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r Spaid De;iti4 W
ens on ihe 15th 4ad 0a
pg r, sets,. or
400ware in elegant desigs a
vi64e6prices. HL -
a suniet school. havq.
Vmas tree 'Prid ,e., 2
8at jibe a Ti
A. Mauidin, who ha
iNZ in Elber 'county
has returned to his oldom(
n4will farmint' PiCi6s. Ther(
8everal of mountain boyk
W1 -4ng e0rt ;And-they.-arE
r. B. .A. Srnm9ns, a 'pro
,gressive farmer of this -county,
:vtydjto,the ?.-J. editor oev'
i-riip- weighin ' U1-4 lbs.
ey were the purp -top varie
y and the seed were - planted on
Ahe full moon in August.
,.Dr. Sam Weiner-the' famous
Md popular oQui3t, 'will be at
r4nral on Frfdv1y and SAturday
this week. If you want )6ur
^Wes properly examined, and fit
h: the best glasses known,
.n Welner, thQ Russian
r. L. N. Gosnell, near Grif
church, has his home bright
hed by the arrival of a fine boy.
his is the kind of immigrants
ur- state most needs.- Let old
achelors bo taxed, to pay a pre
ium for home-born babies-$5
or boys and $25 for girls.
We direct especial attention to
the-aeveral .
Vlob Opcal 00,'of Greenvillo.
This it Onem of tht leading and
MOst imp6rtant ektOtprises in
our state, and altor your eyes
eye scientificAlly examined glas
an ground at'their es
h LL t to cOver all defects.
to the great increase of
for the Pickens p6st
necessary to move into
modious quarters, and
oom formerly occupied
by Mr., \Wark wil-l probabli be
vented, We hope'in: a few years
Vo,hdve a Government building
or Picken's, an our town and Its
business are growing so fast.
.It will be well to read C. D.
Stradle' & Co.'s ad. in tW issue
_tid see what they are wling tc
<9 for the people along'with oth
or merchants in Greenville. C.
D. Stradley & Co. have the ex
clusive agency for the famous
Cadet hostery, every pair guar
anteed. -The are also agents for
the McCall patterns and C-B A.
La Spirite corsets.
The attention of our readers is
invite to the new ad. of John M.
Waddill & Son, of Greenville, in
this issue. These gentlemen are
specialists in housekeeping goods
and carry a surprisingly large
stock in, their -Une. They have
an office and r ident buyer in
.New York, which enables them
to keep in touch with the latest
things in their line, as they ap
Sar on the market, They are
lievers in the better things in
their department, and claim to
carry no trash, nor. have any
bargain prices, reasoning that a
bargain means that a thing thun
~offered has failed to sell at a fahi
price. Kinder hew thing in mer
chandising, this, but there seen:e
to us that there might be some
thing in this line of reasoning.
After declinind to 80 cents,
cotton seed again bring $1. Bul
the oil inills say they lose'money
operating at that price. - Many
farmers say they will not sell
Seed this year, but put them
back on the land. Mr. Wyati
Hawkins, a successful farmer o1
Spartanburg county, says if you
put back the same seed taker
from an acre, mixed with 20(
pounds of acid, you can make a
bale to the.acre on any land, it
matters not how thin it may be
The late Col. John D. M. Shaw,
of Laurens county, always con
tended that the application 01
cotten seed - meal fertilizers t<
cotton would produce a stalk
~utit was exhausted before th,
~,',lF 1' n to' matnrm that t<
u l niimod retuiri
* wn cot
h ~ ?rm hi
e a fortun
- 15th'n
:mile of -q r
acire. AppW
19, Pickens,a.
A big line of fiat Wre._ ll
Sthle standard lis,incl g
t Rogers 1847, Community d
Ootham.' 44:nldered y
. Algin, Wq1th4m,ond
Bend Watches ana 'iCkb
and sold fAld
For Sale-22 14 aVW, Me
lhalf mile of Fickens, on
road. Go6d'*iter, good
and .95 acres qlitvat4 .
iGillegspie, Pidec i 9. ORZ .
