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ens Sentinel-Journal
iugs of a Local and Perencal
I rythIIi< at cost! All of
'esent stoelc att cost for the
fifteen (days. H. Snider.
-Mrs. M. F. Phillips, nee Miss
Freeman, of Yadkin CoI
N. CI, is visiting relatives
e %unty.
r. E. B. Webb was called
lanta Tuesday to see one
children of his sister-in
rs. Winslov Davidson.
arr'el( on Dec. 21st. by
older at his residence,
ipkins and Miss An
all of J.ickens county.
randoi Taylor, of
'raxler & Taylor,
y' of last week
ts, Capt. and Mrs
b,)f, tle firmtI
m S is abl to be
-eigOF o f gr11),
'fi.c dl bull, still iI
)ealn ha:s had a tough
. m(I d ()l )r for'all
. s. Ell(an chil
f Pi es are-'all .ery' ill
lo gipij, aIld "13()b' is
a tonglh tine. Their
fien:4 siicirelv hIop
ay all soon be restorled to
. ioames has sold his
~ l wheni his
ig delegates to the State
g on the 20th. All locals
take notice and be repre
i E. M. BOLDING, Pres.
nany friends of Mr.
. E. C. McWhortgr, of
will )e sorry to learn
ir little (aughter is rea-l
rs. W. W McWhorter,
enls, who went to assist
sing her grand1-child, is
ort ed (V ite sick. It is
>ped that -they may both
_ over.
D r. W. J1. 13olt, of the firmn
Cdt & Co., of l1ickens, spent
rt I(on of Last, week at West
tIer on a buIsiniessg) trip.
lIie" wont say whether the
o1n' of this jannit was sl1c
0l oriot, bit jtulin~ig fromi
seaile hle w\ears whleil thle
(et, is ient ioltedI, it was a
successfu511 l d ( pleasan t
M?arriedl on the 20tIh ult., ini
tra by . \ Magistrait e C. U.
'hand, at htis residence, Miss
P eek of (Centrmal to Mr. WV.
't,- of SiIwancee, (ha. The
couplhe left the next (lay
hIomei of the gr'oomt at
mnooga, Tenint. where he
position ais machinist.
ave the congratulations of
r" Claude /l'homason,
or the past three years has
with the Pickens Drug Co.
who endeared himself to all
whom he came in contact,
ast week for Atlanta, where
11 take up a course of study
arnmacy. Claude is a bright,
sous boy and his many
s in Pickens are expecting
leave Atlanta Pharma
al College with first hon
nd here's hoping. lie will.
J11st received a rar each cf
Ballard'; Obelisk and Roxanne
flours. -H. A. Richey.
-Sam B. Craig, of Atlanta,
Ispent the holidays with relatives
in Pickens. Sam is looking fine.
Fot SALE:-AIl kindh- of rough
lumber. All bills will be filled
promptly. Apply or write to
R. N. Durham, R., 2 Central, S.
C. jan.4 tf.
-Mr. and Mrs. W. H. White
and daughter of Anderson, are
visiting Mrs. White's mother,
Mrs. N. E. Thornley.
-Mr. an( Mrs. W. W. White
and son of, Anderson, are spend
ing a tinie with Mrs. N. E.
-Miss Bertha Long, of An
derson, is spending a time in
Pickens, the guests of the Miss
es Folger.
-Mrs. J. T. Gassaway and
two daughters, of Central, spent
the week-end in ,ickens with
hIer' sister', A1l r. J. It 4 A hmore.
-Minss Ev~xa Earnle. whlo spent
'hristimas with her miother in
Pickenw h-ft Tilesday for. I Jime
stone Colle.re to reOsum1e Ier
Stidics in! tlaii istintiionl.
r." R ZeesV Al0g()d, of \ -
laita o l of Phyio.k iais and
snelgeons, lt the 11)l iday s
wilh is ) parents inl Pickens.
City life - "r'(s With him r
his looks.
-Miss Vesta Ashmore, who
has been spending the holidays
with their parents in Pickens,
1 to her studies in the
nd Collegiate Institute
Ile, last Tuesday.
i, on Monday night,
at Cateechee, Mr. J.
re and Miss Ida Alex
of Cateechee, J. Alon
ti, N. P., officiating, in
graceful manner. The
ations of many friends
are being .iowered upon the
happy coul ie.
-The many friends of Mr.
Melville Barton, formerly a res
ident of the Field section of this
county, will regret to learn that
he is very ill with pneinonia at
his home in Easley. They all
sincerely hop)e that he may soon
r'ecoveri ando be (out again.
-L. C. Thornley r'eturined to
Pickens Tuesday from a ten day
jannt ini Cuba. Hs wvent by
wayV of K(ey West and Por't
Tampa and on to HIavana
sp)eninig four' days5 in the latter
('ity. Larr'y is wvell pleased1 with
his tr'ip and thinks that is a
gr'eatI((111 conty, but1 uniidei' no cir'
(cumlstanIces couldl he he persuad
ed to live there.
