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Lems cfl-cr est G: tcred By
Wire ard Ceb!
Ye Items Ccv7rin3 EVCrt3 cf More
*r Less Inter.t at Ecm- and
G-neral MiLs. who as just re
rned from-Eurcpe., spoke of 93-mil2
des, like that taken by the Presi
ent ,as nothing and s2id he conid
plicate the feat at his age.
The famous Spring Hill (etege,
e o the (ldest Jesit (-ceT,ges in
St"tcs, and weil t:.own
P, was destioye( by fire
1ocl.c:.iler has given an
00 tyI Ahv' University
. Ir. Rocekef,er's total
ion ' to the rniversity a c
$24.S0,000 for en1doll:ment
er purposes.
3rcokideM Woie MIlIs.
Msford, Masachuset ts,
burned( on Weduesday, loss
e cotten crop for 1903 is now
mated at 12,759.GO bales.
uA was befi ~ENa h ile Teim.,
Wednesday. against DunanI D.
oper and Fen, Rc!hin. and ex
. , John D. Shaip, for the kill
of U. S. Serator E. W. Carmnek.
. J. Keiran. of the New York
elity Co., who has bec:. in hiding
er charge of eabez;A;lmernt, has
-endered to the law offlecrs.
x-Secretary Eliht Rcot las been
med by Rcpuhlcancaue-s to sue
d Senator Platt of New York,
hos2 term expires with tis cou
Ark., an 13-year-old
(11 lyN--hed for speaking
a lady saleswoman in
an $S30.000 fire Sun
$730,000 worth of
ht Rider, Ed. Marshall
at Union City, Tenn.,
of Gulford, N. C..
ad bonds were :sold
c'. cun s, elected the capture
a Nngro wlo\attempted foul. as- a
ult cn Mrs. W' J. McLeod, near t
' ten en last Wcdaesday. s
The Federal grand jury has found -%i
,bill for peonage against Joshua W. h
hley. a merc-ber of the legislature
Anderson county
.Tones, desiznated February
the day for hanging the six B
iders convicted of murder in
degree in the case of the
of-Capt. Rankin. d
t L. Lowell has been named k
eessor to CharJes W.E
:dent of C
was sustained by
upree a in the $1,G23,900 r
against the Waters-Pierce Oil a
pany of Texas.
he Chicago and Alten Railway v
as filed an apneal in the adverse a
60.000 rcbate fine case.
Two local option bills were intro. 1
ueed in the West Vir#inIa Legala- in
--- g
Washingtoni N~otes. a
Gorge L. Lilley, who was elected wv
anrnor of Connecticut, did not re
ak's member of the lower House i
, ngress. He was declared, Wed
e y, no longer a member of that
&En-Willett, of New York, made a
ter attack Tuesday on the Presi- b
,hut the House stopped him
nator Bailey discussed the pro- D
d increase of pay for the Presi-a
id others, criticising Mr. ra
allowaifees of expenses.
SRoosevelt asks the gov- f
Ciiaifornia to consider hiis
,v- on the way, before en
ending that is unfavor-.
ese citizenship .j
started a Senate ii- eh
libel suits neainst sev- Cc
s. C. P. Taft arrived! e~
to testify. w
Lillioukaluni is sti!l
r claims beore the IHou.c
She is willing to accept
r~ her claim on Hawaii.
FerciP P~ews.bc
mn Me,ss *a and fires break abi
yand rain cause great suf- act
trious fir" swept parts of ,
ed city of Mesdna en Tues-ai
.Tren Mieml Gomnez was of
pro heeTd president of Cubr 171
Cens.l Stuart K. Lup'on ia the
Censnl Cheney at Me!ssina fo!
n stvensky, the com. ~ ii
te 'iissan fleet whjier Mo
'di stroyed. is dead. Sai
\Stuirt K.. Lupten no.x T
fatalhities of the Mes. Cit
e at 90.000. e
ttime in years th<(
ar r-oced the d1eathis.
es c?f An.erican Consul A *J
- wijfe haive been %uni lian
Messina. she
sedl president of 00o
purposes to re as I
orivate citi o.f
at revo ,ior
Tcll the Grand Jury What He Know
About the Purchase of the Canal
B-t Refuses to Give Out Anything
Washington, Special.-"'I simpl
broghtmy subpoena and consciene
%Vics me," jocularly remarked Secre
ta-y of State Elihu Root, who Fri
day was on'e of th"e chief witnesse:
before the United States grand juri
;n i's investigation of the allege(
Bel in connection with the purchas<
of the Pnanam canal. The Seeretar3
made the remaik to newspaper mer
who sought to interview him a few
minutes before lie went into th(
grand .jury room. Senator Knox, ol
Pennsylvania, and Assistant Attor.
ney General Chailes W. Russell, alsc
zave testimony. All declined tc
throw any light upon the nature ol
thir testimony.
