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ery Nagdom - Owe
Ixecutivs of t69 Uasd i a
Letter From the Jaj soperq Tea
dering That Osm'iryto Or"tiude
Yer the Renidft ef the ladus.
-aty Incident to the 20=r Reb.
Washington, Speqial.-"Lo;g may
our excellency enjoy good health
-id happiness. May the American
-people be ever blessed with prosper
fity and peace, These are our heart
flt wishes."
The above are the sentimcnts . ex
1pressed in a letter from the 'late
Emperor of China to President Roose
'welt, presented to him by Tong Shoa
Ti, the special Chinese amabassador,
thanking the United States ,for the: e
:mission (if $14,000,000 of the indem
nity guaranteed by China- for dam
ages resulting frotn the Box'er /rebel
The Emperor's Letter.
"'The Emperor of China to the
President of the United States of
"Gree'ting. Mr. President: China
has always maintained the m'ost
friendly relations with the United
States since the establi.hment of in
tercourses between the two countries.
By taking the initiative in proposing
the remission of a portion of the in
demnity as provided by treaty your
excellency has won the respect of
imankind for magnanimity and just
dealing. Furthermore, the Congress
has given signal proof of friedliness
by giving effect to your excellency's
recommendations. In sincere appre.
siation of this generous action, we
hereby uppoint Tong Shoa Yi, an of
eial with the rank of president of
a ministry and governor of the pro
rince of Feng Tien, as special ambas
sador to proceed to the United States
for the purpose of presenting this our:
Setter. We have always placed, entire
eenfidence in his eminent ability,
clear perception and sterling integ
-rity. We have specially. commanded
tim, in the discharge of. his duties, to
-onvey to your excellency the expres
sion of our grateful tkanks, and tes
-tify to our lasting friendship. It is
-our hope that the relations of the two
-eountries will be further strengthen
od by mutual confidence. Long may
your excellency enJoy good health
and happiness. May the - American
people continue to enjoy prosperity
and peace. These are our heartfelt
''Given on the 24th day of the Ath.
mnoon in the 34th 'year of Kwang Hlau
(September 19th, 1908).''
In presenting the letter, Ambas;
sador Tong said every line of it
'breathes friendship and good wvill
for the government and people of the
'United States and voices the senti
eent of all China.
''The action of the United States
in remitting a portion of the in
-demnity- as provided,. by treaty has
'tonethed the government and people
*f -my country with a deep sense of
gratitude,'' said Ambassador Tong.
The President's Reply.
In reply the President said:
'The letter which you lRear, I re
eeive with great appr4eiation; and
on behalf of the government and
people of the United States I accept
at with quite exceptional sentiments
as a message of especial friendship
* tfrom your august soiereign, whose
-death an'1 the demise of her imperial
'Da$jesty .the late Emperor Dowager
'we 'lament. I .seceive- it~ with - tpe
snore profound sentiments'- in that
you bring it~ now ,no less from the
Emperor, .tho e4lebration o f . who-se
aeceession makes this 'deA ' doubly
auspiciour, and fromn that enlighten
ud goverr'nment whih all the- world
feels will add newv Iustre through his
reign to the imnmemorial history of
Iis riy gratif.ving to me to
A feive. as his imporial majesty's
-special ambassdaor so distinguished
a Atatesman and so worthy a repre
eentative. I know ybu have been in
be United States before. I hope
-your present sojourn wvill be agree
tabl.k yon to express to your au
~ tiwit hovereign r'td to the Chinese gov
,hlfnent my anrirecintion. njil that of
v'ha govenrntgent and people of thn
1Thited f8tstes, of the ise:ding of
'this wneelal embacay. .wMnh se, fnelv
n tyaites a fenh~ manifastai~ of
that icear~ ew iJlidenne, rot anJ md
r~ie p het tihe Unite B to e
" ~l ('h s ilrehIbhIVI
* low
wher 1s oie a0
8ta su qa'e faIait
PM Y 4 V s
acts dialls thebl d
Love's 4 rightest ;re.
Jones--When the, richiwidw mar
ried the yo.Aig fellbw sh~e told hiin he
would have nothing to do but spend
ler money,
Bonesi.+-And now
Jones-And now she- allows him
just $60 webk.
-Bhumatism PresriptUon,.
'CdiWiderable discussion is being
caused among' the medical fraternity
by the increased use of whiskey for
rheumatism. it is an almost infalli
ble cure when mixed with certain
other ingredients and taken properly.
The following formula is effedtive:
'To one-half pint of good whiskey
add one ounce of Torts Compound
and one ounce of Syrup Sarsaparilla
Compound. Take ' in tablespoonful
doses before eaco meal and before re
Torts Compound is a product of
the laboratories of the Globe Pharma
ceutical Co., Chicago. but It as well
as the other ingreoients can be had
from any good druggist.
