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I, I
-'WASH I1iGTOl1 ID.t
Perina Drug Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Gentlemen:---I can cheerfully recommend
Pertia at ait cifective cure for coughs and
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Could Not Smell Nor Hear.
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11,11te. ImIL.. w:-.it1 :
"When I began to take your medicine 1
could not sne!], nar hear a church bell
.ring. Now I c:m loth smell and hear.
"Vlhn. I he::an your treatment my head
was tb. I had buzz!ng and chirping
noi.eIns iv' mny iead.
" I follow'i your ndvice faithfully and
took P#rtina :Is you told mie. Now I might
say I ami ll 1.
"I wart to :o and vi.;t my mnther and
see the clwt.'r who said I was not long for
t.hiq wtrl-l. I will tell him it was P.runna
that eTfred me."
f'orvn i; nwwi:eturc-! hNy The Peruna
Dirug Mf!. (.. (lumbs. Ohio.
Ask ys:ct-e OrtuiiiplAt fov' & Frce Ile
2111111a .-lma nr fr 1000,
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So. 2-'09.
zample treatinent
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Only One "1ronmo Quinine"
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The Irouble aboit beitng good
friellds wilti a doctor is ,ou never
can tell wh+.en he is lookin- you over
with a1 prof,essiolu eYe and apprais
ing your pocket hook.
Kidneys lHadly In.jured antd Health
Seriously Impaired.
WillIam WVhIte, R. R1. man, 201
Constantineo St., Three ivets, Mich.,
ay:"na railroad
clson may kid
Sneys must have been
S hurt, ats I passed
j bloody utrlne with
'- patin for a long time
- aftecr, was weak anid
Sthin and so I coutld
' not woir'.. Two yearE
ater I went to the
-reamniredl ',o r. si on th s, but m ii1
.case saeemb*d ho le '. The utn ne
p)assed intvoilln e '.. Two moin(i'i
ago I began ta'aing l)oun's KIdn1:ey
Pills aind the imrm-t3men(.t hans been
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Sold by all dealers. 50e. a box.
Fogter- .1 itbr coi(., D 3u ffalo, N. Y.
Di:tcat Trust.
Thte f Ilowing fromt th It Dlavie
Reodis wNorth of ( a secondt reaing ut
by anty who sitid~ happen to he
amiong ottt subtribers whto are inudif
ferent wvithI referenc"e to teir obliga
stions to t heir county n ewspaiper:
''Ant ext hangte says the biggest
trutst ott earthI is thle country ntews
papetr. It trlusts everyb'ody, gets
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gets enstsed fotr busting. Amnd there
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Odds and Ends.
My may retire an old1 horse after
long service without its costintg much.
but it is another thing to retire an
-One wvay to mako yourself unpopu
tar and offensive is to know more
stories abont yourself than you can
set people to lisen to.
Subject: The Descent of the Holy
Spirit, Actq 2:1-21 - Golden
Text, John 14:11, 17-Commit
Verses2-4--Expositionof Lesson.
TIME.-Sunday, May 28, A. D. 30,
9 a. m. PLACE.-An upper room
In Jerusalem.
EXPOSITION 1. The. Disciples
Filled With the Holy Spirit, 1-4. The
disciples had been bidden not to de
part from Jerusalem, bit to wait for
the promise of the Father, the hap
tism with the Holy Spirit (ch. 1:4.
5). They had faithfully obeyed this
command. After the ascension of
Jesus they had returned at once to
Jertisalem (1:12) to wait God's time
and God's blessing. The following
days hid been spent largely in pray
t-r (1:14). Those were not wasted
days. More was accomplished in the
ultimate outcome than if. they had
t)ent those days in preaching. Though
"they continued steadfastly" in pray
er (1:14, 1R. V.) the entire time was
not spent in prayer (ch. 1:15-26:
rLuke 24;53). There was absolute
unity In their prayer, it was "with
ne accord." Their minds were all
united in one thing. "the pronitse of
the Father," the bantism with the
Holy Spir;t (Lii. 11:13: Ac. 4:31; S:
15-17). They did not regard the pos
Itive promise of Christ (1:5) as re
lieving them from the necesslty of
nrayer, but as an Incentive to and a
foundation for prayer. The -women
were there as well as the men (ch.
