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J, Pierpont Morgan Has Second Place
-Andrew Carnegie and Wbitelaw
FAid, However, Also in $25,000
Class-President $1,000.
Now York dispatch, 21st.
When the report of George S. Shel
idon, Reublican national treasurer,
to filed with the State Auditor of
Few York at Albany it will be found
i ii said that the Republican cam
paign wich elected William H1. Taft
was conducted with a fund of about
Charlps P. Taft was the heaviest
contributor having added $160,000 to
the fund.
The following isthe list of leading
contribultors who gave over $250:
Chal-hs P". Tatl.. .........$1.60.000
J. Pierpont Morgan.. .... 25,000
Andrew Carnegie.. ......25,000
William Nelson Cromwell... 25,000
Whitelaw Reid.. .... ....25,000
D. . Mills .... .. ...... 5,000
'Adolphus Busch... .. .. ...5,000
B. C. Keren... ... .. ...... 5,000
W. C. Dickey.. ........ 5,000
William Barrett Iidgely 1,200
President loosevelt.. ..... 1,000
Frank B.. Kellogg.. ...... 1,000
C. A. S(vernce.. ........ 1,000
E. N. Saunders.. ........ 1,000
Thomas F. Cole.. .. .......1,000
Edward 11. Stettinius.. .... 1,000
Marvin lughiitt.. ........ 1,000
N. W. Harris.. .. .. .... 1,000
H. K. Conehran.. .. .. ..... 1.000
Charles RI. Crane... ... ....1,000
saimudI Insull.. ......... .. 1,000
John C. Wharton.. ...... 1,000
Charles P)a,.: Bryan...... 1,000
W. 1[. Hartlett.......... 1.000
Jamcs A. Pat ten.. ...... 1,000
nobrt T. Licon.. ...... 1.000
E. I. Frazier.. .......... 1,000
Joh i(. Shedd.. ........ 1,000
Joy Morton.. .. .. ...... 1,000
E. A. V. Kieckheifer.. ..... 1,000
Gave Less Than $1,000.
Will'am lKett.. .. .. .... 800
F. 1 .. Sith.. .. ...... 800
A. . Littlefield.. ...... 625
John Milton Oliver.. .. .. 500
Walter Hurroughs.. .. .... 500
Clayton Mark.. ........ 500
C. A. Smith.... ........ 500
W. K. Bixhy.. ........ 500
0. B. (Iorin .... .. ....... 500
A. W. 6oodrich.. ........ .500
W. H1. Evans.. .. .. ....... 500
C. B. Borland.. .. .. .. .. 500
. S. Johes.. . .... .... 500
F. F. Oriincs.. .. .. ...... 500
F. 11. Smith .. .. .. ..... 500
T. 1). oines .. .. . . ..... 500
B. E. Slunny.. .. .. ....... 500
John A. Sp;or.. .. ........ 0
Samuel Cupples.. ........ 500
R. S. Brookings........... 500
Julius Rosenwald.. .. ..... 50)
A. A. McKay. . . ...... 500
John S. ltuinnclls........ 50 0
W. F. Conist eeL. ..1.... 500
William Mel.:imldin.. .. ...500
J. A. [I)Ilmes.. ........... 500
E. B. Price.... .. ............(
William T. Jlovee..........5...0J
And TVhese Gave $500.
J. C. Shat'er ... ........... ..500
(George I". (Gritin.. .........500
1). A. (Ynmpbell.. ............500
E. F. Swinne'y.. ............5)00
D. M IHoer. ..t........500
EdwVard B. Butler.. ..........500
H-. W. Foe.... ............500
J. II. 'toughtd.. ............500
Ptewarit SpaId i ng.. ...........500
E. J1. Unfhington.. .. .........500
A. II. Mulliken .... .........500
Davidl B. ,fones............5)00
B. W. Sears..-..-.........500
Mark S. Willing-.--.-.......400
John Duipree----.--.........400
F. ,J. Iewes--.............400
J. C. Ames-- ---...... 300
W~arreni Nichols- .............00
Harry llart.--.............300
J. F. Domwning.-......... 300
E. E. Mortu.n-............300
Chnrles Piz--..............300
T. IB. I\oam-...--..........300
Franci I li...............300
C'aflvin D nd t.. .. ... ...... 00
E.lvi. Lehm anm~.... ... ........ 00
-Ale.a~nder ibertson.........300)
Ar d R12ose Gave $-250.
'The folloiwinig gave 42501 each:l
Charles JT. Singer, 1H. Ortunian, B. A.
