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Picken Sentinel-Jou
The SontinelJouraal Company.
64ihoript ion $1.00 Per Auuim.
Advertsing Rotes Reasonable.
Mutered at Pickens rustofmce as Second Class
Mall Matter
has no desire or intent to engage
in a mud-slinging contest with
any other paper. It employs
our entire time to l(ok after our
own business so wt. have made
it a rule to let other people's
affairs severely alone.
When a man must resort to
personal abuse in reply to a ra
tional controversy, he is either
uttrlv void of mental ability or
)hs a very weak cause to defend.
/ Inl the last issue of the Easley
.1Progress its editor makes a des
perate attempt to fix malice and
inlconsi-stenlcy (n this paper.
Mr. O'Dell has even gone to
the trouble of making a lengthy
aliiavit in ordner to bolster up
the Easley Progress. It was not
necessary for Mr. O'Dell to
swear to his statements for, his
simple statement. would have
been acce)ted for truth by all
who knov that gentleman.
Any one who wvill CAR'FULLY
read Mr. O'Dell's affidavit will
readily see that so far from dis
proving any :iteme n ..tk by
this paper, it ,onhlaaw .
reiterates and strengthens every
line published in the SEN'rINE.
JOURNAL. The marshal of Pick
ens does Iot figm-r in this con
tr, v for he. is not~ the Iinal
tribullal for mlur to,%.Ta
officer wNas Imnbilcss un11der the
imipressionl that, the sale called
'cst sal\' was conducted by an
other party than Mr. O'Dell the
purchaser, ()f the Roark stock of
goods. That being the case it
is p erfoc tly clear that he was li
' bile to a tax of 85' per day, and1
had aos M!r. O'De)ll seen fit to
dlismiliss this muan and conducted
the sale in person this tax would
have been exactedl and collected
but when Mr. O'Dell~ appeared
be(forle our council'and explained
his conlnectionl with this sale not
a member of council bt knew
he was doing a legitimate bunsi
ness the same as any other mer
chant in Pickens and we will
further add that Mr'. O'Dell did
not dleny in his afhidavit that he
pub)licly endorsed this act of our
town authoril i's and stated that
he would intr'oduce a similar or..
(ilnance for his owvn towvn.
And the Easley Progress fur
t.her' sta'ted that Mr. O'Dell met
with great success in Pickens
and his bank account was swel
led by 54,200. If this be true ho
has cer. ainly not cause for griev
ance maainst the Sentiel-Jour
nal or its editor, for we have no
ideai tha;t any two of the lar'gest
uss in Pickens can show such
iI~sales ini twenty (lays. Our
is far too valuable to ex
pend ally more timne in this con
troversy And neither are we in
clined to give any one house free
advertisinR., The Progress edit
er is at liberty to gnawat 'md
4L. arant around to - hear,
Why ntso far agt1 heflnicate
~th c.rnal is co11A(J and El
r our space o *
ble~ ewslitenend matte
Poapce on earth
prosperous and every
iusiness and enterprise 'In our
midst build up an.d flourish. We
are satisfiedowith our field and
our sphere and have no desire to
pull down or Injure the Easley
Progress or any neighboring pa
per. We are not seeking con
troversies with rival papers for
they can accomplish no good
whatever. . The Easley Progress
is not the slightest in the way of
the Sentinel-Journal and we are
careful not to trespass on the
domains of that paper. We have
a high regard for Mr. O'Dell,
both as a gentleman and a busi
ness man, and if any of our ran
doi shots struck him in a vul
nerable spot we regret it.
It has been our unaerstanding that
there had been a law passed prohibiting
the sale of cannon crackers and like dy
namite explosives in the state, for tlio
use of Young America in his holiday
festivities. If so, s>me merchant has
broken over, as the celebrating act has
broken out here rather prematurely for
a well regulated town; and if continued
the remainder of this month it will be
come an intolerable nuisance. and pec
ple hiving nervous stock will play shy
of this or any other town where explo
Sv(S are thrown around inaiscriminate
ly, and without any restraint or respect
for the public welfare.
