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Entered Apr tri k of aot P.ic of
Vostmaster General Makes i
Series. of Recommendationp
lostmaster General Meyer, in -1H
Annual Report, Eocommpnds t
Congress the Trial of Both Them
reatures ror Many Reasons.
Washington, Special.-In his an
maal report for the fiscal year endc
-June 30th, 1908, Postmaster Genera
Meyer gives the total receipts gor th4
.year as $191,478,663 and expendi
4ures as $208,351,886, thereby shiaw
ing a deficit of'$16,873,222, the larg
,est in the history of the department
with an additional loss from fire
burglary, etc., of $37,056. The de
:cit of 1909, it is estimated, agaii
will exceed $16,000,000.
Attention is particularly called t<
a number of improvements in busi
* of the department - a
* , advantage and the sav
derable amounts. Recom
again made for the crea
L.,_position of director o
posts, at a high salary, and who shal
hold office during good behavior, thq
object being to have a continuity ol
policies for the benefit o fthe posta
service and the people of the Unitei
Necessity of Good Roads.
The necessity for good roads ii
pointed out in .connection with th4
^f rra deliv
Ild thle
ient o:
V *entire
of dol
-ofit the
ie mer
red b]
-ostal card, whien other
t be purchased. 'Th
post,'' says the Post
I "will enable ,the far
- small parcels deliverr
to live better and tt
obta;n emwly the necessaries of-life.'
Pcri:.i.sion is requested to establis!
experimentally a limited parcel posi
in not to exceed four counties in or
der to demonstrate the praeticabilit.
of tne plan.
The Postmaster General agai
urges legislation permitting the es
tablishment of postal savings banki
-or depositaries in connection witl
Stamp-Vending Machines.
Experiments with stamp-vendini
machines, says tha Postmaster Gen
-eral, are still being conducted, witl
-every prospect that the defects whiel
Aeveloped in the preliminary testi
'will add immeasurably to the publi<
The campaign of education in th~
:school houses in matters pertaininf
to the ordinary operation of the pes
tal service, so as to emphasize th4
importance of careful addressing, th~
)placing of the name andl address o:
the sender on envelopes, etc., is ree
-oThmendled to be continued. so as t<
save hundreds of thousands of let
4ets and packages from e.in to thi
-dead letter otilee, each year as i
mo~w the ease.
A marked improvement in the ef.
A ene of t e rie is no'ed b
44dy, is due to the poli in
' postmasters' of all oni
* ords have been sati H1
'4deves, however, that ppoint.
-*1nte of seqonid and fli as post
ensters should lie with the Postmas
~ ~ is nowv the practie
b' b.:. of1tees. This. he says
''to the President thi
pc t - [' postmasters at thi
*re mt, out offices and reliev'
av v* f tmotit of routine worn
* et is a tax [email protected] i his time.
Remote Statighw $Avocated.
The Postmaster ~1s puts h,iur
--1f on record as be1 # d*l ly op
a tge.I wh1j ibits th
five ~1lesbAynk rd
limits of a city, althOqgh tiesa, ol,
kuch restrictions ex)its wth refereries
to the extension 6fithe free deliv.eiY
service. ..The depar ient, he declaIes,
should not. e: pjkd 'in t66 positi6n,
of ,being 'able to deliver mail fromi
dooi to, door and 4t the same tibl 0?
'being forbiddej to' supply the, d FsUqot
sooeryed with. the. other ushal tY
coiveniences. Thd repeal of the la
complained of -in urged.
T 1mes-Zemiecrat's 'Bstinate of rop
is 12,800,000 BAes..
New Orleans, Speoial.--Thd Times
Democrat's -4ltimato on the cotton
crop of 1008 is 12,800,000 bales.
- War Seems Near.
Und, By C ble.-It is generally
agreed in well informed diplomatie
circles that war in -the Balkans it
very near and can hardly be avert
e. The belief is .Joined in b.y all the
newspapers of London. According to
The Daily Telegraph, negotiations bq
tween Russia and Apstria have pro
gressed to such a point that their
failure is a certainty. It is generally
believed that Turkey; Servia and
Montenegro have secretly closed an
offensive and apfensive compact.
Divide Wealth Says Carnegie.
New York, Special.-''The commu
nity makes wealth; 'divide wealth
with the community." This is the
keynote of an article by Andrew Car
negie to appear in the December num
ber of The World's Work. He shows
how the people aro the real founders
of great foriunes held by individuals
and says they should get a goodly
portion of these. riches when the build
eri of the fortunes die.
