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VOL. X -VIll, PICKENS, S. C., THURSDAY, FEBBUARY 4, 1909- and were
News of literest Gleaned f
Arranged N
OMcer Stoze and Burglar's Fat2
IAurens~pecial.-Few tragedie
have so shodked the people of th
community as the result of a dead):
encounter Wednesday night betiweei
Patrolman McDuffie Stone and N
Frank Walker and an unknown burg
lar, whose outfit of tools indicate
that he was a safecracker. The un
known yeggman lies dead at tho cit:
station house and Patrolman oton,
died at 6:30 Thur%day afternoon. Thi
story of the tragedy as learned fron
Mr. Walker and Mr.;Stone is that ii
the course ,of their riightlY rounds thi
two policemen m'et the througI
fright fr4m Spart4nbuig, which ar
Arived herq at 2:15' as is their cus
to. QuMl ir g the depot Mr
Stoe d d one side of thi
tman and :-Mr. Walker dowi
the other. Seeing a stranger with j
little meal sack in his hand, Mr
Stonewecost him and ingniret
what ht-, ng.
"I '.ainan, replied thi
tiranger. I am gogg back to th
"We here is your lantern?'
said Mr. one, "train hands don'
walk arcnd here in the d .
Thereu r. Stone ced in
reach o. man a id his hand
upon d ,about to arrest
hii ~ Id
tive t e insruetions rela
tv S at the depot. As soon
he Sd touched the stranger
e, w Oubt his pistol, a .45 call
and he , from imside his vest
ber, .fv g emptying the charm
. re shots taking effect
in We ody of Stone, one in the
bree in the fiesby part of
4 one in the lower lip.
close s the range that St<e
not rtunity to dr
inched his a0
ther they fell to the gro -
hey were so lying when Police
Walker crawled under from the
her side of the train, the stranger
ruggling to loose himself. He was
most free from the -weakening hold
Stone and was reloading his pis
1 when Walker came upon him.
"Don't shoot," cried the stanger,
am already shot to pieces," which
ourse was a bluff to gain time,
Stone had .never drawn his pis
'I will surrender," said he.
Give me your pistol then," said
ker. Pretending to hand the pis
to the policeman, the stranger
Walker. wh uick drew
an-fi to h death, four or
e 'king effect. In the sack
in his hand was a com
yeggman s % ft with nitro
eyerine, dynamite, ~keys, wrenches,
eS - Be had $110.60 ~bout him.
-An Educ&d ig
r. 3. B. Hendersnf, of -Branch
v has a very flue ~ilk cow that
es a great guiantity; of mailk, and,
which he is very proud, says the
derson Intelligeneer. .For the past
weeks this cow has not been giv
g the usual amount of milk, even
en the feed' was increased and the
t of attentiQ\n given be still.fail
to give any- ndrem Suspicion
s aroused by this and inking that
..eone was visiting hip barn yard
1the peaceful and still.hours of the
'e when men should sleep, and ap
P, priating the mi-lk to. their use a
eh was made, to find out the par
ti. Theone that was getting the
from this fine stock was found,
.a who do you suppose it was? One
o thcse Berkshire pigs in the same
had learned that this milk was
tbedt of food for himself and he
w peacefully making a meal on the
Sthat should have gone into the
Southern Fire Insolvent.
,foolumbia, Special.-The only In.
Sation that Commissioner Me.
a ter has been able tos secure from
insurance department of Lomisi
in regard to the Southern-Fir<
ew Orleans isethat "Owing tc
insolvency of 'the company the
e has been placed -in the hands
a receiver.'' Insurance Commis
ner McGivney' now in New Orleans
piigaffairs of Southern Fire
h i Carolin'. News Notes.
Sat Mulli.ns, S. C'., swallow
ed * en hina eggs that hai
bet nest.