--L. C. Craig, of Pr'osper'ity,
visited the hiomie folks duiniig
the 1ho1idayvs. "Cote" is a Pick
ens countyi prodnelmht and is; mak
ing god in his newv. hiome, where
he' is enlgagedi in thle hiardwar'e
bulsiniess. II is mianiy friiendos
were glad to see himui. lHe is a
brIother' to Messrs. Craig Bruos.
those piopular' mierchian ts of
Married at the residence of the
briide's parents, Mir. and Mrs. J.
E. Garrmick, on December 30th,
1908, Mr. Benton Robinson, son
of Mr. Arthur Robinson, and
Miss Janie Garrick, Rev. W. A.
Christopher officiating. T h e
wedding was a beautiful and
impressive one. Mr. Robinson
gets a beautiful, charming and
accomplished abride. He is an
industrious and worthy man
and is to be congratulated upon
winning such a charming help
1meet, They both have the best
wishes of their mnn friends.
-Luher 1. Boggs and fami
ly have moved from Westmin
ster to Pickens and occupy the
F. M. Morris home in West End.
Luther has bought the stock of
goods from C. C. Allgood and
will continue the business in the
Moore stand. He is an all-round
good fellow and a crack-a-jack
good salesman and will undoubt
edly do a good business there.
We welcome him to Pickens.
-Mr. T. B. Whitmire has
bought out R. L. Hames' mar
ket and moved into the Crane
store room, formerly occupied
by D. F. Pace. Mr. Whitmire,
who is an expert meat cutter,
has associated with hin as help
er Mr. W. A. Thomas, and pur
poses to run a first-class market
in every respect, handling only
the choicest meats, fish and oys
ters and will be ready at all
times to serve ouir people with
the best to bel had in his line.
-Recn(tly J. C. McCrary,
T. 1B. iendrickS a J. C. Alex
Oln(wr wcent wn a raid inl Laur1-l
Fork : I (., n G,1;()ilmvaY, N. C.
. - , <0!,11ti- d ala r!'e d(istillery,
cap'llid worml au'l 1000 gallons,
of lswer 8 wne place anld de
royed a d istil lery and had t.o
)MIln to escapel4 at tliv other place
'ic rv\onelie oflicials have been
pr-etty actively engag)d inl rId
ing" theo mloutilainl sectionl for thie
past few m11oiiths ail as a conse
quen e( there are very few men
w;o care to t4ke chances on
operating a "moonshile'' still.
-Prof. Win. Erskine Dendy,
a former citizen of our city and
principal of the the Pickens Gra
ded School, spent last Friday
and Saturday in Pickens with
his many friends, who were
glad to give him a loyal grasp
of the ii-. It has been over a
year since Prof. has been here
and he notes much improve
ment. He still has a warm
spot in his heart for Pickens
and we trust the time is not far
distant when he will see his
way clear to again become one
of our citizens.
All othwr goed-i by Fortuie's hand are
A wife is theo peculiatr gif't. of Heaven.
This sentiment of Pope was
voiced by those who were as
semblled at the hospitable home
of Mr. and Mriis. W. HI. Ashmore,
in Pickens, on Wednesday even
ing, December 30th, at 3 o'clock,
when their daughter, Miss Ma
ria Elizabeth ,was joined in the
holy bonds of wedlock to Vascoe
L. Lo('hr, of Lalvoniat, Gai., Rev.
D). L. Lander, of Easley-, pro
no0winiig the solemn I Pr'esbyte
r'ian ser'vice that made this
twain one flesh.
At the close of the eriemnony
'on)gratullation3s were' extended
andl the happ.y coutple boarded
the trini, amftiid a sh ower' of r'ice,
forp their1 fuiturie home U at LTaavo
nin, Ga., wh'rg the groom has
a lierative position with one of~
thle niewspaper's of that thrIivin g
little city.
It was a v-er~y (quijet home wed -
ding, only the immliediate family
of the contr'actinug parties being
present, but the esteem in which
'the young people are held by
their frien'ds, was shown by the
fine array of presents sent thenm
which will serve as lifelong me
Mrs. Loehr was born ~u ras
ed in the home from which she
weint as a bride and has the res
pect and esteem of all. She will
be missed gr'eatly from social1
and church circles .where she
has taken an active part. She
has ever been a bright star in
the home circea nd now she ha
gone to eign as queen in her
own hon e.
Mr. LOehr, while a resdent of
anotherstate, has, many acquin
tances in this and neighboring
counties, and is admired for his
good qualities. While the groom
is an almost total stranger to us,
judging from what the bride is
worthy of, he is a good and no
ble man.
The many friends of . e bride
and groom wish them a long,
pleasant and prosperous life.
At the ancestral home of R.