Keyes, JIohn P'. Wilson, L,evy Maye'r.
George J. ('ooke, G. M. IReynobis, C.
Li. W\illey, A. 0'. Hartlett, J. 1). l"as
comn, H. Woodland, F. S. Winston
hlenry G. Hart, WV. HI. Whiteside, .J
B. Tarbell, II. M1. Vlyllesby, R. L.. W.
~owers, William BumttIerw~orth, WV. V
.elley, P. JT. Bennett, Md. J. Spiegal
A. B. Conover, M. A. lRyerson, D. Ui
. nrnhiam, C. 11. Hnrlburd. Matz~ Boy~
CI Fisher, E. L,. Ryersoni, Eugrene S
Pike, D). N. Barker, GIrahiam .1. Hn
ris, J. S. Field, D). M. Cummings, Jo.
cepfT B. Field, F. H. Ralwson, (). W.
)Novion, A. M. Barnhart. W. Stone
Kennteth Clark, T. A. Schulze. Jo)ll
1. H. Field, C. IK. Sharood.. Jlohn R
Mit.chell, Gebhard Bohn, A. HeLir.
dke, 4. W. Gordon, E. HI. Bailok.F
B. WVells, F. -C, Vann Dusen. W
Deering, Bron L. Smeith aend H1. 1
61" aby W11W4'
A baby, like an adult, needs water
as regularly as it needs foo4. The
milk that it gets, though a liquid,
does not satisfy its thirst. It should
be given water at least three times
a day, and this water should he near
ly, if not quite, free of organisms.
The water that comes from the aver
age city maindor country spring is
alive with microscopic plants and
animals, even when it seems clear
and sparkling. These minute organ
isins, as a rule, are hamless to adults
but in the delicate stomach of the
baby they are apt to cause disturb
ances, and so they must be eliminat
ed. The best way to get rid of them
is to allow the water to boil twenty
minutes. After that, let is cool and
store it in clean, well-corked bottles
which have been previously immersed
in boiling water for five minutes.
(.lass stoppers are better than cork.
Boiled water is tasteless and insipid
because of the absence of air-bubbles,
but the baby seldom notices it. It
is best drunk out of a thoroughly
clean nursing bottle. Offer water to
the infant every four hours, and let
it drink as much as it wants. The
supply for each day should be boiled
in the morning. Under no circum
stances should water be kept more
than a day.-The December Deline
News of the Day.
There appears to be good ground
for the rumor circulated some time
ago that a deal bad been consummat
ed between Mr. J. Elwood Cox and
the Leach Bros., of High Point,
whereby the, Elwood Hotel changes
After repeated efforts to get around
legal objections in the way, the
board of aldermen of Wilmington
have decided to reject all former
propositions and readvertise for bids
for the sale of $400,000 waterworks
and sewerage bonds both on a. 4 1-2
and a 5 per cent. basis. At a special
meeting the city received a proposi
tion from the Wilmington Sewerage
Company to purchase the establish
ed system here and pay for the same
in bonds. The board, however, took
the position that a better trade could
be made with the ready cash and the
proposition was merely filed for in
formation and future negotiations.
Bright Sayings.
Method will teach you to win time.
A handful of might is better than
a sackful of right.-German.
By going gains the will, and not
by standing still.-Spanish.
Man's chief wisdom consists in
knowing his follies.-Rochofoueould.
One cannot take aim at things too
The cost takes away the taste.
Necessity is stronger than human
A candle lights others and con
sumes itself.-Dlutch.
A man thinks a woman likes to
scold, but that is only a salve to
his conscience.
Forlune favors the man with a
st rong arm and a hard fist- f lhe has
a d15'isoition to use tem.
The're are people who will take
anyting, and if nothing more sub
stntziail is lying about they are! sure:
to take offense..
A man rarely realizes how his
tates have changed until he goes baek
in aftIer years for a plunge in the hole
where lie learned to swim.-Dalllas
Found in Change to RIght Food.
After one Buffers from acid dyspep
ria, souri stomach, for months and
then finds the remedy is in getting
the right kind of food, it is somethiag
to speak out about.
A N. Y. lady and her young son
had such an experience, and she
wants others to know how to get re
lief. She writes:
"For about fifteen months my lit
tie boy and myself had :niffered wit,h
souri stomach. We were unable to
retain much of anything we o.