Me owen h .- been electei
St. tor from lorence count'
to the late genator Nathar
Gil -
1 - . ce. of Abeville
eo.- n 'Smith. color'g
be tacked him wit'
- tion of the Tri
Stu \.' -ation will b
Thg 'h sed of th
her - -al Interest.
3 horn SMarion, N. C
ha_____-nt stock compan;
tolbmid a.y ate hotel.
President~' aft was entertain
edi Saturday ae uniday at Charles
ton, wh:ere he aboard tiie Nort]
Carclina hound anamna.
Go vergoi- Pa~ , of Tennesse4
in. his iiguu ZI C resses a stin
frmerities b~ prosecutio:
o:ireaehmen~ -
The Amerieai composes
-of thbe battlesh S - ri, Ohi<
Louigiana and L en ' ed Mox
1ay cr Negro hh coas
of e~Oco. wl was fe
iue d p tgit
Tba. atth tZ ~ SI
om Al Sections of the State and
tr Busy Readers
Forest Preservation.
Columbia, Special.-The following
preamble and resolutions have been
cdopted by the Senate and sent to
tho House:
I "Whereas, an effort is being made
by quite a number of the States .to
sceure some legislation looking to the
preservation of our natural forests
- and the protection of our water sheds
i and navigable streams;
''And, whereas, there is now pending
-in the congress of the United States
a measure to enable the United States
government to cooperate with the
States in this important matter, now
"Be it resolved by the senate of
the State of South Carolina, . the
house of representatives concurring
"Sectionl. That we heartil..,ion
the effort now being m by our
members of the to secure
this much neede important leg
islation and urge em to use all hon
orable means toltain the favorable
action of coffs on same as soon
as possib
""ft!"2. That -a copy of this reso
lution be forwarded by the clerk of
the senate and to the members of
congress from South Carolina."
Medal For Greenwood Man.
Greenwood, Special. -Greenwood
county has probably the distinction
cf being the first county in the State
to hay.e one of its citizens receive
recognitin at the hands of the Car
ncgie hero fund commission. Through
the efforts of 'Mr. W. H. Nicholson,
now a member of the Legislature
from this county, and a prominent
"obeg.attorney here, the attention of
the comiision was directed to the
heroisra of Mr. James B. Goldman,
in saving the life of a negro, Warren
Finlay, at Waterloo, on June 29, 1907.
The award of the comimission is that
Mr. Goldman is to get a silver medal
and the sum of a thousand dollars
to be applied towards the purchase
cf a farm or other such worthy pur
rose as may be approved -by the ex
eeutive committee. Mr. Goldman is
a young white farmer, living near
Capt. J. H. Brooks' place at Cam
bridge.' He has a wife and several
small children, and the money that
he is to get will go a long way to
'ward setting him up in 4ife.
Local Freight Pasengers
Columbia, Special-A bill intro
duced in the Senate Thursday by
Senator Black provides for the re
quiring of railroad companies to ac
cept passengers upon local freight
trains. The bill provides:
"Section 1. That on and after
the approval of this act every rail
road .company engaged in this State
as a common carrier of passengers
for hire shall be required to accept
in its local freight trains passengers
having on-ly hand bagage and paying
fare to points- at which said local
freight train is scheduled to stop.'
Blacksburg News Notes.
Blacksburg, Special.-The Carolina
Amusement company has pitched its
tents here and promises a week of
fun and amusement in the form of a
street fair and carnivaL The never
failing merry-go-round will be one of
the principal attractions of the show.
At a recent meeting of city council
the mayor was authorized to issue
$15000~ municipal bonds in denomi
nations of $500 each, bearing inter
est not exceeding 6 per cent. annu
ally and for a period of 20 years.
Another Teacher Added.
Branchville, Special.- Prof. W. H.
Hand, high sehool inspector, visited
the local schooi on the 21st inst. He
recommended an increase in the teach
ing force and another teacher will be
added to the prisent faculty at once.
The coktractors have begun work on
the new addition to the present school
building and it -is hoped that it will
be ready foi- oceupancy within the
next two months.