The boys around the Six Mie
Mountawill celebrate Chit
mas withA displyof fire,wrs
on top of -tge -mlintain ontfe
25th, at 8 O'clock. Letoir t6*n
:and ,all 'Ourrminding counry
watch out for them
Augusta cotton men say they
never knew cotton to grade 1o
high as tils year, and' they con.
fidently Iredict ai advance in
ce soon after the holidays. It
high time, .but last week the
bottom seem to have dropped
out Df even a 9 cents market.
..Hon. Walter S. Coleman, a
prominent editor of Georgia and
for many years President of the
Weekly Press Association of his
state paid our'office a call last
MonAay. Mr. Coleian Js also
treasurer of the Georgia Ins. Co.,
with office in AtInta, and he
is establishing agencies in our
state. This company has onel
of the most phenomenal recods
in Georgia,
Pirii6s who travelled out into
the country say the whole land
is musical from the squeal of ex-,
piring porkers; that more hoie
raised meat will be saved in our
county this winter than ever be.
fore in its. hisiry.' ,Now is'the
accepted time to pay thiat Iong
prornised visit to your country
couains4 whilebackbones, spare
ribs,, 'liver, puddings. chitter
lings and,other -hg-fixhihw are
ripp. Fiday night49nie. of -our
town*bdy brat ed the cold and
-five-mile drive-to attend a chit
terling. sociable.
CaDt. Harris, at his HIawatha
Hotel, has a.well of mineral
water, locAte4-in his front piaz
ia.- Its ter has been analyzed
and foutd to contain soda and
magnesia. -It Is a -cqre for
dyspepsia and keeps thobowe's
and sytem in perfect condition,
without- the use of medicine.
Travelling mep often remark
about its beneficial effects. We
have another mineral well inI
Pickens, at rear of the bank,
but its waters have not been an
alyzed. Who knows but that
our little city may yet become
the- Saratoga of the South?
The, article in our last issue
about Mr. Jeremiah Looper has
been- read with great interest and
every one says he is entitled to
pay for his slaves. Mrs. Hen
dricks, a daughter of Mr. Loop
er, says when South Carolina
seceded that her father, then orie
of the wealthiest men In this
section, bought and had-shipped
home enough clothing, shioes
and supplies of all kinds, such
as could not be produced on the
farm, to last five years. She re
members him buying a car-load
of salt, for which his brothers
laughed at him. Her father re
plied that our Southern ports
would be blockaded and he esti
mated it would take some five
years for the North to conquer
the South, so he did not intend
his family to suffer. Mrs. Hen
dricks said they had plenty of
new anid nice clothing, and all
manneri of household supplies
during the enftre time of war;
they had sure-enough coffee, etc.
This old gentlemen had certain
ly a prQphetic mind.
Notice of Final Settlement and
Notice is hereby given that we ,will
-make application to J, R. Newbory. Eeq.,
SJudge of Probate of Pickens countv, m
the state of South Carolina, on the 7j h
3 dav of January, 1909, at 11 o'clock in the
.forenoon, or as soon thereafter as tsid
application can be heard, for leave to
1 make final settlement of the estate of
7r T. W. Hill. deceased, and obtain die
- charge as administrator of said estate.
. 10,R M. HILL,c
4t Administrators.
A at ome of.
ht lovin S and
kind o 1o was
done ...e ha teath,
t t ? an
~er; n sis-.
xv x~ ~positi iand by
her miassu gway
tau3w ence and
submei e to God's wV..
She W. sitent mem
bet of V%hurch f6
a1mi rbs was ll
-y at'th4
pace on in her
death, the no' ervices ig
,onduc '*'X Gran
-Fare ,ttil.48omie tZrt'
we will meet whejre there'll be
"Naught butnever dyfng love,."
