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Theme: Uncle Sam's Mar on t.
Brooklyn, N. Y.--Th:t tie oppor
unity afforded to men residing in th
3edford section to hear the ReN
Cortland Myerm, pastor of the Bar
t t 'emple, was appreciated, wa
evident from the large audiene
whiclh fil)c' orery part of the Associa
lion Hall of thQ Bedford Branch o
the Y. M. C. A. Dr. Myers' theme
also, was Popl lar, *being: "Unel
Sam's Mark on the World."-.e said
among other things:
When I was asked to come her(
and tell yop something of my recen.
tour aroup the world it seemed ,a
InipossibIty, there was so mueli tc
be s C Where shall a man begin oi
en . Well, we crossed this conti
n t, which is in itself enough foi
0 tour for any man; we visited the
'alian Islands, touched at th
lippines, saw China, Janan, th
lay Islands, Burmiah. Inia. Coy
Yon; then through the Red Sea, past
Arabi, to Egypt, to Palestine for th
second time, across the Mediter
rahean, through Europe and Great
Britain and finally home to America
--God's own cotuntry!
The one thing that we noticed
everywhere in the world was that
there has been a tremendous amoun.t
of rogress and that the progress of
civilization has been greater in the
last ten years than in the hundred
Years previous; and that the greatest
element in this world-wide progress
s the influence of American institu
R an deas. The eyes of the
le are turnel to the Amer
R the world's purest and
acy. The civilized
th are interested in
here, and they are
t have the same
we must know
Ame'rican dem'oc
pply them to our
years Japan has
ed the princinles
cgovernment, and Cfiina
ned and is demanding the
n of democracy, and God
,vs what is going to take
ere The Empress of China is
she Is, for,
*k 3ble woman,
h Catharine
leth of Eng.
her policies
- 'i blows to
nent which
-a past. We
ie outcome
ice of God,
n that vast
Pecially in
iy the un
-e result of
linese peo
or later.
)rd Atinto,
the vernor-Generl of that colony,
250ting back to England that its
rersa0,000 nn are demanding
representation and a greater share in
the overnment of their land, and all c
the English newsnapers and period- t
lcals are talking about the possibility If
of a itiny on the part of the Indian .
r-ai4 -m of , men, which
rebllio mak liuckeochind the Senoy C
reathord lo fk lik cid' pla.v. The d
wIa for. o the la eople is now
sentlaiv fondh constitu, ivith repre- ?
se tafi e a d C stttonal govern
mof te Wesa has edught the spirit
fo tihi Wsern World and clamors
government, and the Sultan knows
that they are going to have it, inJ
spite of the fact that his promises arc Y
not believed and his efforts to put i ' w
off as long as possible. f
Now the greatest, the most notent fit
inntuene.e in all this world-wide agi-- ti2
tation for liberty and human righ.ts hn
Is the American influence of which I SI
have spoken. WVhen we were com- hi
ing through the Mediterranean, we hi
met one of those ignorant fellows onn
our ship who "know it all" and are ti
const antly displaying their ignorance- in
and he said to me: "Have you see t
that pic.ture back of you on the wall .an
Well," he continued. "that is th es qi
greatest and finest clubhouse in t a
world!" His mother told him to ,iu. t tii
keep still, but he went on .talkin . n
about it, showing his ignorance, ti l? n
his mother informed him that it w s le
a picture of' the home of the Pres -- 0
dent of the United Sta.tes; then I h d D
my turn and J said to thenm: "Yi s, tc
t.hat's right! That's the biggest clh b- hi
house in the world; that's the ho no T
of the 'Big Stick.' " That "big stic k" d:
has had a wholesome. influence o er os
the entire civilized world! t
My friends, the one great m rk G
that Uncle Sam has put on this w Id d;
and all around the planet is the p in- ti
ciple of indiv).dual responsibi ity. R
This is tho marif of civilization, a d it La
Is the mark, especially, of Chris ian i
Sfiliza.tlon. The mark of heathe, aism o
a ihe clan. the tribe, the class, the in
fa~ ily, the bunch; it puts a lh t of 11
h da to other, and when it has hem t1
ail to gemier, they don't amonn t to ht
mu ch anyway; but the mark of' 'ivil- ci
i4 tion is tle individual man his fi
rights and his responsibilities. To tl
the citizens of this country of ours, al
Uncle Sam says: "You are ci izen-- ti
kings; you have a crown, we r it; B
you have a throne, climb up n it; c~
your ha,ve a scepter, wield it you q1
bave an individual respolbilL , use "
It!" That is the glory of a Chi setian si
civilization; that lies at the cen*re of te
it. and it reaches to the very re oft al
k-elig'ous life of the citizeg; thiat ei
is the fpuntaln-If d Out of whiehii
the streams oa 8 life as a 6itiz,
must flow; it is a principle. m
over, which com to us directly fro
the teachings of Jesus Christ, and
man's personal relationl to Jes
Christ is what rings him into rig]
relation to God. This is the heari
C the Gospel, and t is the secret of ti
Christian civili ations of the wor],
Jesus said, "If man will do His wil
he shall know of the doctrine."