1:14). Ten days passz,d without an
answer. The day of Pentecost, the
ay of "first fruits," the gathering
af the church (Lev. 23:15-21) came
at last. Not till that day could the
IToly Spirit he given. Now that Pen
,"Most has come no one nc ds wait tn
-lavs for the laptism with the Holy
il)irit. Thnre is no record of sny wait
ing since Pentecost (see ch. 4:31: S:
15-17; 9:17-22: 10:44: 19:1-6). The
baptism with the S'Irit is every be
ilever's birthrirght through the cru
-ifled, risen and ascended Christ (vs.
.3.' 39). and the moment the condI
tions are fulfilled this blessing will
be ours. If we have to wait, the dif
ficuilty is with us, and not with God.
It is because we have not met the
conditions. The disciples seemed to
have been expecting the promise that
very day, they were "together in one
place" (R. V.). It was at or before 9
In the morning (v. 15). They were
of one accord (cf. 1:13, 14: 2:46:
4:24. 32: 5:12). This unity doubt
less bad much to do with the bestow
al of the gift, and the absence of this
unity has much to do with the faillure
of ninny churches to-dav to receive it.
The blessing came "suddenlv" at the
last (cf. ch. 16:25, 26; Mal. 3:1;
Luke 2:13). There was not a mo
ment's warning. There was a roar as
of a hurricane. Emphasis is laid
upon the fact that this sound came
from heaven. It is wind "from heav
en" we need. We have too much wind
of another sort. On another occasion
the place where they even gatbrel
together was shaken (ch. 4:31).
This sound "filled all the house." The
disciples were "sitting." not kneeling
in nrnyer as they are so often reniro
sented. There was not only "wind"
fromt heaven, hut fire as well (cer.
Matt. 3:11; Is. 4:4;: Jer. 23:29). The
fir was in the form of tonenues, the!
new power was to muan ifest itsAlf in a
tongue of fire granted to them (v.
4). The tongues parted asunder (nl.
V.) or portioned themselves out to
"each one of them." Peter only is
made prominent in the story that fol
Iowvs, but each one of them receivedl a
tongtue of fire. The tongues of fire
rested tupon the women as well as
unon the men (cf. also vs. 17. 18').
The blessing was not to the church
as a body. huit to "each one of them"
as indlividuals. "They wvere all filled
with the Spirit." This is a fulfillment
of chi. 1:5. So the expressions "filled
wvith the Soirit" and "bantized with
the Spirit" are practically synony
mouts. The excpression used her'e
brine~s onut the thought that the Holy
?nuirit takecs complete possession ef
the faculties. The immediate result
was they. "began to sneak with other
tongues" (cf. ch. 10:46: 19:6).
11. 'Tle Multitudelt AmaSzed, 5-1 1.
The noise of the wind from heaven
was heard by the multitudes without
( v. 6. R. V.). T'hey rushed together
to find out what it meant. The multi
Itides always gather when the Spirit
comeslC up~on God's p)eole. The disci
!'lts began to speak to them of the
mighty worlks. of God. Each one
hear id themt sp)enking in his own Ian
gunge. T1he effects were startjing and
various. They were "confouundedl,"
"ama!zed," they "mtarveled" andl
''were perpleted." Some thought the
disciples wvere drunk. Others "gladly
received the wvord," and were hap
tizedl. The conversions were very
numerous and( very thorough (vs. 6,
7, 12, 13, 37, 41. 42, 44t, 45). Simi
lar and e(iitally varied effects follow
to-day when men and women are
lod with the Hloly Spirit and speak
:as the Spirit gives them utterance.
Thbes3 SIpirit-filledl men and women
did not talk much about themselves,
'mit about "the mighty works of God"
I v. 11I). Tihe mighty work of \God
that they esp'cially emphasized was
Riis ra-ning Jesuis Christ from the
lead ('w.. 24, 2) . The Spirit-filled
moan is 'ulte likely to be0 much occu
ied w; the resurrection of Christ
(ef. ch. ~::15; 4:8, 10, 31, 33). Tb-at
some a:.ributedl the state of the disci
pmles to Mutoxicallon is not strange, for
the ef? '"t of buoth wine and of the
S4nirit is to stimulate, ona unnat,ur
ally, U'he othie r snuaarnaturally_
Oencrete Poles.