J. F. Bannister ha, had the land be
recently bought of 8. D. Stewart, lying
jist north of the railroad, run eff in lots
a nd streets and is now selling lots. Wl en
this side of the town is built up it will
,rently improve the appe-rance of this
IiLtie neck of the wo0s.
There have been a few drove hogs s(.(d
here this year at a good price for cotton
to be so low.
their church, atid are expecting to put
in an organ ny next Sunday, which will
be preaching day. coml Ieneing at 11.
So far we have heard of nothhig extra
ordinary to come off during the coning
Mr. Woodson I.as krovsd io town hnd
is new doing busine,s at the old W. 0.
Willard stand. Mr. Willard is now lo
cated next door to the p-)st office
Mr. Blair has moved hstock of goo.Is
int: the new s'.or receni, '.; iil' in fro- t
of tho Liberty cottor miil.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Sullivan,
2 Anderson, were amo,,., the
:l' here Sunday. In v v
short while the,y will caNJ I:
lot with us and Mr. S. will en
gage in the mercantile business
in the McWhorter and Riser
W. [. Gl.inn, of Pick:- Xd
among friends Stday. Wo
are always glad to give (ur Lib
erty boys a hearty welcome.
Esther, Ihe little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Foster, who
ha v 1(en quite ill with pneu1m
iia, is able to be out again.
F'or Sale--22 1-2 acres, one
half mile of icikens, on main
ro:id. (1Good water, good house,
and 25 acres in cultivation. J. H.
(Gillespie, Pickens, S. C. de10-4
Colui'IrMAs4 (oras iout Mor EIt, FA
TIIEAC A4Nb (OANiM,irg; Ea
would be a pair o' iio Evre GI ees or
Spectacles fitted with our (elebrauted Te1
rico Pebbles. Shou on w Oi sih to tend
them awayIt be sure anid ~on,sul.t us in re
gards to our Christm,aq offer. Dr. A. A.
-Odomn. .Pm-nager~ The (lich' Opt ic C.,
Greenville, 8. Cr. Phones 930 and 913.
Miss Addie McWVhortor is visiting bier
brother. Mr.G. E. McWhorter.
Miss Hlautence Durhiam is spon'llng a
few weeks with her uncle, Mr. H- I.
H1uskahee. Mr. HIuckabe~e is buiing a
nice residence.
M r. D)ock Ga rret t, of Cen t, al. cond ue
ted Sunday school and singing Sunday
Mr. Craytoni Mullinax, of Central. viE
ted our 8&abb-athi school $un:iay night.
T1wo charming young la<ti-s, Misses
Mamnio Massev amnd Mattie Owens, from
Anderson. visited their un c and aunt.
Mr. andi Mrs. Ii. M. Madr'ox, and other'
rela,tives of Nora is, Mr. Jim Bolden ac
comp)anied the - .
M1r. and Mrs. J. C. Garrett have retur
ned ?.ome fromn their extended visit to
Mr. Alger Dill, of S:artanburg, Is
visitong his sister and friend1s.
A Card of Thanks.
I and children wish to extend
our heartfelt thanks to our
many friends for their kind and
thoughtful attention during/ithe
the illness and death of our'lov-.
ed one. We are, Indeed; fortu
nate to live among sug'h godly
people, and may God's- blessings
be heaped upon you' as your
kindness h{ps been tilphin us.
Union Meeting of Toe.Mile R:Ver
iun me ith heKeowee
mpmlolo ct ry
Heaven."-St. John 8-3.
- Adjourned one hour for din-'
ner. Congregation reassEmbled
by singing.
Organized by electing Rev. B.
F. Murphree, Moderator, and J.
L. Murphree clerk:
Query 1-What is the duty of
church membors to their pastor?
Discussed by Bros. S. Neil, T.
H. Stewart anid W. P. Stewart,
and Revs. .W. M. Walker, Robt.
Kelly and.B. 1. Murphree.
Aiswered-"'Forsake not the
assemblliAg of y6urselves togeth
er as the mann er of sonie is."