Indina to Unveil Shaft in -Georgia.
Indianapolis, Ind., Special.-gov.:
ernoi- Hanly and-staffn.d fifty othe'
Indianans left for Andersonville, Ga.
for the dedication of the Indiane
monument to,inen of that State wh
died in the famous civil war prison.
The party ieln by way of Louisville
On Thursday the Indiana monument
commission will present the shaft tc
Governor Harly,' who in turn wili
present if to the Federnl government
Twenty-Five Bodies Out.
Pittsburg, Special.-Twenty-five
bodies, all but two of them horribly
mutilated, were taken Sunday from
the mine of the Pittsburg-Buffalo
Coal company at Marianna, forty
miles south of- here, where an ex
plosion occurred Saturday, killing
many men and casting into gloom
what was until then considered the
model mining town of the 'world.
Paper to Be anuact red From
Cottgn Stalks.
Washington, Special.-Paper is tA
be manufactured from cotton stalks
a heretofore useless by-product, ac
cording to a repo) to the Bureau o1
Manufactures. A company, capitaliz.
ed at $500,000 lhas been organized af
Atlanta, Gat., for the purpose. It 'i
claimed thnt paper can be made from
cottonT stalks at a cost of about $1r
per ton.
The Uses of Authority.
An )tdd.ition to the list of phrteeog
logieal coinciaences shas just -been
made by a speaker at the fteligious
Congress now assembled in the Ox.
ford schools. For a competent stu
dent of any great subject there was,
said Prof. Rhys David, ho better way
of clarifying and increasing knowl
edge than writing a book about It.
Something like the saint sentiment
was eipressed, a litt1hirniore cynioally,
b)V t.he late Bishop Creightcn, at a
Dictionary of National Biography ain
1icr. "Whenever." :he declared, "I
hivn four"1 myself esTledilly ignomat
of any suiet "1 have alwa,ys tt'led
t" ret a commb"sien for an article
'mn it, P"d in this W2)y I have picked
,p re'1d1*41 of tiseful informa
oin."-Westmingto~r Gazette.
P*e'-/.re 'you engagedl?
lW'11a-Ye# I tohd him rny ringbd
eat a sie York/ i
xpIosion Leaves a
'% WMangled Bodies
ine a ctai by State Official
Catastrophe and
P 8-9Aaie--Modern Devices
Pitt%biq; SPecial.--The last ray
of hope fort4hq rescue of any one of ]
the 125 rnore miners who were en
tombed -'by In explosion at the Mar
ianna n1in4" of the Pittsburg-Bfrfalo
Coal compajil shortly before noon
Saturday.was dispelled when the first I
rescuing paiy reaced the workings
and found:;the dead bodies scattered
about the floor of the mine.
Few if a roffthe bodies are muti
lated and ..the"men were undoubtedly
smothered by ihe deadly vapors which
followed the explosion. The bodies
have not yet been counted, but it is
known that there are at least 125
and the numbor may be larger. All
but two of-th.e bodies in the mine,
it is said, are those of foreigners.
No-effort has yet been made to re
move the bodies from the mine. In
stead the reseUrers and the mining
experts are making a complete explo
ration of all of the workings to see if
they are now safe. This work-is ex
pected to occupy several hours;
P 'ittsburg, Pa., Special.-On the
eve of the convention of the Amei4
can congress, which assembles here
next week to enbider minipg prob
lems in the various States if -:generil
and particularly to, discusq mine oia
asters anI &p,vi4 ' for '
~revin)(e, the9 Art
,r-noonf-diffurdaa explo m.
the MariAnna mine of the Pittsbur
Buffalo Coal compapy which entomb
ed and almost beyond doubt killed all
of the men employed in the mine at
the time, the number being. variously
estimated zat froin 125 to '300. T1fhe
uncertinty as to the exact number
that prevailed throughout the after
noon coninued when darkness. envel
oped the new, mining -town from
which the owners had expected- so
much iii the wpy of 4agfy and com
fort of the men' through the extra
ordinary ptudy and ,expense that had'
been devoted 'to 'tb f4ature iof the I
developmont of .the'rew: coal field. T
President John H. Jones of the -com- i
pany said that the number of en- I
tombed men would not exceed 125, t
but neither he nor iY other officer '
of the comp ny has been able up to t
this time tP locate the books which t
contain the names or numbers of em- t
ployes and show those- in the work
ings at the time of the explosion.
