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Six Mile Items.
Christmas passed off very
quietly in OUr little town. The
Xmas Tree given by the school
proved to be a grand success,
and was pleasantly enjoyed by
all present.
The Six Mile school opened
last Thursday after a week's
vacation for Xmas.
There will bd preaching ser
vices at Six Mile church next
Saturday and Sunday, by our
new pastor W. M. Walker. Let
all church going people bear this
in mind and be present. Sun
day School at this place has
-been changed from morning till
in the afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Mrs. B. C. Atkinson after a
severe illness of fever is able to
be out agdin to the delight of
hier many friends in. and around
Six Mile.
The miany friends through
out this community and else
where are glad to learin ti it
Miss Jane Boroughs of near
.raters, wvIho Was seriously hurt.
not long since im a ru-11-a -w,
is fast imroving, and hope to
see her out again soon.
Mrs. Tomi Kelly anid lrs. 1).
Gx. ivans are sPen1din1 severa
ra ith the forller's relaiiVes
in Anukrson.
l r. and Mrs Earle Durham,
ad1(i little 'soi 16ilph after spend
inl a fortnight with friel(ds and
relativcs inl our colmlliunitv, re
tilned to their home in Elberton
Ga. last SaturdaN-.
Mr. and Mrs. Wialtr Miller of
New Hope, Oconee Co., visited
friends here ecelltIv.
AT iss Ethel Jones spent last
week with her cousin, Miss Kate
Miss Olivia Durlham1 is on an
extended visit to her sister Mrs.
Flence Garrett, of Central.
Enest Voodson, of L aiberty,
was circulating among friends
here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Smith
4f Central, visited relatives here
recen tl y.
Services were largelv attend
e!d by the people of ,Six Mile, at,
-Pleasant Hill, Sunday.
Donl't forget to date all your
lettois and postals 1909.
On the 27th of last month,
Miss Lillie Pinson andl Mr. Ben
Holliday were happily married
at three o'clock in the afternoon
at the home of the bride's fath
r,Rev. W. C. Seaborn officia
tin.The b)ride is the oldest
dagherof W. E. Pinson and
is loved and amrdb l h
know her. The groom is a pros
perous farmer of Pleasant Hill
and youngest son of J. I. Hlolli
(lay and is to be congratulated
4)n winning the heart and hand
of this fair younig lady. T1heir
many friends wish for them a
long and happy life.
Marietta, R. 2.
I will try and give you a few
dots from this section. Health
of this community is very good
at this writing.
Mrs. Jesse Crenshaw, who has
be~en confined to her room with
lagrippe, is much better.
Mr. Warrie McJn nkin, who
was out hunti'ng last Saturday,
happened to a bad accident.
Hie shot himself through the
right arm but is getting on
(quito nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert MvcJun
kin visited Mr. anid Mrs. A. B.
Cantrell last Sunday.
Cheer up correspondents, and
lets make the SENTINEL-JoURNA L
as interesting and entertaining
as we can in our department.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McJun
kin gave us young folks a young
'folks a pound supper last Tues
day night. Those present were
Misses Amer Hughes, Lillie
Lynch, Cloo Williams, Minnie
Duncan, Ophelia, Ida and Viola
Garren, Lula and Maggie Gilli
land, Pot GArren and Messrs. G.
W. Bowen, Jim Hughes, Bub
Trainum, - Hester, Jerry
McCombs, Oscar Looper, Ollie
Turner, Ola, Frank and James
Chapman, James Williams,
Herbert and Joda Williams, Al
pha aiid Sederick Garren, Oscar
and Lewis Crenshaw, Iler and
Elbert McJiiiikin, Oscar Gilli
land, Dee Lynch, Jim Garren,
)el()a Massengale, Robert and
Reece Niiiimoiis. They all re
ported a nice tinie.
lrs. Elleii IMcCall spent Xmas
with lier father and mother, Mr.
and Mrs. George Garren.
Clii istimas has heeii very dull
in this section.