Willian, Nelson Cromwell may bc
one of the witnesses Saturday.
"'Well,' said Seeretarv Root as he
emergd from the grand jury room,
"I cannot tell you boys, of course,
how I testified. But I will say this
it is the first time I have ever been
in thi' buildin. sinte the trial of
Charlcs J. Guittean for the assassina
tion of President Garfield, in 1832. I
was tlen here as a spectator only."
11ird Day's Session of the Cooper
Sharpe Trial Closes Without the
Addition of a Single Juror and the
List Remains at Six.
Nashville, Tenn., Special.-Tlie
third day of the Cooper-Sharpe mur
deor trial passed not only without se
,uring another juror, but if the mo
tion of the State is sustained, one of
the six already chosen will be eli
-ninated because he was intoxicated
when he reported for service and was
-hosen. The State claims it secured
knowledg,e of Juror Leigh's condition
Ifter it had accepted him.
The summoning of 500 additional
talesmen began late Thursday after
non to appear Monday to complete
..e jury to try the alleged slayers of.
ex-Senator Edward W. Carmack.
When the six selected jurorevere
brought into court Friday-Mornin-,
one of them, J. WhiteNrth, called
Judze Hart and said;
"Judge, I've be used to. my
morning toddy fra good many years
and I missedApowerfully this morn
ing. Can.'i get one-just one, every
'The coristitution prohibits unusu
or cruel punishments," remarked
ie court judicially. "Mr. Officer,
.e that those gentlemen who are
'ont to have a toddy get their toddy
arsting Dam Floods
Drowning 160 ers.
Johannesburg, able.-One hun
red and sev . three persons are
aownto - lost their lives Friday
~fthe floods which are
eneral thbroughout t he Transvaal
olony and northern Natal. Great
amage also has been done to
roperty. By the bursting of Knight's
am, the Witwatersrand gold mine in
Te seuthwestern part of the Trans
anl was f!coded and ten white men
nd 150 natives were drowned. The
ater from this dam also flooded the
>wer section olf the Town of Elsburg
here a number of houses were swept
~vay and 13 - personls perished. A
>ld dredger valued at $60,000 broke
Irift on the Kaap river and was
aves Woman But LOses His Life.
Scranton, Pa., Special.--M. J. Duf
', station master of the Delaware,
eckawanna & Western Railroad at
alktead, was run down and killed
the New York flyer just in front
the station Sunday afternoon.
iffy ran out on the tracks to rescue
woman who was in danger of being
ni down by another train going inr
opposite direction.
Jones Elected Chief Justice.
Columbia, Special.-Associate Jus
e Ira B. Jones, of Lancaster, was
eted Chief Jiustice of the Supreme
urt of South Carolina for the un- f
pired term of Chief Justice Pope,
ose resignation has been accepted.
-Jones has served on the Supreme t
urt Bench since January, 189)6,
th conspicuous ability. He is ree
iired as a man of unusual ability,
I his written opinions as a memn
of the Supreme Court have been
versally commended and favor- ~
v received. Mr. Jones has b2cn in
ive public life for many years.a
Charleston Dispensary Profits. te
hie total net profits of the county l
pensary for Charleston county
-in the months of October, No- d<
bher and December were $30,- or
.17. the amount in legal dispute or
being included. The division t,f
profits, under the law, is .'s or
ows: p
y of Charleston.. .. ..$14492.35 to
aint Plecnsant.. .. ......593.18 eo
Litary and drainage corn- pr
Schools..............(34.21 co
cerl county fund.. ...3,017.12 an
Boy Shoots His rather, in
acksonville. FIa., Speial.-Wil
0. Bethea, a young white man, pr
:andl instantly killed his father, 10
rge Bethea. late Friday afternoon th1
he old man was entering the home an
his daughter in the western see- to
of the city. There had been ma
s Doings of Palmetto Lawmakers Told
in Brief.
