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Donigs of a Local and Persoa
Everything at cost! All eo
-y resent stock at cost for th<
D t fifteen drys. H. Snider
D he ele ctric light people say
in i y will be able to turn the
wrnsser' on this week and give
-Lkttis more light.
PiLtteo. J. Elfred Hill, of thE
toche ie side of the county,
inflaer hai ickens, Tuesday, shak
ableato ha Is with his many
lig. of Her M iss nez M orris, of
cofie t.eH vho has been confined
wOithI( atm for somle time with
many ri,h 'y rheumatism, is
to see bi t again, to the de
,, iany friends.
r i'i' derl', who has been
buOv( ->b his omll for a time
min , is limpJroving. His
nh nl 11(s w ill be delighted
('OQ!i u 'et again.
T:- a nd hiiunters~. shouldI
' b,f . ( ). Brook will
*f furs, such as
umn, Iiauskr.at,
K0'iil A pril 1, 191
.he >r of th is Pap)
his U .is town!m
.1 -helar'ted gentl
4 s sek, for nice pi
7 Ale
I ad, and has movet
R ft pretty place a'
k ays he is sd
Sit as fast as his
ake and1 ship to
ar~iaged1 one a day
ndfays, since Jan.
is, low prices andl
rtising ar dloing
'ai~ hros. are n uyinlg
at e pound, Paying 9c. Si
th, nore money for your "'
im way, and as they arer
ood shape, b)einlg well h1
'n , andl are pupand
'onld advise you to sell
rluis stock while the .E
n 1E
itr'actor' anid builder, Ithe lij
isy thes (dO(ays. He wee si
vle contracts.* on his yonng
i nvanions parts of the progen
oiur school buildings and( Mr!' a
hall, the latter .iob being full w
thriv.ng little city of folks
g- lie is figuring fo !abont
schoolhouse, ini the up)
Sand'stands(~ a fair shos .h
a g it. - ,ug pun
lemany friends in Pickei al r
r's. W. M. McCaslan alyb
to U, will be sorry to0 1e re ath
e has b)een and is s a u
seriously ill. The Olin1 v: two fer
nicle of the 6th Inst. s am
.McCaslani is not imp -di frg,te
~rapidly as we- had hoisjregiste
but it is thought sh~r ymyea
jng her Own." Her m r-amny
!ds, and especially her ry~ frer
Ischolars in this cou breedin
for her a speedy ~ ces.a
hope that man *
Dr', 0. Sp,
be at Central
and remain fot
Just receive
Ballard's Obeli
.FOuR SAhe past fou
.FOR SAL n .in. busii4sF a
White Legho on, Ga., $pont th
verip Wim1 .e-n(d in Pickens with hi
in, DJenigl r, Mrs. J. R. Ashmore.
January 20th 1 the county officials wer
0a.r da ,Ivs. Ya,r
s , Yea rn in Tuesday, 5th inst.
IR a car each of Was3 have entered upon the dis
k and Roxanne Wee rge of their duties of th
H. A. Richey. sist ces to which they wern
Th"oughbred1 , ted.
n Eggs from Sil- sw t pays to read the advertise
IWes. $2.00 per 15. an nts of enterprising home mer
J. N. Hallui.I ch ants, for they are the peopl<
-All kinds of rough h ho make it possible to hav(
b will be fi d ele nvenienience right at you:
. -oor, so to speak.
b rJ. H. G. McDaniel and fam
thff. - c y arrived in Pickens lasi
Mrs. j ' 'hursday and will again tak<
Gair tes up their abode here at the ok
News, of home place. Their many (riend
busr see that are delighted t o see then
Ti eo gone t and extenId to them a cordia
,apita . S.'' welcome.
tore t( 'okens, Dr. F. S. Porter, of Piedmont
njoy- r has arrived in Pickens and wil
t at . han1g out his shinigle and givt
)9, e all1 ca"lls pmmnijt aftention. A
, Wvks vt ir SOD a hie cin proce a suit
,the t ivX,es in 1 able hiouse hle wllmove( hli:.
A the cCollp faliiY 1p. For the present h<
by Cao1pv k iboardin l t P. H. B-g
it (.i;- by Ca . i all tsre.ii
Iless bef - where -al will receiv!
CniS to 4a- prompt att-ntion.