The workings .in which Saturday's
catastrophe happened are known as
the Rachel and Agnes mines, in real
ity a double mine with nnderground
connections. Construction work was
practically finished, and Deputy State
Mine Inspect.or Henry Louttit,a few
minutes before the '4xplosioti had
completed a two - -days' inspection
which had reyealed no' cause for ap
prehension. He and' Qeneral Man
ager Kerr of the companz came to
the ,surface ini the cake 'operated in
ohe of the shafts a few minutes be
fore 11 o'clock, Wfne Foreman Hen
ry Thompson and two miners entered
the cage, and it was started towards
the bottom of the 500-foot shaf't.
There was an omiiious rumbling.
the a trembling o'f flie ground round
abo the mouth of the shaft as from '
an earthquake and an instant later
there was a terrible, report and the
caet was hurled up the sha.ft and C
through the roof of the shaft house d
the mine formean and the two men
still, in it. The bodies of the men.
were hurle1 through the t'op of the
buflding and far beyond it. Thomp- I
s6ni *as (dend when picked up, while
the hjers, although nortally injured,
W~e,l1urriedl to a hospital. .
Sbsitered portions of the woodwork I
ablout;.lae mouth of the shaft Were ,j
blowi4iIrto Ten, Mile Creek, '2,000 feet
from'.be sh:f.. Portions of at leapt '
two "*ter bodlies were blowvn from ~
the eha1n and were founnd in the fields 'N
net The venitilating fans we4
put dQ .4j commnh'ions by the exp.
sion, 4, for several hours iio^~r
medj' own .t) e plosion1:;
1esh 1 Volume of smoke issued from
:heshafts but ceased (t short time-.4
,1seuo work wis immediately start
ad but it was impossible to gain en
brance to the mine for a long time.
l'ht opehing up of the shaft was the
)mlly solution and for this task there
were volunteers iri numbers.
Relief parties on special trains
!rom the city including the chief of
leers of.thb corapAny and minig ex
)erts from the United States labora
ory and testing statiQn,.recently es
'ablished here, who took with them
ill of the latest appliances and de
4ces for resene work.
Several experienced miners -de
;cended the steps inside the shaft and
iucceeded in reaching the bottom.
lere they.,found further progress
)arred bccause the lateral heading'
!rom the bottom of the shaft into
he mine proper was coked with
nuck and debi-is. The largest pos
iible force was at once put to work
o open this passage.
There was.practicali,y no hope from
he first of any of- the eptombed men
>cing taken out alive but this did not
leter the- most strenuous efforts to
murry the opening of the mine.
The Flot Coming Home.
MIanila, By Cable.-With the de
arture from Manila December 1st of
;ho American battleship fleet under
he command of Rear Admiral Sperry
;he sixteen ~vesscls that are makin'
iuch a remarkable round - the world
7oyage turn their prows definitely
ror home waters. They have been
tone from Hampton Roads. nearly a
Vear. If the record established up to
the present times is mantaied the
leet will retu'rn honie without serioup
ceident of mishap of any kind.
Divorce Evil on Increase.
Washington. Special.-The divorc
rate appears to be much higher ir
the United States than in any .of t1U
'eign countries for which Atatistic.
mg to the subject have been ob
tained not less than one marriage it
twelve in this country ultimately tor.
jainating in divorce. This fact hat
been ascertained by the cen jus whie
has just completed a compilation oj
statistics of marriage and divore
covering the twenty. years from .S8
to 100 inelsive.
.midgration Fund Short.
Washngtin, Special.-Congress will
'ace a deficit in the immigration fund'
y reason of the extraordinary ex
enditures by the immigration com
riission, which has been carrying on
ts work .. under, an indeflnite ap
>ropriation. The money to, defrqy
he~ expenses of the commission,
,hich has bee-n conducting investiga
ions into all. bases of the immigta
ion. question, has been dy-awn from
he regular immigration fund.
Florida Exposition.
Jacksonville, Fla., Special.-Janu..
Lry 20 to March 20 ate th6dates set
"or the 1909 Florida lxposition F4i
nd arrangements for the big wint i
;how are already befuag mad'e. Indica.
ions point to an unprededen ted rusi
)fNorthern' toqtrists to Florida thi.
vmnter and nearly all of them Wil
>robably take- advantage of the op
>ortunity to inspect the fair.
Investigating the Wrek.
New York, Special.-The -govern
ment began an investigation into the
rmso.~ of the wreck of the steamer
'inance, The Finance had three.
'atontight comtpartments and only
ne was. punctured; yet the ship sank.