The senate transacted very little
7 business on Tuesday. The adjourn
ment was taken at 1:30 o'clock at
- the conclusion of the memorial ex
- ercises in honor of Gen. R. E. Lee.
The following new bills were in
troduced in the .enate:
Mr. Weston-A bill to amend an
act entitled "An act to establish the
insurance department of South Caro
lina, and to provide for the conduct
of the same."
Mr. Weston-A bill to declare and
to define the p -s of the insurance
commissioner as to the prevention of
fires and conflagrations and to au
thorize the investigation of the same.
Mr. Weston-A bill to provide for
the organization and regulation of
mutual protection associations.
Mr. Weston-A bill for the regula
tion and control of fraternal benefit
Mr. Weston-A bill to require all
insurance companies doing business
in South Carolina to secure their
policy holders.
Mr. Weston-A bill to regulate
bond, investment, dividend, deben
ture, registry, guaranty, loan and
fidelity building aud loan and other
such like companies.
Mr. Weston-A bill to regulate in
surance companies and their agents
in this State; to prescribe the duties
of the insurance department in re
lation thereto, and to punish viola
tions of the insurance laws.
Mr. Johnson-A bill to amend see
tion 4 of an act entitled "An act to
provide the manner in which ownI
or prospectors of any railroad eg
panics incorporated under thelaws
of other States or counties-.my be
come incorporated i l State."
Mr. Kelley-A billA regulate the
sale and earryin,(pitols
Mr. uliv -A bill to require
publicZers and public warehouse
compfiies to mark bales of cotton
IP.R or stored.
Mr. Otts-A bill to provide for
the appointment of a State ailitor
and two deputy auditors, define the f
duties of his office and to provide a
penalty for the violation for certain t
provisions of I this act. t
The House was not in session on
Tuesday. 2
A resolution was introduced in I
the Senate Wednesday to amend the r
constitution as to the provisions in
regard to associate justices of the b
supreme court. r
The resolution provides: "That C
the supreme court shall consist of a
ehiefNjustice and four associate jus- t
tices, any three of whom shall con- P
3titute a quorum for the transaction I
)f business. The chief justice shall c
preside, and in his absence the senior
socate justice." v
q rovides for a term of ten years,
the m of one expiring ever:* twc b
years-\TMhe number of ssociates is <
now thi d the offic-ial term is
8 yea rs. ~c
A bill introduced upon the'ubject e
of trials for assault is of generxl ;n- 0
texmst. The bill amends the sepon1 el
relative to the taking of testimony \ f<
cases of this kind, so that it shalh,vi
read ''that the victim may be per- '
mitted to testify in private, with only
the judge and the attorneys present.'' s
Senator Wharton's bill to provide e
for severe punishment for attempts (
to rape placing the. same upon the
samne basis as rape, has been reported U
To reimburse the owner of stolen a
oods to the amount of their unre.
~overed value is the purport of a bill tI
ntroduced in the senate by Mr. 0'
Bills were introduced in the House b,
s follows: b
Mr. Fultz--To provide for the comn
ulsorv education of the children of fi
his State. 'N
Mr. Wright-To amend section 701 ft
f the code, volume 2. relating to sum- al
roning of jurors on inquests by pro- aj.
iding for payment of such jurors. pl'
Mi-. McMahan-To further reen
ate primary elections in this State. of
Mr. Lewis G. Fultz-To reenlate ire
he compensation of county officers.
Mr. Cosgrove--To declare the wil. uif
lor wantom burninz of any build- th
1g which is insured, a felony and
> provide punishment th'erefor. tr;
Mr. Garris-To amend an act ep. th
tIed ''An act to amend section 77.
rimimal code, volume 2. providin~ mf
>r ten year convicts to serve sen
meies on public works of the con.~ tic
,'so as to providle foi- 20ya (u
mnviets to serve sentences on public stc
orks of the county-.
Mr. Garris-To increase the aw'r. th(
re length of the school term~ and in
improve the efficiency of the pub- ter
schools in this State.
