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Subject: The Beginnings of the Chris
tian Church, Acts 2:22-47
'olden Text, Acts 2:42-Commit
Verses 82, 33-Exposition.
TIME.-Sunday, May 28, A. D. 30.
EXPOSITION.-I. God Hath Mado
Jesus Both Lord and Christ, 32-30.
Jesus could not be held fast by death.
No more can we if we are in Him.
David hundreds of years before had
caught a glimpse of the Greater David
who would go (own into hades, but
who would not stay there; who would
not even see corruption, but would
be raised before corruption had over
taken His body. Peter, though an
eye-witness to the resurrection, goes
to the Scripture for proof before ap
pealing to his own experience. Some
to-day think that their wonderful ex
perience does away with the necessity
of appeal to the sure Word of God.
Let all such learn wisdom from Peter.
But Peter's testimony had its place
and our testimony has its place,
though it is not the first place-that
belongs to the Word of God. Peter
and the rest were witnesses of the ful
fillment of this prophecy. Their tes
timony is unimpeachable. There was
still another witness to the certainty
of the resurrection of Jesus-that
waa the outpoured Spirit (v. 33).
11. Wh46 Shall We Do? 37-40.
Peter told his hearers that Jesus had
been exalted by God tM be both Lord
and Christ. This fict carried home
by the Holy Spirit produced the deep
est and sharpest conviction of sin.
No other truth is calculated to pro
duce such pro(ound conviction of sin
as the truth concerning the glory of
esus and our consequent enormous
illt in the rejection,and crucifixion
such an one. TheASpirit came to
them and through Pem convinced
the world (Jno. 16:8). These con
victed Jews cried out to know what
they were to do. Peter's answer was
very plain, and perhaps nothing in
the. Bible m;ikes the way of salvation
and blessir plainer. (1) "Repent,"
1. e., change heir minds about Jesus.
They were to change from that atti
tude of mind that crucified Jesus to
that attitude f mind that accepted
Him .hs that %litch God had exalted
M to be. Lo M a,o Christ. This, of
rae, involves reptnee of sin, 1.
renouncing all sin. i 4 it in
volves the absolute surrenw e of our
wills to Jesus as our Lord. 2) "Be
baptized." There was to be outward
water baptism. But there must be
imore than the mere outward syinbol
-there was to he the great inward
fact for which the outward symbol
stood, the renunciation of sin, faith
In Christ and the putting on of Jesus
Christ (cf. Gal. 3:26, 27: Ro. 6:3,
4). Being "baptized in the nai's of
Jesns Christ" means more than hav
ing some water sprinkled upon you
(or being immersed in some water)
while a certain baptismal formula is
repented. It means confession and
renunciation of sin, faith in Christ's
death and resurrection in our behalf,
Identification with Christ in His death
and in ills resurrection. When there
is real repentance and real baptism
there will be remission of sin and
there wIll he reception of "the gift of
the iHoly Ghost" (v. 3S). The gift of
the Holy Ghost is the blood-bought
birthright of every believer in Jesus
ChrIst. Tf one does net have the gift
of the Holy Spirit exnerimentally it
is either b)ecause he doCes not claim
4' birthright by simple prayer and
'M:ith ( Ac' 4:31; 8:15, It)). or else
becatwo he has not really made Jesuis
Lor'd-undJ Christ ny' the absolute sur
render -rnf thte will to Ilim and by
identilication with im in His death
an'd resuirre 1tlm~ by a real baptism of
vidh 'his water baptism was a svm
'e. ""'he promise," i. e., as the Ian
guage used and the contet unistak
-a'ly demonstrates (cf. ch. 1:4, i5; 2:
-23. 28), the promise of the baptism
'with or gift of tlh ' Holy Spirit-was
f or dem ns well as for the apostles.
Rli A Model Church, 41, 42. Pet
er's sermon had a tremendous effect,
2000 were saved by it. No such ef
fect had followe'd Jesus' own preach
ing, and 1lls promiss that they should
do greater works aft-r His ascension
than He. lHiself had wrought during
'His homIliati'on (Jno. 14:12) wvas thus.
iulfilcd. And we to-day are united
-with this same exalted Christ in the'
place of power at God's right hand,
:and may speak in the power of this
-same mighty Spirit. The inward re
ception of the word was outwardly
expressed In baptism. These 3000
baptisms in a day were the outcome
of the ten days of waiting upon God
in prayer (cf. ch.1:14). Suroly those
ten days had not been wasted. The
'work proved to be lasting, "they con
tlnued steadfastly." The four things
in which they continued steadfastly
are worthy of note. (1) "The apos
tles' teaching." There was no run
ning away after every new religious
fad that came up. (2) "The apos
tles' fellowship." Fellowship is one
of the necessities of healthy Christian
growth (Eph. 4:13, 16). The one
who seeks to grow in seclusion. separ
-aed from the bret'.ren, is doomed
iiot only to disappointment, hut worse
still, to sad distortion of character.
(3) "In the breaking of bread." They
did not neglect regular obedienco to
Jesus' commandment to show His
death and to feed upon Him in th~
communion service. (4) "In praS'
ers." Just here is the point who je
the average Christian of to-dayd
-parts most lamentably from the
amDple of the apostolic church.
When shown positive and reliable.proof that a certain'
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f. gas. "I
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la fceB Jo h eve. h it
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