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HBq td', 'iand' r
Hester, a daughter.
Ernest, the 8-.year-old s0 '
C. G. Lewis, of P.ickens, R. 2
while plding about the house
on the 17th inst., fel an4 broke
his right leg between the -kneo.
and jnkle.
At a bargain-One good Tyson
& Jones- top buggy;. bicycle
wheels, slightly used, good as
new. Also set 6fgood. bariess;
sell t,a bargiin; come quick to
W. & Co.
Married, at- Easley, Sunda
22d inst., by L. L. Smith, N.
at his residence, Miss Mary Ju.
Ilan and Jas; Day,. both of the
Mt. Carmel section. The happy
couple, have the best wishes pof
thelr many .friends.
L. B, Q'Del, who bought tie
R. R. Roark stock. of good, d4:
cided to run.a cost sale in Pick
ens, so brought ip a lot of good
from Easley and added to, these,
and has been selling since Fri.
day to whoever wgald buy.
aye bought the,lands belong:.
Iag to the estate of MajJ. 'T. ,
ewis,. recently advertised for.
l,le I am now offering them
ii1 tracts and on terms to suit
pUlthasers. J. D. HOLDER.
A nice ine of solid gdld and
atches to go at a
k O onuine leather hand
ses vo at wholesale
' - a big line of hollow
nble cutlery, both i'
plated and solid silver.. H. SNI,
DER, Easley,--S. C.
Property in Pickens is advan
cing by leaps and. bounds.: A
gentleman paid $1,400 for a'ot
and improvements, whic;i he re'
sold in a few -months for $,000:
The owners ask $1 50Q per acre
for vacaht lots in a coftti1 fi1
toward the cenieteky.
disposing of his stock of goods
at te stand he now occupNis,'
an " U4n16pe fier
line in one of .the new. Rul l ig'
nea.r.the postoffice. Mrs. jVil
lard -will: run the millinery:4d
par_*ent in the, saie building :
and hey will' carry t "nice' of
dress - goods and ladies' ready
to-wear garments.
A :visitor to Pickens'this week
noticed several baskets of corn.
sitting in one of our stores, and
which he mistoot to be sample
ears carefully selected to exhibit
at some 'fare. Inquiry revealed
the fact that they were only at
erage Pickens county nubbins,
raked up at ranadum by some
farmer from his crib and brought
in for sale. They were all miam
mnoth-.ears, with deep grains and
red cob. Pickens is trdly the
L mnd.of Goshen.
"Uncle -Sam" Simpson, of
Liberty, R. 3, is a good farmer
and believes in living at home,
paying his debts and reading the
tSENTINEL-JOURNAL, for whioh he
always pays in advance. Sam
has raised a fine lot of~ sweet po
tatoes, some of which have re
cently -graced :the editor's table.
Sam weighed'five, picked up at
random out of the patch, that
tipped .the scales at 36 pounds.
He is one of the~ most substani
tial darkeys irn the .countyr and
a credit to his race, and. they all
would do wellto learn of him,
pattern by hinm and follow in
Bowen, the 12-year-old son of
T. Oscar /Allgood, of Pickens,
R. 2, was bitten on the thumb,
last $ aturday, by his dog. The
dog had been acting strangely
for a day or two and Mr. All
od~ " 'n coming to his work
IIiill, had shut it up,
1, ~~:vjten out and bit his
nose while the ani
nI tinking water.anjd
then bit Bowen on the thumb.
Medical attention was promptly
rendered, the hoy, and he has
since been carried to the Pasteur
Institute in Atlanta"for. treat
ment. Trhe dog was klfe& aiid
his head: was sent sto ths, isti..
tute for e amination. "It hI'to
be hiopedh at the dog. wai to
d~a and' that n6 serious Ii
T 77
I~~~ rI dU
M2' for t~~' 44.~
Th re is-a whitie an in
this couO;ty whb a' suprt
making cotton" A~~ f spite .C
he has brdeis ts rom
abroadand.,ean sel01she .makes
0ee the coop of beautiful Buff
Cochins., on :,xhibitiOn lu front
of Craig Bro.'esto be.given away
at our Toultry Show, Dec.'2-4.
CARD OF Th ANK8.--I desire to
thank the good people around
.here for-their help and sympathy
during the. siknesq.and death
of outr dear father. -,May God's
richest blessings ever rest upon
them is-the prayer of one who
wishes them all well. MuS.
HATTI*.M. Xrr.