Mr. McEachern--To make it a mis- seli
'meanor to draw and alter cheeb 2
banks wher-ein the drawer has no. 30(
not sufficient funds. Ca:
Mr. Dixon-To declare the removal be
attempted removal of a caust en
nding in the courts of this State
the federal courts by a foreigu an.a
rporation a misdemeanor and te unh
ovide punishment therefor. I
Mr. Dixon-To require railroar 289
mpanies to furnish cars for freighit Cat
d loading of such ears lby shippers of
d provide a forfe'iture or penalt.x mer
case of failure.
Mi-. Cothbran--A .ioint resolu tifor criri
posing an amendment to artick to1
of the constitution by adding~ ?
~reto section 14, to empower town- pun
:1 eities of over 10.000 inhabitant- eert
assess contiguous propeirty for per
nient improv-ements.
fIr. T. P. C'othran-Providing foi A
- pnsaio tocostabl.4 We
240, 241 and 244 of chapter 11, ar
tiele relating to election of elector.
of president and vice president.
Mr. Dixon-To amend section 403
code of laws, South Carolina, voluzai
1, relating to reports of count.
Mr. M. L. Smith offered a bill re.
stricting the sale of all intoxicat
ing liquors, providing, however, foi
sacramental wine.
Mr. McColl-To provide for bene
ficial scholarships in the Unliversity
of South Carolina.
The following bills were intro
duced in the Senate rhursday:
Mr. Carlisli-To prohibit wompn
and children under the age of 1i
years from working in cotton and
woolen mills between the hour of 7
p. i. and the hour of 6 a. m. and
prescribing punishment for violatin
the same.
Mr. Carlisle-A bill to provide fo,
fire escapes in certain classes rf
hotels in this State.
Mr. Lide-To repeal section 1295
volume 1. code of laws, 1902. el:nu
to the Colored Normal and Indi ii
Agricoltural and Mechanical cllege
of South Carolina and to enlarge the
powers of the board of trustees oF
said college.
Mr. Laney-A bill to remnlate the
manufacture, sale and delivery of
commercial fertilizers and to provide
pcnaltie.j and punishment for viola
tions of this act.
Mr. Wharton-To amend se(tion
35 of an act entitled "An act to
declare the law in reference to and
to re-ulate the manufacture, sale, usk
consumption. transportation and dis
po.ition of alw
erages. N**a i : nrad1)
er li tis State and to police
4ane,'' approved the 16th day of
February. A. D. 1907, relating to
>owers of county dispensary boards
Mr. Graydon-To provide for ben
efliary scholarships in the Univer
itY of South Carolina.
Mr. A. Johnson-To amend section
of an act entitled "An act relat
ng to the selection, drawing, sum
noning of jurors in the circuit cmirt,
f this State," approved 7th day of
'ebruarv, A. D. 1902, by changine
he time of preparing the jury list
rom December to July.
Mr. Laney-To further regulale
lie running of motor vehicles in
his State.
Mr. Bass--For the protection of
ame fish in the State of South Caro
Ina and for repeal of certain laws
elating thereto.
Mr. Graydon-A bill to fix the lia
ility of common carriers by rail
Dads to their employes in certain
Mr. Graydon-To fix the place of
ial in all actions to recover the
enalty fixed by statute -for delay,
Iss or damage to freight by common
Mr. Harvey-To amend section 979.
)ltune , code of laws, 1902.
In the House a goodly number of
Uls were introduced, in part as fol
Mr. Lengnick-To amend an act
ilit ld "'An act to regulate the
itching, gathering, sale, exportingc
c anning of oysters, terrapinsv
ams, shad and sturgeon, to provide
*r the licensing thereof, and to pro- e
de for the leasing of public land.e h
e cultivation thereof. u
i-r. Clarke- ' t 'tion fees
t Winthrop Normal an'
llege and at Clemson Agricultura
ollege of South aCrolina.
Mr. Ayer-To require county trens-t
rers of the State to deposit in char
hred banks surplus or unsued funds
Mr. Ayer-To further provide for
e examination of and the issuin2
certificates to teachers and I 1
rther define the duties of the Statt
>ard of education and the count'
mards of education relative thereto
Mr. Rucker-To create two school C
nds to be known as school fund
. 1 for white children. and school "
nd1 No. 2 for negro children and Ic
ow each taxpayer to designate the e
p1lication of his taxes for school
Mr. Gasque-To amend section 6641 a
volume 1, code, providing for p
ristration of notaries public.