Tennessee's Cold Water Campaign.
Nashville, Tenn., Special.-In the
upper house of the Legislature a bill
was introduced to require sheriffs to
secure from the ederal revenue of
ficals a list of all persons to whom
Federal liquor licenses have been is
,sued. Another bill was introduced
,providing for a commission to assess
2the value of all property, the use
of which, it is alleged, will be dam
- aed by the State-wide prohibition
bills. In the House a bill was intro
.duced making it unlawful to adver
e tise in any form intoxicants in this
Elevator Drope Ten Stories Injuring
SNew York, Special.-Three persons
were injured, two probably fatally.
- by the fall of a passenger elevator
car in the Hecker-Jones-Jewell Mill
ing Comp 'la ' ty Fri
,day night. Kate Conroy, , aud
Moses Levy. 19, received serious -
ternal injuries and .ma.y die. Em~
Sweeney, 23, was less seriously hurt.
At Full Capacity.
Bristol, Special.-The Crescent
t Iron-rolling mills. here, which had
t been idle for more than a yea , are
o now going ;1ractieally to their 'il
capacity, ax are giving emnployit
-toi#pwards f200)men, most of the
silled maahaies. receiving high
Doings of Palmetto Lawmakers Toli
in Brief.
Tuesday was a busy day in th
Senate. Balloting for U. S. Senato
was part of the order. The follow
ing were among the new bills offered
Mr. Hough-To amend the lav
with reference to compensation an<
salaries of county officers.
Mr. Sullivan-To regulate the sal
of paints and prescribe penalties.
Mr. Ilardin-To empower the
grand juries to employ expert ac
countants and to provide for thei1
Mr. Lide-To provide for an elec
tion to determine the State's polic
with regard to regulating the sale of
Mr. Rogers-To prescribe atto*
neys' fees in foreelosure cases and tc
declare all centracts, mortgages and
agreements in violation of the terms
of this act null and void and to fur
ther provide for attorneys' fees in
Mr. Clifton-To provide for the.f
ense of conducting certain primary
Mr. Clifton-To allow the circuit
udges of this State traveling ex
Mr. Clifton-To allow certain wid
)ws above 45 years of age, to par
icipate in the pens.ions fund.
Mr. Crosson-To-establish the office
f State highway engineer, to define
iis duties, to fix his salary and to
ippropriate money to carry out the
)rovisions of this act.
The House also cast its vote for
. D. Smith -for U. S. Senator.
Without any debate the house pass
d to third reading Mr. Browning's
ill prohibiting the fradulent use of
1e credit of corporations by the
The House had some extended de
ate on Mr. Aver's education com
ission to simlify and harmonize the
[aws of the State. The bill provided
>or a ecmmission of seven to report
back to the next general assembly.
Without a word of dissent or dis
,ussion the House killed the Senate
bill providing for a raise in salarie.
for State officials.
The Senate bill providing for an
amendment to the constitution relat
ing to municipal indebtedness wa.;
assed to third reading., it being nee
essary to call the roll on this . The
amendment now becomes a law.
Mr. McMahan's bill amending the
railroad incorporation law passed
without debate.
Mr. Berg's marriage license bill
as killed, although the author de
ended it vigorously.
In the Senate three unsu.eessf1aL
otes were t-ak':n for Associate Jus
ce of Supreme. Court on Wednesday.
Messrs. Thos. P. Cothiran, of Green
ville; D. E. Hydrick, of Spartanburg;
eo. W. Gage:. of Chester; John C.
heppar# Edgefield; R. C. Watts,
f Cher .are candidates and a
eadlock -not improbable. The fol
lwing are. some of tLe new bills
Mr. V din-To prevent frauds
by givi.,,worthless checks, drafts
and orders.
Mr. Mauldin-To empower the
ounty 1:oards of education anid the
everal boards of trustees to estab
ish kndergartens.