The Sentinel-Journal office,
one-day last week, was graced
and brightened with the pres
ence' of 'three 'harmiig ladies
frdi -Librty: Mbpdalves Adger
B9g, Ora -Mauldi and T. G.
g , R is always a'pleasure
to have tha mohotony of. an ed
itor's life broken & a call from
such accomplished ladie.
- A merchant ofPickens rented
last ll a smAn~ll fairm nar town
and which he -sowed -own -in
oats, followed by 'cow peas, not
plantiAg a seed of cotton. .He
paid town prices for labor and
did not..waste a day of- his-time
altogether supervising'the work.
He broke the land with a. disc
plow, used 200 pounds of 'guano
and 150 pounda nitirate of soda
to the acre, and in the spring ran
a weede over .his oats. This
gentleman kept a strict account
of his expenditures and receipts,
and when the crops were hGrves
ted, found that he had cleared
$300. He says after putting on
the nitrate of soda and using the
Wveedel he nevot saw anything
grow' like those oats, and they
made. 8 bslelsper. acre. Mor
al: Our Pickens farMers cartfind
far better paying crops they. thE
fickl flecystaple.- ..
Last - tiray -a i6u h in
Pickens forged a paper for a
ble of yAtt. apdgldicb ho d
sedof t- r on" town.
Oheorgery-wa Auikly discov
ed- . As the youngvnan s father
is W6rthy'nd i'espetded, arqd this
is- , first offenge'. we .wI, not
give naie, trusting that the
youth will1kb and'sin nomore,
and by an. upright a"d correct
life in future, live down this
Marietta'R. F D 2.
Miss LeiIa Fog and, Folger
Vickery; were happily nmarried
Sunday mofning, 15th Inst., by
and at the henre of Rev. Andyd
, ' After tlhe ceremony wvas par
forined the 'bride, groom and
several of their friends repaired
to the honieof the bride's father,
J. S. Fox, where a splen.did&din
ner was, served, which was
heartily~ enjoyed by 'the guests
The bride has only been in this
vicinity a short while, but has
endeared herself to all by her
pleasing manners and genial dis
position. The gi'oom is a popu
lar and pr.osperotge yoirag Larmer
near Iiclkens.
1.heir many fribnds wish them
a lonk, happy' an 'prosperoup
life. O~OIIYX1b. *,
The Poulitry ~Sho*, -to beheld on e
2-4 In Pickens, rromises to be the mnost
suocessful in the history of this sedtion.
Among the nmany prizes, .there are now
on exhibit'in the window of the Picken4
Drtig Co., two handsome "Judustrial
Hen" siver cups. An unusually large
number of persons have algnified theit
intention ot entering lfowan cuding
several other states. C9rreaibondence is
now- being bad with the maneger of Mr.
-Vanderbilt's Bhltsmore '1outry farm
Every 4na')ns of dotetcstioibJzj *11il be
shown, iunci ng many new belds- and
varietles. Oreat inlterest i0 no* manl
fested by our citizens in i oed poMi
try. Picke'ns Is determine i.to lead the
van when it come.s to chicken.ih~s iAnd
to this end our citizens are -unli .ing
their every effort ty.nAke the fortcom
ing exhibit a success. We expect4 blg
crowd in town, ai 6nr thrite welcome
guests, whether our own)homie folks ok"
from abroad., will flnd'the atch si,ring
of each door hanging'on the outaide and
every hand extende~d itLen y gra et.
l. Begin right away to la,o votiv
fws for the great Poultry zhIbit, to
bheld in Pickens Deces A 4 . We
Intend oayin the shade aktyand eye,
thln liq 11e ever giverk state
brthEve repsr *~be.
~,~refo you'to'f &ajd
DWIES All Kind
nd Flor"d FRU.YS at
Mad -Fresh Eye:
.NTS receie prompt and careful
Hon.'1.' C. Rtobinson Passes Away.
" 'h ri*.' RObCson is eadt"
When thewe tidingts i,mwwd from lip to
lip, and were flashed over our land, not
only every person'ii our county and sac
tion, but throughotit the old Palmetto
State--everywhete this goldeq-hearted
gentleman was known--felt the-deepest
sorrow. 44Qhris." Robinson, as he was
known, by his affable manner and many
happy characteristics, at onoe won the
hearts and oonfidende of every one with
whom h5 came in contact, and one was
cbeered and brightened 'y his presence.
It can, we belieVe, be truly said of oU)r
friend that in departing this life he leaves
not an enemy behind; for callous must
indeed be the heart that could harboi
resentment against one so kind, genial,
so geneftus and chivlrons. Mr. Rotin
son lov6d his people, his county, section
and state, and devoted to their uplifting
and upbuilding his every talent and en
ergy, both by his pen and public servi
ces; and tie devotion was reciprocated
by his people, and they gave "Chris."