The~ wedding bells have quit
Wat ha heonie of Stone
vall? Thinlk he h1a quit writ
If fhis -s( apes the waste-bas
ket voui will hear froi me again.
Djy FLY,
On His Wa, Back Home.
.Rorbo, Ao.,70h Janl. '09.
To the Il itor of the Pickens
S(iitnel. Pickeis, S. C.:-As so
many of lily relatives take your
valuable p'lper, pleaIse sany to our
many friends that -we left, Pick
ens oin the morning of the 29th.
lit., for St. Louis, Mo., where
we.landed on the mornin of the
31st. safe anid soituid, coining ali
the way over the S(outhern ' y.
At St. Louis we took the Frisco
system for 1ourbon. Mo., the
lom1e town of our relatives, W.
G. Stephens and wife, who met.
us with a hearty welcome and
a good dinner. Leaving our
brother-in-law we came out to
the home of our son-in-law, Mr.
Ras Alexander, where we founid
them all well and doing well. I
expect to remain here a short
time before going on to Iy
home in Shattuck, Okla., where
I will he pleased to hear from
any of my old friends.
During the three months that
I was in South Carolina I visit
ed 73 families anid had a splen
did timie-a tiple that will be
long rem'mbered by me.
W.~ith best wishes to THlE SEN
'riNEL and friends, I renmin,
Very Re'spect fully,
J. K. LEpw,
Shattuck, Okla.
iMarried, on Sund(ay, evening,
December 27th, at 3:30 o'clock,
at the residlence of W. E. Pin
son, father of the bride, Miss
Lillie Pinson to Mr. Benjamin
H-olliday, both of Pickens coun
ty, Rev. WV. C. Seaborn, in his
usual graceful manner, p)erform
ing the ceremony.
Thlis was a dlelight.ful wedding
party, a large number of rela
tives and friends of the contract
ing parties graced the occasion
with their presence and( contrib
uted to the enjo)ymient of the
After the wvedding we were
invited into the dlining roiom to
partake of the many good things
that were on the table. It look
ed like Santa Claus was partial
supplying so many of the good
things to ealt. Mr. Pinson and
his good wife seeni to have spe
cial tact in making all their
guests enjoy themselves at their
M1.ter supper the time was
s;pen1tif singing and conversing
until the time to bid each other
good bye atnd go home.
The next day the bridal party
wvent the home of Mr. Jamea I.
Holliday, t.he f ther of the groot2
where another reception awai t.
aim is alvays to give value re
When buying-keep th<
ed them.
Their host of frienmds j)in the
writer in) visIIiIlg- them much
happilnoss and a Ioi. p)posprms
journey through life. *
Intelliqent People Think
If money could buy sight-Unl
forii1mates -who hlave Iegdeted
to consulIt a comnpetn1 t Eye Sight
Spet ilist would gladly pay anly
DR. A. A. ODOM, Eye Specialist.
I miake Spectacles and Eye
laIsse's1) to 01<wreet all errors of!
sight after thooghly examuin
ing youri (eyes by miy n1ew~ methu
odis anid improIW(ved1 instriiment~its.
Special alttenItion giv~en1 to nmils
cularli imbhalance;(, dloublle vision,
eye strain,. headlaches, pain in
the eyes, nieari sight, farsighut,
Old sigh t, ast.igm atim, crOSS
eyes straighitenied withouit the
use of~ the knife, artificial eyes
miatch'led andt iniserted. My imit4
to: "You are( saitisfied or yourV
1Oey back," has built up for
us the largest business in the
State. To onit-of-townl iatienits
I will deduct youri raiilioad fare
from bill for twent y-live miles
out, half of fare for fifty miles.
We (10 this that our out-of -townu
patients may have the sam e ad
vantages as our city friends.
DR, A. A. ODOM',
MKrr. The G,llobe opticai Co.., '3'6 N. Mains
Mt. Gil it'NVIl,.LE, S ('. Pho,.neu li t
Notice to D)ehtors and Creditoi .