MR.- EDO:--I -dm reliably
informed tit thrbe of our good
citirns ofic1bnstown (whose
names . I will not mention) and
probably a few more, have ig
nored the Grai4d Jury's present
meut at our last term of court
and recommepded Mr. Charlie
Oureton to again enter the field
is a State Constable. It seems
to me that the appointment of a
constable or spy should be left
entitely with the Grand J-ury
and the Petit Jurors as they are
from all patts of the county and
know better what we need than.
a few Imn in O9wn,
If we 16ave this matter with
the towns it will be hard lines,
for there are getting to be a lot
of towns in the lower part of the
county and probably they will
all want .spies' and when they
get spies Pumpkintown will also
want a spy- and- there are a lot
of other little towns in this' up
country that after awhile would
want spies, and tlhen I am afraid
we will have more' spies .than
taN money, so I think the ap
p6intmeit of spies should be
Coid6red.by all- the .taxpayers
of the c6uity -bv recommended
by a' m'ajority of the Grandlan7d
petit jurors
With best wishes to all,
I.am, yous very truly,
T...TR TOw,N.
Intelligent PedOle Tink
If money could buy sight-Un
foftunates Who have neglected
to consult a comipeten.t Eye Sight
Specialist would gladlg pay any
OR. A. A. ODOM, Eye Specialist.
I make Spectacles "and Eye
Glasses to correct all 9rrors of
sight after thoroughly examin
ing four eyes by my new iieth
ods 'and improved instruments.
Special attention given to mus
cular hmbalance, double vision,
eye strain, headaches, pain in
the eyes, .near sight, farsight,
old sight, astigmatism, cross
eyes straightened without the
use of the :knife, artificial eyes
matched and inserted. My mot
to: "You are satisfied or ypur
money back," has built up for
us the largest business in the
State. Td out-of-town patients
I will 'deduct . your railroad fare
from bill for twenty-five miles
Sout, half of fare for fifty miles.
We do thih th'at our out-of-town
-patients may have the same-ad
vanta'ges as our city friends.
. Met. The OGlto fal Co., oN.Mi
096ENk4Ds ~ N an3
Pho a 01
I k ~ *' .
.1 1 I 1
it eveo rcot
roa Faer fne O,purcs amon
One "prioe-'to everybody, andyour RWjI
road Fare, refunded on. puirchase amountm.
ing to $25 or over.
Free Trip to Greenville!
Remember it costs you nothing to come to GREENVILLE
md make your Xmas purchases. Come and visit your friends,
ind at the- same time do your.Xmas shopping. It don't make
my difference whether you buy all at one store or not, you get
,he salne REBATE at all the stores included in this offer.
Regalsl RegalsI
The Shoe with a
Don't .fail to $ee
All the latest styles
4er 1den & Wonmen.
Quarter"Sies make
easy fitting.
Found only at OUR
.__ STORE.
MEN AND BOYS We have everything you 'Varit 'Men's shoes and.Bbdts,
$1.50 to $5. Boy's Shoesin all grades and leathers- $1 to $4.
OUR CHRISTMAd LINE is complete. -.
Women'e, Men's and Children's Slhoes in all styles.and leathers. Women's Shoes
$1.00 to $8.60. .Men's Shoes $1.00 to $.00. Children's Rhoes S0c. to $2,00.:
Don't forget -tha~t we can furnish you with all the Xmas Novelties in FELF
BLIPPERS, with Fur Trimmings; Knit Worsted Slippers, many styles. .,
Start yowr Christmas shopping.here and don't forget sour Rebate Tickets. .4
Heniderson-Ashmore Co.
ChrIstmas Goods
1' -0
Are Among the Merchants who will
When You Have Traded $25.00 or more. See Merchants' Assoai
ciation's big ad. in the papers.
Special for Christmas Gifts:i
20 per cent. dicount on all Silverware, Clocks, Candle-sticks,
Shaving Sets, Jewelry Cases, Tea Pots, etc.
The C-B A La. Spirite Corset, the best fitting Corset on the(
market, at 50c. to $5.00.
All Kinds of Dolls. All Kinds of Toys.
Blankets from 50c. th$6.00 a pair.
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits.
Ladies' Long Cloaks.
Silk Shirt Waist.
The Latest Out In Ladies' Neckwear.

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