Mr. Sinkler-To provide for sub
itting to an election the manner in
which spirituous liquors and other
everages shall be sold or whether or
*ot they shall be soN' in any county.
Mr. Sinkler-To grant to the city
ouncil of Charleston all the right.
title, interest and estate of the State
f South Carolina in and t.o certain
lands in the harbor of Charleston.
Mr. Otts-To ratify the amend
ent to section 7, article S, of
the constiation, relating to municipal
onded indebtedness.
Mr. Dick-To provide for the in
estigation of the State Hospital for
the Insane.
Mr. Hall.-To provide an additional
remedy in homestead proceedings.
In the House the following bills
were introduced:
ir. Dixon-To require railroad
ompanies in this State to file with
the railroad commission a list of
passes issued by them.
Mr. Willianms-Prescribing a pen
alty for any person practicing law
without having been admitted and
sworn as an attorney.
Mr. Sinkler-To devolve the duties
with reference to the analysis and
inspection of commercial fertilizers
jointly upon the boards of trustees
of Winthrop Normal and Industrial
and Clemson colleges.
Mr. Todd-To make disordely con
duct Qfn passenger trains a misde
The following third reading bilh
wei-e ordered sent to the Senate:
Mr. Browning-To prohibit tht
fradulent use of credit of corpora
Mr. Scarborough-To amend an aci
entitled ''An act to prescribe th4
punishment for assault with mnteni
to ravish."
Mr. Brice-A bill to amend an ae
entitled- ''An act to limit the hour
of labor in cotton and woolen mills.'
The following bi-lls were introduc
ed in the Senate Thursday:
Mr. Kelley-To provide for the re
lief of suireties upon the bonds o
persons acting in a fiauciary capacity
Mr. Harvey-To authorize the gov
eror to parole prisoners on
166 m v.-Torequire th
kegs used in the sale of soda waters
porter ale, beer, cider, gingerale, milk.
small beer, larger beer, Weiss beer
white beer or other beverages or med
icines, medicinal preparations, per
fumery, oils, compounds or mixtures.
Mr. Waller-To amend law confer
ring the power to condemn lands,
steams and water sheds .and for sew
Mr. Mauldin-To amend the State
insurance law by providing for part
insurance in old line companies and
regulating settlement of losses.
Mr. McKeithan-Proposing to
amend section 7, article 8, of the con
stitution relating to municipal bond
ed indebtedness.
Mr. Johnston-To fix the time for
holding courts in the Eighth judicial
Mr. Weston-To enlarge the pow
ers and duties of the commissioner
of agriculture and immigration, to
prescribe the duties of persons, firms
and corporations subject to his super
vision, to prescribe penalties for
failures to perform the same.
The Senate adjourned to Tuesday
The following bills were off:red in
the House:
Mr. Vander Horst (by request)
To require the drainage of phosphate
mining excavations so as to better
",ide for the publie health.
"rescribe the condi
tic reseve life
insi Ivrite in
thei. that
their a
are chai
Mr. M.
of code o,
1902. volum
prohibiting I
to another i
the board of I
Mr. K. P. Smit
of the mayor or in.
or tovn heretofore
corpor ited under the
the State.
Mr. Carey-To proviL
in the court of common'p.
in which the State has an
Mr. Carey-To regulate
tice and procedure in api
cases in which the State is int
Charleston delegation-To
question of dispensary or no di
sary to qualified eletors in any e
ty in the State.
Mr. Cosgrove (by request)-To ai.
thbrize cities having a pl'pulation ot
50,000 or more and -located upon nav
igable streams to condemn private
property for the purpose of extend
ing, improving or protecting their
water fronts.
The following bills passed their
third reading in the Senate Friday:
Mr. Weston-To declare the wulful
or wanton burnin7 of any building
which is insured a felony, and to pro
vide punishment therefor. With
Mr. Bates-T amend section 2940
of the code, relating to the empanel
ing of jurors. With amendments.