Affr. Harmon-To prohibit the man- n
acture and sale of matches, othei al
ani safety matches. e
MJr. Berg-To require the regis- sI
Ltion of all births of children ir
State. re
afr. Berg-To require 1.iense fo:: be
\Ir. P. P. Sullivan-Joint resoln. de
n to submit to the voters th: of
~stion of the repeal of the home. be
ad law. n
f[r. Carey-To provide for taking pu
depositions of female wvitnesses ti<
cases of rape andl assault with in- th
t to rape.
Ir. Nicholson-To len'gthen the re
ool term. to
Jr. Hydrick-To amnd section
5, volume 1. code of laws of Soutl co
olina, 1902. requiring that crops bo
up alnd growing to make mort
e valid. 30
fr. E. M. Ruicker-To prohibit urr
c ity or. town from making it jui
nvf'ul to sell lunches on Sunday. the
[r. Williamus-To amend section up
of the criminal code of South ag:
olina. -1902. relating to the crime the
bigamyv and chianging the pun'shz- tio
t thereof. -the
[r. WV. S. Utsey-To define the ere
ecs of cheating and swindling and
rovide the p)unishment thereof. wh
*r. Rucker-To abolish capital urd
ishment in this State except in as
ain eases. '
ill Inspector May be Created.
bill introduced by Senator F.' H sen
ton of Riehland provides for the
>intmnent of a commissioner of Ia- ing.
There has been much talk that '
such as the hours of labor, cost of
living, amount of labor required. esti
mated number of persons depending
on. daily labor for their support.
The bill provides for an annual
submitting of a schedule to the man
ager or owner of every manufactu
ring establ.ishment in the State, em
bodying inquiries as follows:
1. Name of person, partnership' or
2. Kinds of goods manufactured or
business done.
3. Number of partners or stock
4. Capital invested.
5. Average number of persons em
ployed, distinguishing as to sex,
adults and children.
6. Total wages not including sal
aries of managers paid during the
year, distinguishing as to sex, adults
and children.
The commissioner is given power
to enter all buildings which are sub
iect to the provisions of the net.
The methods of protection from
accidents, the means of ventilation,
and investigations into the employ
ment of children are made a part
of the commissioner's duties.
There are some requirements in
the bill as to the need for fresh and
pure drinking water for the employes
of factories, and for punishment for
violation of any section of the bill.
Section 16 of the bill provides
against a child under 14 yeai-s of
age cleaning any part of the mach
inery in a factory.
The most important feature of the
bill is the requiring of keeping of
vital statistics by the firms employ
' children.
The commissioner of labor won
be required to make periodical visits
to the mills and factories.
The bill also provides:
Every owner or manager shall be
requ'.red to give the required in
The bill also provides that the com
missioner shall have the power to C
send for persons or papers whenevi,
in his opinicn, it is nefessary and he n
may examine witnesses under oath, 1
the testimony so taken to be filed and b
preserved in the office of the corn- 0
missioner. Ie and his agents and -
inspectors shall have free access to
all places where five or more people f4
are employed as laborers.
For Fire Escapes in Hotels. d
A bill that is of general interest b)
to the traveling public has been in- S
troduced in the senate which pro- e
vides for fire escapes in the hotels $
>f more than three stories in height. 1:
Phe provisions are:
"Section 1. Every building or
;tructure kept, used or maintained
ts, or advertised as, or held out to
he public to be an inn, hotel, or
ublic lodging house or place where ti
leeping accommodations are furnish- ,
d for hire to transcient guests in t
4Mich ten or more sleeping rooms are t
ised for-the accommodation -of such G
-uests shall, for the purpose of this
et. be considered to be a hotel. Q
"Sec. 2. Every hotel having three be
r irore stories shall be provided th
ith an iron fire escape on the out- sp
ide of th' building, conneetinig oni th
ach floor above the first with at S'
rast twvo openings, which shall be th
-ell fastened and secured witli land- an
1gs not less than six feet in length
nd three in width, ors epo
... ... w o ladders
bquipped with iron rounds not more
han 1, inches apart. There shall L
>e at least one fire escape for each
our rooms on each story. The waya
hf egress to such fire escapes shall ~
lways be kept free and clear of all
bstruct'e.n of any and every nature.