yo want to ta e the right path, y .
will not be lonl in learninC what *t
righ.t path is. Man's condition do(
not depend on the question of man
ignorance, be use every one kno,v
many times a much ain better tha
3 he puts into >ractice.
It is a q ;stion, rather, of th
man's will. ow, follow me: Nex
to the omni Otence of God is tl
will of man the soverelgi will 0
man is the ghtiest force in huma
life; it is th absolutely fundamenta
power in pe nality, the executive 0
the individ I life- Every man is -
small army f faculties, but the wil
is the com nder, the pilot that runi
the ship, o can bring it safel
through th stress of weather arc
wave to its stined harbor. The will
is the king n the throne of the soul!
We are no ed into right relation t(
God in ou eligio'14 life through the
feelings o the i"tellect; it I not
what a m know,. or what he feels
but what wills o be an. do, th
makes hi a Chr'stian and a ta
rf YOU W t somehing that is goin'
to push I immediately up to ti
higher le als of life and give You
kingly a tude before God and ma
listen to his: You are what yo
will is, t your knowledge or feI
ings. the Battle of Waterlf
both Ia >leon and Wellington kni
that th old farmhouse at Houge
mont w the strategic point In !It
conflict; - eld Hougoumnns
would wi ! So a man e
moral r world Just alIts
is in po his will andfill
consciou t se his . In
is to lost. -. In
his a I ' W Omum
A fr p eir, me
se the
rlidin :n -9o sold
Wall p:resent% the
ot t thess and went O01 sold
"Str , but the "Street" soo; wa.
him - That's Wall Street.When
The r, was beside himself, t was.
I met ,m, he explained how is that
He sai. The one difficulty y will,
I havelO Will; I have lost rior my
not m reason, not my love but my
famfiyor my interest in life I on, to
will!" I urged him to holca; but it
attem the exercise of choicl to-day
was 0 no help to him, anhere he
he is , an Insane asylum. rest of
will jobably remain for t has lost
his li- So every man wh .too; Just
his w , Practically insane power to
as e man who has the the bat
Will ower to win I manhood
ties "1
und V I he kngly
;.o world, in
1 of sinning
It that he
y cease to
dn on is to be
eg must say "1
-e in!"
Vi ant to talk
to do God's
b the will o0
I rae the hour
heart away
nou will Wish
wvision or i*ls
nd message of
ity, of itsi ten
sh you never
it at all unless
n. Hcire it is:
come." "Itf a
e of the Water
most pathetic
ered are these:
nto Me that ye
h, howv black is
raw forth such
of God. When
'u d the home, and
ent aw in, you put YOUr'
ot out an ed 'the beautiful
wer of' the her's love! We
ink of such a ca ;she told us of it
~rself. I had m ried them myself.
e was a beaut uil Christian girl:
it he had gun away to sIn. and
1.d come home gain and damned
r whole physi I life. I do not
ink there is a ot enough corner
hell for that an who is willing
wreck the so I o~ wife and child
id taint their b od with the conse..