Mr. Earle-Relating to the nollu
Mr. Cliton- sfrther define and
extend the Itability~oteegraph com
panies in cases of mentalTaugush or
Mr. Walker-To amend the law to
provide for the issuin7 of bonds in
public seol districts in South Car
Mr. Mauldin offered a bill to make
t wirbwful to pay dividends on stock
in any corporation unless the s:%'
are actually earned on the capiu d
stock of such company, and for any
officer of such comnany to make any
false statement in regard to such
Mr.. Muckenfuss-To amend the
lien law so as to require persons mak"'
ing advances to furnish itemized
stat emenuts.
Mr. Mauldin-Relating~ to pensions.
Senator Mauldin's bill as to stock
companies provides that in the eases
cited above there shall be -unishment
by a finec of not less than $100 or im
prisonment for not less than 30 days.
Mr. Muekenfuss' lien law bi.ll pro
vides this addition: " That it shall be
the duty of the person making such
advances to make out and deliver to
the person for whom the advances are
made at the time the advances are
made a true and correct itemized
statement. and showing, if money, the
amount of principal and interest
charged, and if supplies the amount,
kind and prices charged for such
Mr. Mauldin 's pension bill proviaes
that all Confederate soldiers and sail
ors, being 64 years of age, ivho par
ticipated in the War Between the Sec
tions for a period of 12 months, or
hnorably discharged thierefrom,7 on
account of wounds received -or iin
firmity, shall be entitled to participate
in the pension fund provided by the
State for Confederate soldiers and
The Senate then 'adjourned until
Among bills of lesser importance
the House passed the Richards' bill
for repeal of the lien law by vote of
85 to 35.
It met at night to pass uncontested
bills to third reading...
Adjourned until Tuesday.
Among the new bills offered during
the day were there:
Mr. Fultz-To amend an act relating
to pensions.
Messrs. Utsey and Gasque-=To pro
vide for the taxation of timber.
Mr. Dixon-To enforce th-e liability
of express or transfer companies in
ils State for damages arising. fromE
carelessness or neglect in tran Porty
ion and delivery of g thein
Mr. K. P. Smitl 'hbiting tIa
sale of cigarettes ef igarette paper
in this State.r
To retent ihe owneri
res,-4iphons, tIns 01
of Sod= W.a..
All Sections of the Country in
Grasp of Sleet and Snow.
Wires Are Prostrated in "OLious
Gales Which Steadily Swept From
West to the East With Great Dam
age in Their TraiL
Chicago, Special.-Four dead, many
injured, much suffering and an un
known property loss is the toll paid
by Chicago to the storm that swooped
down upon this city Friday noon.
Early on Saturday the cnow ceased
falling, the temperature dropped not
much above the zero mark:
The dead: Thomas Clancy, delivery
wagon driver, killed when an auto
mobile crashed into his team under
cover of blinding snow. Patrick.
Crano, 35 years old, killed by being
blown from.stairway. Morris Haberle,
70 yjars old, drop.ped dead from over
excricn, while shoveling snow from
his side walk during the blizzard.
Patrick Higgins, 35 years old, drop
ped dead overcome by cold, while
waiting for a street car.
. Train Lost in the Snow.
The train on the South Minnesota
division of the Chicago, Milwaukee
and St. Paul, lost in the snow drifts
)me time Thursday night is still
'atrA. The train was reported
%iow drift west of Jackson,
as., last reported at Kin
'.5 miles west of La
is now supposed
Kinhae and
,i these
ng o,
i -feared
table crop
by the cold
weather of ti
ing them to b
Entire East i
'oasts, a freeze in
Florida. tei-riatun
~rees below the se:.
mnow in many sections.
overywheore nocrth of
i-f M-e 'w..sct_cf the h
the features that mated SaLa.
nizht's weathier en'. The storm,
with its trail of ((1.1 wave and ac
omp.-nimecnt c f high wir ds; is off the
New England coazst, passing (1ff '0 sea,
wrecking craft a!ont the Atlan:ic as
an earnvst of its fpree.