In continuance of the declared
policy of the Pennsylvania Railioad
system to provide against timber
scarcity, the lines west of Pittsburg
have just completed - and placed in
experimental service lir:o of concrete
telegraph. poles through New Brigh
toi, Pa. Its construction followed a
series of elaborate experiments which
have been conducted duriig the past
two years.
Owing to the fact that wooden
poles are constantly becoming mere
expensive and more difficult to ob
tain, the Pennsylvania, in 1906 began
to test the value of concrete as a
substitute for wood. Fifty-three re
inforced concrete poles were set up
in the line along the Pittsburg, Fort
Wayne and Chicago Railway, near
Maples, Ind. A year later they were
giving entire satisfaction and showed
no evidence of decay.
The Ingenuity of Inventors.
The ingenuity of inventors and
manufacturers is ever at work in the
endeavor to reduce the expense of
production, and at tho same time to
improve the quality of articles having
a large sale. This is not only benefi
cial to the purchasing public, but it
inures to the benefit of the producer
in increasing saies and preventing
competition. This has been so in the
case of farm machinery, clothing,
shoes, bicycles. etc., and now it is ap
parent in the safety razor field. Thou
sands of this style of razor have been
sold at from $1.50 to $5 each and giv
en satisfaction. Recontly manufac
turers have applied more scientific
principles and improved methods in
their manufacture, and the result is
seen in the "Shrp Shavr" razor, which
is sent postpaid for twenty-five cents
in stamps by the Book Publishing
i-ouse, .134 Leonard street, New
York. It is superior to any razor
rold, being bought largely by those
already owning the highest priced
razors. Not overy one knows that
the best results are obtained by hav
ing two or three razors and alternat
ing them in use. This practice of al
ternating possibly accounts for the
very large sale of this low priced im
Pellagra--A New and Dangerous Dis
ease in the South.
(Washington Dispatch.)
The marine hospital service will
make a determined effort to stamp
out the new and dreadful disease
which is playing havoc in certain see
tions in the South and which is
known to physicians as pellagra.
Piellagra appears to resemble lep
rosy in sonie respects, but ends in
permanent insanity. It is said to
have been imported from Italy, but
seems to be induced by eating meal
made from smutty or fermented corn.
Assistant Surgeon Lavinder, of the
hospital service, made a tr:p through
the Souti this year and examined a
number of eases. especially in South
Carolina, whore the epidemic is at its
worst. In tle Mount Vernon Insalnc
Asylum in 1907 there were 88 cases,
57 of which ended fatally. An effort
will be0 made at t he coiming session to
pe rsuade Co(ngress to app)r'opriateC
untlicient funds to enable the marine
evice to institute a v'igorous camn
.itnm ainsiiit the disease, and it is
hoped, that it cani be0 stamnped out be
1,r iinit atains thle fright ful prlopor'
ions it has reached in foreign coun
tries, especially in Italy in Roumania.
Pert Paragraphs.
Commit a sin twice and you will
.hink it allowable.-Hfebrew.
The best cure for dlrunlkenness is
while sober to see a drunken man.
Kindness and courtesy need elbowv
rooma and are smothered to death in
a crowd.
It is extremeialy trying to be obliged
to assoc'iale withI people wvho always
and invariably would rathier not.
Complete JBecover'y Fromi Cofice ills.
"About nine years ago may daugh
ter, from; .aoffeQ drinking, was on the
vergo of t. 3.-vous prostration," writes
a Loutis~villj lady. "She was confined
for the most p)art to her home.
"When she attempted a trip down
town she was often brought home in
a cab and would be prostrated for
days afterward.
"On the advice of her physician she
gave up coffee and tea, drank Postum,
and ate Grape-Nuts for breakfast.
"She liked Postum from the very
beginning and we soon saw improve
ment. To-day she is in perfect health,
the mother of five children, all of
whom are fond of Postum.
"She has recovered, is a member
of three charity organizations and a
club, holding an officee in each. We
give Postum and Grape-Nuts the
credit for her recovery."
"There's a-R~eason."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. .Read, "The -Igad to
Weilville,'' in p kgs.