zences of his s
In closing, Ie me speak to you of
e highest and oliest experience in
y life, One S aday afternoon some
onths ago I w s in Jerusalem, with
isure to do as pleased for ten days
-more. So I went through the
amascus Gate that day, and climbed
the crown f Calvary, that green
ni outside t e wall of the city.
trere I read t a whole story of re
seming love, prayed over it. wep)t
rer it; then' IWent to the foot of
e Mount o Olives and into the
arden of Ge semane, whnere, to myl
slight, I fout myself alone. From
ence T pas d down the Damascus
oad aIong. , dch they' b'rought my
)rd. and thmr ~egh the gate once more
to the city,d over tihe Via Dolor
tagination, 'sKW the so' 'ers b)rinlg
ima before is judge, frollowed by
ie priests 'd city rabY:e; and I
Bard thei MVoices demanding ils
'ucifixion, ough Pilate said, "I
ad no faul in Him at all:"' I heard'
tenm clam( for the reler'e of lBar
ibas, and >* Pilate surrender Him,
ie King o *lory, to their cruel willl.
arabbas - f freed; but Jesus they
'ucifled Calvary! This is the
tsin efore you men to-day:
tesutio Barabbas" -- holiness or
n''u Evr man who turn. his back
-ay esus Christ takers Barabbas
idi lives. his sin! Which will you
a I Interest Gathered By
ItcnWire and Cable
e ems Covering Events of More
s Liv,ess Intereet at Home and
8 cad.
e.shington, N. C., had a $20,000
t Friday morning.
ble United States leads the world
he production of lead.
.ie eleven-year-old son of Wm.
aan. of Chatham County, commit
7 suicide with a gun last week,
ause his father punished him.
Six Tennessee night riders have
en convicted of murder in the
st degree and two in the second
legree, with jury penalty of 20 years
mprisonment, all for the murdr of
,apt. Rankin.
Sheriff Van Pelt, of Pensacola, has
iad to stop street cars from running
mn Sunday to conform to the law.
The Virginia Portland Cement Co.
iss started up in full force again.
vith 500 hands and hopes to double
ts force soon.
Hampton, Va., voted on Wednes
lay to issue $100,000 in bonds for
ity purposes.
An address from the people of
npottsylvania, Va., will be issued
oon, calling on the people of the na
ion to unite in erecting a grand imon
iment at Bloody Angle, in honor of
Jens. R. E. Lee and U. S. Grant.
Hon. John S. Henderson, receiver,
innounces that affairs at Whitney,
V. C., will soon be straightened out
nd work will begin on the great
lectric power plant.
The American Battle Fleet, as soon
is it came out of the Suez canal,
endered its services to Italian au
horities to aid at Scicily but were
leclined because not needed.
Hon. Bert . Fernald was inaugu
rated Thursday as governor of the
3tate of Georgia.
Hon. Oben S. Draper took his seat
is Governor of Massachusetts on
rlhursday. The inaugural assembly
vas unprecedented.
The North Carolina Legislature has
increased the salary of the Governor
From $4,000 to $6,000.
The annual income of the late
'Suiar King" Claus Speckles is
D275,000 per month. Pending the
probate of the will the widow ij to
iave $4,000 per month.
Dr. Roseburgh of the Jeffers3n Med
ical College. Philadelphia. has made
i wond(rful diseovery about tuber
ulosis germs, and hopes soon that an
anti-toxine will be in use to which the
riread disease will yield.
The South Carolina Penitentiary
qhows a net balance ,f *29.495.19 for
1908 over 1907, after losing about
915.000 by3 flood a'id making p)erma
nent imnprove'mt nts it the extent
of nearly $11,000.
.Half starved (logs in the stricken
eities of Italy~ are dlangerous to the
eripp)led, and they eat the dead like
hiyen as.
The next meeting of the Cotton
Mnufacturing Association will he
held im Richmond, Va., on thle 4th
r'uesday in May.