Robineqa whaterer he aked, and he
served; the public with fidelity and un
questioned integrity. While a member
of the State Board of Control, pot the
slightest suspicion of corruption or mis
management wasattached to the dispen
sary. Rd-retired with clean hands and
the confidence of his dtate and people.
Mr. Robinson has been in ill-health for
some time, and his family and friends
realized the sad fact that his days amoog
them were numbered. On iuuday mor
ning last, at 1.05 o'clock. he breaffhed his
last at his home in Norris, Pickens coun
ty. His-remains were interred, Monday,
in the cemetery at Liberty. Not only
did his white friends from all over our
county anti section pay this last sad trib
ute to the deoeased, but around, the
grave were his old dblored servants,
with bowed heads and tear-dimmed eyem,
Mr. Robinson, at the time of his death,
was 58 years of age. He married twice.
an. leaves six children, his second wife
having died about a year ago. The
bereaved fatnily'have The heart-felt sym
pathy of our entire people.
. FOR SALE-On- Saleday in
December; in front of courthouse
door, I will sell one good hort4e
aid practical)y new buggy and
hat1ess. a 'o a Ind soun 1d,
gentle, and anybody-canjxandle
her. On Saturday following,
44e 5th of December, will sell to
highest biddlrs for cash, at my
hone near Duke's shop, a lot of
corn, 1 milch cow fresh in Jan
uary, 2 brood .sows, 1 large fat
tening hog, shucks off of 100
bushels of corn.
33 JEss C. DAVIs.
The Stale of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newbery, Pr obate Judge.
Whereas, B. C. Robinson marie suit to
me to grant him Letters of Admninistra
tion of the Estate and effects of T. C.
There are therefore, to cite all and
singular the kindred and creditors of the
said T. C. Robinson. deceased, that they
be and appear before me. in the Court
of Probate, to be held at Pickens on the
10th day of December next, after publi
cation hereef, at 1t o'clock in the fore
noon, to show cause, if any they have,
why the said administration should not
be granted.
.Given under my hand this 23Ith day of
E'Tovember, Anno Domini 1908.
2t J. B. NEWBERY, J. P., P. C.
The State of South Carolina.
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newbery. Probate Judge.
Whereas. R. P. Gaines madie suit to
me, to grant him Letters of Amilnistra
tion of the estate and effects of,~ L. (I.
These are therefore to cite all and sin..
gular the kindred and creditors of the
said L G. Gaines, deceased, that they be
and appear before me. in Court of Pro.
bate, to be held at Pickens on the 10th
dlay of December next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
show cause, if any they have, why the
said administr ation should not be gran
Given under my hand this 26th day of
November, Anno Domini 190%.
2t J. B. NEWBERY, J. P., P. C.
Good Horse-Shoeingj
Is hard ,to fiad. Most any kind or a workman
can tack on a shoe, but a
who knows his b)usiness, is a D)octor as well.
Heo studies each indIvidual foot and fits the
shoe to It--whIle th e masjprlty of shoe~rs fit the
the foot to the shoe: and as a oonsequenee you
have a badl job an't a lame animial. Better pay
a few eents more, atnd have the job done right,
than save a f ew pennics and lose in the value
of your animal.
We aje here to do our work right. come
around~and let's talk thle matter over.
EpShoesi and Blackm4h,
'seamles, s. V,
OM ade C
v,: c Ifornia a
: :.,:,'Candies
The ielh wvo a 4 e Mr. J. Foster
SmJth return lfrInoee thanks tp the
in0d friendd and nilybors who assisted
thein during. e sickness of the decased
and for the royo athy during the sad
b reavewent, TbAr. names and deeds
have sank do itr hearts.
Childr*nW.46t Ji Foster Smith.
Santi Ci e at Noris.
Mr. I. D. Rice, the wide awake and
hustling merchanWt 'a Norris has a new
advertisement -g the Sentinel-Journal
this week which' will' be read not only
-with special intutst f the little folks,
but- the public ai( 1"s1ei His store is sim
ply filled to o*orfti.Jn~g with Christm -a
presents but all ianner of good things
for holidays. It will i4chly repay all
th- surrounding couptry to visit Norris
and patronize Mr. RICe.
May B. Find.
Mr. J. P. Scrugs, of Oreenvil je, with
the Revenue s-rvie, reatihed rickens.