E,ver read the' above lettet? A new
one appears frem time to timne. They
are genuine, truIe, andfHo human
It Is An In.terai .DiSeae And Be.
quires An Internal ftemedy.
The cause -of Rheumatism and kindred
diseases is an excess of itrio acid 'in the
blood. To cure this' terrible disease th:
acid must be expelled and the system so
regulated that rio more acid will b fornaed
in excessive quantities. Rheuinatism is an
irtternal disea*e and requires an internal
reuredy. Rubbing with Oils and Liniments
will not cure, attords only temperory relief
at best, causes you to delay the proper
treatment, and allows the malady to get a
firmer hold on you. Liniments may case
the pain, but they will no more cure ltheu
atasm than paint will change the libre
of rotten wood.
Science has at last discovered a per
fect aknd complete cure, which is called
"Itheumnacide. Tested in hundreds of
cases, it has effected the most imarvelous
cures- 'we believe it wil cure you. Itheu
macide "gets at the joints froin the in
side," sweeps 'the poisons out of the svs
ten, tones up the stomach, regulates the
liver and kid'neys and makes you well all
over. Rheumacide "strikes the roots of
the disease and removes its cause." This
splendid remedy is sold bi druggists and
deaters generafly at 50c. and $1 a bottle.
In Tablet form at 25c. and 50c. a package.
Get a bottle to-day. Booklet free if you
write to Bobbitt Chemical Co., Balti
more. Md.
It seems that two Indiana farmers
are about to prod.ce cobless corn.
The grains are said to be on a kind
of pod like peas in the pod. It is
riot stated that it will dispense with
the husking and shelling processes.
Long ago -we heard of a corn that
had a very large hollow stalk, that
had many joints. Every, joint bore
an ear and the stalk was full of shell
d corn.
There Is more Catarrh in this section of
the country than all other diseases put to
gether, an until the last few years was sup.
posed to be incurable. For a great many
years doctors pronounced it a local disease
and prescribed local remedies, and by con
stantly tailing to cure With local treatment,
pronounced it incurable. Science has proven
Catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and
therefore requires constitutional treatment.
Ilail's Catarrh Cure. mianufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio, is the only con
stitutional cureor tihe inrket. It is taken in
ternally in doses fronm 10 dropa to a teaspoon
fill. It acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. They oler one hun
dred dollars for any case it i tls to cure. Send
for circularsand testimonials. Addreds F.J.
CrENEY & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists 75c.
Take all's Family Pills for constipation.
An eminent New York minister
says that iore can be accomplished
by persuasion than by litigation. The
lawyers w.ill file their dernurrers.
Itch cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's
Sanitary Iotion Never fnils. At druggistP.
A diseased imagination can give a
mortal anything.
Mrs.WinRslow's Soothing Syrup for Children
teet.hinrg, softenrs tlie gums, reduces millaini.
tiu.aLays 1.ui, cure wind colic.25c a bottle
By going gains the will, and not
by standing still.--Spanish.
Piles Cured In 0 to 14 Days.
l'azo Ointment Is guaranteed to cure nny
ca-coat Itchmsig. lli,ma,I leednag or liiiot ud ine
I'lles in 6 to 11 days or moniey retunded. 50c.
A wise man ebanges his mind; a
Cool never.-Spanish.
Cured cf Fc-sistcnt Case of
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 1, 190'5.
Mr. J. T. Shuptr-ino, Savannah, Ga.
Der:r Fi: -Il have been a ver-y great
suffereri frora eezemna r'or four or fiveO
ytar::, and have used manuy remredies and
hav-e been treated by theo mast prominent
specilalists here for skin diseases without
success. Somi. time ago, my sister. Mrs.
Elton, formorly of your city. induced me
to use Tetterine, and( af'er using same
a few weeks, I am grateful to realize that
I am at last cureod of the tormenting.
burning eczema. So valuable a remedy as
Tetterine shot:ld be known of by the
thousands throughiout the country who
are sufifering as I have been, and I shall
take pleasure in recommending it wher
ever an opportunity presents.