A head-on collision occurred on
the Southern at Canegie Tuesday, in
which five rnerson)s were hurt, one of
them probahhy fatally.
A late pitched battle between vig
ilantes fromt Mexican ranches near
he California ino and1( a party' of
stock t hieves resulted in the killing
>f the four thieves.
The Virginian Railr~oad is nowv open
from Norfolk through Roanoke, Va.,
120 miles.
~James Treanor. a printer, was
)urned to death with the loss by fire
>f Central Iotel, Covington, Tenn..
mn Tuesday. A scor'e of others madec
inarrow escapes.
Senor Castro Venczuela's deposed
ruler, is fast recovering from an
peration, which he has undergone in
3erhn, and has promlise of he~al-h.
Congress has appropria ted $800,
300 to thle earthuctake sucerers in
A semi-annual, dividend of 3 1-2
per cenit on N\orthI ('aroli na RailIroad
stock{ was declared at Greensboro( on
Iuesdayu .
A saniiat orium i for co nsun.;ptivyes hias
Teen oJ)(ni(d ait Red Spings, a Vir
riia mountiamii sinmmier resort.
C. F. Kinug. famous in finance, wao
onvi cted of larenyO in Boston. HieJ
ra vO ha il of' i.t000, and came out'
>f' jail. buit sr,on en' of thle suret ies
mrrenderedl him n to custody again.
Ele is in jail.
A convention of' thle Virginia and.
Darolina Hot e1 -\seeint ion c'onvenied
it the JIefferson, lHichimond Va., on
It Is An Internal Disease And Ite-1
quires An Internal Remedy.
The cause of Rheumntism and kindred
diseasew is anl excess of uric acid in the
blood. To vure this terrible diuecase this
acid must be expelled and the system so
regulated that no more acid will be oried
in eXcessive quantities. lHicuiitisi is ani
intornal dicerse and requires an interril
remriedy. P%ubbing with Oils and Liiiiienits
will not cure, utfords only ten-perory telief
at best, causes yoU to delay the proper
treatment, and allows the inalady to get a
firmer hold on you. Liniments i1ny1V 11se
the pain, but they will Io 111ore cure 1 hei.
ilatisil thani 1tint will chatige the fibre
of rotten woo .
Scivnce has at last discovered a r
fect and coimpletc cure, which is calld
"Itheuinavide." 'JTerted in hundreds of
cases, it lis effected the uis%t Rnarvelous
cures' we holieve it wilh cure you. Ithei
n "gets at the joitis fiom the in
side, sweeps the poisons Rout of the sis.
tet, tones tip the stotach, regulates the
livor and kidneyn atid imakes y,u iwell all
over. .Rhetunucide "strikes Ole roots of
the disease and removes its cause " Thii;
1PleI'did remedY is sold yI druggists iand
(ealers getierlIfy at 50c. uand $1 a hot tle.
li Tablet fornC at 25e. i meli.Wc. a package.
Get a bottle t1-daluy. lookllet free if yot
wrrite to 1.0bbitt Chemilical Co., Wa'i
11nore, Md.
The total niumber of sailing vessels
in the world is double tiat of steam.
Girl's Head Encrusted--Feared Loss
of All Ifer Hair-liaby lad MilVk
Crust--Missionary's Wife Ndo
Perfect Cures by Cuticura.
."For several years my husband was a
inissionary in the Southwest. E'very one in
that high and dry attinosphere has imore er
less trouble with dandruff and my daugh
ter'n scalp became so encrusted with it that
I was alaried for fear she would lose all
her hair. After tryir.g various remedies, in
desperation I bought a cake of Cuticura
Soap and a box of Cuticura Ointment.
They left the scalp beautifully clean and
free from dandruff and I atu happy to say
that ,he Cuticura Renixies were a com
plete success. I have also used successfully
the Cuticura Remedies for so-called 'milk
crust' on baby's head. Cuticura is a bless
ing. T%rs. 1. A. Darling, 310 Fifth St.#
Carthage. Ohio, .Inn. 2-, 1906."