"'After suffering in this way for so
loeng I dlecidedI to conslS t a specialist
in stomach diseases. Instead of p-c
scrihing drugs, he put us both (An
Girape-Nuts, and we begant to improve
"It~ was the key to a new life.I
foun td we had been eating too much
heavy food which we culd not digest.
in a few weeks after c'ommuencinig
Grape'-Nuts I was able to do my
housaewor'k. I wake in the morning
with a clear head and feel rested and
have no soiur stomfachi. My boy sleeps
well and wakes with a laugh.
"W(' have regained our lost weight
andl co; ntie to eat Grape-Nuts for
both the morning and evening meals.
No are well andl happy and owe it to
irape-Nuts. There's a Reason."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read "The Road~ to
WelIville," in pkgs.
Ever read the above, letter? A
new onie appeas1I fromt time to time.
They. -awe genuine, tr'ue, a.d full of
human interest.
11 D14w out Malaria and Baid Ug
the Syste=
Take the Old. Standard [email protected] TAWM.
L UUML ToN0. Yon know what YoU
are takin n formula i lY rin
onevryshwing it"RyQ
nine and ro atasteless form, iu
most felt for1n. boor grow" People
A common danger produces unan
"Everywhere I go I speak for TBTTRINX,
because It cured me of ringworm in its
worst form. My *bole,peet from neck to
waist was raw as beef; but rarrasiwa cured
me. It also cured a bad.ease of piles." So
says Mrs. M. Y. Jones of 28 Tannehill St..
Pittsburg. Pa. TSTTPRIXU, this great skin
remedy, is sold by druggets or sealtby mail
for 603. Write Jr. T. iupiatan, Dept. A,
Savannah, Ga.
Every tomorrow brings its bread.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, softens thegunis, reduces inflammt.
tion. allays Liun, cures wind colic. 25c a bottle
He who goes to the mill gets be
Itch cured in 3 minutes by Woolford's
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. At druggistp.
Proverbs and Phrases.
A day that is not thine own do
not reckon it as of thy life.-Arab
A man is not known till he cometh
to honor.-Dutcb.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars R"mrd
for an case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Holl's Catarrh Care.
-F. J. Cxxzy & Co., Toledo 0.
We, the undereigned, have known . J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
hin perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to tearry
out any obligations made by his Srm.
WALDING, KNAN & AI A v11 Whol,
sale Fruggists, Toledo, 0.
. ll's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, act.
ing directly upon the blood and mucuoussur.
faces of the system. Testimonials sent free.
Price, 75e. per bottle. Sold by all DruggistL
Take HaIl's Family Pills for ronsti'tion.
Pop-Corn Balls.
Make sonic old-fashioned molasses
candy and just before taking from
the fire stir in enough pop-corn to
thicken it. After stirring the mix
ture for a minute set the kettle at
the side of the stove, take the mix
ture from it by the large spoonful
and lay each on greased paper or a
greased tin. As it hardens roll each
spoonful into. a ball, greasing the
hands well first, and roll each ball
over and over in freshly-popped corn
until this ceases to adhere to the sur
face. Wrap in waxed paper.-The
December Delineator.
nybepermaney vercomebypev
perSonal efforts t ie eme,0namefe
of4the o tru yeneici1 o tive
wI1chh ere n ofr eao
whe nolonerneed~c o$asie btestoj'
rmedies,wen Yeguinred, aretq ossist
n~aure and not to 6upplant1t tihe natur.
OaIunctions, whidsch ustl depend uldtic
prope andt~w riht livi genrlly.
otjbreefcal effee s, always
C atnufactureby the
ro Symup Co. oimxy
Onle size qrnho reg,atar price 50$ yr Bottle
Nothing New or
"A SK.
For many generatione ooo,se tGrease nas boos
recogn imod as a wonderful remxodial medium
in treating and curing Pneumonia. Grippe,
Rheumftisem and Neuralg*.s. RICE's 000)3U
IR EAS E LINIME NT is made from pure goose
swease, with other valuable curative Iigre.
dien te added. Try it.
250-A t all Druggista and Doalers--95o.
aOOSE GREASE OM1PAN, """ *8nao.
of the most senous character hat
Cure. Coughs, colds, hoarseness,
to taing' inifluence. If you Ii
orhv ihyu breath
diat beefit thefirst doss.
plete ees.Fo acdyhalfa ai
Bab s P d to Ie with Xe.
2-4oAb Oosed Out AU Over
$a1d to use ctdemra.
"81x months aftei birth my little airl
roke out with ecZema and I had two doe,
tore in attendasoo. There was not a partiole
of akin left on 'her body, the blood oozed
out 12t an where, and we had to wrap her
in ' carry her on a pillow for ten
weeks. She was the most terrible eight I
ever saw, and for six months I looked for
her to die. I used every known remedy to
alleviate her suffering, for It was terrible
to witness. Dr. C- gave her up. Dr.