Jipping metn say that inder hormial
O.nditi(mns the ship should have re
mainued afloat. Her condition on
saving port will he closely inquired
ndiana to Unveil Shaft- in G.ga
Indianapolis, Ind., Spteial.-%if.
rnor HJanhy and staff and fifty 6t%ter
ndianan,s -let for Andersonville~ Ga.;
or the dediention of the-. lndiana
rionument 'to maen of that State who
iedl in thi: famons civil war 'prison,
The palrty went hy way of LQuisville.
hn hrsday tho Indiana .nidnmnuen)
Iommission, will present i o shaft to
ln enor Ihlanly, who n tirh wt)
wie.. it it to the Fedelri'~ pmd'11 1
M, . . . . .
The Georgie; oS the hi ta
and the Steamsh$p had.,o ut
ward Bound, Come T t60e4 a
Fog off Sandy, ook--Ttie!es
sengers and One of the C'e- th
Financo Find Watery Grav6s'j-.
New York, Spedia.-In the- thie'c
ok a fog off Sandy Hood the' stot'
steel freighter Geoigie, of the Whit e
Star Line, iammed and sank tho
lightly ldden Panama steamer
nance, outward bound witfi 85 ps
sengers, the Fin*ance going 0o0 c
within ten minutes, carrying to their
death three of ber passengers arif
one of thq crew. , The rest of. t
passeng'ers who included 19 wo'm
and 14 children, as well as others
the crew, were rescued 'by the boa
of the Gcorgic. The freighter w.
not damaged.
Miss Irene Campbell, of Panarr),
a passenger who was lost clung frart
ically to the rail of the sinking vesi .
and could not be persuaded to relea.;,
her hold nor were the men who man
ned the small boat's able to forcib:
re;nove her. She was seen elingi;:
determinedly as the vessel Was (,
gujfed. William H. Todd third w,
sistant engineer,' jumped ovdrbon-A
and was lost. When a roll call -
the passenges of the Finance -.
called, it was found that Clarlps
Schweinler, a policeman of Panar
and. Henry 'Muller, a railroad contr
tor of Panama, had disappeared, a nA
there is little doubt that they wi
fie disaster occurred in the mn;;
ship. channel off Sandy Hook at ?
o'clock in the tuorning, and a b,.
vessels were groping their wy
through a fog.
The Finance 1had weighed anclm-r
and was picinkg' her way down 0:,j
Swash channel, when Captain Mo,
bray, who was on the bridge, he&. I
the whistle of an ~approaching liner.
The Finance was immediately '
astern and was slowly backing wl
the Georgic, in-bound from Liverpt
loomed out of the fog and a mom
later crashe-d into the port side iid
just abaft of the Finance. The pr1
of the freighter penetrated the tAide
of the Finance nearly ten foet, te ar
ing away an unoccupied state ro.,i
and leaving a ragged hole throigh
which the water rushed iti. The P.,
amat steamer heeled far over to
strbhrd. while men and . won ,
na3y of whom had been awakei-c'
from a sound sleep, were throwin f, ri
their .bertis. Hastily covering thi
selves with hod clothing they ru. d
in a panic to t,he main'deck, wich
was fast snking to the ,surface of
the water.* Many 'passengers juniped
Overboard, not stoppine even tb pro
vide themselves with jife ps:eservers.
That more were not lost was due in
the discipline Afthe crow of' the Ii
nance and-the prompt and ittllig
work of the sailors from the Geore.
Jmmedistelv after the accident
Mighter backed Eff arnd ancho'
Ser mman4wr, Captain. Clark,
the meantifsae.havlig ordered thle I
boEi lowered. The b4mts of the
ha'ne" ere also out away as quie
as 'possible, thoiugh with diflfeu;
becaud.?f the -heavy list of thse si,.
tng stejmer.
A.soe er more of those who .juo~
e radwere iecked i'p by
smal1 -bonts. Meantime thle FJne -
weS.-settling.-s%adily. 'To ndd to.
eenfus'en. A moment pffr, the'gp
ptthere was ans exrplnsion$
autsmonia tank in ft" forwrI ) Y.,
of the Finance and the fum* i v
the engin cep -and firemen b-it .
d,eeks. William Tod d, the this.
sistarrt .'6pg'neer, w as partially
como htIse finn*e, and stagge
the rail, threw himself oveth~ 1
WAS not seen aan. Proba
of the passi-.rers with j
,t6oll hv he ship, awai
S,utd -thre, were go)tten t*' h e
a rhahlo expedjtion .j4

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