Potter Drug & Chei. Corp., Sole Props.
of Cutictra Remnedies, Doston. Mass.
The telperat ire of bloois is al
ways slightly higher than the stir
roundling air.
Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup for Children
teething. soften tthegutns, recduces r.flanm.s.
tiLn. allays Vamn, cures Vindu colic. 25c a bottle
The Gazette News says that there
are 88 licensed law.,ers in Asheville.
Only Onle "Bromo Quinine"
That is Laxative Birono Quinine. Look
for the sigtiature of H. W. Grove. Uped the
%V orld ovwr to Cure a Cold in One Day. 25c.
'Twas a 'week after Chirirmas and in
every hollse
The girls were all wishing that t.hey'd
see . m11ouse
Wh'len their sweethearts were present,
aS Ou wold( Suppose
For 1a.t lis brougp-hit ever.y One
some silk hose.
W\e wouRIld not live' ailways, untlmss
we hatd anl annity. Alaking at livin''
is a lot ofi troubiRlel.
The coutiRnone.st d.isea se is hon~
mnany tmen think t hiey had good sitng.
Sig voiet .. heftorie t hey smioked s<;
Proverbs and Phrases.
in.g abot wasiftig for poitlit ical phontis
is becautse t hey a re t ot 1.y tvIo ,-i.ei
plumIRs of anyR oitheri soritt.
The wvorld loves to g2et thle Iaugh:J
oni a lover-.
Cn a ny o'ft he eminentCR sctitIs
tell its whlat 's ini hasht ori m)iincemtR'tt 1
Ever- trot i(e tht ats lonii as ai do
-ontmtues to batrk lie enn't get his
jaiws pr'op erly' ad,junsted for hit ing?
C'ha rles Carroll, of' ( 'arrt-c ton, the
last suitv~ivor of thIe sj.iR-ners of' he
D)eela rat ion oif Intdepencle tce, died
Nov. 14. 1 8:12. in Hailt iimore. He twas
95 years old, lie sigtned ''tharles
Carroll, of' CarrtollItn.' ' to dlistiniguish
himnselfI fro:iti1 another man o1 R i(f thle sam p
Gocd lieulth F"rom Righit F~ot:d,
"It's not a new food to rme," re
raatrked a V'a. man, in speaktiing of
Grape-Nu ts.
"About twelve months atgo' my wife
was in very bad health, could not
keep anything on her stomach. The
D)octor recomnmendod milk half water,
but it wvas not suffieleetly nlourishing,
"A friend of mine told me one day
to try (Grape-Niats and cream. The
result was really i'velous. My
wife soonI regaincd her usunsal strength
an.d to-day h~ as rossy and plump as
when a girl of sh:teen.
"T'hese arie plain facte, and not hi;g
I could say In praise of irapte-NuCp
v/fould (exagg2rrte in tho least the(
valuie of t his grecat food,"
Natue give'n by Postum- Co., Blatt P
Creek, ~Michl. liend, "T'ho Road to
W,,ellvl," in pkgs. "There's a Rea
IlCvr reiad1 thei above Ietter'? A new
i,'' aPlpeasrM fr'omi t ..ne to timie. Th'iey
cite gecnumine, ttrue. , nad fell of IJRRRIRI
Dwspels co\ds adIoche
&aeto Cosupaow.
Acts naxwa\y actsx\y0>
A La-hvie.
BusovNein Nmon aam
tn-yNonnt OLa O\aL.
B~~o , NGS WQnejc,\a 6A'4Gi3;
To get 'ft beno3*%c%Q eHc%,,
Qkways b*h Ut GO~W1
2aufctued by tiw
one size only. regular price 50* per bottle.
Solinetimnes pcople talk butl little be
eIus i e tI use t ihe I i ht I linking,
:IId oie timRies it is becnlse they
(11'L think. So. 3- '0.
Many Women TihinC They Are
Doomled to 1laineche.