All persns~ hlin Ifg c~l1irns aigainst el
estate of the'4 late T C. Roblinson1ii, de a.f
sed, must r 'men i'~t t 1 mel dul v prto- 1n
on or bef re theii 1t flay of 1'brun. ,
1909,~ or be debi irred -paymntn, and a'i
p) -rsons2 inidebtedI to saidI ('tate wu:1 1)11 I
makLeP palymei on oir be(fore the' a)o' e|
d.ate* to ti.e undersigned.I
B C. R )IIIN.ON, Adlmirustrantor. I
County Commisoner's meeting.
Notice is hereby givent that thle Bloardl
cf Counity ConunItisilonerrs wvil l me t
Tuesday afL'Iter eac Sal'sday andf on
Tuesday every two weeks to appr)Iove'
and pay claims. No claitm will be paid
except on those dlays. P. rsonis ha1vinRIl
business in the Supervisor's, < Ilicf w~'ill
come on the da ,s abovt4eha ni&'d and no
tf E. F. LOOPRR. s.,:1nervisor.
W 3.
o South Main Street,
-Our Large Stock
enables you to find just What you need in' Shoes
whether for dress or service we have it, and in such a
variety of leathers and shapes that it will be no trouble
to fit you satisfactorily.
VTH US AS WELL AS WITH YOU, aud our constan
ceived--no matter what the price.
quality in mind.
A. K. PArK,
Dry Goods id Shoes.
Ve are now ready for Fall and Winter business, with a full
stock of1 Dry Goods and Shoes. I did not go to market until
late, when there had been Breaks in Prices. I found sellers
anxious to sell, and offering extra inducements to cash buyers.
Being in a position to accept their offers I bought largely and
at much lower prics than 'or several seasons past. That
means you can buy your dry goods for less money than you
did last year. hy i'ices will be based on Sc cotton. No
more 7c. for calico but the best branded goods wlll be sold for
5c. Go->ds that sold last season for 121 c. and I5C. now 10c.
Heavy 12 c. Canton Flannel for i (c.
Heavy yard wide Sheeting 5c:
The best selection of wool dres.4 goods I have ever had and
for less money. Better underwear foioks.s money.
36 inch $1.25 T1Teta Silk for $1.oo
1 bear the standard of Good Shoes for littiLI imoney.
Come and let us I>rove what we-- say.
A. K. Pamrk -
I'll I ~trkey, ) I backbones and Ra usage enisI
pr itri d (ritc(i fruits, &c~. We have th
g g alo salit fish, siech as fat iniackorel
Jo11 JENNIN white fish. DE, ine
I ~iber I ,S . a but~ wlsleHn( house inNe York
k('TI)' alw'ay s on hand1( a olm- 1' ' > Cli to tilo tiu f b ie ier
ple stock of the reguhar way. I Lack on a
a ~~profit, andi let them go. Th'l
GEt N E RhA L IfltIgt -n .enitire i-oh
g iain Ot. o ee m
* astinmIuird in laces anud>
MERCUH A NU SE -t-elo jrieH- o
A fumll line of the FA MOU)1S attract ive injf qualhity at
El ~ xi. cimontMhs ago be
THI' IE l MS'I' ani d B EST G OODS8~ iGrevl
Least Money. No .5 ST2
DailyI ____
Liberty, S. C. E
Good Horse-Shoeing' !!j!
1 i har toc lii t. .\lost nn.i' k hid of a wocrkman om
4 41 ine io41 c n a hoe ut n i 9
wvho knlowsiii, hi b uness, I i a C' i>cr Ist4 well.
lie litilie' ech iii hii lui fo taint his~
sihoe tio it- whaile the~ utnality oi.cf shoecirN l?a
thet fooct to theo sho(e: and' a cc 4insetu' e nce' yo
hntve ai bad~ jobi ani i am clir unhnalci. Itetter p
n few cenct. lauret. ccnd h.i've the jobt dccne riyh,
ofl youir 4uunal
\\'e atei hcri to Io our wocrk. rii.I (Co
miromii:i iiiil It'- lk ii cth e m l ver.
Expe'rt Shoes and Blacksmit1

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