T. Stewart, on December 30th,
1908, at 1 p. in., was solemnized
a marriage in which the most of
our readers have a more than
passing interest, not because of
the prominence and social stand
ing of the contracting parties,
alone, but because of the kin
ship to them, when Mr. James
Banister Craig led to 'hymen's
altar Miss Janie Stewart, the
third daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert T. Stewart, of Liberty,
i. F. D. 3. The marriage was
a iuiet home affair, only the
innediate relatives of the con
tracting parties being present.
Rev. C. L. Craig, of Walihal
la, a brother of the groom, pro
nouning the solemn and iml
prvssive Baptist cerenionY that
united then "until death do us
The home was beautifully de
corated with southern hIolly and
smilax. The dining-room was
decorated in pink and white and
this color scheme was carried
out in the refreshments.
The bride is a young lady of
many graces of mind and per
son, who is capable of filling the
home she will adorn with hap
piness and will prove to be truly
a .helpmate and cdmpanion by
the husband she has chosen to
honor with her heart and hand.
The groom is from one of our
best families, and by those'who
know him, he is considered one
of the substantial and coming
business men of the county, who
will make his mark as a worthy
son of honorable parents.
This event ma'rks the most
important milestone in their life,
Another home is made, a new
start in life is commenced under
t,he most favorable conditions
and circumstances. We wish
for them long life and bespeak
for them happiness. W e rejoice
that they will remain among
us to cast their leavening in
fluece for good in our com
In the language of :Henry V.:
(Goa. the best maker~ of all marriages,
c:ombine your hearts in one.''
Herd -Ferguson.
A quiet, bult imvpressive wed
ding occurred at the residlence of
Mr. R. F. Herd, of this pla'ce,on
the 22(1 of Dec.,when Miss Elsie,
oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
R?. F. Herd, was united in mar
riage to Mr. Frank Ferguson, of
Pickens county.
Only a few friends.were p)res
ent. Thelu attenda.nts were Miss
es Lillie Winchester~ and Te'coa
Bates, and Messrs. Alfred
Hughes and Ed. Seaborn.
After a fewv short but im
pressive words by Rev. J. M.
Stewart, the bridal party en
tered the dining-room, where a
sumptuous supper was serverf
in honor of the occasion.
Mrs. Ferguson was one of Pick
ens' most charming young la
dies, and will b% greatly missed
from her circle of friends. Mr.
Ferguson was one of our most
popular young men. While
not exactly a resident of Pick
ens, he was so well known here
that the yonmg people will'feel
that most val
The young couple have the
c:ngratulations of ho3ts of
-friends, who will ever wish for
their prosperity and happiness.
Notice to Pensioners.
I will be in the couit house
every day in January, 1909, for
the purpose of making out ap.
plications for old soldiers and
widows that are not now get
ting pensions, and wish to apply
for same.
All now drawing will con
tinue to get pension without
further application.
Pension Com.
Jan. 7,-1909.
B. K. Thornley, formerly of
this place but now of Knoxville,
Tenn., is here on a visit to his
jpother, Mrs. N. E. Thornley.
The sunny-faced Major S.
Nimmons, an old Pickens boy,
at present a hustling, bustling
business man of Williamston,
was giving the glad hand to his
iany friends around here last
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons having claiis against the
estate of t lie late J. J. Lewis, (leceased,
must present t he samne duly proven on
or before the 1st day of 1'ebr-uary. 1909o,
or be debarred payient, and all porson4
indehted to said estate must imake pa% -
ment on or before the above late to tlie
undersigned. J. L. VALLEY, Adm'r.
County of Pickens
By J. B. Newberry, Probate Judge:
WHEREAS. R. N. Durham made
suit to me, to grant him letters of Ad
ministraion of the estate and effects of
Isaac Durham.
These are therefore to site and ad
mouish all ind singular the kindred and
creditors of the said Isaac Durham, de
ceased, that they be and appear before
me, in the Court of Probate, to be held
at Pickens on the 21st day of January
1909 next after publication hereof, at
11 o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause
if any they have, why the said admin
istration should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this the 2nd
day of January Anno Domini 1909.
J. B. NEWBERRY. [seal]
J. P. P. C.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding claims again-t thA
estate of B. M. Clark, de-ceas-d, will
present them to the undersigned, for
payment by the 25th day Jan. 1909 or
be barred. And all persons indebted to
said deceased will make paymen by said
day to W. E. Clark
Emiline Cla-k.
At The Opera
and ait thce larrge reception yo w1 ~ill see
some mar velously beautiful pieces of
jewelry that we decsigne'd aned execuited.
Buit we also carry ai full line of more
mod6rate priced goods.
Whatever You Ask For
weca:n show you a bargain, from tables
wvare to ha:t pins. Special after thc a oh..
day sales. Look out for them.
Pickens Bottling Works.
'R. L. DAvis, Prop'r.
Main Street, PICKENS, S. C.
Manufacturers of All Kinds Soft Dr
The Wholesale Trade Supplie d Promnptly
Also handles, at retail, Soft Drinks,.
CIgars, Tobaccos, Canned Gooos,
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Your patronage' solicited.
R. L. DAVIS, Pmop'r

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