It is not right for women to be al
ways ailing with backache, urinary
ills, headacho and ot'i
er symptoms of kid
ney disease. There i
-a way to end these
troubles quickly. Mrs.
John H. Wright, 606
Fast First St., Mitch
ell. S. D., says: -1
suffered ten years
with kidney compiaint
and a doctor told me I would never
get more than tem)orary relief. A
dragging vrin and lanenens in my
back ulmo-t disabled me. Dizzy
spells came and went and the kidney
socretions were irregular. Doan's
Kidney Pills rid me of these troubles
and I feel better than for years past."
Sold by all dealers. 50c. a box.
Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
The city of Milwaukee has almost
abolished tle use of horses in all mu
Iicipal departiments.
H. Ff. OnrEe's so4s. of Atlanta, Oa., are
the only suceeitful Dropiy 149elalt' n in the
world. See theilr l1b-ras off#%r in advertise
ment in another wluinn of tile pape*.
In a rVeentlY-biilt Italiaui man-of
tar fhere are special arrangcleimts
Itch cured in :) mirmhmte bv Voolford'n
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. 'At drugg' t.
Self content is only colra;- ler
aniother. foril. it mla.y also he r ed
ns thle pimary ::e of chla r.
(u elred lIenat Bm.. g
Nearly ever'ybody Is 5uff:,Aitil * b an.
twiage of rheumai. sciatica, looth
-'CheC, hen(ache er i: ::Mia, ani it's -
never .:are to be wv:::. -' :,. rm.
cdy for' an cmerge:ncy (Af thIs kinL.
No matter wha:'t isind of pain you
have the t.':10eial:a efet of Slc.an's
Sa inimen?t i.sii mmeid!-a: c. You lay it on
limilly-r.o rubb!ing wha,tever anid a
ph< aannt wv:rruth is felt at onco. Tho
Lanimecnt per.cirate:3 right to the bone
and qu icl:ly s top: t:. pa in.
Mir. Chas;. J. Tlud-;ong of Anthony,
RL. I., BoTx 123 writes- 'For muany
years I was a great suITre'r firm
rh*.uati,m. My hips. would swell1 to
(nor mous pr.:portions and my knee
joints woul.d J).in mue in the most ex
cruciating, aw.'ui m:annier iaginiable,
I uzsed often t:> have to fall from the
bed in: o chahi and t hence to the floor,
when I wante-d to get from my bed.
I used only c:;u' uix etr (ei'ht bottles
of your. cele'bratedl .iiinunt and was
curedl. I cheerfiully re(ommnendl its use
to all rheumiatt.i' suferers. Refer to
me i you so ARyi ll lettersa.
Thle average life of at do;.; is from
teni to I welve ye'ars.
The fle"t La,i-.e (2:r"!' 'ia! Com-.
peaod of llrbs. it run a be'nefirinl effect
uipon the ~ii r'iite "y'ft. r"cuhiting liver,
kidneys, si tlnu area bnew'ei,.
'.hrre may~ hei gvemen wvLo ares name
ofi onei that was cippl ied in the
I (onguie.
The readera, of tis paper will lie eased to
)ern t hat therefl 0 at leasxt oneo dr dedi di.
eiie tliht 5lce(( hiue been ale to utre in all,
19i inigeN.aind' that iA 'atarrh. hlal 'mCatairrb
t ure iN the onh' f-'o'.t ive (lire niot known to
the medical fr:: ternity. ('utarrh eing a con
reat ment. :1I li''ntarrhC (ure taiken inter
nali',actpng d1irec.t ly uipon tbe li(io andmun
trg the foundaition of the di amsi, aind giving
uhe paitienr' strenigth by buyi(ing tup the con
sit:tutilt ( nd axstmg nl re' m domg ijts
work. 'h rprershave so uch faith
m st cuativ poersthat theyofeOn
IitundredI i)ollnrs for any case that it fails to
cure. t.end for hit of testimninals. Add ream!
-4' *J. (CnnRNEY & Co., Toledo, 0.
l e )rne-:sta. 75c.
'Take Hall's Famaily Pills fo na.tr

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