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Ricp eninIle1 Jourua
Feisim., 3nvmar 11RIUA
The.gentine14wna1 Qomppa
lie. sonftOWAda1*~u
TV0WPWN Wafty,Bromi
J. L. 0. THOMPSON. ETrol.
Subscription 61.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Beasonable.
iltei*d at Pickeni Fstofface 5 3eoon0cam
Mail Mauer
PICKENS, 8. C. :
-n its WatisU0e Easley Pro
zress nisrepregentg the action of.
.e town wunceJ1 of Pickens.
rhat paper says that a special
neeting of ouk cpuncil w" P.All,
d and a tax of V per 44y W#0
010.n Mr: Q'D?911fgr9 doing bi=
iness here; but, that paper dai.
Inued, Mr. O'Dell is still doing
iusiness there and has not paid
he tax-thus insinuating that
te was defying our town author
ties, and who did not dare en
pree an ordinance they had en
Now this is absolutely untrue,
,nd it places both Mr. O'Dell and
jur town authorities in a fale
Lnd unenviable light-the one
ts defiantly disobeying the laws
>f a municipality in which place
-t was (loing business, and the
uthorities with being too timid
;o enforce their statutes.
Here are the facts, and had
Vhe :gress editor first seen Xr.
O'Del he would doubtless ha"e I
so informed him: Our munici
pal authoritie havc n1evor (Ies
tioned Ihe right of Mr. O'Dil to
sll out the stock of goods he
bought of Mr. Roark in Pickens,',
just as he saw fit and proper. It
was simply a change in ner
ship in. aii established and repn
table bisiness, and an court of
justice would have-o hedd. What
our town colicil hitends.to do
and what, too, the Sentinel
Journal has denounced, -and will
continue to denounce-is that
scheme to defraud the public by
having so-called "cost sales"
with marked-up prices, and then
too often giving short weights
and measures, and the dumping
in our town and palming off on
the tradling public, the hard stock
and the refuse and merchantile
drift-wood from stores in other
places. In other words, that
Pickens shall 'maintain its high
reputation for selling only first
class goods, and not only the
i'eputation of our towvn maintain
ed bit the people who trade here
be protected from aliens and imn
posters. Neither did our town
council nor the editor .of this pa
per place Mr. O'Dell, when he
bought out the Roark stock of
goods,in any such category, and
no attempt has been mnade, or
will be made, to assess upon or
collect from that gentleman any
special tax. Were one of those
"cost sales," as shown up by
this paper, attempted in his own
town of Easley, we doubt not
but Mr. O'Dell would favor his
town council enacting a similar
HIere are the facts about the
sale that Mr. O'Dell conducted
in Pickens: Mr. O'Dell was not
at first announced as its mnana.
ger, but another party, not a
citizen of this county, and wh<
has the reputation of engineer
tig "cost sales" wherever h(
*can induce a merchant to turr
over to him his stock of goods t<
manipulate, It i'as to suppress
such sales that ourdown counci
asasessed that tax of $5 per day
.said " was such sales that ou
p ~aper criticised. We hadn
thought' th
,our.county mrCV(amWt,5 was c.on
Fucftng tha1t s1;e tIt the J. 1
I a%vertised ' Its mang vam
of the stok., And '1'tu this th4
Sntinel-,Tournal dete rined to
make no further reference to
the matter, for oui editorial was
general in its character, and not
But. the editor Of,'ji4 Easley
Progress, in,. order to" assail
and prejudice the public against
our paelr dregged in the nanle
and business of Wle fellow-towns
man Mr.. O'Dell;'and it appeared
to us that he fathered or endorsed
that false and uicalled-for at
tack on the Sentinel-Journal and
its editor when he had distrib:
ted over our town and aniorg
our friends and patrons many
'goples of the Easley Progess con
Wing the offensive article, and
which we could but consider an
attempt to estiny pUblic confi
dence in our integrity and injure
a business on which we depend
for a support for our family.
It was then, and not till then,
that Mr. O'Dell's name appearedV
in our columns, for it was nec
essary to mention him in order
to make proper reply to the
Progress; and those who read our
editorial of last week will see
that our reference to Mr. O'Dell
was more in a spirit of humor
than resentment. There was
neither call nor occasion for
the Progress editor dragooning
in the naie of Mr. O'Dell or
any other Individual, asourcrit
icisis of cost sales we:e general
in their character and not perso
nal; and as the S. -J. has already
3tated, no one need wear that
3hoe unless it fits, or yelp unless
a fragient from that "cost sale"
beick-hatsg -uc hinv; rsul ijilni
Mr. O'Deil's standhig as a busi,
ness man we do not thipk it was
necessary for him to even dodge
as We had not' -him in view nor
diLd we aim in his direction.
If Mr. O'Dell's sales were not
up to his. expectations he must
place the blame where it prop
erfy belongs, viz.: at the door of
the editor of the Easley Progress
and who most unnecessarily set
him up as the target at; whichg
the Sentinel- Journal aimed
wvhen we were firing at random.