B- recommended the Cuticura Remedies.
She will soon be three years old and has
never had a sign of the dread trouble since.
We used about eight cakeG of Cuticura
Soap and three boxes of Cuticura Oint
ment. James J. Smith, Dumid, Va., Oct.
,14 and 22, 190."
Every man is th'e son of his own
Panorama esdache.
Caused by constantly shifting gazo.
as by moving picture shows, tra*eling
in r y 7PovIuAg conveyanes and
the ie .s cured by external applica
tion to he eyes of Dr. Mitchell's Eye
Salve, It strengthens them and stops
the burning sensation. Automobil
lets use Mitchells Eye SalveI 2c.
A beginner is always a good man
Caudine cares Indigestion Painp,
le ' , Sour 8tomah and Heartburn,
om watever ause. It'e Liquid. Effects
inmediately. Doctors Presen it. 10c
25.. and 0.., at drug stores.
A good man's peligree is little
hunted up.-Spanish.
Mrs. 'temas Thompson, of ClarkPvIle,
Go.. writes, under date of April 28, IfO1: "I
Puffered 14 years with tormenting oosema;
had the best doeters to prescribe; but noth
ing did me aly good until I got trVaSRTNU.
t eared me. I am so thankfuL"
Tbousands of ethers an testity to similar
eure. TaTTsao is sold by druggists er
est by mai for 0e. by J. T. (srumz,
Dept. A, Wavanah. G.
A beggar'# estate lies in all lands
T I R.i
M t 0 Vase a.
Cam>.aj.em ,
frequently suffer great i
change of life. It is at t
effect of taking Cardut is
who find that it relieves
Mrs. Lucinda C. Hil
"Before I began to take
'Iwas afraid to lie down ,
take it I felt better in a'
gone. I can sleep like i
of life has nearly left mi
FOR MEN. 'i- tpof -
to assure case and comforT dff
others lies ir. the fact '-hat they are
model. They fit exactly, and for t,
Look for the label. If you do not fS
readily, write us for directions how 1
F A D) E Ul
Ir rre bookIoLS ~ow t o ye. enO Q and MIX
i*,been permaneridy cured with Piso*s
br isntha quicklyreod
ave a cotgh or col, if you aroe
4g get a bottle of Piso's Cure. laS..
Continued use generallybis ern.
~PiosCua has been&carug
s,clb ncrosia chest cspit
This wOman says she was saved
from an operation by Lydia E.
Pinkham'sVegetable Compound.
lAnaV. Henry. of Norristown, Ga.,
writes to Mrs. Pinkham:
"I suffered untold misery from fe
male troubles. My doctor said an operk
tion was the only chance I had, and I
dreaded it almost as much as death.
"One day I read how other women
had been cured by Lydia E. Pinkham'
Vegetable Compound, and I decided to
try it. Before I had taken the first,
bottle I was better, and now- I am en
tirq!y cured.
" very woman suffering with an
female trouble should take Lydia
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable. Compound, made
from roots and herbs, has been the
standard remedy for female ills
and has positively cured thousands of
women who have been troubied with
displacements, inflammation, ulcer&
tion,%fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodio pains, backache, that bear
mg-down feeling, flatulency, indiges
tion, dizziness or nervous prostration.
Why don't you try it ?
Mrs. Pinkham Invites all sick
women to write her for advice.
She Chas guided thousands te
health. Address, Lynn, Mass.
AriSe.,esss06hbld Remediva. Plavertne
I. TetepS aeionon. Flatnpa. SCI.
Wanted in Every County.
ain and misery during the
his time that the benoficial
most appreciated, by those
their di.tress.
Flelp You
1, of Freeland, 0., writes:
Gardui, I suffered so badly
at night. 'After I began to
veek. Now may pains have
girl of 16 and the change
3." Try Cardui.
ahoe deterrnines. its style. It's the art
ren eein that emad tte proper ln
t reason as apea unatural fot-fortn
ktona hlass.
HELP "* ** on iavInr;
onf . ID. LA HFl' PeparatianI
WOM EN -r'a. , ,A
a,end Jor book. "Ucletes for Woanen."
FREINCHI DRUG CO., 30 W. 32d st., b. Y. City.
ouTF'rs T~rY
RIIEUMATI8M"nnW"*'*s 1hulu lv
)o'WmiTho~~rm~1RPi~)ulps. sE eru,ad.

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