Ver-y respectfully,
(Signed) Miss A. II. King. 5639 Vernon Rt
Te tterlne cures Lkzemrr. Tetter, Ring
Worm, Ground Itch. Itching Piles. In
fant's Sore Head. Pimples. Boils, Rough
Realy Patches on the Face, Old1 Itching
Rores, Dandruff, Cankercd Scalp. Bun
ions, Cores, Chilblains and every for:n of
Skin Disease. Tetterino 50e; Tetterine
Soap 25c. Your drugarist, or by mall fromn
the manufacturer, The Shuptrine Co..
Bavannah, Ga.
A good man 's pedigree is little
luted up.-Sparnish.
Itched and Burned Terribly--Could
Not Move Thumbs Without Flesh
Cracking -- Sleep Impossible --
Cutleura Soon Cu.red Eczema.
"An itqhning humor covered both my
hands and got up over miy wrists rand even
up to the elbows. 'The itching and burning
were terrible. Ny hands go)t all scamly andI
when I scratched, the surface would be
cov-ered with b!iste-rs nnd then get ranw.
The eczema got so had that 1 could not
move my thumbs without deep cracks ap
pea ring. I went to my doctor, but his
medicine could only stop the itching. At
night I suffered so fear-fully that I could
rnot sleep. I could not bear to touch, my
bands with water. This went on for three
months and I was fairly wor-n out. At last
I got the C'uticura Remedies and in a
month I was cured. Walter 11. Cox, 10
Somerset St., Boston, Mass., Sept. 25, 1908."
Potter Drug & (Them. Corp., Sole Props.
of Cuticura Remedies. Bloston, Mass.
Good counsel is better than a thous
and hands. --German.
and GRIP P "T*.
RiQY f1 -4.Ads. nm
A joye-Opener.
Dr. Mitchel Xye -Salve is whi
appearance and odorless. A pos
and ready cure for sore, weak,
flamed, swollen, smarttng eyes
granulat,ed lids. Just apply to
ov-lids and rub In well. At all st
Price 25 cents. Try a bottle.
A soft answer permIts you to
an easy victim to the shrewd ag
Throat and Lungs
Pv6 Cm ban iAe hdras
N while few 4oses
At all druisaats', 25 ct.
teflt 1r)e1' ( 11t III, 'llair to Natur
moves Dandruff and Scurf. in
prevents the Hair from falling
ny Richmond. Lynchburg. Va..
Md.. Drugaists or sent direct b
*I pe- bottle. hasple boo
Cftrculars Sint on
We Buy
Hides and -
Feathers. Tallow. Beeswax,
Golden Soal.(YeDow Root), May
Wild Ginser, etc. We are de
established in T856-"Over hal a cen
Louisville"-and can do better for y
sgents or commission merchants. Ref re
any Bank in Louisville. Write for
price list and shipping tags.
M. SaboI& s,
227 K. Mark6t St. LOUISVILLE, K
Nothing New or
For many generatitone GO s 1*r;-a"
recogniz:od as a wonderful reme"dt
in treatin, and curinmi Pneumn
Rhematin and Neuralgia. RICP
Gijt9AjX 1N1t %IENT 1i made f:-om
grt-Ae, with other valuable ourati
dlents added. Try it.
2ac-At all I)ruggistis avid Dealore
L4ELP Insist on U'W
FOR r. MAI S Ip,
& he ziandnitt If
.eild 'or book. "6oRelief toe %v on
F".KN(d DRUG CO., 30 W. 32d st.,
ILmO ITE& 8.
EiZhest rarket price paid r
rznd HIDES
Wool en
Writ us for prIces o" ship what you hav
at once and we wIll send you check for it
market value.
1S40 E. Ca.ry St.. R.ICHMO' D. VA
e s . 4.n
The Reason I Make and Bell Mdore Mhn'
& $3.60 Shoes Than Any Otheor Manuf
The seteo a of th leathers for each part of the
looked a er b the beete soemaerslathe sho ad
ar md yo woal then understaus wb yth old
shape, 14 btter, and wear longer than any ot
My Method of Tanning the 8o1es rnakes them,
Flex) bie and Longer Wearing~ than any othes
aM s"1Ui,"ts.'sses,Il:.':U.*t- Cil
Fnr sale is soe delr et 0y:l. 'o
CAUTION!,,a... ameri,c ao I..a,. o
last Color Eyelet. Used Exelusitvely. Catalog se
(So-2- '09)
*"~i Thompson's EyeWe

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