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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, December 10, 1908, Image 5

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QRITTtN .3',( RLE3
APL. tM 'C.r,..
SAT before the biazing
-hearth; the genial
warmth of an open fire
charmed me Into a beau
tiful dreamland. Mem
ory drew upon her
abyssmal resources as I
sat there, coaxed Into ar4
Wabstraction of exquisite
pleasure., Voices! I
haar voices, strange
voices! They speak to
me: The first said, ."A.
year ago yoti promised, if your life
was spared to you, that you would
consecrate it to God.". ;The second
ask'ad, "Hai God; to wliozi you mad'
the promise, dealt with you as yOu
have dealt- with Him?" ,Th4 third'.
if.".Bu't- the fdurfth
i'rtt be'sphid-fdO a
-I I ..cried in agony,
ii ' _o, rd.'
T rl 0 Ft. in Their 'Teens,
passed through the room in which I
sat. Full of animal life and youthful
gaiety they chltted saod joked and
laughed; they were In.. a, whirl of
pleasure. Suddenly one of them
cried, "0! 0, my!" "Agnes," said
hei-companion,- "what trouble You?"
but Ellen could only repeat, "0, my!"
At length she said, "I promised to
spend one hour with God;- I must. go
to my room instantly. Good night,
Agnes. I'll see you to-morrow." The
explanation of Ellen's conduct was,
her mother had been speaking' to her
about the' beauty o'f a life of holiness,
and she had promised her mother to
upend an hour in prayer and reading
the ninety-first Psalm before she re
tired. The chatting had almost driv
en it out of her mind.
Then appeared upon the scene a
youth of twenty summers, of noble
mien; his eye 'glistened with noble
ness; his demeanor was piensing; he
was a picture of genuinems; his car
riage was that of a
Webster or Clay or Lincoln.'
.As he stood in the midst of the
room he addressed an invisible being:
"What shall I do with my life?"I
'-' Standing on its threshold, viewing
the wrecks of wasted lives as they
floated by out into the ocean of eter-I
nity, he repeated the question with
great solemnity: "What shall I do
with my life?"
Three Faces Instantly Appeared.
First that of an ox. then that of a
lion, last an eagle. The ox made an
swef-: "Eat, drink and be merry," but
the young man shuddered at the
thought of making a god of his appe-.
tite. Live an animal life? Nay! I
was created for something nobler
than a glutton; I have a soul to save.
T'he lion proposed to make a god of
genius. She offers a pedestal of eter
nat fame; your name shall be asso
ciated. with scientists, philosophers
and philenthropists.
HnIer Native Dignity Sat the Eagle.
She looked'at tho man, then at the
hea-ven above. Turning to the man
she said, "The earth is thy lodging
place; the heU,en overhead is thy
home; the earth's choicest treasure
cannot fill thee. Thou art more than
animal, more than intellect, thou art
qualified for comnpanionship) with
deity. Prepare!'' In a moment of
time there passed before nie
A Panorama,
upon which was displayed All the
scenes of my life from my earliest
recollection. Curious and strange
tracings were there. Every struggle
with conscience, aev striving b be
good, every lofty ideal were 'drawn
with perfect accuracy. Failures and
successes, defeats and victories passed
in -rapid review. Never were there
such noble ambitions, such possibili
ties and such fatal aimlessnesi
crowded into so small a compass. The
sight alarmed me and I cried, "Is it
too late?"
Suddenly the Scene Ohknged,'
The judgment was set amid a blase
of majesty and power and:.glory, *W
yond my most fertile iiagqatiQA.
Every human being istdod' brfZre it
waiting to render an aceount of the
life now closed. Notably-,
The Poor Led.the Wal.
A b6y 'froni, bie' O th'sgrat piei
cantil; 'hoees' preoded 'sevetal -Oth
ers whotn-he ha. intienced for.good
Then came a man with-.a score zor:hi
fellow worl;nen, whon le, bad. res
cued, by .bij h9ly living from 11yes o
ungodliness. He was followed by I
womau, distressingly"poor while' 6r
earth, but filled with.the HolySpirit
She with her children, *.1jm-sbe ha(
brought up in 'the fear" 1r lthe'Lord
together ascendeA the .massive -stepm
w.h.ich le4 ,ben& tbrvgh, te .rtali
of glory'into-wh6 tan describe "thi
things which eye bath not seen nol
ear heard?"
For a Thousand Years
the endless procession continued td
advance until the last man and woma
an had rendered an accounting of the
life entrusted to them. I was greatly
distressed at, the sight of one 'whold
I had known; he brought.his work, a
marvel of htgnan goodness, but It was
Rejected, Because It Was Christless.
The scene closed. Alarmed, .I
awoke from my reverie. Iupstantly 1
fell on my knees. consecrated my lifE
to Him who bought me with Hiu
blood, allowed Him to fill' ie with His
Holy Spirit. Now, af(er several
years, I write to say, this is what I
did with my life.
tip t
tribe' e
Ad not at
S no coun r
- e"' for" ho
brof the t C'
es require; tn.
mobil -40mber, InI go
"flou the, bc
b%d4 mobi*'e 3 g
ris. Only WP111
hnd in et knowledg (
It is'.doR bt)es:
possibiit he past'cb.4 I -
tuton e cahhot{ be
chang*d, bli'ttivities
centre AWout i tiolpatton of the
new year rahn'artoe
tive affeco In the"
few ydar ,t. id ntec
or days~ T 'prophecy heM a
place oN? prdf Among all -Weo
pies, but of " the sciot1fic
sense there t' "this has bepA
reversed by $b erely practical
modern *drld. 0 is at a pre
mum,lr. V1 a discount.,, Y
the amPst418 09 last day of( D.
eember stands a,t complete& r -
ord, as New Y for the p o
phecy of hat e
NeW T R4e4utions.
f prerybody9 ; b1 nt
* *MI reoliti ear's tip.