There shall be posted and maintained
a a conspicieus place in each haillS
nd in each guest's room except the
alls and rcOms on the groundl floor
f such hotel, a printed notice, call
ag attention to and directing the
ay' to such fire escapes.
''See. 3. This act shall go into aa
ffect on October 1, 1909.
''See. 4. Every owner, manager,cl
ent or person in charge of a hotel
bo shall fail to comply with the I
rovisiens of this act shall be guilty Cc
a misdemeanor and shall be fined th,
af less than $10 nor more than $50, ha
id every day that such hotel is
irried on in violatic.n of this act
wil conist-itute a separate offense.'' m
The following passed their third to
ading in the senate on Friday and
came a part of the law.
The bill to do away with the 40
y limit after delivery or execution
deeds or instruments required to anc
recorded in ordler to constitute
tiees to subsequent creditors or ep!
rehasers for valuable considera- por
n without notice was passed to
Jd reading. It,
The following bills passed third go'
iding and were ordered sent over
the house: fra;
Mr. Sinkler's bill to reguilate the fa
[lection and distribution of dead c&I
dies for scientific purposes. stri
Mr. Ot.ts' bill to amend section 'a
9 of the code of laws of 1902, vol- tim
te 2, so as to make a verdiet of a rest
y and an order of the court, in 'I
county where rendered, a lien tra!
an the real estate of tho person a mn
uinst whom it is rendered, from C
rendition thereof, till the expira- the:
n of 10 days from the rising of of E
court at which same was rend- o
d. DiC
n the three and a half hours in poir
ieh the Senate held forth on Sat- A
ay there was accomplished work aatE
follows: fthe
'he calendar was gone throng 'vers
m cover to cover. C
'ive bills were passed and ordered the
t to the house. ,. not
'ifteen bills passed second read- A0
he county attorney bill wak re- caus
he bill toincr-. I u
deeds in tl:e clerK or court's oilices.
The amendment was proposed by Sen
ator Lide, it -being pointed out that
this amendment would protect the
farmers and merchants who could
not rush to the court house at once
to record the papers.
State Wide Prohibition Petition.
There were some pentitions receiv
ed from several communities as to
the requesting of the passage of a
State wide prohibition bill in the
general assembly this year.
Saturday the following new bills
were introduced in the Senate.
Mr. Kelly-To repeal- the lien law.
Mr. Rainsford-To provide for a
special course in bookkeeping, sten
ography and typewriting in Clemson
college. I
Mr. Sullivan-To amend section
3131 of volume 1, code of laws of
the State ofo South Carolina of 1902,
increasing compensation of witnesses
in court of genetal sessions.
Mr. Croft-To amend section 389
of the civil code of procedure of the
State of South Carolina, volume 2.
A -bill has been introduced in the
senate providing that every claim for
loss of or damage to property and
baggage while in the possession of
a commtn carrier shall be adjusted
and paid within 30 days in case df
shipments wholly within the State;
in 40 days in case of shipments from
without the State. Where there is
iio station the claim shall be filed at
the nearest station where there is
an agent.
.Senator Weston has a bill to pro
vide for making it a felony for any
one to wantonly set fire, to burn or
attenipt to burn any building or strue
Ire i ' ns'red or any person
ro shall assist in .is burning or
t tempt to burn, whet or merel
on be present or absent
ivp advice.
The House on Saturday d aye
ome activity and disposed of a n
er of local measures and killed two
r three bills of general interest. In
ddition it spent an hour hearing
ew bills and committee reports and
Icidentally unfavorable reports on
ills in several instances were adpot
A and the death of the measures re
Mr. J. P. Gibson's bill providing
ir a tax of $1 on all male dogs and
10 on all female dogs, 'n order to
ecrease the number of worthless
s was killed, as was Mr. Rucker's
ill to require all secret societies to
cure licenses from the clerk of
)urt on payment of a license fee of
L. A similar bill was before the"
ouse last year and passed to third
ading, but was finally killed.
.Aman Succeeds Himself as United
States Senator.
