles further
west. He has 2,800 acres of
land, which the people say is
worth $30 per acre. It's as fine
as I ever saw. It is level, as is
all the land that I have seen in
this county. He has a big lot of
stock-some of the finest mules
I ever saw. Jie is breaking four
mules now, that will be 3 years
old next spring, that wtll weigh
1,000 pounds each. He has 160
head of as fine cattle as can be
found anywhere. He says lie
doesn't feed them anything only
a little sorghum during the cold
spell in the winter. and this ap
plies to tfie mules and horses.
He is not feeding any of his stock
now only his work animals.
Mr. Tompkins has a nice house
in this town, which is the coun
ty-seat, .an. which I will later
describe. Also I will give to
your readers a description of my
whole trip, if you so desire.
This little place is on a boom.
It was only laid off 20 years ago,
and remained at a standstill
until five or six - years ago.
Two years since brought a rail
road. Now it is a town of 6,00(
inhabitants, with business hous
es of every description, fine an(
costly private residences, tw4
high schools, etc.
I have received an invitatior
to visit the high schools, ani
will go down to-day to the Soutl
Ward school. Will say thes(
buildings are constructed of ce
ment, blocks and brick, and
would be an honor to any largE
city or town.
Went to church last night, and
we certainlyietijoyed it. The peo.
ple met us in such a broad soul
and spirit that we were delight
ed, and sang as in our youthful
days and we felt we were a boy
If this appears in the S.-J.
wvill have ir ore to say next time,
as space would be too small to
write all at once.
Cotton Seed' Meal for Hogs.
Make a mixture in bulk, about
one-third cottLon seed meal and
two-thirds gorn chops, whole
corn, wheat bran, or shorts; mix
with water to a thin mush in
two vessels (an old barrel sawed
in two is good) and leave to sour
or ferment, which willl take from
12 to 48 hours, according to the
weather and other conditions.
Then feed from these alternate
ly, using the contents of one,
while that of the other is left to
A good growing ration may be
based bn one pound of dry mix
ture per hundred pounds of live
weight. For quick fattening
this may be doubled, quad.rupled
or even more largely increased.
Indeed, the Texas 2xperiment
Station fed as much as seven
and a half pounds per day to
150-pound hogs, though this is
oxtremie and uneconomical, if
not .ositively dangerous.
Wen ready to:-feed add fresh
water to the feeding ration suffi
-ci~1 to bring to a, thin slop,
a tthe consisten'y of sweet
ik, and\give the hogs a;ll they
A will clea'ti ;
All hos tit gttgedily and all
Sthrive on it nthej rl ead
~ of the he letpu
* thit for 6
giois it e b
Imoune 'Ath
h,I thit hhf
Cotton Mie briging
100 in Ploke rs are &el
We will the _e% t ghest bIdddr .fOt
cash, on sale..*ini tber next, at
Pickens oourt.house, 8. ,4 durinx the
legal hours of sale, the 6lowng ands:
1. All that trimt of d oofeining
two hundred-and twen -five aors tPore
or less, in Plokens 069 , duterbed in
deed or G. W, R%nkin. . AlThornpaon
to~J. W. Grant, in offlce of sthe clerk of
court of said county, In Book K, page
869, saving and excepting a traot of one
hundred and fifty acres more or lees,
deeded to J. MoD. Bruce by Thomas Ml.
2. All that tract~of land, containing
one hundred and sixty-two acres more
or less, d6esed to Thomas U. Johnson by,
Rebecca Clardy, A.'G. Dilworth,, Mary
M. Hudson and S. E. Dilworth, said
deet recorded in Book E page 616. s,v
ing and excepting eighty-one acres more
ar less, sold to W. C. Crenshaw by Thos.
hl. Johnson.
B. F. IARTTN, Trustee.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
In pu- uance of a decretal order made
in the following-named c ase, .and on file
in the Clerk's office, I will sell to the
highest bidder, during the legal hours
for sale. at Plekens Courthousp, 8. 0..
on Saleday in December,19(8,the fcllow
ing described real estate, upon the terms
hereinafter mentioned, to-wit:
Rebecca Whitmire, et al.,
B. D. Lenhardt.
All that piece, parcel and tract of land
situate, lying and being in the stte and
county above named, in Pumpkintown
township, On waters of Weaver's creek
waters of Oolenoy river, containing one
huidred and five (M05) acres, more or
lets, adjoining land. of Robert 3laAters.
W. T. 3=rgess and others, and known
as a part of the Iues place.
Tram--Cash on (lay of sale, and if
not complied with within one hour tho
land will be resold on same day. Pur
chaser to pay for papers and recording
the same. A. J. BOGGS,
82 Clerk of i'ourt.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
> In Common Pleas Court.
In pursuance of a decretal order and
an order of foreclosure made on thi fot
lowing-named case, and on file in the
Clerk's office, I will sell to th, highest
bidder, during the legal hours 'for sale,
at Pickens Courthouse,.9. Q., on Maleday
in December, 1908, the following di
scribed real estate, upon the terms here
inafter wentioned, to-wit:
W. M. Hagood, et al.,
vs. \
Al. G. Davis, et al.
All that piece, parcel or traet of land
situate in the county and stste af. repsid,
on headwaters of Crow CVeek and East
'toe, adjoining lands (formerly) of A. B.
Lewis. J. T. Singleton and others. con
taining one hundred and twenty-five
acres, more or less, being the same limd
bought by hi. G. Davis from -Levi
TERWS-Cash on (lay of sale, and if
not complied with within one hour the
land will be resold on same day. Pur
chaser to pay for all papers and record
lrig the same. . A. J1. BOGGB0..