Living in Hopes.
"I notice that Susie is going with
the big, blond German."
"Yes; they seem to be very fond
of each othr.
"Are . they engaged I'
"She doesn't know, but she hopes
they are. You see, she ban not undei
stand him very well, but sQ as not
to take chances she.answers 'Yes
to every question he asks."
The News of the Day.
There has been serious fighting in
the streets of Nanking, China.
President Castro, of Venezuela,
sailed for Europe to undergo an ope
ration for an abscess.
The hospital ship Relief is four
days overdue at Guam and fears are
felt for her safety..
Speaker Cannon says he expects
Congress to give the people ''the kind
of tariff revision they voted for.''
Every national campaign gives oc
casion to men of original ideas to in
vent some catchy device which, be
cause -of the interest engendered by
the national fight, will be sold by the
thousand. One of the most ingenious
things put - on the market this year
is a small tablet, like a medicine
pellet, which, when dissolved in a
finger bowl, resolves itself into a
picture of Taft or Bryan, as the ease
may be. Already thousands of these
tablets have been sold to New York
hotels and restaurants.
Good Digestion Pollows Right'Pood.
Indigest911 and the attendant dis
comforts of mind and body are eer
tain to follow continued use of impro
per food.
Those who are still young and 30
bust are likely to overloox the. fact,
that, as dropping water will we0 a
stone away at last, so will the use ef
heavy, greasy, rich - food finally cause
:oss of appetite and indigeetien.
: Fortunately many drea thoughtful
enough to study tltemseIveb and note
the principle of Oat ue and 1|Nect. in
their daily food. A r' y. 1bungom!
an writes her experie.ice thus:
"Sonmc time ago I hiad 4 ot'of trou
ble from indigestjdt,. Qsedby tO
rich -food. I got sortI w&*ua to
digest scarcely anything, and sedi
cines/seer'd useless,
"A friend advised me to try-Glape
.Nuts food, praising bi2aghly,ad' as
a last resort I tried iI anm tbank
ful- to say that Orap4-Nuts u6t oply
relieved.me ot my l e, but built
me up an'd strengthe 'my digestive
organs *o that I can II eat anttm
I desire. Blut I stlik ~Grape.$t'
"There's a Reagm
Name-. given W'
Cret te MM be
a 1.s
veven 1.rshave
ns the will, saa~ n$o
by st t :=-8penaish.
Tb "a who means . well may .be
aredited: for it, bt generally it is
the only oreditable thing about him.
Dy Teerible .tebiag 3e .4-saby.
Sftfift WIM Ta Mbele -- doon
Untrl Chred by MCM16re
"1ema *ppeared.oa my son's face. We
went to a doctor who treated him for three
-months. Then he we so bad that his-face
and head were nothing but one sore and
his ears looked as if they were going to fial
off, so we tried another doctor for four
months, the baby nevq geting any better.
His hand Land le 4liores on them
and the poor little felloW suffered so ta,
ribly that he could not sleep. After 'he
had sUfered six months we tried a set of
the Outicurs Remedies and the first treat.
meat let him sleep and rest well; in one
week the sores- were gone and in two
months he hid a eletr face. Now he Is,
two years and ha. never had emsema agsi.
Mrs. Louis Beck, R. If. D. 0, San Antonio,
Tex., Apr. 15, 1007.'
The prevalence of "easy terins"
bargains proves the 'plentitude of
easy warks going up and down the
To Drive Out Malaria and Bmd Up
the System
Take the Old Standard Gaova Ta.
LUse Onus Toxic. Yoa know what
are takig. The formula Is pa"y
DOM aowing il is dmznliQ
nne Iron t a ta"e form, PMIte
most effectual form. For grown peogp
and ildk. af0..
When a woman says, "And that's
all there is about it," let no man be
deceived in thinking that an end h s
been made to much talking.
MW Capudine O "Me Ne o emm
Whether tired out, woried, -I I
or what not. It q and witresheiaWts&
and nerves. It's li4 and pleasant to
taka. Trial bottle ,. Baguir siss L,
and 0o.. at drugita
He .was born upon' St. Galpert's
night, three days before luck.
Itoh cured in 30 minutes by Woole.
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. At drugglat.
It is hard to catch the drift of
some people. and when you are sue
eessful it is so heavy and water
I >gged tha:t it is of not much as
General TDemand
n( the Well-Informed of the Worl has
always been for a simple,' pleasn Iad
efficient liquid laxative remedy of known
value; a laxative which physician, could'
sanction for family use becase Its com
ponent paits are known to tlemn to be
wholeom,.and truly begefldla in effect,
acceptable to the system and getlo, yet
prompt, in petion.