Query 2-*What is a. Pastor's
duty to the members of his
Discussed by Brothers W. P.
Stewart and T. H. Stewart, and
Rev. Robt. Kelly,. B. F. Mur
phree and W. M. Walker.
Answ%ered--Baptising them in
the name:of th'e Father, of the
Son and of the Holy Ghost: Tea
Ching them to observe all things
whatsoever I have commanded
Sunday morning, 9 o'clock
Temperane lecture by the Rev.
Robt. Kelly.
11 o'clock-Missionery sermon
Rev. W. M. Walker: "Put ye
on the Lord Jesus Christ-Roni.
Union adjoured to meet with
Fall Creek Church Jar. 30-31.
Sat,, 11 o'clock-Introductory
sermon by Rev. L. M. Lyda.
Subject 1-Why do church
meimbers do wrong? Opened by
J. F. Findley.
Subject 2-Why was the death
of ChI-ri"t u1osi'4nry for th.
vation of maii Opened by Rev.
B. F. Murphree.
Clerk of the Union.
The time for takIng tax retu ris for tiscatl year
low.) will opela .launitiary Ist and eoltinlue until
icebuary 20th wtthout pcniialty. The Auditor or
his Deputy will be at the following aimed phi, i
ves to t-ike returlo:
calhoal-Moltiy, .hti. .
contral-ttesday auwt \\o imestlay, Jan 12-13.
Cateehee-Thursday, ,hm. 1.
(xorrhs---Th',u011y, from'J 1- t'p. m., .lan 14.
f.1het'i----T l ~ .Ed SAtlrday, .1Inn 15-1i.
GAenwool! ro'.. mill-- %\O". d.lTa.
---I l''reelt i tlole). 'liu r..l n. 21.
r : - I! !d(1e I -tore) *rIday .ia,n .
I eter, ICleek- 111til noon Saturkidny, .sian.: 3.
Pulmn intow.n--.\ lnday, .-an. '-S.
II o Ily rn -T eda ,.)lisn. *
E)IN1t1t --Wednlesllty, .12an. -I.
reek-Thi riay. Jan. 28.
' ter. (tintl noon). SLturnytl, i mu :M.
'iho re8t of the time itt my otitee.
Returns will be talken ins miy otfive d1uriing the
Whole time. Revpectfully.
N. A. Cl!tISTOl'i1li, Auditr.
For I'ickons Coity, N. C.
Notice to D,ebtor ad Creditors.
All ;o . U.-lilnjg claImj ;Taint, the
estate f the late T G. ?fobij'.oY, d:,A.
Sed, n:-te, r.tient tIie aeniv dl i.j --)V in
01n or b,efere thle 1st day of Fehriwarn
190I0. or be deb) rre~d p)aymen3ft, anld :il
pe'r8ors indsbt.ed to saill sta:ito nonU- t
mafte paymeni(til on or before~ the ah)os e~
4htte t the undiersig, d.
B C. RUBINSON. .Admliuistratoir.
Notice to Debtors and Cired itors.
All p)ersonsi havrVflg c~lau atgamnst Ithe
estate ol' ahe late J. J. Lewis,- deceased,
muuat. pr-eent t he .s-ame dlv proven on
or before, the 1.,t day of Febi uary. 1909,
or be debarred IpaymIent, and alk-persons
indebted to sM i ea:ale must asake pay.
ment on or befe r.' the above. rlite to the
undersignted. .J. L. V ALLEY, Admn'r.
Annual Meeting.
Notice is hereby given .LI at the annual
meet.ting of t hoeBoar d of County Comt
mnissioner-s will 1he held oan T-' a hny, the
5th day oft Janu1ry, 1909) All ipersons
havmng c;ains1 aItun'ilt 41he comsty wvill
stendl tha-ma ina for filing and a1 pproval on
or before that day. or~ be barred.
C E. RonuasoN. Clerk.
Administrators' Sale.