82 '~ Clerk of Court."
State of South Carolina,
County of Plokens.
In Common Pleas Court.
In pursuance of a decretal order ma le
in the following-named case, and on flie
in the Clerk's office, I will ell to the'
highest bidder, duhing the legal liours for
sale, at Pickens Courthouse. nn i.id'y
In December, 1008, the followin de..
scribed real estate, upon the tergn eire
inatfter m3entionued, to.wit:
A. D. Yom,ng
.- J. WV. Young, et al.
All -that piece, ~parcel or tract of In~dd
in the coung~ of Psckens, and state afore-.
said,/cont$ining fifty ecres,. more or lesh
and adjoiniing land* of Mirs. Aurie FulIpa,
and othere, being the frant of land deede4
to her( (Iararet Young) by -Jt seph
TI'zRs--Orle-half cash, balance on a
credit of .twelv9 months,. credit portion
to be qciared .by the bon~d of the ptari
cJmas.er, or *urchiaser,.andi a rfortgagent
the premises, wit h.mterest from diay of
sale, with leave to nlie purchaser td pay
'al4oash. - -4
if th's terms~ of the above sid arne.ndt.
comnp lied with in oneo hour tbq remniug
wall be r,esold on* same day. 'Vrohaser,
to pay for.aLl papsers and rsfting th*
same. A. J.aOG',
82 Clerk of Court,
The State ofSouth Qarolina
Whereas J.V,aley. A ~Ieuit to
me, to gra tim Letters ' i4bnnitra
tion of ;j Ca ~ tMe and ~ets of J. J.
'Thge af .tbeof,e andl ad
moihall a t de and
4 !eitors p
/ A.
Tbnlo on'Whijo,i to
wels t
Mak I's inii th Ar4,
see the .hbWing--the.*
inch a "Winner" with:<
-eciate ou' oxtraQedin.
ored clothes-priced s
every gentleman to dre
Econ6micui, too, for our prii
RAIN-COATS-The sensib
-made of Priestly an<
numerous styles, shap
suitable for wet or dry
very handy the year ro
Men's and Young Men's Furnishings in new shadl
-every hue that Fas]
Handlers of the Famous ScHmoss BROS. & Co,, L. I
ESS MF'G Co's line of hig
Motice of14ai Settlement and Disharge
Nolt_ 163 t;hv6beh* given thait I will
make application to J. 1L. Newbery,
Ebq.. Jutge of Probate CourL, Of Pickens I
county. in the atre of South Carolina,
on the 24th dav of December. 1908. at 11
.'clock in tho fironnoon. or ssoon there
after a4 a-ald.e appliniti-on can be heard;
for leavo f4na iflnoil settlement of the
osate rf. Mary E. 14ninep, (leceased. and
obt,is ditofarge ts a'.l niniotrator of seid
estat#-. It. GAIN KS. Administrator.
Chrlstnjas Presents. V E
Eveti One Likise to Be R*eombere.a
My Christmas Goods are coining in., The
prices r:ngv from 5c. up to 6. roys and pres
ents for the little ladies, for grown-up ladies. They are
for the boys, for the men, and for the older men.
and wcmen. Sonething for your sweetheart, I .a
for your beaux and for your bervanits.an .li O
in TOYS it is Dolls, 'Tops, Hloope, Wagons,
etc., etc. Then comes in the useful articlea. It
Andle u nt,efrgt heeaun-sndes, W r
Cakes, N uite, Raisins, Cocoanuts, Batanas-,-.
everything you can think of- for Christmas and
all oth.r tmes.
I "amp nrear forgettjng the fine China and
Glauswdre. The enme prices quoted in lasti ad. Af- n
And many new thinge ciom lag ini every' day,
both for i'seenats and ever y daysuse,
Benme for Christmas Goods. Former pricet
hold good tor awhiie.
Don't forget mnyi GOOD F"LOUR at '.ut iPrices
I want Eggs, (Chickenas, C,Or$ atid Fodder.
( . Dont for
WflN OUBI,t ~3LE Y u,can S
Aspeofa~lly If you ba~y 'he engage
mnenr;ii at our establishm nt.
Here #e te showing the neet 3
and pr' tie e ieIn betrthal~ I
rings.-ftl$itq)ity,; Here
*e'h e ~ e~ug and Si
not Ring W te, Oh1n
Oharms, Lo~ct. Broc
Bracelets4tipi, and a v*f r
ett' of unetdsa ~ter JI
precious stot ~ youi sec
tion. AlIl~ lible pc~
M. No
d Overcoats -are
Jive that no
1P on can
f the 0 of his Clothes careful
a viis id'see. the wonderful array
ave had nide by the Best Clothes
rld1 QVes Winners-and yap'll look every
e of our Superb Rex Designed Ai t Suis
try.collection of Ready-to-Wear-hand-tai
) reasonably th4t it is' within the reach of
ss becomingly at little cost
!es are as low as others; OUR CLOTHES
le garment for mid-season or for any time
I Other cloths. Worsreds and Cheviots in
es.. and lengths---a light weight Overcoatl'
veatlier--water-proof, yet dressy. In fact,
ind for theatre or other occasions.
es......Greens, Olives, Greys, Lonlon Smoke
lion dictates.
LL-EtT 'M1".. O I3
jI. S.m C.
h-grade wares.
ing taken up in a hur'ry
i. miss on.e at the price
) offering them it is
Left to go
ur Dressers Last
ave Money by buying
our goods.
$5.00 Saved
;o to nee us.

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