In supplying that deaaan# with Its es
celent combination of Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Serina, thq Callfosnia Fig Syrup
Co. proceeds along ethical Rise. and relies
on the merits of the laxativefor It.ersmark
able success.
That Is one of raaay reasons why
Syrup of Figs and E!lixir c erenn Is given
the preference by the Well-Informed.
To get' Its benieficial seffecta always buy
the genuine-manufactured by the Cali
fornia FIg Syraip Co., only, and for sale
by a11 leading druaggisteo PriceIl it~y cents
pel bo$t*e.
I to say I feel better, than I'hawt
"Iftites Carrie Halloway, of Coro
J&oth," t "I used
haf to to U Y bed for 5 days. Oeay my
st6r brought ne a botta of, Cardui and begged ie
t-7 T04Y I will a that Oardui s mydotoa
"46iased anyvother. a tor in my home).
It Will Help You
You need Cardui in your home, today, because,
taken at the proper time, it will prevent much suffer
hig, and help to keep you in a condition of health
It has been found to relieve female pains, lik
headache, backache, sideache, irregularities, and
other symptoms of womanly disorders,
'which every woman knows.
CarduiIacts gently, naturally, with
out any bad after-effects.
Its results have been found to be
lastingly beneficial. Try Cardui.
mst". To wiftrot A!V*Iwom Wuahl 9magu Fs.g
Uatwe.e W3 NOdA. i NNE V o a OT Ae.s .. a. u..U...
*Unt.rue$al Md,.*, 'r..p..as..". i*:;,..'ft.*'"
Canwv.rerw Wanted in Zery County.
e6Vee' 4s-000e* "#,000,"0 Outp,ut. -
But for the mistak made by great The cost takes away the tasto.
raen, history would awfully unii- French.
____________TUT'TIPL - -A A19LIABLU CURM.
TTualuxu Is a Ss, MSo and spoed!f ev'r
Good Thit4 to Know. for odbow. le"er, Okla a0t sealp diagas"
Those -who traverse the alkali adi-ehingptee. d--.t4bvp4y*tbiww;
pk*9M of the West and Inhabit the Pysio" 7 sbouak4 who baye used IL
snd 'wa regions of Te*as. -and P"rant, soothlg, adeic . W. a
daily au for a rliable eye salve. Dept. A. Mh . .
T nwenr drug the eye, but simply
ox.rnalir the staple, Dr One cannot take aim at things too
's'Zye salve, This Salve is ueb.-Preneh
Every man is the son of his own Agod anspireisltl
*A soft answer permits you to fallhutdp-Sai.
an easy. victim to the shrewd agent.Jo WhtEC.
All men were born free of incum- Lusil,Iy
brances and equal' to any amount of asbs. 87
foolishness. ies IBKSriead
The man who makes a great deal F R
of his failures doesn't make much of adlI~
Each mother thinks she has the Cmise
dearest baby in the world, and, as NtigNwo
a matter of fact, none is cheap. Msei,
* The firs of resentpnent are only "S
too apt .to be the precursors of ti-o
ashes of repentance.Y UI
AThe best cure for drunkenness is O A D
while: sobep so see a drunken main.-M TI3R"4
It's hard for a lazy man to be lwmn eeain oed.aeL 4
truthful, for he is happiest when ly-awo~~efs~eadaindu
The American Humans Associatio'nG3SLKME?:gd ro uegoe
will hold its annual meeting in New det de.Tyi.Ofm
Orleanms begitmninig this week. e-tUDrgisa4Dee.R.h
The girl who spends her time mak- OEGRA CMAYGRWO%
ing angel cake and potato salad in- -30
stead of castles in Spain will do bet
You may retire an old horse after AS .-ipjt U
long service without its costing much, u ate hgyur.I o rb
hut it is another thing to retire an r rttoayogoge panomk'e*
othr ye.On Ro. soagoooorg:d fier. h osi'Ot Wte s tr r awy Athe tae.
Tao us okeg4o o y.Jieo nanxCln.BOItua isfij a ur., af and a u'g
and ean W ME shngpies. .idard bewhyuisins
sed yy shousanwouavesed it
ragemat, srooth, tise o . 50m0e. at
VseIhus.Talew,edroa.gistag o., 30aW ro . 26. lnu 'iasts,
CeMinS4(YIowoo)~ ayMrse.(Wins% lsothIing Tiy p Cide
WUt lngr t. eev enew;~ t.i.feneh guma,u re nee inlm
tion.e ayaplunscureswind olie.5c a otzl
-, DAsgood man's pedrirsefis little
Josmh Whitnee.Co. p t
1 l:.,usvle .1
Estblihe 1.

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