And kept them i of:,
From life wouds lbswep
The Jool,,would. eis the praaksal
make ~ ~ ~ caf
The WiOe Yunjer.. tyMnie 6ha]
Thewie man WdiiTAi mistake
Would ne6ver'M6 t#ol to -laugh."
So let U - we may
t e Owon,
We' t bei$u 110 Iti*ay~
T e e a stobe of fun.
Whe Tallemn4Seorp C
fheh Muip. dyPt kel ~blh4
celebrated tiov1 "Delp 1ne, Ws
.eM.pgs94 .tpr b au
the r
h on _- ae prl _
Vefil 'i bl 4
celebr;ri0 otvel, namiuf'e 'gu .
uomen. -
uh t
oneffkh ce AC h erO iea
. 4
.h I . .J . . . -
' -A
Iqlnx uillJuly t. the 1.3ft ear
rm States bWAnierI-.'a'ud 0d
4T''y~ dol he Mohimmed4tn et's
r';, 8419of the Greek Chui
R ICT 0 of the Jewish era, S
The a -2569 of te Japape era,bea
he'year 6-909 A. L. aoniti)
e year 2602 A. U. C. (of Roue).
he ythe World. (Usher).
'Tht old (Septuagi
NoWYearo a , -anuary .
.aW4krstM -t Pal, January 26.
PUrilcation B, V. M., ##elruary'2..
trO *jmpt Mnday February 7.
y 14.
iekk un :.rebftary 14.
Qilaqxae~ma e8 day, February 1i.
ShPbTueMay,February 83
Ash W$' esday (Lent begins), Fb
Quadt imsha Suuday, February 28.
St. Patricks Day, )arch 17.
1U4ef 0day, brar'rh 21.
Good FrIday, April 9.
St. #or g .3.
St. Mar, April 2.
Saintse ~lII and James, May 1.
~ogaB( n 4day, May 16.
Asoe Ion (Holy) Thursday, May '20.
)eroury, March S-8 and October 2
bw4the Sun; -also April 37 to May 3
,#setti.ng shortly after~ the Sun. 3
b ig n December. Mdra, September
ieter to us than In 1907,- but'will .i
i9$4. Jupiter, February -28. Saturn,
West of $un.
4tercury, see "Planeta Brightest.
Wenus, he filp A0J8. -
Mars, untIlSMaya it
Jupitei't SeptembeJ d
Saturn, br~~il 8 to Ii? r15.
Uranus, fro ~ianuary 7 to April 11.
Mercury Ile brightest: (1)
February 20 t2.,setting about 1 h.
saft9the Sup*Q 1.
(2).A Ma ~ng Star, West of t
1 h. 10 i. b Qtbs Sun, being farthe
Trhero a~ight stars near
times. Zbols611~ iear the sunset
'star anid near'~ bsunrise point *heni 4
brighte'" % 9tSir objects. in>ib
m>jovpmeint, f
g ihfmust.1
-s terculry When
- e
*LTQ9 NO 10
,df0h neendeue. o0i, tho. ' "
rre%Nn nik NcaCflY-Td--;
,b4jgInnj'Janutkry 23.
,ch,- beginning$ 'January, 14 (O0. )
ining:JAnuary 2 2;--- .'t.
en ber.,$,, or at sunset, September 16..
Ijnnig Jan'uary.22,
Whit,-Sundiy'(Pwntacost), May 30.
Trinity Sunday, Jurci 6.
Cog i0hristf, June 10.
St.' rnkiabaii J.une 11.
St. 14hd'.the Baptist, Junei 2.
!ajptx:Peter Ani. Paul, J%ini- 2 0
6 ~ ~ . T. I..O
'gels) Septe,er 29
St.Lue )toer18
Thngiing Jay Novmbe 26.
St.Anrh , belNovembenur 14O. 8
iuoily:Jatia 22 -
andSeteat 2unset Spteber15.
OctbeS1,und 'Urntust, Juy 3.
TriniEttyo SundyJut6..
Mcua~r e Julnet 10.,te;
StM arater:Mun 1. - *A
S. l nte Batit Jue 2
atrn.untilrl Pa,n afte
St.aus, uly 2n.7adtt A
Asrans ln tAr,gust 6.th
St. BartAugus8 Auto 28,r4i. b
St.e Mtewry Setebe 21.
Mio heas( Jor hn an AllAe
SahorSmo -and Ju rederoo 1
S. pande, Nember 30
hisis e Deeeofbe 1
ens,nth ear, . t s il
16.wAtsh' n e Mar w7lb sil
1obaainmefaErabysiut- n
Ocoer 1ra, an Urn s uy
6.t fSu.
[IMeruy se PaesEthe e.*.~ 4
V0ue a2erA - 'g
Man 0te.~ 3
8aun uni pil84fetJI
11anus -ni a. n atrArl1

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