By iirt ue of 1111 order of the Probate
Court I -'ill cell att 'he nate resida.nce of
T1. G. Ifohpmon, on the 7th dag of Janu.
ary. 1t 0r, to I he~ highest bidc'er for ensht
the followig des-crib~e I p operty to..wit
1 horse, 1 mule, 1 cow and calf, crops,
farm tools. 2 wv:.tg.w a and lmrn1ess. 1
buggy. henusehold and kitche4n f at:-i.e
Dec. 24-O0i Ii. .lBI ON
________________ Administrator.
Christmas Presents.
Every One. LIkes, to n RIteembeareda.
'. My t'hristmas I oodls are p0om ing in. TIhe
princes range from:r .w. tup tU li. Tors aaad pres
eaits for th Itle hol.1 ,11ies. for growli -up laies.
foar the bsoys, b r the meni, sand for the obiler alneta
and1( winen-l. Soagieth ing for your t.weetheatt
for your beanlX .un for tour servats.
Inx Troys It is l)oIll, Taops, iloopo. iWagons.
etc.. ete Thenm (-omIe4 In the useful air tIi cs. It
is flhandlerchiefs, Scatrfs, Gloves lirushes,
Goru hs :aul a lthouanda( other thlings.
A 111 let u0 liot forget thle (embjg e 'aandiex
(1akes, N a;t x, I libeln. cocoting11. tla 151151
evcrylthinag yon clan thaInak of for I hristmnasi andm
all at h, r ),IaImen.
I camne nIear forgettiaag the l(u;- (iina 'lnd
Glassxware. The samne prlce'quloted ilt last aid.
Andii anly ne0w things comn he;:II every day.
huoth for I'ieset'ls and every dafy use
See mec for Christmn,s GoodS. l'ormaer prhces
ho'd good for awhile.
D)oa't forget my (OD VL()tl-b at but l'rls'es
I want lig4, c hick ens, ,Uornu and Fodder.
The Ayers Company's
New Store.
4iWheu you come to GREENVILLE you will have
missed something if you fail to coie to
A Place of Dolls. A Paradise of Toys.
China Store,
Millinery Store,
Toy Store.
Visit all. Buy your Holiday Supplies f rom us.
Member of Merchant's Association.
W. Coffee st., in tront of Opera House, .
Rt ],E11NV LLE. I.C,
John M. Waddill & Son,
111 West Washington St., GREENVILLE, S. C.
Dealers in Carpets, Art Squares,
Rugs, Lace Curtains, Window
Shades, Upholstery Material, J)-a
peries, Mattings, W all P1'ap I 'S
Picture Frames and Furniture
In the w>vo imswe carry at all tlimes:
More than om' hundred Art S-pnres, in all'makes.
Sixty styles in Lae~ Curtains, in mll.jIuna and he-t grades
Forty styles in Hll Curt:ains. Solidls amd Iiigda-la.
Fifty p)atternis in tJphoihtery materials.
Seve-nty-five s'ylr a in Drapery mnaterials, colors and w'hite
Large line of Stair Carpet, and flxt-urea.
Ten thousand rolls of WVall Paper, now on hand.
We laRufacture Any Color and Size of WiRdoW bIlado EU
W'e make to order, at a dlay's n->tice, any size H ALL CURT'A IN, in any color
ng wanted.
SPECT A-L.-We are members of then Greenville Merchants' Asnebul on, and
~vill re'ftmd Railro id fare, to and fro, (within forty muiles of (m'eem- .) uy
uyer of $'23.00 wo-th of merchanmdisa fromj uts.
We carry no "'Trash" in s'; ek, at nv timne: n4t.in r~ y r ,r .-~i~e*ns oh
ng at nntoya ilnl ent tnoti ing at aolbir and nit i - h i.C t Oindfsam
on)Ifidlenice and em+teem of the trn ding pubhlic byfair dl limg he htrlet regrd
or trmh. an I a dnai cire for Lhe interest.i of our custome(rs.
Our Pickens neighbers are resp3ctfully invited to call on ut wheni visiting the,
Stop That Cough
Th~1e Best on the Market for
Coughs-and Colds.
Price 25c. the bottle.
BOLT &- CQ,.
iP lrkns S. C1 f

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