Raleigh, N. C., Special.-The elec
)n of Senator Lee S. Overma to
eceed himself for a second te
e Senate of the United States
e feature in both branches of
meral Assembly. The vote irt
nate was 36 to 8 and in the FI
to 26, Judge Spencer B. A
ing. honored by the minority 1
e complimentary nomina(iou. The
eeches in nomination wer mace it
e Senate by Senator Kluttz ani
nator Britt. respe'ctivly, and ii
House by Reupresentatives Julhu
a Grant.,
-n Gets B
e 01
Macon, Ga., Special.-The
amber Company was Tuesday
r~arded a verdict of $9,448.43
minst the Southern Railway et al.
uls suit was instituted in connee
2n with the famous Tift Lumber
mpany suit versus the Southern
ihway et al., alleging overcbarges.
>ee'ial Masiter in Chancery Taltry
bmitted the report.
OppoEes Increase in Navy.
Bcst on, Special.-A remonstrance
ainst a further increase of the
ied States navy, signed by 224
rgymen of variious denominations
Boston and vicinity was sentt
ngre.ss Monday. It is the belief
miuisters that naval preparat'
re grown so enor-nously as t
ne a dis.tresiag.biurdcn on
best nations and an actnal meni
the peace of' the world.
rhe agreement between Austria to
l Turkey will be signed at once. a
t marked increase in the cholera
lemic in St. Petersburg was re-t
ted. Z
new airship trust was announced. th
vill try to sell pl'ans of airships to/
ernments. iej
ressels of the American battleship pr
t were welcomed at Malta, Villp- to
iehe and Marseilles-.P
'he Hill and Harriman lines m'ade an~
3rado the battleground of ,their
ggle for supremacy. -
'he Servian Cabinet, for the third
e with1n a fortnight, tendered its t
gnation to King Peter. e
he falling- ofr in ocean passenger
rie in .the year 1908 amounted to cr4
illion passqnge:-s at London. ho]
erman importers complained that ter
were receivin:. an inferior grade str
rain fi7om American exporters. irn
resident-elect Taft held a series ag;
onterences with Senator Knox at the
i , aT?garding Cabinet ap
ommittee of Englishmen, grad- bat
s of Oxford and Cambridge, plans
establishment of a Christian uni an
ity in China, the
ustoms officials were ordered by vo
Surveyor' of the Port of New York P'M
to accept free cigars and drinks alt
1ooming cean liners. l
Socialist demonstraton-in bc- to
of electoral reform in Dresden aut
ed a riot in which more than a
[re pesons were in.iured.
Enacted r
The urgent
carries approp
$1,026.402, was
amendment pro%,
priation of $30,0
tribution of seeds
of Agriculture.
Representative Fo
chairman of the Ho
naval affairs, brought
appropriaion bill whic
occupy t P attention 'o
for a day 0 .two. The bil
appropriation f4 15,6
message from the sid nt
mending an appropriation o
for a commission to invst'
conditions in the republic u
Africa, was read.
The Brownsville affair w
before the Senate Wednesday.
tor Frazier-. of Tennessee, spea
iii opposition to the passage of
measure for the re-enlistment of
discharged soldiers of the Twen
fifth Regiment
guilt o
an i
a r
the H
the it
other pu
A deb
and dist
the enti
lay wi
,t th
After f
o obtain
1led d
ans for.
The,'Lincln W4 - rial
Abraham Lincoln, was jded
r. by a joint resolutiou passed by
e sente after a nextended debate.
Final action was also taken on the 0
~islative, executive and judicial ap.te
opriation bill, the Senate refusin'
fix at $75.000 the salary of
esident, previously increased )y an
iendment to $100.00.
The House adopted exactly as re
rted by committee, the- naval pro)- ices
imme for the fiscal year 1910, and
naval appropriation bill was pass
The cponen.ts of. the navy in- nea
ase feature found themselves in a iy a
>eless minority. The only vital al- inbmr
ation madIe in the measure was the.
iking out of the provisionl restor- g
Inarines to naval vessels. The Washi
tre nte anrcunt. appropriated by b e
bill is $135.000,000. b en
['he increase in th..:- ' - YQrk, to/
-e rise to extendecd an
e, in which members
opportunity to air th
Japanese question.
ates were much in ev'
ition to such increas
orents of the pro
e.at all times

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