It would be far too great a
compliment to our little paper
to assert that it has such power
and influence to control and di
rect the trade of the great coun
ty of Pickens and all surround
ing country, and that to insert
an advertisement in the Easley
Progess is like tying the notice
of a bargain sale on a sticks and
throwing it into a dry well.
So far from desiring to injure
Mr. O'Dell or his business we
would be delighted to have him,
and many more such merchants,
permanently locate in Pickens.
Since writing the above we are
told "that Mr. O'Dell appeared
befoi-e the town council of Pick
ens, at the meeting that assess
ed a special tax of $5 per day
on itinerant merchants opera
ting cut- rate sales in our town;
and Mr. O'Dell not only express
ed himself as endorsing said or
dinance, but rema,rked thgt he
Iwas a member of the coundil of
Easleyr and would introduce a
similar ordinance for his own
So it will be seen there was no
more foundation for dragging
Mr. O'Dell's name In that spe
cial tax matter, than when the
Progress editor attempted 'to
m aake him the target at which
our general (riticismn on cost
'sales were aimed. Mr. 0'iDell
'might plead, "Oh! Save nyle
frQo k friends!"\
i Officers.
Los S ry night
L. (t tate Consa
ei di t ion thaltheir
bLa they", n cOn . nC ation
t6 -' K in the ener
al directin th their io'ma
tion called, it hey soon, over
hauled'John Inter, colored, in
a wagon and 'a vessel of whis
key,' unnJ*1qd Veasuring.pot.
Upon the-ne.; ' aoch of thO
ocer n comtpand. to
him.t.a;tt hn abandoned
his teabl. to the "tall
timber,! ca a shot gun
with him. M. qrbin starte4
in purwA4t, Wh Mr.. Cureton
attach *hinself t' the team
and w 67, . Corbin pressi
ed ha ae e negro, who,
seeing he we being.closely pur
sued and likely to be caught,
wheeled and -,red point-blank
at his puisuer at a distance of
about- twenty paces. Mr. Cor
bin was in- the 'middle of the
highway, the moon was shining
brly, aid he was a fair tar-7
get for bIwould-be murderer.
Perg,iving the daner he was in
e swiiik up" considerably.
It was a mfiracle that he was
not killed outright, but as it was'
he was only sliglitly powder
burned. Had he not been at
such close range he would have
very probably been killed. Mr.
Corbin . returned the fire with
his pistol and John then took t0
the woods. After securing the
team and whiskey Mr. Cureton
joined in the chase and was also
shot at the shot cutting the bark
from a sapling right at him, and
this slight deflection very prob
ably saved his life. The officers
returned the fire and John was
punctured in the thigh. After
bhe officers closed in on him and
)rrested him he continued to try
'o fight and succeeded in jerk
ng loose from the officers and
is he did so he became qntangled
,n the undergrowth and ell
reaking his leg. Fr A log
A-In jail and -' ' 0~ was lodg
given medical at
11tI6. When he gets through
serving sentence on all, ,of the
charges that will. be proferred
against him he will have a more
wholesome respect -for the law.
and the officers.
The Fou:.try Show a Success.
The Poultry Show at Pickens
last week was all right, aside
from the attendance which was
small. People who are interest
ed, and especially those who are
breeding fine chickens who do
not attend these exhibitions do
not realize how much they are
missing nor how much.-inform
ation of inestimaible value they
are failing to get..
There were about 200 entries,
a more varied assortment, and
much better birds than were in
the show last year, and more of
out-of-the-county exhibitors.
The judge was Loring Brown,
Esq., of Smyrna, Ga., a brdeder
and -fancier of high repute, also
a very conscientious judge with
a national reputation and with
al a mighty fine gentleman-a
man who knew something and
who knew how to tell it interes
tingly and entertainingly-one
whom it was a real joy and a
pleasure to meet.
Mr. Brown was delighted with
our town and community and
spoke very entlhusiastically and
encouragingly of this section as
a chicken-raising centre. He
was greatly surprised at the nice
lot of birds on exhibition and at
the success attained in breeding
them. He was delighted with
the exhibit,saying it was the best
small show he ever attended and
that there were birds here od
enough to go in to the Madison
Square Garden show.
Wherever Mr. Brown goes we
feel sure that he will sound the
praise of Pickens and her show
as we are that the Pickens peo
ple will laud him. He is a good
and conscientious fjudge, and,
whether scoring your birds or
selling you his, will always treat
you fair and give you what is
coming to you.
Pickens will have a warm show
next year, the boys are' already
preparing for it, and If you want
some hot competition you can
get it here, so begin early to pre
pare for it.
Mr. Brown wil very likely be
the jt.ge
Ayers Company
New tre
whon you Come'to & you wig
issed something-4"tyoU~ t.I olowt.
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B1O'LT. &Co.,
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