An,Il Noah va1,
9et Kig' bI There airo some,( pt,ople who
onkt n's beusi- are 1iglitv careless about throw
ets. tor's b at. it old truck in alleyways aull
Ie ad- I el's MO urt. ig ter alyv
"e office 1)ak of their places of blsiness
every be lIv the Such people should be taught a
kOce know Vdi- little civic pride by a modest
oc' His vi ick- fine. It i, impossible for the
good alwa the authorities to keep places clean
-tant. He if people will persist in such
P. C. We editor practices. Help the Civic Leagut
- ents ection along by cleaning up somt,
ently news - are around your premises.
room tions Reid Evans, of Kings section
f the mek aspond- of the county, has torn down
Lib- week h the his old dwelling and will have
y in. who ve sec- erected on the site a modern
Id is fron lp us to and commodious home. Verily,
rightest this county is in a prosperous
ling M Anyone condition, for there is hardly a
he news farm in it but that improve
fac-1 abol _1._--L _ I !_ -_
ac.ao larly, we mlents are being made and hand
in ct nyelopes, some .residences are being
1st.~ ha .erected.
lib 'car hi homo W' A. Jenkins, a former
the tioni ote Pickens county boy, but now a
bt. ight. He resident of Transylvania county,
nid death N. C., makes fortnightly trips~
ntle sleep to Pickens and other near-by
the fanmily* South Carolina markets, selling
M~r. S ith cabbage, potatoes and other pr o,
Mr. N ah du1ce. Will is a hustler, owns a
ng wvith inm fine farm on the French Broad,
leaves me iyad-is making good in the Old
ds to mo4n North State.
tCol. J. A. Peek, the 'mnanagei
.ople of the of t,he Pickenis Hardwar Co.,
ly enjoyed a is nothing if ntot a hustler. Hi
.night at the is busy all the -time. When h<l
,f Mr. and Mi-s. 1s not selling goods lie is uin
Ha' the Enon see- packing, opening up and (is
People 1 ty. A goodly playing his wares to the bes
t ani sent and ripdadvantage and looking up pr-os
ndItic toe until the pe'tive bus-iness;. Although onl3
.l Several of the in business here for about sih
y omj yPickens were months lie h as ani excep)tionalla
m'(I port a fine time. good store, kaeps a large an<
dlemar Mauldin know wvell-selected stock of goods
poses .make the young names a pr-ice that moves themi
rkers ~e when they are and ithsbssdwith a lar-g<
kan - circle of friends and patrons
. g o is o as Mr. Peek is a thorough busines:
Pic ' o isfrri-man, applies the Golden Rui<
chas r, rather, to make to every business transaction
riale lext fall, is unus'u- and is "there with the goods'
f t 1 the usual scarcity whenever the occasion demands
ed A. Peek, manager He doesn't sling on a whole lo
ens Hardwore Co., of style and then charge it up t<
d three-a male and his customers at so much pe
-from the Belmont sling, but "gets busy," as th
.ir famous breed of small boy would say, and i;
erkshires, and next "Johnny on the spot" with
e prepared to furnish line of goods that, for qualit'
ood Pickens cont and prices, cannot be duplicatei
Ith some extra fine anywhere in ,this whole Pied
tock. '[The editor ex- mont country. Don't take ou
pig for writing this word for it but go and see fo
Rev. P. F. Craford filled hk,
r regular appointmerit" in the
t Pickens Baptist church, Sun.
day, morning and -night, an(I
i preached t\wo excellent sermons,
to large and attentive congre
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. W. Peek,
- who have been spending some
3 time with the family of their
" son, J. A. Peek, in Pickens, left
Tuesday for Turnersville, Ga.,
.where they will spend a time
with their daughter, .Mrs. Dr.
W. C. Bryant, before returning
to their home in Macon. Mr.
and Mrs. Peek were delighted
with our town and climate.
They made many friends here
who would be delighted to see
"them become permanent citi
zens of our town.
R. R. Stephenson, manager of
i the Pickens Brickyard, was in
Pickens, Monday, from moving
the plant to Richland, S. C.,
where"it will be located in the
future. Tle firni of Bivens &
Bruce, proprietors, have ac
quired a body of land there on
which the deposit of clay is very
, and they expect to turn
out as good a brick at that
place as they did out of the
Town Creek clay. Mr. Ste
phenson -will continue to have
charge of the 1usiness, and a
mighty fine mlianlager he is, too.
Here's hoping success in their
new location.
E. H. Gilliland, of Piedmont,
was in Iickens last Saturday
shaking hands with old friends,
and, incidentally, settling for
his "old home paper," which he
says he could not do without.
Mr. Gilliland for a number of
years has lived near Piedmont,
but has recently moved to the
Dr. Richardson farm, near Slii
loh church, in Anderson county.