Monday morning arid''Pegfan at once an
-investigation of thi' dWrent stores,' in
search of empty t6beco and cigar boies
upon which the stamps had not been
scratched. H4 caught . wo of our lead
ing flrn.s and made .ises against them.
It was simply neglect on their part and
sio intention to violate the law. The
fincs may range from $50 to $150. [let
ter see that stanps ar6 scratched So Eoon
as boxes are enpted.
No Shoddy Goods at Freeman's.
Those of our citfzns in quest of real
bargains should let that old Cheap-John
and shop-worn stuff severely alone and
patronize that well known and thor
oughly rel'ableiouse,- W. E. Freeman &
Co. This splendid house is this week ad
vertising some genuine bargains. and
if % our purchase iA not right you come
back- and they will take it righ3t. They
are our home f(oks, settled and doing
-business among us. and not here today
and there to-morrow, .-a -aracking over
the couatry, trymu to get off on a gulli
be public a lot of hard stock.
The Candt Kilohen.
Of course you mst lay in'A stock of
cindies,'fruits and other nice thingE for
'THi . .and th Ie it p'Ac- id :lih.
%Vhole region 'round aboiteto buy them
IsAt the~Candy it6ichen in. Pickens. Here
eadidies are freshly n$de every day,
of 411 kinds and trom tle purest ingredi
,eis. ad this establiihmant .1pir s is
fruits direct. Theire 'is nothing.'Worie
adtilterated than cand(es,4nd 'hten poi
sonous stuff i-i used. But when-you buy
from the: Cqtvdv. Kit0heo yqu got the
best, purest a'd'. ffeshest, aid it costs
you no more than stale, machine made
candies. Patrponizi the- Candy Kitchen
and see for yourself. You can also buy
'there your fruits railsins. nuts anid ma'ny
other holiday goods and table supplies.
Illicit Stills Capfured mf .Pigliens.
Ono day last wveek Cipr,. Hendricks,
together with other revenue officers, rai
ded the upyaer section of Pickens county
and captured two moonshite sAIls, and
which the~y eut up The worms had
.heen removed -and no prisoners were
made. althoggh the~ stills were recently
in operation. Officere say that moonshi
.ners are now very activo, making booze
for Chrismas.' Several ohier stills have
been spotted uip in he mountains and
just over the Nouth Carolina line. It is
ai generat belief that (his blockade whiis
'key is the purt aut and best to be had. On
the other hand it s the vilest stuff that
ever~ passed down the human throat.- In
order to m<ike it'benid,and yld wuote to
the bushel. mais)y: mo4onshiners p U con
centrated lie in their beer, a a hioh
eats away the coating.of the stomach.. It
is not uncomsmoun for officers to fin4, the
ground around one of these stills lit'ter
ed with emp)ty lye ccanP. Then it i keg
thne and careful atte-ntion to have the
beer r,ight to make- go ni whiskey, and
'these moonshiners I eing always soared,
often.miake their run before all us ready.
If a fellow stick- to moonshine lfquor he
had better keepi his life ins3ured for the
benefit of his family, or hav'e his atom..
ach coppuer plaited.
A Gallant Soldier Passes Away.
Mr. J. Fest-'r Smith. on the 15th inst..
at the honi of his daughter Mrs. W. c.
Keith, "P&sed over the river and rests
under the shade of t he trees." The dg.
ceased was 78 years old, and a consistent
member of Griffn Baptist church, and
hIs remains were inte'rre.d in its -horial
ground. within the ihadow of the sacred
edifice be loved so) well. He leaves five
ohildren, 'sides a host of sorrowing
friends, tb mourn his demise: Mr. John
Smitni, of Calhbun: Mur. Arthur C.8Smith
'of- Pickons; Mrs. Lucretia' Jones. Mrs.
Josie Brown-a and Mrs. W. 0. KeIth.
When our Southland sounded its call to
arnis Mr. Smith respondedC(, and gave to
his country theasame devotion and fidel
ity as charactetiked his entire life. He
dever shsrked duty or danger, and ear
fled to hIs latI~ resting place the sesrs
*appn N - A froum a wound hereceived
dhaba' md neighbor and good
citizen, *her, 4 since -e Chris
Sti 11, : a Confederate 0oldier
beM h 'l om among us to ~a
t o. esd for a long, usbfu
gd w 't4 All who kne~w'thir
~od oI a" Id nfart-fel/ 'a
whd jwvg an4r m8e
W h o .. . a n d '.