Annisiten. Alan.. Special.-A fierce
blizzard prevailed here. the fir-e snow
of the sencon fall-ng Raturday nfxrn
ing. There have been five fires since
the Him7rd b-gan.
Ccl unbni, Gne.. Spvcial.-With the
mercury several degrees below freez
ing point and stea&il: fr-llin.. Ccl
umrbus on Saturday ni'at was in the
grasp of the sever'st bl-zzard of the
Wireless Saves Two Mere Vessels.
Norfolk, Va., Special.-The inesti
mable value of wireless telegraphy
was again demonstrated Saturday in
Hampton Roads when a message
flashed through the air telling of the
collision of the Old Dominion liner
Hamilton with a car barge of the Newv
York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Rail
road, and calling for assistance.
Kills Wife and -Self.
Wilmington, N. C.. Special.-Evi
dently enraged toward her becaus,e
she would not consent to' return wit.1
him to Atlanta, Ga., or surrender to
him their 17-month-old child, Edward
A. Mizer, a young white man living
here for the past six weeks, Sunday
at Second and Nun streets, in a prom
inent residence section, intercepted
his young wife, a daughter of John H.
and, a well-known carpenter here, as
she was on her way to the First Bap
tist Sunday school; shot her twice,
resulting in her death an hour later
at the hospital: then turned the pis
tol upon himself.
Town Devastated by Fire.
Coffeyville, Kan., Special.-The
town of Nowata, across the line from
here in Oklahomna. was almost wiped
off the map Saturday by a fire tha:
destroyed 13 business houses, two
banks and the county court house,
which held all the records of that
section of Oklahoma. Th~e loss is
dstimatcd at $200,000. .
Cold Wav6 a Blessing to GecorgLa.
Savannah, Ga., Special.-A dozen
eports received from as many towns
lhroughout south Georgia assert that
e present cold weather came at the
gh tkme to orvent~ the killing of
A Grave Menace to Healt Oonslder
ation in the South.
Washington, Special.-Looming UT
as a grave menace to health condi
tions in the South is the recent ap
pearance of a deadly disease known
to medical scientists as "pellagra."
For several centuries "pelagra' is
known to -have existed in the Old
World, but its presence in 'the South
has but recently been .diseovered.
This peculiar disease has been di
agnosed as true pellagra a& the
reedit for its diseovery in the South
belongs to Passed Assistant:Mgeon
C. H. Lavinder, of the, publieHeIt
and marine hospitl seyi
lagra" is a malady ca dbjthe
eating of spoiled "maize" nd prol
duces in persons afflicted with it .a
sort of intoxication. The disease gen
erally occurs among the poorer
classes of the rural population. who
subsist largely or exclusively, on
corn most usually prepared by boiling
corn meal in salt water called "pol
entia" in Italy. Dr. Lavinder states
that in pallagrous countries the corn
is often of a poor quality, gathered
bifore maturity and not properly
cured and stored, so that garasites
more easily develop upon it.
"The disease usually begins with
gastro-intestinal 'disturbances,'" says
Assista,t Surgeon Lavinder, "follow
'.d shortly by the.. erythema of the
skin,' and in a.' 4 while there is
more or less invo- tent of the ner
vous system. It iglowly advaneing
toxemia, the brunt of which, in the
end, is borne by the nervous sy-tem,
and each annual recurrence leaves n
'leper and mon r ~ mark on
n of
l'resideuL noosevelt
dent in~ their officeial ei
was said to them Saturda,
the famons Gridiron club'
ton ncwspaper men. -
The occasion was the
dinner of that club. In
nearly 200 guests, and
the ease, the roll incb
figure conisoiciously I
fame. Amhassadors,
supreme court o ehc
cabinet offlials -j
tives, editors, publishe,
affairs generally, were in a.
ing of guests of the niewspa,
It was far from a sad,
though the occasion was of a fa':ew.
nature, Gridiron dinners nevEf are
sad. As the president and vte-pres
ident were the guests of fronor, so
they came in for equal piominence
in the fun of the evening.