His address will still be Pied
mont, R. F. D. 1. Last year
he made 13 bales of cotton and
100 bushels of corn with one
horse. This is a pretty good
showing and lots of people could
set their pegs for this kind of
.showing in 1909.
IAway back yonder, fifty or
sixty years ago, there was a
preacher living in this county,
by the name of J. R. Hamlin.
He was born and raised near
Brevard, N. C., and married a
daughter of Rev. Jonathan
KIng, of the Six Mile section of
this county. In 1869 Rev. Ham
lin and family moved from this
county to Missouri and settled.
In the family was a son, who
was 11 years 01(d the day after
he started for his far-off home.
This boy grew to mau hood andl
made his mark in~ his adopted
state, and four years ago was
prevailed1 upon by his friends to
run for congress on the Demo
cratic ticket, which he did and
was elected, and is now serving
his second term. During the
holidays he was an escort with
the body of a Louisiana'senator
to the burial in New Orleans,
and on his way back he stopped
off for a few days' visit to the
scenes of his childhood. W. C.
Hamlin, now of Springfield,
Mo., and N. R. Kennemore, of
the Kings section of this county,
played together and went to
school together around the'old
SGates schoolhouse until they
were parted by the one going
'way to a new home, where he
has lived and prospere'd and is
Srespected and loved by all who
know him.' It was a joyous re
, union by these cronies of for
mer days. Mr. Hamlin's friends,
. and,friends of the family, will
r be glad to that time has
tre ' and that
n him.'
The Legistatire met Tuesday.
.e sure and meet Auditor N.
A.'Christopher while, lie is out
(n his rounds. It might save
vou a trip to the court house.
Rev. N. G. Ballinger filled his
appointment at the Pickens
Methodist church last Sunday
morning, and delivered an ex
cellent sermon to a large con
T. D. Harris at all times is
getting up bargains for his cus
tomers, which he lets them
know about through the col
umns of this paper.
Col. Wm. R. (Pete) Price, of
the upper Oolenoy valley, was
in Pickens Tuesday and reports
everything quiet in his section,'
and says the valley is now in a
sober, flourishing and prosper
ous condition.
Freeman & Co. are through
taking stock and have found a
lot of odds and ends of staple
goods, which they have thrown
doWn on the bargain counter at
a price that will move them.
Watch for their ad. ne,xt week.
W. C. Newton has recently
gotten in a lot of nice mules and
horses which he is anxious to
dispose of at bargain prices for
cash or good papers. He can be
found at all times at the Richey
stables in Pickens.
Elbert Findcley, who has beel
reading la w Solicitor Julius
E. Boggs' office for some time,
recently stood a most creditable
examiniation, in Colt ubia, be
fore the supreme cot i,nd was
admitted to the b .1.O will
very probably locat in Pickens.
Here's hoping sic4ss for him,
wherever lie may decide
hang out.
Chief Justice Pope having re
signed from the Supreme Court,
the name of Pickens county's
hohored citizen and worthy son,
Mr. James P. Carey is being
mentioned as his successor, and
our county would be truly proud
of the honor conferred. A more
worthy man could not be found.
Here is hoping that he may be
J. F. Kown's hosts of friends
in Pickens and elsewhere in the
county will learn with a great
deal of pleasure that lie has re
cently passed a very creditable
exam ination and was admitted
to the practice of the law. For
the present Mr. Kowni is in An
derson visiting relatives, and
has not yet fully decided where
he will hang out his shingle.
We wish him wvell wherever he
may locate.
A cutting scrape, which may
yet prove serious, anid even
fatal, occurred ini the Six Mile
section last Sunday between
John Roberts and Walter E.
Pinson. It seems that Pinson,
who had b)een to church at Six
Mile andl w~as on his way home
when he was hailed by Roberts,
who is a brother-in-law, to stop
and see a sick mule of his
(Roberts'). As they reached
the stable Roberts remarked to
Pinson, "You 'have been talk
ing about me." Pinson reflied,
"If I have I will own it." Rob
erts then made a rake at him
with a knife, cutting 'a long
gash in the back of Pinson' s
head and down behind the ear
and across the neck, narrowly
issing the jugular vein. Pin
son ran and Roberts pursued,
stabbing him several times in the
back, inflicting severe wounds.
Il'rom the best information that
c/an be gathered the attack was
tupcalled for. It is to be hoped
.ifaat no complications will arise
and the wounds will soon heal.

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