~y Hou r
When you need insu
on your Dwellings, Bar a
Stock, Cotton Gin, Store-hobs
or the
Best Life Insurande
on the market, it will pay you
to get it fixed up.b
of Greenville, 5. C.
He knows his' business
thoroughly, and' when you
burn.out, or die, he makes it
his business to. see that the
claim is paid 'prom'ptly. Ask
tht who know him.
Write him at Greenville and
he will see you. aug'3-18t
Tax Notice.
"Mlce of County Treasurer. lickeii Uounty.
Picken,% S. C., Septenler 28th 1908,
The books for the collection of State and
County taxes vill be open from
October 1.th l(08 to Devenhr 31st 1908.
Those who prefer to do so can pity in Janua
ry 1007, with I per cent udditinal Thove
who prefer paying in ..ebruatry 1909, can
(10 so with 2 per cent tiddfitional. Those who
prefer paying in 'March 1909, to the lMt,h of said
month, cnn do Uy pa fi l a additional 7 per
cent. After said date t e ooks will close
N. U.-Tax payers owning property or paying
tax for.oth6rs, will lilease ask for tax -recelit
In each townthip or special sehool district in A
which hie or thev aay own property. This is
very inpjortlint as thilrv ar o narn' f.iciao
utr:.. .a ,. .. wo do 1u"L ka it" to
cnome to theolne can write ne, not litter than
D)1Ceourber.20th, and I will furnish then with*
the amount due and they qan remit ille by
check, money order or registered letter, ]., -
stamps- iri sent do not send above the two (i:
cent ones, as I cannot use them. PlleAre do not
send mne cash withont registering siane, as it is
liable to qt lost: if sent otherwise- it must be
at sender.s risk.
Levy for State.tax* ....... . . . Mills
Levy for Constitutional School tax . 3" mills
Levy for Ordinary County tax.. mills
Levy for SI.ilcing Yund i M iMl
Levy for Past Indebted ... mils
Levy for Chain Gan- ........ ...... mill
Levy for State Coatable - ........ mill
.s Total li .mllia
Special Levy for School Disetrict N,. 5,.'mill
Special Levy for Schadol D)'trict No. :3.. ..2'iillA
Special Levy for School istrict No. 4.2mills,
Special Levi for School l)'strict No. ... 2 mills
Special ..evy for Schnool D)istrict No. 9 . .8 mills~
Special Lo,y for School D)istrict No. 16, 1%V mills
Special Levy for .School District No. ii, 5% mills
Spiecial Levv for School Dilstrict No. 18,. .6 mills
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 14,.. 4 miule
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 16.. .2 mills' -
Speciqi Levy for halool District No. 17,. .4 mills
Special LAevy' for School D)istrict No. 18,. .2 wills
Special Levy for School D)istrlct No. 19,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School D)istric't No. ?2,..2 mills
Special Levy for Schrool D)istrict No, 25,. .2 mills
Special Levy for Schrool D)istrict No. 27,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School D)istrict No,. , mills
Special Levy for School D)istrict No6. 42,..l.mills
Special .Levy for Sehool District N'o. 49,. .2 mills
Levy for interest onr Pickens 11. R. hionds a
Hurricane townshi p...... .........2maills
L evy for interest oar Pickenrs R. R. lionds
yastatoe townseip......... .....2% mills
Lavy for interest o' lekenas R. R. ionrds
'Pickens C. II. I. irship............ 2 mills
'Poll TIax, One (I, lDollar. Every arle ciltiscrn
fromr 21 to to 60O years is liable, excaput ;onrfeder
ate soldiers, who do not paty after 50 years, and
those excused by la w.
Commutation Road Tlax, $1.50. All persons
desiring to pay this tax for 19109 ir Ireru of five
days work on the roadl, carn 4o so before March
1st, 1909. All persons bretween tire inges of 21
and 50 years are liatble for this tax. except those,
excused by law.
Capitationi Dog Tax. All personse owrning
dogs are required to pity a tax of fifty (10) cents
on each dog. Respectfully,
Couantv Treiasurer.
Pickens Bottling Works
R. L. DAVIS, Prop'r.
Main Street, PICKENS, 5. C.
Manufacturers of All Kir:ds Soft Dria ka
Tihe Wholesate Tirade Surpplied Promptly
Also, handles, at retail, SoftC Drinks,
Cigars, To'5accos, Canned Ocoas,
* Fancy and Shelf Groceries,
-Elo., Etc.
Your patronage solIeited.
R. L. DAV-Ih, Prop'r.
r...inwJMlr,.. andbetftOtfMe.r
Iresalunt -
is t

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