Water Wagon a Feature.
The temperance movement that has
swept over the country showed its
effeet on the club. As the souvenir
of the dinner, the guests wer'e given
"H-2-0," illustrated Grid-Iron alma
nacs, published by the "Grid-Iron
Water Wagon Press." Between its
covers there was no remedy given
for the ills of 'statesme .iournalists.
real newspaper men, molly coddles,
malefactors of great wealth" otner
than plain "H1-2-0" In this alamnae.
the "Teddy E'ear" formed the cen
tre of the Zodiac, 'while the entire
production was marked as forwarded
to congress as "special message No.
"A Total eclipse."
The guests observed particularly
that a total eclipse of the year is
due "early f-. March," and "will be
viewed with interest by the United
States, Canada, Africa and Oyster
Glass Works Resume.
Graf ton,, W. Va,, Special.-The
operation of the Wells window-glass
plant, at Sistersville, was resun
Friday by co-operative concern .com
posed entirely of Morganton work
men, who have formed the Indepen
dent Glass Company. By this method
the company will be able to sign the
national scale.
Prohibition Fight in Norway.
Christiana, By Cable.-There has
been widely published through Nor
way the .nanifesto of an organization
formed by representatives from all
parts of th&deounty to combat .th
nrohibition ..4Ii "t.I
-=nory of -mp~ P
Enactdi Fro Day to Day.
A sho IiSde Sion 5
Senate devoted to the
routine -morniigbulaes
to in abrupt &iii'
motion to go int? x
consider the waa S
tr"aty. -Senators
various pending:-.
wish of the -majoinl
this taty, and a
'was required to cit
executive bbsinss
- The tratewa not
T .iof.
the ,ee speechao
New do
was aned -j
the mos Timpetts
ferring of6
4ents, clerks
the $1,000 to the
the provision fC
others, wi l
was stricken
bill vOasel
priation offet
fore itp Senate
ments wverel
whieh war
court- of el
S,t.r-oe$ gave iIFtie t
Friday lie-woni-again call ;pt
bill for the reistat.mcnt of
diers of the Twen't-fifti
who were dischar6d wi&tif
of the su
priation hb.
House. The u
however, the tim..
general debate. M1.
ida, argued for jury trials in tue
proceedings -in the District of Colum
bia. Mr.'enkins. of Wisconsin, pre
sented views holding to be -une)nsti
tutional the acts of the last asssip
of Congress in relation to the. issr
ane of restraliinZ orders,. injuneti
and conteflpts of courts; r. Per
of New York, bavored a lowerar
the tariff; Mr. Gaines, of Tenn
attacked the .so-called'pw .,
and Mr. Reede,of a
The judiciary committ con
its hearing in the case of 3u 4i.
ley, of Alabama, in th,e &
Saturdaf. - '
Further testimony was given Ar
the case of the inquiry into the-~
nessee Coal, Iron and Ruilurdy
pany merger.
The Senate Demoerats.are planing
a filibuster to prevent a vote in the
Brownsville case.
By 'voting an appropriatioqs9
.$500,00, the house of representativel
Saturday made liberal provision foi
further experiments by thee *ruq
with balloons and airships for use iu
The sut's grave to a spirited de
bate, which continued most of theses
sion. The opponents of -the ;preposi
tion sought to encompasy ts.
by raising all sorts of par
points, but the chair ineloreO
inions overruled thesaganA husg*vE
the way for the ibeorpiati!n of 4k
provision -in the army apprdp,ipfi
Previous to taking up te ariy'bi
the coisideration of whieb was- i
completed, the huse passed a numbe
thie Oo

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