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Well, we have made our es
cape through another year, and
let us hope it was for a good
purpose and set about to n9t on
ly ,better ourselves, but try and
be useful to the balance of the
human kind.
We pulled through the holi
days, in fairly good shape, no
body badly hurt, only a. few
slight drunks. We are glad to
report that there was a wonder
ful falling off in the liquor
shipped in, so that is that much
good as far as it goes, and shows
that some of the topers, at least,
have found it possible to pull
through the holidays 6thout a
roariig dru;ik, and have found
by this time perhaps that they
are much better off, both ,finan
cially and physically.
Pre.ching at the Methodist
church yesterda,y by Rev. Hand
the pastor and he left an ap
pointnient for the 3rd Sunday
nornin(r at 11 a. m.
J. F. Bannister, and wife are
visiting in the lower part of the
S. D. Stewart and wife are
Visiting their son in Plennsylva
The High School opened Mon
day morning after holiday va
cation of two weeks.
There are several cases of
pnieumiollip in town. I
We are having more rain to
day. The ground has been too
wet to plow for about a month
and our farmers did not get to
finish that little patch of wheat
they werne aiming to sow. 11
looks now as if it wIould be some
timle before they will.
We hear that a mad dog bit a
young man here by the name
of Janies one morning last week
and has gone to Atlanta for
treatient. Thlis same d)g' was
bitten by a rabid dog tw years
ago and the other niorning it
'was acting a little strange and
Mr. Jnes told his son to tie
the dog and when he took hold
of the dog it snapped him on the
finger. The dog'was killed and
the head sent to Atlanta and
the (log pronounced rabid. It
'ooks like it is time to lay out all
dogs that have been bit or have
Such another moving a bout
is rarely seen around here as
has been going on this winter.
New Year's resolution is to
take the cuts.
With a happy New Year we
make our bow, (C)
One of the prettiest and mnost
enjoyable affairs of the Christ
mah season was the "at home"'
givini by Misses Lois and Pearl
Smith on Monday evening Dec.
31, in honor of Miss Helen
Brackett of Clemson College.
The whole lower floor of the
house was gay and festive in
decorations of holly, graceful
ivy and Christmas greens. In
the large (dining room was the
popular punch bowl, presided
over by Miss Pearl Smith, where
from its nest of holly delicious
,punch was (dispensed freely. A
lovely howl of white narcissus
.and ferns added a touch of
:spring to this room. About 8:30
the folding (doors to the parlor,
wvhich up to this time had been
,closed, were throwvn open and
:a dainty little Christmas tree
nyas revealed in pretty dlecora
itions of popcorn, tinsel and
bright candies. Each guest re
ceived a bag of home-made
candy and al1so a chance at two
prizes on the tree. The holders
making a speci
as the factory c
of a range, now
of the hieky numbers proved to!
bo Mlessrs. WN. C. TNYk()r o)f
Greer and W. P. 3lack.
After the treo had bestow(dI
its gifts a, contest of "Things
Found on a Christmas Tro"
was enjoyed, the first prize be
ing won by Miss "an'nie Blair
and Mr. Dennie Craig. The
souvenirs of this pleasant even
ing were little Santa ias pins.
which each guest wore prondly
Those present were: Misses
Helen Brackett of Clemson Col
lege, Calla Chapman, JeSSIe
Glenn, Fannie Blair, Ina Cia*'
ham, Ethel Boggs, Nett, Parso.,
and Lois and Pearl Smiti;
Messrs. W. C. Taylor of Greer,
H. L. Clayton, Alm Chapn:in,
Dennie Craig, Eugene and Joe
Brown, WT. P, Black, J. S.
Branham, T. Knox Glenn and
Frank Smith.
Among the young people at
home for the holidays are:
Misses Ina Callaham of Con
verse, Calla Chapman and Ethel
Boggs of Chicora, Olga Richard
son of Limestone College, and
Fannie B3lair, who is te,aching'
at .Jonesville; Messrs. Frank
Smith of Davidson, Joe Browvn
and Ahno Chapman of Clemson
college, and Eugene Brown of
Atlanta Medical college.
Misses Lois Smith and Misses
Glenn attendled the Major-Hami
mond wedding at Anderson on
Christmas day.
Miss Helen Brackett of Clemi
son College recently spent a few
days here a.s the attractive
guest of Miss Pearl Smith.
The C. M. A.'s gave a ban
quet at the Brown House on
Thursday evning December 31.
Mr. Dennie Craig was toastmas
ter, who responded in a pleasing
and humorous style. After the
banquet was over the younger
set adjourned to Mrs. J. F.
Blumi's where dancing was en
joyed till a late hour.
The timne for takIig tax retauns for fiscal year
1909t will open1 .tuanuary 1st andti coniniue until
i-ehua ry 20th.1wit houtI penalty3. TIhe .\id itor or
his I)eputy wit11 he at the fol lowing Inmedi pla
yes to take ret urns:
C al houn --- lunday, .tang . It.
Central- 'Tuesdiay and W~edniesday , Jan 1-2- 13.
t'ateeOChee-T1hu rsday, .11an. 16i;
N orris-Th ursdlay, froum 2 to 5 p. ni3., .Jan. I-I.
l-:aslev- 31ondally and( 't Tuesday. .11an. 18-19.
1-:aley (cotitn mil1)-Wednesdlay, .tan. 20., tIll
Glenwood COt. niill-- iaf'ternoon) Wed.lt(t.)$11n. 20
I ross Platins' Ireemani store), 'Ihurs. .11n3 2.
I)aetusville-(Iliodlsedt store). I rtday, .Igan. ?2.
P'e.ter's C'reek- 'nil no00n Satuirdlay, Janm. 231.
Pump111k1itwn - MondayI13. .13an. 25.
Itlotly Sprlings--lTuesdany, .Jani. 26.
M lIe (creek-Tihuirsdlay. .1an. 234.
SIx Mle'---l.tiaty. .11an. 29
P'ratera--(unti11 11o0n), Saturdayv, .11an. :1)
TheIa rest of the 11h.3e in my3 0111(e'
liturns wIl. lIe t.akeni in iny olliee du13rIng the
whole 1111me. ltCespectfuIlly,
N. . tII1 I ISPIl1-:, A InIItor,
arewell. e. Welcome' 190
e want to thank our friends and pa
>ns for their liberal patronage durinig
r short career in Pickens and it is our
sire to mirit a contintuance ot your
rors. We carry a complete Line o
brdw,are and can. till your wants at all
1es.We have for the past 10 days been
il run on Rhanges. We are selling them about as fas
turn thorn out. If you contemplate the purcha
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. Proprietor No,rris Bargain House

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